Billy Idol “The Very best Of Billy idol: Idolize Yourself”

This CD is being released while BILLY IDOL is about to go on tour with DEF LEPPARD in North America. Being a fan of both, I wish this tour was coming to good old Europe! Every one who grew up in the 80s could tell you that BILLY IDOL was everywhere and that you either loved him or hated him. He had the look, the attitude and cool songs, so c’mon I could only love him!
Most of you probably know that this is not the first (and probably not the last) BILLY IDOL Best Of but, this one comes out in Deluxe Edition with a DVD of all the videos! Isn’t that cool to be able to watch these videos on DVD? You’ll even get an extended version of “Cradle Of Love” that was previously unreleased. The funny thing is that the DVD track list is almost the same as the CD’s (until song number 13, The DOORS cover “L.A Woman”.)
Apart from the DVD, the other surprise for every BILLY IDOL fan is that there are two new tracks on the CD with his long time musical partner Steve Stevens! “John Wayne”, a powerful rock ballad and “New Future Weapon”, a heavy rocking song in the vein of “Shock To The System”.
They weren’t lying to us, this is BILLY IDOL’s very best of to this day!/Laurent C.

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