Split interview: Kevin K/Lester & The Landslide Ladies

They share common stages and influences and have just released the split CD “Frantic Tales For The Fast Living” on Tornado Ride Records, so it seemed quite logical to us to make them talk a bit…. And where else could you find a KEVIN K/LESTER & THE LANDSLIDE LADIES split interview anyway?

Kevin K: On your song “Fuck Me Mommy” Whose mommy are you talking about ? And can I meet her?

Lester: I’m sure you know her, she was hanging in NY back in the days, she used to sing in a band, she’s a chick with attitude. She was concerned about having a relationship cause she didn’t want to get her children involved so she just wanted to get screw now and then. It’s been fun! Next time we’ll tour together I’ll make sure we’ll stop by her place.

Kevin K: Favorite band and singer?

Lester: Tough question. Early Kiss was the first band who got me into RnR. They fly, vomit blood, spit fire, blow everything on stage, sing about screwing chicks, rock and roll all nite and partying everyday. Sound like everything a teenager could dream of. Johnny Thunders taught me the style but the band that really changed my life was Hanoi Rocks. After seeing them live in 2001 I understood that RnR was the only thing I would have done in my life. Talking about singers I’m a huge Zander fan. I think Robin is one of the most underrated singers in Rock and Roll. I think I would buy his records even if he would read the phone directory.

Kevin K: Why is the pizza in Italy the best?

Lester: Pizza used to be poor’s man lunch everything is in it the bread, the tomato, the cheese. So since nothing really works over here and the money goes only to the same old politician and those few families that owns the huge factories; I guess one of the few comfort we can afford is pizza 😉

Kevin K: Modena Italy. I have a uncle from Medina , Ohio.. almost the same..

Lester: You now I never been there but looking at the map seems we are both stranded in the middle of nowhere and since I guess we’re both part Polish I would say “Yeah It’s a small world”.

Kevin K: What’s your favorite American city and why?

Lester: Maybe San Francisco. Hate L.A. fool of phoneys and you can’t get anywhere unless you have a car, New York it’s awesome but is fucking freezing in wintertime plus I think I’m not that smart to survive the skid rows, Washington it’s so boring. San Francisco is very European, the weather is nice, they seem tolerant, there’s a lively music scene, drug is cheap… I think it suits me 🙂

Kevin K: Kevin K ..What do you think of?

Lester: Influential to me in many ways, as a musician cause you got the sound. When I ear you playing live everything is just perfect; love your melody maker plugged in the combo sound warm and sharp as the same time, smooth as a hot knife through butter. Even in the shittiest venue you and guys have always been able to deliver the good. As a song writer you inspired me to keep it simple; to apply, to do that extra-effort to say something witty in my lyrics. To write 3 good hooks and use the weak one as a the verse, the good one as the bridge and great one as the chorus. Last but not least as a human being. You have always struggled through good times and bad times with a smile on your face. You stand as the living proof that rock and roll is not about making money, selling records, fuck a million girls or inject tons of junk, that shiot is OK but is not the real deal. Rock and roll is about life and about how many times your able to put yourselves back on your feet after the bitch have turned you! Thanks Kevin for letting me be your friend.
Your part Polish brother Lester.


Lester: Is there a routine you follow when you write songs? How does the magic happens?

Kevin K: It depends on if I have a hangover. If I do I write fast. If I dont I take my time. Its like Keith Richards says “songs are in the air, you just have to know how to reel them in, like a antenna. I always get inspired to write whenever I listen to Paul Westerberg or Stones or Ramones. It usally starts with a melody for the chorus,because that to me is the most important ingrediant in a song. I try not to think about it,it just happens. Like pooping..

Lester: The thing about your career you regret the most and the one you’re most proud of?

Kevin K: No regrets ! Well maybe Id like to have a longer penis.. Most proud, Jerry Nolan using my drums and I was his roadie..fantastic !! Or maybe touring in Poland..

Lester: Which are the last 5 records you bought? Which “new” band are you into? Is there still someone out there who’s doing his thing with an attitude that can be compared to the old days?

Kevin K: Last cds I bought were Social Distortion ” Nursury Rhymes” .. KISS “Sonic Boom”..Bannanrama ‘Best Of”.. I HATE all bands,espically everyone after the year 1991..Except ‘Lester And The Landslide ladies’..Mike Ness is great. He is like a Ramone. Looks the same, writes just pure rockin roll songs and has excellant roots.I saw Social D in Hollywood in May. Just a super professional show with NO bullshit. Good times..

Lester: I know you’re very fond of baseball. A couple of years ago you wrote a song called “Go Rays” for Tampa Bay Rays, could tell us a bit more about it?

Kevin K: I just wrote a song for the Buffalo Bisons baseball team “Get Into It”. Thats the name of their new season. The Rays are just a good example of a team of young, hustle play hard everyday guys.. With one of the smallest payrolls in all of American baseball. Cheap like me..

Lester: Often your songs are really “visual” I mean with few words you’re able to describe places, people and situations giving your very own point of view on what you’re telling. That’s remind me a lot cinema and book writing. What kind of movies do you like? What do you like to read?

Kevin K: Scarface and anything with Clint Eastwood in it I love.The South Park movie was great.Cartman is a funny man.. Iggy Pops “I Need More” still is one of my all time favorite books.I just read a book named ‘Only Lovers left Alive” by Dave Wallis. It is the book pictured on The Wanderers LP cover.Its about teenagers taking over the world. My songs, If its low let it go, If its high let it fly….

Lester: I’ve read your book “How to become a Successful”, I’ve seen the dvd and I loved it so much. I’m wondering how does it feel to see almost 35 years of career, what’s in Kevin K future? Do you still like touring? Is there something you still want to do musically speaking?

Kevin K: Oh I have no future, this is it. The end is in sight.. The end of the highway is up ahead..watch out for speedbumps..Yes I like touring,as long as I have a clean toilet to use every night. Thats important to me.35 years is a long time to be doing anything. I played with my first band in Buffalo” New Toys”,its been 32 years. So many of my old friends now have daughters that are 25 years old and I want sex with all of them !!.I wanted to do a record with Jerry Nolan,but I dont think thats gonna happen..Id like to have Jennifer Love Hewitt sing “Do You Wanna Kiss’…Or Iggy Pop sing “Down In The Sewer”..Im working on writing a movie..Film it in Hollywood. Kind of a “Mona et Moi”…….kevK


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