Murderdolls “Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls”

As if they haven’t been hyped up enough over the past couple months here I come to add my two cents worth to the fuss getting kicked up over the Murderdolls. Its kinda  difficult to review this cos by now all the lazy ‘Will the Slipknot fans like it?’ angles have been snapped up  and... Continue Reading →

The Erotics “Boulevard Of Choking Dreams” EP

5 new songs by Mike Trash's gang that will be released on two British record labels, Big Zee Records and Trashpit Records in March 2012. "Death With a Heartbeat" is a heavy horror punk metal song that set things up from the start: The EROTICS have been very good to mix sleaze and horror rock... Continue Reading →


TRAUMATISME is a horror rock glam metal one-man project from France. Trauma might be young but he knows what he wants as well as what he doesn't want. His first album "Horrorwood Rocks!" made us want to know a bit more about this colourful freak and his shock rock universe. Hear him speak... Can you... Continue Reading →

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