The Erotics “Boulevard Of Choking Dreams” EP

5 new songs by Mike Trash’s gang that will be released on two British record labels, Big Zee Records and Trashpit Records in March 2012.
“Death With a Heartbeat” is a heavy horror punk metal song that set things up from the start: The EROTICS have been very good to mix sleaze and horror rock atmospheres on their last records and the keep on walking on the same bloody path.
The band has also always been good when it comes to writing catchy angry choruses that will make you raise your middle finger in the air! “Hell Is Where My Heart Is” is another proof of this. Listen to it once and it will stick up in your head!
MURDERDOLLS fans will love this EP, especially “Your Bloody Frankenstein”, since the song is both musically and lyrically close to what Wednesday 13’s and Joey Jordison’s band do.
And if you ever need to slow things down a bit, “Another Girl Gone” will do the job. A good heartbreak punk rock’n’roll track somewhere between HANOI ROCKS (the title of this EP is probably more a reference to Michael Monroe’s band than Billie Joe Armstrong’s one!) and D GENERATION.
“Wheelchair Fantasies of The Dumb and Retarded” (what a song title!) puts an end to the EP in a straight glam punk way, and you’ll be singing this one along, believe me!/Laurent C.

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