Telenovelas “I Am The Destroyer”

There's not much information about TELENOVELAS online yet. This new band from Finland was formed by members of CRYSTAL EXTASY/HUNDRED MILLION MARTIANS, and released this 9 song album on Plastic Passion records. Opening in a very "Gimme Shelter" way with "Existence On/Off", this album is not your typical rock'n'roll record, it's sci-fi rock, almost mystical.... Continue Reading →

Michael Monroe “Horns and Halos”

-Record review by Anguish Young "Every day, I feel like running away... much as I did as a teenager in Vermont in the '50s. But now, there's nowhere to run to. All the cool places have been ruined. Soon, we will all be evicted from the planet, and so the world will end just as... Continue Reading →

HanoïRocks “Buried Alive” DVD

Hanoi Rocks long career ended up on April 12th At The Tavastia Club, Helsinki .Some bands break up completely unnoticed and often others seem to have a take the money and run attitude while playing their last show and sadly some seem simply 'played out'. Hanoi Rocks does not belong to any of those categories... Continue Reading →

Ember’s Flame “Rock This”

Finnish band EMBER'S FLAME released a quite appetizing single a few months ago, so logically they couldn't stop after that and had to convert the try. This is what they achieved with this very good album. "Dreams" could have been featured on a best of Power Ballad compilation 30 years ago, but the other songs... Continue Reading →

Hundred Million Martians

Finland now has its own pop punk kings with HUNDRED MILLION MARTIANS. Here they are again, ready to rock and stronger than ever with their new album “Marseille”. Ari (guitar) tells us a bit more about the band, his favourite records, movies and more… Can you introduce HUNDRED MILLION MARTIANS? How did the band meet?... Continue Reading →

Plastic Tears

PLASTIC TEARS were one of the first bands we interviewed and they are back in 2010 with the all leopard print album ”Nine Lives Never Dies”. Miqu December (vocals) tells us more... Can you tell us a bit about your new album and its title "Nine Lives Never Dies"? Who produced it? The title refers... Continue Reading →

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