“Your rulers do not care what race you are. They do not care if you are gay, transgendered or nonbinary. They do not care how many bullets you are allowed to have in your gun. They do not care if you are allowed to have an abortion or not. They do not care whether you are racist, sexist, ageist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic or fatphobic. They do not care about diverse representation in politics or media, and they do not care about any lack thereof. All they care about is that we all keep thinking, speaking, working, consuming and voting in ways which keep them rich and powerful and keep us poor and powerless. And they will happily keep us arguing as intensely as possible about the things they do not care about so that we don’t turn our attention to the things they do care about.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “The Democrats are the TRUE Cutting Edge of US Neofascism | Ajamu Baraka Joins RBN to Discuss Brand New RBN Clip WATCH NOW @SabbySabs2 @SocialistMMA @Jaybefaunt @ComptonMadeMe @UnholyRom3 @ajamubaraka @Blacks4Peace” / Twitter

“The most crucial aspect of the immigration crisis is rarely discussed: Why are so many people so desperate in the first place to leave their homes and countries behind for an uncertain future? The answer is uncomfortable. In large part, it is U.S. policies that create desperate conditions south of the border. The War on Drugs is one. U.S.-funded dictators, juntas, paramilitaries, and death squads. Neoliberal extraction of resources. Unpayable debts. It is inhumane and hypocritical to deny immigration while creating the conditions that drive immigration. As President, I will change these policies. That’s the only long-term solution to the border crisis. #Kennedy24” (-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)


Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “The DNC and RNC are private organizations and “primaries” are not obligatory and instead a charade to make our electoral system appear more democratic. RFK could triple Biden’s votes in the primary and the DNC would still not be legally obligated to choose him as the nominee.” / Twitter

Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “DNC lawyer, Bruce Spiva, explained in 2017 that the DNC would be well within their rights to choose the candidate “over cigars in back rooms”” / Twitter

Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “I joined @KimIversenShow and explained the protests in France are less of a spontaneous popular uprising and more of a continuation of the Yellow Jackets movement which was conveniently [but only temporarily] halted by the harshest COVID lockdowns in EU” / Twitter

Bono Is Doing Illustrations For The Atlantic Now, Because Everything’s Fake And Stupid – YouTube

sarah on Twitter: “”Obama’s efforts to plug leaks and persecute leakers even exceeded those of George W. Bush’s administration.”” / Twitter

sarah on Twitter: “The man who prosecuted more journalists and whistleblowers than all previous presidents combined wants to lecture us about the importance of press freedom.” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – Rules for thee but not for me! 77 year old pensioner has been arrested and sentenced to citizenship lessons! for hanging a banner from his house saying “Macron, we’re pissing you off” But it’s OK when Macron does it to a Nation! Never forget!” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “The people will decide for themselves how to handle their problems. No intervention!” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “PROPAGANDA – lockstep Media rewriting government press releases because they are too afraid to print the overwhelming common denominator. They think we are stupid 🤡” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “IRELAND – The Ministry of ‘Truth’ fact checked information, is now the only legal reading material. The new legislation means anything viewed online that has been deemed “hateful” or untrue by government censors, will result in prison time for those who viewed or shared it !” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “WEF REPORT – 83 million jobs will be lost within 5 years and by 2027 millions more illegal migrants, by then called ‘climate migrants’ will be on the move. Now ask yourself… why isn’t your government legislating against both, in order to protect you?” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “BILL GATES – China “There may have been a lot of individual rights that were violated there, but the overall effect that they achieved is kinda amazing.” Now remember he’s the 2nd largest donor to the WHO, which is removing Human Rights from the IHR 👀” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “If… ▪️Digital ID ▪️Net Zero policies ▪️CBDC ▪️15 minute cities ▪️Global Food Control ▪️Carbon trackers Are all so great …. Then why won’t they let you vote for them?” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “KLAUS SCHWAB – Its like he knows … or something! “About half the jobs in the US today to be replaced in the next 10-15 years by Ai, robotisation & 3D printing” Then he blames Trump for telling citizens that truth and making them afraid! No shit!” / Twitter

The People’s Forum on Twitter: “URGENT! Today multiple members of our youth delegation to Cuba were detained & held for hours by the U.S. Customs & Border Patrol after returning. Despite having travelled legally, we’ve been harassed & held in Secondary Questioning on arrival to airports in MIA & EWR. 1/2” / Twitter

Chris Hedges ANALYZES Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 2024 (Interview Clip) – YouTube HEDGES ON KENNEDY

On World Press Freedom Day, State Department Refuses to Acknowledge Julian Assange Is a Journalist – Activist Post

Ben Norton on Twitter: “The UK government imprisoned the world’s most famous journalist, Julian Assange, on bogus charges, and wants to extradite him (an Australian national) to the US. The top UN expert on torture said Assange is being tortured for exposing unpunished US crimes” / Twitter

Democrat Voters Do What They are Told | HardLens Media & Due Dissidence Join RBN – YouTube

CODEPINK on Twitter: ““Guaidó is responsible for calling on the U.S. to directly intervene, even militarily, against his own people, for organizing a failed invasion of mercenaries and a failed coup, both in 2019. There is nothing democratic about Guaidó.”” / Twitter

WEF PUPPETS EVERYWHERE! CODEPINK on Twitter: “BREAKING: CODEPINK, joined by students and peace activists, gave faux Venezuelan president Juan Guaidó the welcome he deserves at the Wilson Center. NO ROOM FOR PUPPET PRESIDENTS IN DEMOCRACY!” / Twitter

How AI Will Make You Lonely – Activist Post

Be Prepared for More Fake News, Cloned People and Manipulated Images – Activist Post

CODEPINK on Twitter: “Our @MichelleEllner on why she disrupted Guaidó:” / Twitter

The People’s Forum on Twitter: “Our phones were wrongfully searched & seized by CBP. This outrageous behavior seeks to intimidate us & criminalize our right to travel & exchange. We demand the release of our remaining comrades! We will not be moved! Our commitment to end the U.S. Blockade of Cuba will only grow” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “WEF – Launched trusted messengers called ‘Project Halo’ and trained their scientists in Tik tok, then had them verified, in order to spread their narrative over all others! Because they “own the science”” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “CONTROL – Larry Fink CEO of Black Rock. They don’t like democracy, it’s messy. They want 📲Digital ID 📲CBDC 📲15 minute cities 📲Food control 📲Social Credit Totalitarian Control over all humans. For your safety! It’s time to Hold. Your. Line 🔥” / Twitter

The Grayzone on Twitter: “As France’s popular uprising against Macron’s neoliberal agenda intensifies, @loffredojeremy profiles high schoolers at the forefront of protests in Paris, and the harsh repression they’ve faced from national police” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “A US investigation found McDonald’s forced 10-year-olds to work until 2am They were among 305 children employed by McDonald’s franchises in 62 locations across Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio Capitalism is dragging US society back to the glorious 1800s” / Twitter

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “NEW – Recent revelations that the renowned linguist and political activist met with Jeffrey Epstein several times have surprised and confused many. Why was Epstein interested in meeting with Noam Chomsky? The answer may surprise you.” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Very revealing graph from @StephenSemler” / Twitter

THE DAMNED ‘You’re Gonna Realise’ – Official Video – New Album ‘Darkadelic’ out now! – YouTube


You know I got that Blues Brothers record for Christmas when i was a kid, and probably saw that movie 1,000 times, I loved Cab Colloway, the Hook, JB, Aretha, all those folks. I related from an early age to the Blues Brothers bad luck and humble dwellings and kinda casual acceptance of “the way of things”, how The Man was always gonna be leanin’ on ’em for crimes against the empire-for being poor. I read all the books about Belushi, ya know the ones that were frowned upon by all his intimates that tried to be tabloid snesationalistic or make him out to be some kinda drug taking machine only made me love him more. I recognized some of myself in him, in that I always had that extra desire for cosumption and experience. An Appetite For Adventure! I thought adventure was more valuable than belongings you can’t take with you. I used to have a lot more adventures than I do nowadays, though I sometimes still see parenthood as a bit of an adventure-you never know what you’re gonna be waking up to. Also poverty is a weird trip, cause there is no stability-our vehicle has 250, 000 miles on it. Of course Belushi came from a working class family-his Dad ran a diner ya know, like, “Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger…” so he always loved the working class rebellious, wild impulse of punk rock, played drums with the Deadboys at the Blitz benefit, had people like Keith Richards and Cheetah Chrome bartend at his Blues Bar, a scuzzy East Side speakeasy him and Akroyd created as a place for writers and musicians to hangout after “Satrurday Night Live” show tapings. He singlehandedly brought the L.A. hardcore band Fear to mainstream audiences-he liked Fear a whole more than I did. I saw that “Belushi” movie on some tv channel not long ago and smile to myself about how the shitshow fauxwoke world where you just hide any untidy fact of life behind some Disney Adult My Little Pony Rainbow Bright Creepiness and talk about nothing but gender, getting more boosters for Science, and how much you support Israel and Zelensky and stand against Iran for not being LGBTQ enough would never have been able to embrace or understand a comic genius like Belushi…or Bill Hicks, Richard Pryor, Paul Mooney, George Carlin, or Lenny Bruce. Dave Chappelle is in that same tradition exactly. I think Pimpadelic funnyman Katt Williams got cancelled for talking too much about the creepy side of show biz. I miss Belushi. “Animal House” is still great. “Blues Brothers” is harder for me to get through now because over half of it was just like, car crashes. You ever hear Belushi sing that song, “Guilty”? Makes me think of my mid twenties when I’d seek asylum at a beautuful bartender’s upstairs attic apartment, or with a loud purple haired stripper I loved. Those were the best of times and the worst of times, but I knew that shit was changing for the worse, that they were “gentrifying” my old neighborhood and wanted all streetcorner boisterous punk firebrands gone. Replaced us with all the Just Gone Grunge/Alternative 90210 douchelords. I still have a million amazing memories of the wild nights we had at the subversive thug bar on the dark end of the street where the normies and yuppies and brainwashed sports people feared to tread. I’ll tell ya the fuckedup hell of it is when all the old friends die and even all your old heroes. It gets lonesome feeling like the last of your kind. I keep trying to find the others. We are few and far in between.

That time John Belushi and Divine played with the Dead Boys, 1978 | Dangerous Minds

The Blues Brothers – Guilty (Official Audio) – YouTube

John Belushi and Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer 1978 – YouTube

The Blues Brothers – Messin’ with the Kid (Live Version) (Official Audio) – YouTube

National Lampoon’s Animal House | Bluto’s Speech – YouTube

AMERICA’S GUEST : JOHN BELUSHI – Carrie Fisher & Ed Begley Jr. Share Stories of John Belushi – YouTube

‘Belushi’: Showtime doc sheds light on ‘SNL’ vet’s addiction, more (

The Sad Inspiration Behind Gordon Lightfoot’s If You Could Read My Mind (


“This is what dystopia looks like. Like a bunch of thought-controlled automatons mindlessly marching toward ecocide and omnicide to a beat played out by screens who tell them every day and in every way that there is no higher purpose than this.This dynamic can cause some truly jaw-dropping flotsam and jetsam to surface in the roilings of our cultural waters, like Simpsons characters waving Ukrainian flags, or an opera about a drone operator sponsored by General Dynamics.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Dead Boy, Lord Stiv Bators: So Far Ahead of His Time (And Many in Our Time) (

stiv bators disconnected full album – YouTube

Lust for life: the punks keeping the spirit of rebellion alive | Punk | The Guardian

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “If they can’t shut down your inconvenient questions with “I’m not gonna answer that” they just have their goons drag you away.” / Twitter


I’m thinking about Willie Nelson who I met in like the fifth or sixth grade. My old lady is a caregiver to a 93 year old woman who is still totally coherant and knowledgable execpt for some short term memory loss. From Finland.

Willie Nelson and Keith Richards Willie’s 90th Birthday 4/30/23 Hollywood Bowl – YouTube

Whatever Happened To Peace On Earth – YouTube

FBI & Ukraine Work Together To Censor Americans’ Social Media – YouTube


Back in my Blitz Kid wannabe eighties goth and new wave daze, I loved anything that exuded Bowie glam madness from Gary Numan and the older people who hung around the Pyramid Club to Pete Burns and Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Most of us first discovered Klaus Nomi via his appearance with David Bowie On Saturday Night Live. Like a German Jobriath. He was part Nina Hagen, part Gary Numan, like Steve Strange’s Dad or something. Very Downtown.

Overlooked No More: Klaus Nomi, Singer With an Otherworldly Persona – The New York Times (

David Bowie – Klaus Nomi – Man Who Sold the World – YouTube

Klaus Nomi on TV Party – YouTube

Klaus Nomi – Lightning Strikes (Official Video) – YouTube

Klaus Nomi – After The Fall (Danceteria 1983, Video HQ) – YouTube

Klaus Nomi – 01.Keys of Life – YouTube

Klaus Nomi’s 1978 debut at New Wave Vaudeville, Irving Plaza (NYC) – YouTube

1982 Klaus Nomi talks about David Bowie and other things in this interview on Ligne Rock, Belgium TV – YouTube

Klaus Nomi – The Cold Song (Good Quality) – YouTube

Klaus Nomi – Nomi Song (Official Video) – YouTube

Klaus Nomi – Simple Man (Official Video) – YouTube

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “In 2019 actor and comedian Volodymyr Zelensky ran as the peace candidate winning the Ukrainian presidency with 70% of the vote. As Benjamin Abelow observes in his brilliant book, “How the West Brought War to Ukraine,” Zelensky almost certainly could have avoided the 2022 war with…” / Twitter

Jeffrey Epstein and Woody Allen planned to hang out nearly every month for two straight years after Epstein pleaded guilty (

“In another reckless escalation, Britain has confirmed delivery of depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine. DU munitions should be banned. They partially vaporize on impact, poisoning the environment with uranium dust that causes cancer and horrific birth defects. #Kennedy24 (-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)

“On World Press Freedom Day, we call for the immediate release of Julian Assange, who has spent 4 years in a maximum security prison. We cannot stand by and let governments silence those who seek to expose the truth. Today, let’s defend free & democratic journalism everywhere.” (-Jeremy Corbyn)

“Both Marianne Williamson @marwilliamson and RFK @RobertKennedyJr have called for the freedom of Julian Assange. No wonder Biden is so afraid of debates. His hypocrisy on free speech and free press would be revealed. #WorldPressFreedomDay#WPFD2023 (-Katie Halper)”


Primo Radical on Twitter: “We have such a free press that no one in the corporate media dares question what happened to the Nordstream pipeline.” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Today is “World Press Freedom Day.” Government & media figures will be making note of this throughout the day. Please take the time to remind these elitist tools that the West does not have a Free Press; we only have corporate sycophants who never question our “leaders” crimes.” / Twitter

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “It’s World Press Freedom Day. Let’s see how many of our politicians are willing to say this…FREE JULIAN ASSANGE! #WorldPressFreedomDay” / Twitter

DOOM MADVILLAIN on Twitter: “@SecBlinken Free Julian Assange scumbag” / Twitter

The Nation on Twitter: “Today is World Press Freedom Day—the perfect day for Joe Biden to end the US government’s targeting of Julian Assange, as @NicholsUprising writes.” / Twitter


David Sirota on Twitter: “🚨NEWS: Nancy Pelosi blocked Medicare for All and other major health care reforms – and now received a big award from health care industry lobbyists at a gala last night. @LeverNews was barred from the award ceremony when we tried to report on it.” / Twitter

Julia Hartley-Brewer on Twitter: “The eco-cultist indoctrination of our children continues…” / Twitter

Micky Finn on Twitter: “@JuliaHB1” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “U.K. – Police preparing to use live facial recognition cameras during the Coronation. You aren’t allowed to protest or disagree with the king. Everyone must look happy and like they are fully in support of the monarchy. YOU WILL LOOK HAPPY! How very North Korean 🤡” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “UK – Excess deaths in the last reported week were as high as in Autumn 2020! We had daily news updates & new lockdowns. Now? …. silence.” / Twitter


Robert F Kennedy Jr: “We need a peaceful revolution” – YouTube

Katie Halper on Twitter: “I’m talking with John Kiriakou @JohnKiriakou about “The indictment of Black Leftists Accused of Being Russian Assets” on “The Katie Halper Show”. Join us live now!” / Twitter

The Katie Halper Show on Twitter: ““My first couple days in prison were eye opening. As i would walk past the guards they would whisper traitor. “- @JohnKiriakou CIA whistleblower of Torture program & his personal experience in prison system live rn-” / Twitter

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾📿 (@bnightingale11) / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “U.K. – school children vote for insect food at lunchtimes. This is what brainwashing does to children. Teach the narrative and they will follow the narrative.” / Twitter

UK/US: Home Secretary’s certification of Assange extradition puts him at risk – Amnesty International

Dr. Jill Stein on Biden, the Squad, MPP, and the Climate Emergency – YouTube

John Cusack on Twitter: “Two Asheville journalists convicted for peacefully recording cops at a public park. This should be a national news story. Just because they don’t work for a mainstream news outlet doesn’t mean their First Amendment rights are less important.” / Twitter

Freedom of the Press on Twitter: “Like protesters, journalists write lawyers’ numbers on their arms not because they intend to commit crimes but because they know they may be wrongly arrested. Letting prosecutors infer criminality from this common practice would reward cops’ bad behavior.” / Twitter

Useful Idiots on Twitter: “NEW TWITTER FILES from @mtaibbi: Project Osprey, Twitter’s method of categorizing threats to the establishment as “A Priori Russians” and “Inferred Russians,” the latter including @DrJillStein and @wikileaks @aaronjmate @kthalps Full interview:” / Twitter

sarah on Twitter: “upside down world” / Twitter

sarah on Twitter: “The US claims to champion press freedom while punishing a journalist because he dared publish the truth about US war crimes. Free Julian Assange #WorldPressFreedomDay” / Twitter

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “New #TwitterFiles threads by @NAffects and @0rf plus new material about both at” / Twitter

Daniel Ellsberg Warns Risk of Nuclear War Is Rising as Tension Mounts over Ukraine & Taiwan – YouTube

Michael Tracey on Twitter: “Wait, DeSantis went to Israel last week and signed an expansive new hate crime bill into law (which I thought conservatives objected to on principle)? And just for complete clarity, he signed into law a bill… that applies to Florida… while physically in Israel? Incredible” / Twitter

Paul Wellstone Iraq War Speech – YouTube

Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “BlackRock’s headquarters wasn’t expecting THIS” / Twitter

sarah on Twitter: “Ukraine? No, this is Gaza tonight. Don’t expect even the slightest hint of outrage from the so-called international community.” / Twitter too scared of being called names

sarah on Twitter: “BREAKING: While all eyes are on Ukraine, Israel is dropping bombs on Syria’s city of Aleppo right now. This is the 11th Israeli aggression against Syria in less than three months. And not a peep from the so-called “civilized” Western world.” / Twitter

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “Thanks to @megynkelly for actually taking the time to address the insanity of a member of congress like Stacey Plaskett threatening a reporter with jail. For the rest it’s party loyalty above all, I guess.” / Twitter

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “Media Matters = Junior Anti-Sex League. Staffers should wear scarlet sashes in their avatars” / Twitter

“Marketing firms use psychology to help corporations sell (by making us feel ashamed, then we buy). Psychology could be used positively to dissolve hate but it’s not because there’s no profit in peace. We’re all fighting dogs, and they poke us ‘til we attack so they can profit. Thanks to #CitizensUnited, our politicians (both sides) are bought and paid for by these same corps who shame us, poke at us, and throw us in the ring to fight eachother. We’re in the same boat, starved and furious. If we’d simply look up, we’d see them grinning while cashing in.” (-Human Bean)

“The US alliance is indisputably encircling Russia and China in ways it would never permit itself to be encircled. The only way to defend this discrepancy is to say “Well it’s okay when we do it because they are Bad Guys while we are Good Guys,” which is an infant’s understanding.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“All this time I was told Ukraine was defending itself for democracy against Russia’s “unprovoked” invasion. Drone striking the Russian government and trying to assassinate Putin is the very definition of provocation. You’ve been lied to from the start. Ukraine’s attempted drone attack on the Kremlin comes from a position of weakness and desperation. It won’t change anything except make Russia more determined to finish Ukraine’s US-backed government by whatever means necessary. If the U.S. destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Libya, and dozens of other countries since 1945, then it has no right to lecture Russia and China over how they conduct themselves abroad. Glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: ““I’m grateful for Bernie for shifting the Overton Window left” Did he though? Since Bernie progressives have supported funding nazis, arming Taiwan, breaking strikes and endorsing Jim Crow Joe Bernie didnt drag shit left, he turned what it means to be a socialist to the right” / Twitter


Had a big King Snake in my driveway last night, that’s one thing that’s kindof a drag about desert living-these occassional encounters with giant snakes. I just left it alone and hopefully it’ll eat some rattlers on it’s way to wetter pastures.

I’m waiting for a big shipment of fireworks my kid badgered his mom into buying to celebrate the arrival of a distant family member who is supposed to be showing up here soon. We like fireworks-pretty lights in the sky that go crackle and boom, but not out of any alleigence to the Honky Death Machine or country songs on the Fourth Of July, or any shit like that. All the military people committing suicide should be enough evidence to convince all these stupid pro war chickenhawks and Azov flag wavers that rich man’s oil wars based on lies and false flags and inside jobs and regime change proxy army invasions is not the answer. All the beautiful people I’ve known who have killed themselves really takes a lotta the fight outta ya. Like what’s the use, if even some well loved, beautiful talented motherfucker can not bear this bullshit society we live in. If you do find yourself having all those morbid kinda forelorn “nobody likes me” or “nobody loves me” or “what’s the point to any of it” kinda thoughts, ya know, it’s probably important to double check on all that shit-is it even true, are those even your own thoughts, or is it just capitalist brainwashing. Usually it’s all the middle school sports coaches or ex girlfriend’s moms or capitalist druggy son bullies who got in your head with all that shit about how a dude is supposed to have a big, bigger, biggest monster sized truck and a lot of money or else. You think those Richie Rich Spencer & Heidi motherfuckers whose only claim to fame was having rich parents give them fancy shit have those kinda thoughts? Probably not-they really do seem to think they deserve the most cake, when you are born rich, everyday is your Birthday-look at like Taylor Swift and Beyonce-they both think of themselves as “Survivors”. People who should Know Better will go on and on about what Great Songwriters they are!  Survivors. All that money spending wears a girl out. Capitalist programming. You need a nose job, bigger boobs, hair extensions, gym membership, $500 shoes, some Bigger Guns, now it’s this whole peer pressure firehose media narrative about how every kid must gender transistion or no longer have any chance in the popularity sweepstakes we are taught to believe is the whole thing, our only purpose here. To sit with the jock dickheads in the smelly cafeteria and nod along while they brag about their fake accomplishments. No thanks-I’ve seen it happen to good lads I once knew, though-the assimilation, the capitualtion-the being required to say up is down and left is right to gain entry into the hipster hives where they horde all the goodies, supposedly. Dudes n Dames I loved and believed in became gradually more negotiable and ended up willing to recite the mandatory falsehoods to maintain their free drinking privileges on the permenent spring break bimbo beaches. I may not have much in this lifetime, but I got punk rock and I’m stickin’ with it. I still got the Clash. Belonging is overrated, I’ll tell ya. I used to think me and my outcast crowd of underdog derelicts and misfit outlaws might even have half a chance because we were all undeniably entertaining and had some talents and style that others emulated. Summa those guys just wanted to be on any team that was winning, even if it meant sucking up to a lot of bad people. Or betraying some good people. I figure we’re all mostly flawed people, a bit of good, bad, ugly and our oblivious blind spots, too. Anti-heroes. I don’t know no people who are just wholesome and saintly clean no matter what those greedhead pill gobblers on the hill tell themsleves about how they earned it all with their bootstraps virtue and their shit don’t stink. Sometimes I worry for summa my legendary children and even some other long lost loved ones who are far away and hope they know they are loved and cared about-it’s a motherfucker out there. All the worst evil scumbags seem to be glorified, and overpaid and gold starred, and trophied while all my cherished, loving friends were poets who died forgotten in the gutter. Or just mysteriously Died Suddenly and nobody can figure out why cause they told em some shit about causation and causality which is suppoed to make farfetched and unlikely coincidences seem more coincidental. Like when Lucky Silverstein took out all that insurance and those art students were in the basment for weeks and Marvin Bush was in charge of security and Dick Cheney called off Norad and tv told us it was Muslims with boxcutters coming for our good jobs and freedom fries because they hated us for our freedom, and Kerry and duel-citizen Chertoff installed all the Rapiscan porno scanners and the mad herd kept on flying even though they were being groped by Dick Cheney security theater that never stopped no real attack, but made people ever more trained to be compliant to authority figures or else. A lot of coincidences. Nobody ever went to jail for torture or human experimentation except for the brave whistleblower. Depression makes me wanna smoke but my body says, no, the breathing is more important, now. What do ya do when you get old and none of your dreams came true, none of your best heave-hos came to anything? Or got plundered by mama’s boy self deputized entitled mercenary people who just felt like they Deserved More Stuff? Do you turn up the Billy Idol louder and “Start Again”? Just accept your minimum wage drudgery and start watching tv like all your former peers? Smoke another cigarette and wait til you die? It’s a tough struggle, getting older and having neither the physical energy to throw against your problems anymore, or the emotional capacity to even wanna get involved with being around other people who’ve mostly all been freedom fries and biggest truck programmed to only give a fuck about their own rooms full of unused possessions and special spot-lit ego trip brunch privilege. You know we got so much stress and anxiety and shit from the super inflation and the recognition that all the landlordly people we used to know are completely disconnected from the poor people of the world, they live in that happy Metaverse Delusion that EVERYTHING IS GREAT and it all revolves around their private prefrences, control of the channel changer and consumerist purchasing whims  and Joe Biden’s War Economy is making us all  Amazon happy shopper plushy woke and Post Constitutional for gender science and Zelenksy Azovs or whatever. Erin Brockovich has a book about how Superman aint gonna show and she’s reportedly on a terror watchlist for organizing sick people poisoned by Blackrock. No politicians care about us poor people, no tv media professionals are even allowed to really mention much about us and they never get it anyway cause to be on tv, you’ve been college brainwahsed to love wealth and authority and therefore never have to worry about the starter on their car or food quadrupling. Even activists I used to know just became brands and started these Patreon accounts where they have to say things that make middle class people feel comfortable which is of little use to those of us in the majority. I know a guy who is confronting his own death, he’s been a 12 stepper for years so he seems to be sticking with it, but is swineng out on pie and McDonald’s. I don’t blame him at all. I saw some very dear friends of mine go through it. I can see most of my own life’s best efforts ended up being meaningless gestures easily sabotaged by big fish in small pond treachery. It’s all kinda bleak and demoralizing. I can’t even bring myself to wanna rally anybody to commit to still another doomed band cause I know how shit works and I don’t have the resources  to overcome the obstacles and don’t wanna waste anybody’s time or investment of energy in a project that’s jsust gonna get assassinated by the pay to play scumbags higher up on the pyramid scheme, again. it’s just too heart wrenching when you know it’s like some Humphrey Bogart line, a hill of beans, a cigarette in the toilet, that sound of being snuffed out, of a bubble popping. Anytime some brave soul steps forward like Julian Assange, the establishment crushed them like a Wack A Mole. Evil fuckers are elevated and rewarded and validated and applauded by all the suckers and joiners and V.I.P. wannabe popularity seekers. I’m still thinking about Sandra Bland and Michael Hastings and Dr. David Kelly, Seth Rich and Julian Assange-all those people who sacrificed so much to bring us the truth, but Murkkans are too sports conditioned to care about the truth, they just want greasier pizzas and more middle class insurance pain pills for wokeness and Amazon boxes on the frontporch-war, science, truth, all that shit is determined by the richer people on tv who think for them. I’ve never been into that bigbox tv sports bar unreality. They got soldiers on the internet complaining about the military’s new LGBT wokeness rollouts including tarinsploited military ambassadors and the guy who sez he killed Bin ladin saying China is gonna destroy us. Seymour Hersh already told us that whole narrative was a propaganda sham, that’s why he is blacklisted by State media and referred to as a “CONSPIRACY THEORIST” just like Robert F. Kennedy and anyone who threatens profits of the war machine, big tech surveillance, or the Gates Reset rollouts!

Bean🔥 on Twitter: “”The WikiLeaks publications that Assange is being charged for are amongst the most important truthful revelations of hidden criminal state behaviour to have been made public in US history.”—@DanielEllsberg #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾📿 on Twitter: “Brilliant. And true. Sad to see this shift by people I’ve loved and respected. Identity will do that to ya, keep you from thinking critically, making you feel you must take a side verses siding with truth. Make you hate the messenger and ignore the message.” / Twitter


LIVE From East Palestine: CRAZY COVERUP Gets More Corrupt, EPA and CDC In On It – YouTube

TOXIC KALAMAZOO: Jordan LIVE w/ Residents From Paper Mill POISONING Community w/ Toxic Gas – YouTube

Net Zero and the Transhuman Agenda: War Against Nature and Humanity – Activist Post

EMOTIONAL East Palestine Resident Breaks Down: STILL Reeks of Toxic Chemicals, STILL a DISASTER – YouTube

MEGA COVERUP: LIVE From East Palestine, Sick Residents Beg For Help as Government Gaslights Them – YouTube

WE’RE STILL GETTING SICK: East Palestine Resident Sounds Off – YouTube

Michigan Gov. Approved Paper Mill POISONING Poor Black Neighborhood for EXPANSION – YouTube


Pfizer Secretly PAID OFF Civil Rights Groups To Push Vaccine Mandates! – YouTube

With Tucker Gone, McCarthy Embraces Ukraine War 100% – YouTube

FBI & Ukraine Work Together To Censor Americans’ Social Media – YouTube

They All Ignored THIS At The White House Correspondents Dinner – YouTube

“Journalists” Suck Off The Powerful At White House Correspondents Dinner – YouTube

Zelensky TOLD Rupert Murdoch To Fire Tucker Carlson? – YouTube

Pfizer Secretly PAID OFF Civil Rights Groups To Push Vaccine Mandates! – YouTube

Bernie Sanders Supports Joe Biden For President & Gets NOTHING For It! – YouTube

Noam Chomsky Met w/ Jeffrey Epstein To Arrange Dinner With Woody Allen! – YouTube

Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer Indicted For RussiaGate Lying – YouTube

KanekoaTheGreat on Twitter: “.@RobertKennedyJr tells @jimmy_dore the CIA, DOD, and Tony Fauci taught Chinese military scientists how to build weapons of mass destruction. Then Bill Gates, a former CIA director, and China’s CDC director collaborated on how to censor a lab leak at Event 201 in Oct. 2019:…” / Twitter

David Sacks on Twitter: “.@RobertKennedyJr crushes the accusation that he’s “anti-vax” and the idea that the Covid shots were “safe & effective.” Why is @piersmorgan still defending this idea? How many other vaccines don’t prevent illness and require a booster every few months?” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “This was a zillion times more valuable than anything said at that glitzy tribute to servitude, debauchery and minor media celebrity held last night in DC’s Versailles. And the person who spoke here has infinitely more courage than anyone in that room last night:” / Twitter

“How do people think our Gov’t cares about Ukraine or Taiwan, when we can’t even get them to care about us? The rulers can make most of us believe whatever they want, because they own everything, which gives them the power to create the reality they want us to live in. I’m not gonna live in American propaganda land with you, no matter how unpopular it makes me with some people

If you wanna continue to be with the “In” crowd and get played for a sucker for the rest of your life, talking this nonsense about “Freedom and democracy”, you do you. Maybe one day this will sink in The United States Gov’t doesn’t care about Ukraine, their job is to make you care about Ukraine so they can get away with spending billions of our dollars on a war they’ve been trying to start ever since they overthrew Ukraine in 2014. Our Gov’t told you to care about Ukraine, if they didn’t tell you, then you wouldn’t, and the sad thing is that our Gov’t really doesn’t actually care about those people at all. If you didn’t notice the narrative changed from Ukraine is gonna take back Bakhmut to, “Bakhmut Holds”, to let’s try to hang on to Bakhmut until May 9th.

The United States solution to solving every war is selling weapons.

How do the people who lied to the American people about every war still convince us that it is always a conspiracy theory that they might be lying about the current war, even after like now they’ve been caught lying about this war?

If you believe anything that comes out of the mouths of our war machine at this point, there is probably no hope for you, but I’m crazy enough to keep trying to bring you to reality, because if not these psychopaths running our country are gonna end human life on this planet. I would like to thank @BernieSanders for ending the argument between his supporters when he sold out his movement and chose the Democrats. He has now made it clear that he is a Dem Party shill and hopefully those still kissing his butt, figure out the Squad sold them out too. The difference between China and the US, is that China would like to end the war and come up with a Peace agreement, and the US would like it to continue until everybody in Ukraine is dead or Russia is destroyed. Our rulers spent these years exploiting, invading, couping, propagandizing, stealing, bullying and lying to gain as much profit and control of the world as possible. After all the trillions they have made for themselves, they not only didn’t share with us, but stole from us too. The US Empire is dying and no matter how many people our owners kill and make suffer, the new multipolar world is coming. For some reason we still believe they have some right to control the world in spite of the fact that we don’t even get anything out of it. The US Empire is dying and no matter how many people our owners kill and make suffer, the new multipolar world is coming. For some reason we still believe they have some right to control the world in spite of the fact that we don’t even get anything out of it. The United States isn’t winning, they are losing more and more power over the world every day, and considering how evil, greedy and violent they have been in using their control, the world is probably a better place without them in charge. You all do realize that when the West abandons Ukraine, those Nazis that supposedly don’t exist are gonna be looking for revenge, right? The US doesn’t invade countries We spread freedom and democracy, do preemptive strikes or have foreign interventions. It’s different…” (-Black In The Empire)

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Taiwan You ready for the US to bring you some democracy next? Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan wound up looking like this too Good Luck” / Twitter

Jonathan Turley on Twitter: “Robert F. Kennedy declared that “hand in hand with freedom of speech goes the power to be heard.” That does not appear to be the view of ABC, which censored his son who is now running for the Democratic presidential nomination…” / Twitter

RFK Jr. on presidential run: ‘I feel like my country was being taken away from me’ – YouTube

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “They didn’t hate Carlson for his culture war views. because pushing that is the main purporse of Fox, MSNBC and CNN The Establishment had to get rid of him for saying things like 👇👇” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Readers added context to tell us why it is legal for ABC to censor a Presidential candidate providing info or an opinion their advertisers don’t want discussed on their channel” / Twitter

The Vigilant Fox 🦊 on Twitter: “MEP Christine Anderson Exposes the EU Global Health Strategy as a Complete Sham “The EU strategy for global health is summed up in a few sentences,” attested @AndersonAfDMdEP. “Throw billions of taxpayer dollars of profits down Big Pharma’s throat for a useless, harmful, even…” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “How much does Pfizer gives to that University? The people who are supposed to be pushing back on stuff like this are either loudly pushing the same authoritarian measures or are silent good little boys & girls afraid to offend the cult of Covid. Covid really exposed them.” / Twitter

Jay Bhattacharya on Twitter: “The more I think about this, the more absurd it seems. A reporter used her time and the authority of her publication to spy on what the president of a medical school ‘likes’ on twitter. Not posts. Not even RTs, though that would also be absurd. That medical school and…” / Twitter

RFK Jr: Truth about my father’s killing still kept secret – YouTube

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “Imagine what would happen if food servers stole $9 million from Marriott? Weird how there’s nobody on TV demanding more cops be sent to Marriott’s board meetings or accounting department to make sure we control rampant criminal activity.” / Twitter

Andrew Bridgen on Twitter: “These are the headlines in Portugal but neither there nor here are we allowed a debate on this topic. No one wants to discuss the excess deaths we are seeing around the world where the experimental ‘vaccines’ were rolled out.” / Twitter

The Cult Spiritwalker, Flower In The Desert, Horsenation, Live The Tube 13/01/84 – YouTube

“Assange exposed many things about our rulers during his work with WikiLeaks, but none of those revelations have been as significant as what he’s forced them to reveal about themselves in the lengths that they will go to to silence a journalist who tells inconvenient truths.”” (-Caitlin Johnstone)


Many of us still believed you could vote the Gates and Bezos and Cheney/W’s outta office and that our votes counted and weren’t just the suggestion box of slaves…until the DNC started fixing their primaries and replacing progressives with police state gropers and servants of Big Capital banksters and deep state warpigs and billionaire wokewashed depopulators. TV lied so many times about everything and never took any of it back. People still repeat 9/11 Islamaphobic pro war hysteria and think they are woke and progressive. Don’t forget to buy duct tape. Cloth masks. Have you had your eighth Monkeypox booster for woke science? Then you can not say you are Fully Vaccinated and Chomsky thinks you should be locked up. They even compromised Chomsky. Sanders, Bono, so many fakes. Sad! I always admired Debbie the sane Progressive’s instincts, principles, courage and willingness to speak out about topics the corporate assholes owned by oligarchs claim are controversial. I was sad to see all the spook Bot armies bully her offa social media for not obediently hut-twoing along with their fascist rich man agendas so thinly guised as some sorta supposedly woke and scientific colors of Bennetton, cos play bunny hat, marketing hustle. One wonders which people are scared silent by real threats-they obviously threatened Kucinich, Paul Wellstone was warned by Dick Cheney he would suffer consequenecs if he refused to vote in favor of going to war in Iraq. Small plane crashed. Like me, Debbie was misguided and betrayed by Bernie Sanders, who refused to stand up to Hillary Clinton and got in line behind Gropy Joe Biden promoting more wars and Pfizercare, which was hard to accept, admit and endure. Everybody in the truth community gets hammered on by dummy P.C. echobox safespace fauxwoke pro war online Bot-kkkops until they retreat or just sellout to the New World Order. Look at Chomsky and Sanders and those sad pharma owned poseurs from the Fraud Squad. Debbie stood strong for so long, had so much integrity and soulfulness and faith in the dream of liberty and building a bettwer world. Most people don’t wanna know the truth and just love being lied to by confident sounding assholes in designer pants suits. Glenn Greenwald warned us that all the see no evil shitlibs who celebrated when Assange was kidnapped and tortured for embarrassing Hillary, or celebrated when some election results disputing rightwingers were jailed for visiting the capital, who insisted that Seth Rich was just a random burglary even though they left his watch and money and the FBI seized his computer, all the Rolling stone writers who looked the other way and never mention what happened to Michael Hastings who died in a ball of fire after embarrassing some powerful generals-I think about how all the shitlibs who celebrated when Alex Jones was being censored and perscuted for saying psy ops exist, we knew the powers that be were gonna come for the left, and they have-they’ve silenced all kinds of people from the left, like Chris Hedges the Presbyterian Minister peace advocate and Abby Martin and Mike Prysner, Code Pink, David Swanson, Ajamu Baraka and Garland Nixon and the black socialists–everybody’s been getting the Facebook Jail business from the techlords and shitlibs were told at the Navel Studies University that it can’t be censorship if it is not state media, but when every single platform sells the same bullshit in different tones of voice everyday, you can be sure, it is indeed state media and fascistic censorship. Will your peace group be next? Oh yeah, you don’t have a peace group…okay, will your hipster selfie brunch clique with the big hats be rounded up by men in black mistaken for some weirdo big hat cult that threatens some bureucrat’s war hawk/police state lockstep sensibilities?  Debbie was one of the first real cool human beings I saw get cancel cultured for being defiantly off script. I always liked her-we were Facebook friends way back in the day. I don’t think she was paranoid, I think she was just appalled by the things she found proof of, it is horrifying to confront reality of deep corruption we are all drowning in. Rest In Peace, good sister!

Celebrating Debbie “Sane Progressive” Lusignan – Seemorerocks

Debbie Lusignan – The Sane Progressive – Dead On 12/9/2022 At Age 51 From A Bad Reaction To Medication : r/WayOfTheBern (

Memories of Debbie Rose Lusignan | Ever Loved

‘Sane Progressive’ — What Happened to Debbie Lusignan? PWFM Special Edition. (

Attention Must be Paid: The Passing of a Sane Progressive – YouTube

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “Only a phony politician who is actually working against you would call NOT fighting or using leverage to enact Medicate4All “Responsible”. But you gotta keep voting for them cuz they’ve convinced you doing so somehow fights “fascists” which they both actually serve #Uniparty” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “The below video reminds me of that COVID-era video of a huge team of masked servants getting AOC ready for the Met Gala by working on her hair, nails, feet, and dress while she and her boyfriend lounged around unmasked:” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “Pharma bought media still doing the “Horse-dewormer” line about Ivermectin. They do it cuz there is a large group of morons who in 2023 still believe them. Remember when @drsanjaygupta was humiliated by @joerogan for lying about it in the same way? I do.” / Twitter

RFK Jr. Says He Could Be The Donald Trump Of The Democratic Party – YouTube

“”Publishing information and reporting that is in the public interest is precisely the thing that journalism is; that’s why Assange has won so many awards for journalism. Trying to contend that Assange is not a journalist is an unwinnable argument.”” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

SPEECH: “I’ll Be Damned if I Go Back to Work Under Those Conditions!” Lucy E. Parsons, May 1, 1930 | Black Agenda Report

CIA May Be Regarded Around World as a Rogue Elephant, But Operatives Can Still Churn Out Books that Make Themselves Look Like Heroes | CovertAction Magazine

Whither Black Voters in 2024 | Black Agenda Report

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “Multiple US Officials Confronted About US Assange Hypocrisy On World Press Freedom Day Secretary of State Blinken, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, and Deputy State Department Spokesman Vedant Patel were all publicly challenged on Assange.” / Twitter

ABC Censors RFK Jr Interview, REFUSES To Air Comments On Vaccines & BIG PHARMA – YouTube

Is This Man a Russian Agent Operating in the Black Community of St. Louis? | CovertAction Magazine


Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “It’s Good When Idols Get Knocked Off Pedestals “It’s not healthy to elevate others to a lofty status above ourselves instead of seeing them as normal human beings who are as capable of error as anyone else.”” / Twitter

John Pilger: From Yellow Journalism to China Bashing, the Media’s Enduring Role in Promoting War (

May Day and Workers’ Rights in Eritrea | Black Agenda Report

Moderna: A Company “In Need Of A Hail Mary” (

Corporate Media DESTROYED to Their Faces by Jose Vega | Jose Vega Joins – YouTube

Division’s still 1% survival math | Black Agenda Report


Noam Chomsky and Jeffrey Epstein | Ro Khanna Has NO FIGHT for M4ALL | Biden & Black Voters – YouTube

The Post-Duopoly Show | Analysis of U S Left Politics | Hard Lens Media + Due Dissidence + RBN – YouTube

Simone Sanders & Jen Psaki do State Media – YouTube lying for money and feeling confident about it 

Juan Guaido Flees Colombia to Miami & Goes on MSNBC to Say we Must Help Venezuela – YouTube vile capitalist coup puppets are not democratic

Nick Remarks on Joe Rogan & Dave Smith Talking About the US War Machine – YouTube


This is what dystopia looks like. Like a bunch of thought-controlled automatons mindlessly marching toward ecocide and omnicide to a beat played out by screens who tell them every day and in every way that there is no higher purpose than this.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Bono Is Doing Illustrations For The Atlantic Now, Because Everything’s Fake And Stupid | by Caitlin Johnstone | May, 2023 | Medium

Baba Yaga on Twitter: “Russia and China haven’t been •killing people by the millions in wars •strangling entire nations around the world with economic warfare for the crime of disobedience •circling the planet with hundreds of military bases •plotting to destroy any nation which disobeys them” / Twitter

Responsible Statecraft on Twitter: “NEW @blaise_malley: A search of the congressional record shows that in the first three months of the 118th Congress, lawmakers have introduced 273 bills or amendments that contain some variation of the word “China.” @globalsarang @jwdwerner @tparsi” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “”What the fuck’s a Yemen?”” / Twitter

Chatting With RFK Jr. – by Eric Jackman (

Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “I met up with high school students in Paris as they joined the workers who’ve been protesting against Macron’s neoliberal reforms which he rammed through via 49.3 — “an anti-democratic weapon” that allows him to bypass the French people & parliament Full:” / Twitter

Alex Rubinstein on Twitter: “A Ukrainian banker accused of funneling billions to Zelensky & Azov backer Ihor Kolomoisky announced a half a million reward for a drone attack in Moscow on May 9, Russia’s national day celebrating the defeat of Nazism. My latest in @TheGrayzoneNews” / Twitter

WikiLeaks on Twitter: “On World Press Freedom Day our thoughts are with the many journalists who suffer severe consequences for their work In particular we think of our own Julian Assange, detained for more than 13 years and facing a 175 year sentence if extradited to the US for revealing war crimes…” / Twitter

“The commemoration this month of Russia’s victory over Nazi Germany is perhaps a natural target for a Kiev regime that honors and reveres Nazi collaborators” (-Max Blumenthal)

“Cancelling primary debates and coronating Joe Biden is just more proof that there is absolutely nothing democratic about the ‘Democratic’ party. It is a corrupt corporate party that exists to keep the people trapped in the duopoly. Grow a spine and get out now! Every election Democrats tell us “democracy and basic human rights are on the ballot”—but when they have power they don’t actually fight for democracy or human rights. They fight for Big Business, the ruling class, and the military industrial complex just like the Republicans do. I’d much rather live in a society where everyone has healthcare, housing, and food than a society where 3 billionaires own more wealth than half the nation.” (-Ryan Knight)

“If you stick a knife in my back nine inches, and pull it out six inches… there’s no ‘progress’.” (-Malcolm X)

“Instead of championing free speech, the U.S. actively persecutes journalists and whistleblowers. I’ll pardon brave truth-tellers like Julian Assange and investigate the corruption and crimes they exposed. This isn’t the Soviet Union. The America I love doesn’t imprison dissidents. #FreeAssange #Kennedy24” (-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)

“April 30 was the last day of the longest war of the twentieth century, in Vietnam, which I reported. Three million died and were maimed in the cause of American power: nothing more. If there is a war on China, it will be for the same reason. Stop it now.” (-John Pilger)

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “I cannot recommend this film enough. Juan is an incredible filmmaker and long time friend of Assange. He manages to fit a ton of information in less than 50 minutes. Watch and share. #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “It makes sense to me that Epstein, an intelligence asset, would try to use or compromise Chomsky, a world-renowned dissident. That doesn’t mean he succeeded. He has blind spots like everyone else, but his views have been consistent his whole life.” / Twitter

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾📿 on Twitter: “This is insane. Censorship is now the norm. ⬇️” / Twitter

“The economic-class war is the most important war going on in America. I think that, by and large, the culture war is a deliberate distraction from that.” (— @DavidSirota, editor-in-chief of The Lever)

Stop Cop City on Twitter: “We currently live in a society with a capitalist power structure that is more comfortable with fascism and Nazism that they are with leftism, with anti-capitalism. in large part because white supremacy is very deeply intertwined with propping up our capitalism system.” / Twitter

Tim Shorrock on Twitter: “The grossly sycophantic @washingtonpost coverage of the grossly sycophantic Washington Correspondents gala last night in DC sarcastically mentions an environmental protest but blithely ignores the demonstration supporting Assange and an actual free press.” / Twitter

Thia is with … 😏✌️💋🔥 on Twitter: “Congress ended the Free-Lunch-For-All program as we watched our children go hungry. But they bailed out banks to a tune of $2T, in 3 days. These ppl are real-life supervillains.” / Twitter

Leigh, ghost seal enthusiast on Twitter: “This tweet is absolutely showing us who the pro censorship crowd is You gotta love that” / Twitter

Anya Parampil on Twitter: “Finance mogul Volodymyr Yatsenko allegedly embezzled billions of dollars average Ukrainians stored in his bank to oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, the main patron of the neo-Nazi Azov battalion & Zelensky Now he is offering a crash prize to encourage terrorist attacks in Moscow on the…” / Twitter

The Cult ‘She Sells Sanctuary’ TOTP (1985) HD – YouTube


Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾📿 on Twitter: “What an incrediblly courageous, empathetic, heroic human being. After Terminal Cancer Diagnosis, Daniel Ellsberg Reflects on Leaking Pentagon Papers & His Legacy via @democracynow” / Twitter

Useful Idiots on Twitter: “After Mehdi Hasan lied about @mtaibbi committing perjury in front of Congress, House Dems threatened him with 5 years in prison for his reporting. Matt Taibbi responds: @kthalps @aaronjmate Full interview:” / Twitter

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “Listen to This Article: Report on the Censorship-Industrial Complex, by @mtaibbi” / Twitter

Transcript: America This Week, 4/28/23 (

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾📿 on Twitter: “Legends. 🥰” / Twitter

Katie Halper on Twitter: “Come out to support press freedom and Julian Assange! Wed May 3 at 4:00PM in front of MSNBC. With @CredicoRandy , @freedomrideblog , @granmarga , @kthalps , @ThePolemicist_ @Candles4Assange , @DefenseAssange cc: @Stella_Assange #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Susan Sarandon on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Ron Placone on Twitter: “The industry would rather burn it all down than pay writers fairly. It’s unreal but at the same time unsurprising. A bunch of soulless drones worried about nothing more than the profits for next quarter. #WGAStrike” / Twitter

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾📿 on Twitter: “Beautiful.” / Twitter they need to break the bullshit narratives.

Bootsy Collins on Twitter: “James Joseph Brown (May 3, 1933 – December 25, 2006) was an American musician. The “Godfather of Soul” career lasted more than 50 years. Brown was one of the first 10 inductees into the @rockhall of Fame. (The phrase, on the One) came from his genius. R.I.P. JB. Bootsy baby🤩🫡” / Twitter

May Day and the Haymarket Massacre | Rattling the Bars – YouTube

Kshama Sawant SCHOOLS Briahna Joy Gray on Marianne, RFK Jr – YouTube

THE HANGMEN – Man in Black’s Hand [Official Music Video] – YouTube

The Mission – Marian (Sheffield 2017) – YouTube

Paul Wellstone Iraq War Speech – YouTube

Michael Shellenberger on Twitter: “Many people claim that @mtaibbi & I exaggerated the size and scope of the Censorship Industrial Complex. But now, new information has come to light revealing a widespread effort to spy on and censor private & supposedly “encrypted” text messages.” / Twitter

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾📿 on Twitter: “Another of my faves from today in Roma. Little meaningful messages are all around. 😉” / Twitter

Paul Wellstone on grassroots leadership – YouTube

Toxic Chemicals Are Pouring Out Of Consumer Products — Here Are The Most Dangerous – Activist Post

The Nation on Twitter: “Amid all the celebrations of Harry Belafonte’s activism and art, it is vital to remember his remarkable commitment to keeping alive the legacy of Paul Robeson and the other radicals who were targeted by the Red Scare blacklist.” / Twitter

The Hangmen Full Self-Titled Album – YouTube

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾📿 on Twitter: “When citizens are no longer citizens but “consumers”, what sells wins. Caring for one another doesn’t get the ratings they want…or at least that’s what “they” assume.” / Twitter

20th ANNIVERSARY: Death Of Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone – YouTube

The Jim Jones Revue – Seven Times Around The Sun (Official Video) – YouTube

Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind “Shazam” Live Paris 2019 – YouTube


Punkrock History on Twitter: “Paul Simonon, Joe Strummer and Mick Jones of The Clash in an alleyway in North London, April 1977. Photo by Chalkie Davies #punk #punks #punkrock #theclash #london #history #punkrockhistory” / Twitter

JIM JONES & THE RIGHTEOUS MIND – Heavy Lounge #1 – YouTube

The Jim Jones Revue – High Horse – YouTube

Cornel West on Twitter: “I am deeply sad at the loss of my very dear brother – the great Harry Belafonte! His artistic genius, moral courage & loving soul shall live forever! God bless his precious family!” / Twitter

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾📿 on Twitter: “Yes!!!! ❤️” / Twitter


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