“Your rulers do not care what race you are. They do not care if you are gay, transgendered or nonbinary. They do not care how many bullets you are allowed to have in your gun. They do not care if you are allowed to have an abortion or not. They do not care whether you are racist, sexist, ageist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic or fatphobic. They do not care about diverse representation in politics or media, and they do not care about any lack thereof. All they care about is that we all keep thinking, speaking, working, consuming and voting in ways which keep them rich and powerful and keep us poor and powerless. And they will happily keep us arguing as intensely as possible about the things they do not care about so that we don’t turn our attention to the things they do care about.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “The Democrats are the TRUE Cutting Edge of US Neofascism | Ajamu Baraka Joins RBN to Discuss Brand New RBN Clip WATCH NOW @SabbySabs2 @SocialistMMA @Jaybefaunt @ComptonMadeMe @UnholyRom3 @ajamubaraka @Blacks4Peace” / Twitter

“The most crucial aspect of the immigration crisis is rarely discussed: Why are so many people so desperate in the first place to leave their homes and countries behind for an uncertain future? The answer is uncomfortable. In large part, it is U.S. policies that create desperate conditions south of the border. The War on Drugs is one. U.S.-funded dictators, juntas, paramilitaries, and death squads. Neoliberal extraction of resources. Unpayable debts. It is inhumane and hypocritical to deny immigration while creating the conditions that drive immigration. As President, I will change these policies. That’s the only long-term solution to the border crisis. #Kennedy24” (-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)


Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “The DNC and RNC are private organizations and “primaries” are not obligatory and instead a charade to make our electoral system appear more democratic. RFK could triple Biden’s votes in the primary and the DNC would still not be legally obligated to choose him as the nominee.” / Twitter

Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “DNC lawyer, Bruce Spiva, explained in 2017 that the DNC would be well within their rights to choose the candidate “over cigars in back rooms”” / Twitter

Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “I joined @KimIversenShow and explained the protests in France are less of a spontaneous popular uprising and more of a continuation of the Yellow Jackets movement which was conveniently [but only temporarily] halted by the harshest COVID lockdowns in EU” / Twitter

Bono Is Doing Illustrations For The Atlantic Now, Because Everything’s Fake And Stupid – YouTube

sarah on Twitter: “”Obama’s efforts to plug leaks and persecute leakers even exceeded those of George W. Bush’s administration.”” / Twitter

sarah on Twitter: “The man who prosecuted more journalists and whistleblowers than all previous presidents combined wants to lecture us about the importance of press freedom.” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – Rules for thee but not for me! 77 year old pensioner has been arrested and sentenced to citizenship lessons! for hanging a banner from his house saying “Macron, we’re pissing you off” But it’s OK when Macron does it to a Nation! Never forget!” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “The people will decide for themselves how to handle their problems. No intervention!” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “PROPAGANDA – lockstep Media rewriting government press releases because they are too afraid to print the overwhelming common denominator. They think we are stupid 🤡” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “IRELAND – The Ministry of ‘Truth’ fact checked information, is now the only legal reading material. The new legislation means anything viewed online that has been deemed “hateful” or untrue by government censors, will result in prison time for those who viewed or shared it !” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “WEF REPORT – 83 million jobs will be lost within 5 years and by 2027 millions more illegal migrants, by then called ‘climate migrants’ will be on the move. Now ask yourself… why isn’t your government legislating against both, in order to protect you?” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “BILL GATES – China “There may have been a lot of individual rights that were violated there, but the overall effect that they achieved is kinda amazing.” Now remember he’s the 2nd largest donor to the WHO, which is removing Human Rights from the IHR 👀” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “If… ▪️Digital ID ▪️Net Zero policies ▪️CBDC ▪️15 minute cities ▪️Global Food Control ▪️Carbon trackers Are all so great …. Then why won’t they let you vote for them?” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “KLAUS SCHWAB – Its like he knows … or something! “About half the jobs in the US today to be replaced in the next 10-15 years by Ai, robotisation & 3D printing” Then he blames Trump for telling citizens that truth and making them afraid! No shit!” / Twitter

The People’s Forum on Twitter: “URGENT! Today multiple members of our youth delegation to Cuba were detained & held for hours by the U.S. Customs & Border Patrol after returning. Despite having travelled legally, we’ve been harassed & held in Secondary Questioning on arrival to airports in MIA & EWR. 1/2” / Twitter

Chris Hedges ANALYZES Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 2024 (Interview Clip) – YouTube HEDGES ON KENNEDY

On World Press Freedom Day, State Department Refuses to Acknowledge Julian Assange Is a Journalist – Activist Post

Ben Norton on Twitter: “The UK government imprisoned the world’s most famous journalist, Julian Assange, on bogus charges, and wants to extradite him (an Australian national) to the US. The top UN expert on torture said Assange is being tortured for exposing unpunished US crimes” / Twitter

Democrat Voters Do What They are Told | HardLens Media & Due Dissidence Join RBN – YouTube

CODEPINK on Twitter: ““Guaidó is responsible for calling on the U.S. to directly intervene, even militarily, against his own people, for organizing a failed invasion of mercenaries and a failed coup, both in 2019. There is nothing democratic about Guaidó.”” / Twitter

WEF PUPPETS EVERYWHERE! CODEPINK on Twitter: “BREAKING: CODEPINK, joined by students and peace activists, gave faux Venezuelan president Juan Guaidó the welcome he deserves at the Wilson Center. NO ROOM FOR PUPPET PRESIDENTS IN DEMOCRACY!” / Twitter

How AI Will Make You Lonely – Activist Post

Be Prepared for More Fake News, Cloned People and Manipulated Images – Activist Post

CODEPINK on Twitter: “Our @MichelleEllner on why she disrupted Guaidó:” / Twitter

The People’s Forum on Twitter: “Our phones were wrongfully searched & seized by CBP. This outrageous behavior seeks to intimidate us & criminalize our right to travel & exchange. We demand the release of our remaining comrades! We will not be moved! Our commitment to end the U.S. Blockade of Cuba will only grow” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “WEF – Launched trusted messengers called ‘Project Halo’ and trained their scientists in Tik tok, then had them verified, in order to spread their narrative over all others! Because they “own the science”” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “CONTROL – Larry Fink CEO of Black Rock. They don’t like democracy, it’s messy. They want 📲Digital ID 📲CBDC 📲15 minute cities 📲Food control 📲Social Credit Totalitarian Control over all humans. For your safety! It’s time to Hold. Your. Line 🔥” / Twitter

The Grayzone on Twitter: “As France’s popular uprising against Macron’s neoliberal agenda intensifies, @loffredojeremy profiles high schoolers at the forefront of protests in Paris, and the harsh repression they’ve faced from national police” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “A US investigation found McDonald’s forced 10-year-olds to work until 2am They were among 305 children employed by McDonald’s franchises in 62 locations across Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio Capitalism is dragging US society back to the glorious 1800s” / Twitter

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “NEW – Recent revelations that the renowned linguist and political activist met with Jeffrey Epstein several times have surprised and confused many. Why was Epstein interested in meeting with Noam Chomsky? The answer may surprise you.” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Very revealing graph from @StephenSemler” / Twitter

THE DAMNED ‘You’re Gonna Realise’ – Official Video – New Album ‘Darkadelic’ out now! – YouTube


You know I got that Blues Brothers record for Christmas when i was a kid, and probably saw that movie 1,000 times, I loved Cab Colloway, the Hook, JB, Aretha, all those folks. I related from an early age to the Blues Brothers bad luck and humble dwellings and kinda casual acceptance of “the way of things”, how The Man was always gonna be leanin’ on ’em for crimes against the empire-for being poor. I read all the books about Belushi, ya know the ones that were frowned upon by all his intimates that tried to be tabloid snesationalistic or make him out to be some kinda drug taking machine only made me love him more. I recognized some of myself in him, in that I always had that extra desire for cosumption and experience. An Appetite For Adventure! I thought adventure was more valuable than belongings you can’t take with you. I used to have a lot more adventures than I do nowadays, though I sometimes still see parenthood as a bit of an adventure-you never know what you’re gonna be waking up to. Also poverty is a weird trip, cause there is no stability-our vehicle has 250, 000 miles on it. Of course Belushi came from a working class family-his Dad ran a diner ya know, like, “Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger…” so he always loved the working class rebellious, wild impulse of punk rock, played drums with the Deadboys at the Blitz benefit, had people like Keith Richards and Cheetah Chrome bartend at his Blues Bar, a scuzzy East Side speakeasy him and Akroyd created as a place for writers and musicians to hangout after “Satrurday Night Live” show tapings. He singlehandedly brought the L.A. hardcore band Fear to mainstream audiences-he liked Fear a whole more than I did. I saw that “Belushi” movie on some tv channel not long ago and smile to myself about how the shitshow fauxwoke world where you just hide any untidy fact of life behind some Disney Adult My Little Pony Rainbow Bright Creepiness and talk about nothing but gender, getting more boosters for Science, and how much you support Israel and Zelensky and stand against Iran for not being LGBTQ enough would never have been able to embrace or understand a comic genius like Belushi…or Bill Hicks, Richard Pryor, Paul Mooney, George Carlin, or Lenny Bruce. Dave Chappelle is in that same tradition exactly. I think Pimpadelic funnyman Katt Williams got cancelled for talking too much about the creepy side of show biz. I miss Belushi. “Animal House” is still great. “Blues Brothers” is harder for me to get through now because over half of it was just like, car crashes. You ever hear Belushi sing that song, “Guilty”? Makes me think of my mid twenties when I’d seek asylum at a beautuful bartender’s upstairs attic apartment, or with a loud purple haired stripper I loved. Those were the best of times and the worst of times, but I knew that shit was changing for the worse, that they were “gentrifying” my old neighborhood and wanted all streetcorner boisterous punk firebrands gone. Replaced us with all the Just Gone Grunge/Alternative 90210 douchelords. I still have a million amazing memories of the wild nights we had at the subversive thug bar on the dark end of the street where the normies and yuppies and brainwashed sports people feared to tread. I’ll tell ya the fuckedup hell of it is when all the old friends die and even all your old heroes. It gets lonesome feeling like the last of your kind. I keep trying to find the others. We are few and far in between.

That time John Belushi and Divine played with the Dead Boys, 1978 | Dangerous Minds

The Blues Brothers – Guilty (Official Audio) – YouTube

John Belushi and Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer 1978 – YouTube

The Blues Brothers – Messin’ with the Kid (Live Version) (Official Audio) – YouTube

National Lampoon’s Animal House | Bluto’s Speech – YouTube

AMERICA’S GUEST : JOHN BELUSHI – Carrie Fisher & Ed Begley Jr. Share Stories of John Belushi – YouTube

‘Belushi’: Showtime doc sheds light on ‘SNL’ vet’s addiction, more (

The Sad Inspiration Behind Gordon Lightfoot’s If You Could Read My Mind (


“This is what dystopia looks like. Like a bunch of thought-controlled automatons mindlessly marching toward ecocide and omnicide to a beat played out by screens who tell them every day and in every way that there is no higher purpose than this.This dynamic can cause some truly jaw-dropping flotsam and jetsam to surface in the roilings of our cultural waters, like Simpsons characters waving Ukrainian flags, or an opera about a drone operator sponsored by General Dynamics.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Dead Boy, Lord Stiv Bators: So Far Ahead of His Time (And Many in Our Time) (

stiv bators disconnected full album – YouTube

Lust for life: the punks keeping the spirit of rebellion alive | Punk | The Guardian

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “If they can’t shut down your inconvenient questions with “I’m not gonna answer that” they just have their goons drag you away.” / Twitter


I’m thinking about Willie Nelson who I met in like the fifth or sixth grade. My old lady is a caregiver to a 93 year old woman who is still totally coherant and knowledgable execpt for some short term memory loss. From Finland.

Willie Nelson and Keith Richards Willie’s 90th Birthday 4/30/23 Hollywood Bowl – YouTube

Whatever Happened To Peace On Earth – YouTube

FBI & Ukraine Work Together To Censor Americans’ Social Media – YouTube


Back in my Blitz Kid wannabe eighties goth and new wave daze, I loved anything that exuded Bowie glam madness from Gary Numan and the older people who hung around the Pyramid Club to Pete Burns and Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Most of us first discovered Klaus Nomi via his appearance with David Bowie On Saturday Night Live. Like a German Jobriath. He was part Nina Hagen, part Gary Numan, like Steve Strange’s Dad or something. Very Downtown.

Overlooked No More: Klaus Nomi, Singer With an Otherworldly Persona – The New York Times (

David Bowie – Klaus Nomi – Man Who Sold the World – YouTube

Klaus Nomi on TV Party – YouTube

Klaus Nomi – Lightning Strikes (Official Video) – YouTube

Klaus Nomi – After The Fall (Danceteria 1983, Video HQ) – YouTube

Klaus Nomi – 01.Keys of Life – YouTube

Klaus Nomi’s 1978 debut at New Wave Vaudeville, Irving Plaza (NYC) – YouTube

1982 Klaus Nomi talks about David Bowie and other things in this interview on Ligne Rock, Belgium TV – YouTube

Klaus Nomi – The Cold Song (Good Quality) – YouTube

Klaus Nomi – Nomi Song (Official Video) – YouTube

Klaus Nomi – Simple Man (Official Video) – YouTube

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “In 2019 actor and comedian Volodymyr Zelensky ran as the peace candidate winning the Ukrainian presidency with 70% of the vote. As Benjamin Abelow observes in his brilliant book, “How the West Brought War to Ukraine,” Zelensky almost certainly could have avoided the 2022 war with…” / Twitter

Jeffrey Epstein and Woody Allen planned to hang out nearly every month for two straight years after Epstein pleaded guilty (

“In another reckless escalation, Britain has confirmed delivery of depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine. DU munitions should be banned. They partially vaporize on impact, poisoning the environment with uranium dust that causes cancer and horrific birth defects. #Kennedy24 (-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)

“On World Press Freedom Day, we call for the immediate release of Julian Assange, who has spent 4 years in a maximum security prison. We cannot stand by and let governments silence those who seek to expose the truth. Today, let’s defend free & democratic journalism everywhere.” (-Jeremy Corbyn)

“Both Marianne Williamson @marwilliamson and RFK @RobertKennedyJr have called for the freedom of Julian Assange. No wonder Biden is so afraid of debates. His hypocrisy on free speech and free press would be revealed. #WorldPressFreedomDay#WPFD2023 (-Katie Halper)”


Primo Radical on Twitter: “We have such a free press that no one in the corporate media dares question what happened to the Nordstream pipeline.” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Today is “World Press Freedom Day.” Government & media figures will be making note of this throughout the day. Please take the time to remind these elitist tools that the West does not have a Free Press; we only have corporate sycophants who never question our “leaders” crimes.” / Twitter

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “It’s World Press Freedom Day. Let’s see how many of our politicians are willing to say this…FREE JULIAN ASSANGE! #WorldPressFreedomDay” / Twitter

DOOM MADVILLAIN on Twitter: “@SecBlinken Free Julian Assange scumbag” / Twitter

The Nation on Twitter: “Today is World Press Freedom Day—the perfect day for Joe Biden to end the US government’s targeting of Julian Assange, as @NicholsUprising writes.” / Twitter


David Sirota on Twitter: “🚨NEWS: Nancy Pelosi blocked Medicare for All and other major health care reforms – and now received a big award from health care industry lobbyists at a gala last night. @LeverNews was barred from the award ceremony when we tried to report on it.” / Twitter

Julia Hartley-Brewer on Twitter: “The eco-cultist indoctrination of our children continues…” / Twitter

Micky Finn on Twitter: “@JuliaHB1” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “U.K. – Police preparing to use live facial recognition cameras during the Coronation. You aren’t allowed to protest or disagree with the king. Everyone must look happy and like they are fully in support of the monarchy. YOU WILL LOOK HAPPY! How very North Korean 🤡” / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “UK – Excess deaths in the last reported week were as high as in Autumn 2020! We had daily news updates & new lockdowns. Now? …. silence.” / Twitter


Robert F Kennedy Jr: “We need a peaceful revolution” – YouTube

Katie Halper on Twitter: “I’m talking with John Kiriakou @JohnKiriakou about “The indictment of Black Leftists Accused of Being Russian Assets” on “The Katie Halper Show”. Join us live now!” / Twitter

The Katie Halper Show on Twitter: ““My first couple days in prison were eye opening. As i would walk past the guards they would whisper traitor. “- @JohnKiriakou CIA whistleblower of Torture program & his personal experience in prison system live rn-” / Twitter

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾📿 (@bnightingale11) / Twitter

Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “U.K. – school children vote for insect food at lunchtimes. This is what brainwashing does to children. Teach the narrative and they will follow the narrative.” / Twitter

UK/US: Home Secretary’s certification of Assange extradition puts him at risk – Amnesty International

Dr. Jill Stein on Biden, the Squad, MPP, and the Climate Emergency – YouTube

John Cusack on Twitter: “Two Asheville journalists convicted for peacefully recording cops at a public park. This should be a national news story. Just because they don’t work for a mainstream news outlet doesn’t mean their First Amendment rights are less important.” / Twitter

Freedom of the Press on Twitter: “Like protesters, journalists write lawyers’ numbers on their arms not because they intend to commit crimes but because they know they may be wrongly arrested. Letting prosecutors infer criminality from this common practice would reward cops’ bad behavior.” / Twitter

Useful Idiots on Twitter: “NEW TWITTER FILES from @mtaibbi: Project Osprey, Twitter’s method of categorizing threats to the establishment as “A Priori Russians” and “Inferred Russians,” the latter including @DrJillStein and @wikileaks @aaronjmate @kthalps Full interview:” / Twitter

sarah on Twitter: “upside down world” / Twitter

sarah on Twitter: “The US claims to champion press freedom while punishing a journalist because he dared publish the truth about US war crimes. Free Julian Assange #WorldPressFreedomDay” / Twitter

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “New #TwitterFiles threads by @NAffects and @0rf plus new material about both at” / Twitter

Daniel Ellsberg Warns Risk of Nuclear War Is Rising as Tension Mounts over Ukraine & Taiwan – YouTube

Michael Tracey on Twitter: “Wait, DeSantis went to Israel last week and signed an expansive new hate crime bill into law (which I thought conservatives objected to on principle)? And just for complete clarity, he signed into law a bill… that applies to Florida… while physically in Israel? Incredible” / Twitter

Paul Wellstone Iraq War Speech – YouTube

Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “BlackRock’s headquarters wasn’t expecting THIS” / Twitter

sarah on Twitter: “Ukraine? No, this is Gaza tonight. Don’t expect even the slightest hint of outrage from the so-called international community.” / Twitter too scared of being called names

sarah on Twitter: “BREAKING: While all eyes are on Ukraine, Israel is dropping bombs on Syria’s city of Aleppo right now. This is the 11th Israeli aggression against Syria in less than three months. And not a peep from the so-called “civilized” Western world.” / Twitter

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “Thanks to @megynkelly for actually taking the time to address the insanity of a member of congress like Stacey Plaskett threatening a reporter with jail. For the rest it’s party loyalty above all, I guess.” / Twitter

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “Media Matters = Junior Anti-Sex League. Staffers should wear scarlet sashes in their avatars” / Twitter

“Marketing firms use psychology to help corporations sell (by making us feel ashamed, then we buy). Psychology could be used positively to dissolve hate but it’s not because there’s no profit in peace. We’re all fighting dogs, and they poke us ‘til we attack so they can profit. Thanks to #CitizensUnited, our politicians (both sides) are bought and paid for by these same corps who shame us, poke at us, and throw us in the ring to fight eachother. We’re in the same boat, starved and furious. If we’d simply look up, we’d see them grinning while cashing in.” (-Human Bean)

“The US alliance is indisputably encircling Russia and China in ways it would never permit itself to be encircled. The only way to defend this discrepancy is to say “Well it’s okay when we do it because they are Bad Guys while we are Good Guys,” which is an infant’s understanding.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“All this time I was told Ukraine was defending itself for democracy against Russia’s “unprovoked” invasion. Drone striking the Russian government and trying to assassinate Putin is the very definition of provocation. You’ve been lied to from the start. Ukraine’s attempted drone attack on the Kremlin comes from a position of weakness and desperation. It won’t change anything except make Russia more determined to finish Ukraine’s US-backed government by whatever means necessary. If the U.S. destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Libya, and dozens of other countries since 1945, then it has no right to lecture Russia and China over how they conduct themselves abroad. Glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: ““I’m grateful for Bernie for shifting the Overton Window left” Did he though? Since Bernie progressives have supported funding nazis, arming Taiwan, breaking strikes and endorsing Jim Crow Joe Bernie didnt drag shit left, he turned what it means to be a socialist to the right” / Twitter


Had a big King Snake in my driveway last night, that’s one thing that’s kindof a drag about desert living-these occassional encounters with giant snakes. I just left it alone and hopefully it’ll eat some rattlers on it’s way to wetter pastures.

I’m waiting for a big shipment of fireworks my kid badgered his mom into buying to celebrate the arrival of a distant family member who is supposed to be showing up here soon. We like fireworks-pretty lights in the sky that go crackle and boom, but not out of any alleigence to the Honky Death Machine or country songs on the Fourth Of July, or any shit like that. All the military people committing suicide should be enough evidence to convince all these stupid pro war chickenhawks and Azov flag wavers that rich man’s oil wars based on lies and false flags and inside jobs and regime change proxy army invasions is not the answer. All the beautiful people I’ve known who have killed themselves really takes a lotta the fight outta ya. Like what’s the use, if even some well loved, beautiful talented motherfucker can not bear this bullshit society we live in. If you do find yourself having all those morbid kinda forelorn “nobody likes me” or “nobody loves me” or “what’s the point to any of it” kinda thoughts, ya know, it’s probably important to double check on all that shit-is it even true, are those even your own thoughts, or is it just capitalist brainwashing. Usually it’s all the middle school sports coaches or ex girlfriend’s moms or capitalist druggy son bullies who got in your head with all that shit about how a dude is supposed to have a big, bigger, biggest monster sized truck and a lot of money or else. You think those Richie Rich Spencer & Heidi motherfuckers whose only claim to fame was having rich parents give them fancy shit have those kinda thoughts? Probably not-they really do seem to think they deserve the most cake, when you are born rich, everyday is your Birthday-look at like Taylor Swift and Beyonce-they both think of themselves as “Survivors”. People who should Know Better will go on and on about what Great Songwriters they are!  Survivors. All that money spending wears a girl out. Capitalist programming. You need a nose job, bigger boobs, hair extensions, gym membership, $500 shoes, some Bigger Guns, now it’s this whole peer pressure firehose media narrative about how every kid must gender transistion or no longer have any chance in the popularity sweepstakes we are taught to believe is the whole thing, our only purpose here. To sit with the jock dickheads in the smelly cafeteria and nod along while they brag about their fake accomplishments. No thanks-I’ve seen it happen to good lads I once knew, though-the assimilation, the capitualtion-the being required to say up is down and left is right to gain entry into the hipster hives where they horde all the goodies, supposedly. Dudes n Dames I loved and believed in became gradually more negotiable and ended up willing to recite the mandatory falsehoods to maintain their free drinking privileges on the permenent spring break bimbo beaches. I may not have much in this lifetime, but I got punk rock and I’m stickin’ with it. I still got the Clash. Belonging is overrated, I’ll tell ya. I used to think me and my outcast crowd of underdog derelicts and misfit outlaws might even have half a chance because we were all undeniably entertaining and had some talents and style that others emulated. Summa those guys just wanted to be on any team that was winning, even if it meant sucking up to a lot of bad people. Or betraying some good people. I figure we’re all mostly flawed people, a bit of good, bad, ugly and our oblivious blind spots, too. Anti-heroes. I don’t know no people who are just wholesome and saintly clean no matter what those greedhead pill gobblers on the hill tell themsleves about how they earned it all with their bootstraps virtue and their shit don’t stink. Sometimes I worry for summa my legendary children and even some other long lost loved ones who are far away and hope they know they are loved and cared about-it’s a motherfucker out there. All the worst evil scumbags seem to be glorified, and overpaid and gold starred, and trophied while all my cherished, loving friends were poets who died forgotten in the gutter. Or just mysteriously Died Suddenly and nobody can figure out why cause they told em some shit about causation and causality which is suppoed to make farfetched and unlikely coincidences seem more coincidental. Like when Lucky Silverstein took out all that insurance and those art students were in the basment for weeks and Marvin Bush was in charge of security and Dick Cheney called off Norad and tv told us it was Muslims with boxcutters coming for our good jobs and freedom fries because they hated us for our freedom, and Kerry and duel-citizen Chertoff installed all the Rapiscan porno scanners and the mad herd kept on flying even though they were being groped by Dick Cheney security theater that never stopped no real attack, but made people ever more trained to be compliant to authority figures or else. A lot of coincidences. Nobody ever went to jail for torture or human experimentation except for the brave whistleblower. Depression makes me wanna smoke but my body says, no, the breathing is more important, now. What do ya do when you get old and none of your dreams came true, none of your best heave-hos came to anything? Or got plundered by mama’s boy self deputized entitled mercenary people who just felt like they Deserved More Stuff? Do you turn up the Billy Idol louder and “Start Again”? Just accept your minimum wage drudgery and start watching tv like all your former peers? Smoke another cigarette and wait til you die? It’s a tough struggle, getting older and having neither the physical energy to throw against your problems anymore, or the emotional capacity to even wanna get involved with being around other people who’ve mostly all been freedom fries and biggest truck programmed to only give a fuck about their own rooms full of unused possessions and special spot-lit ego trip brunch privilege. You know we got so much stress and anxiety and shit from the super inflation and the recognition that all the landlordly people we used to know are completely disconnected from the poor people of the world, they live in that happy Metaverse Delusion that EVERYTHING IS GREAT and it all revolves around their private prefrences, control of the channel changer and consumerist purchasing whims  and Joe Biden’s War Economy is making us all  Amazon happy shopper plushy woke and Post Constitutional for gender science and Zelenksy Azovs or whatever. Erin Brockovich has a book about how Superman aint gonna show and she’s reportedly on a terror watchlist for organizing sick people poisoned by Blackrock. No politicians care about us poor people, no tv media professionals are even allowed to really mention much about us and they never get it anyway cause to be on tv, you’ve been college brainwahsed to love wealth and authority and therefore never have to worry about the starter on their car or food quadrupling. Even activists I used to know just became brands and started these Patreon accounts where they have to say things that make middle class people feel comfortable which is of little use to those of us in the majority. I know a guy who is confronting his own death, he’s been a 12 stepper for years so he seems to be sticking with it, but is swineng out on pie and McDonald’s. I don’t blame him at all. I saw some very dear friends of mine go through it. I can see most of my own life’s best efforts ended up being meaningless gestures easily sabotaged by big fish in small pond treachery. It’s all kinda bleak and demoralizing. I can’t even bring myself to wanna rally anybody to commit to still another doomed band cause I know how shit works and I don’t have the resources  to overcome the obstacles and don’t wanna waste anybody’s time or investment of energy in a project that’s jsust gonna get assassinated by the pay to play scumbags higher up on the pyramid scheme, again. it’s just too heart wrenching when you know it’s like some Humphrey Bogart line, a hill of beans, a cigarette in the toilet, that sound of being snuffed out, of a bubble popping. Anytime some brave soul steps forward like Julian Assange, the establishment crushed them like a Wack A Mole. Evil fuckers are elevated and rewarded and validated and applauded by all the suckers and joiners and V.I.P. wannabe popularity seekers. I’m still thinking about Sandra Bland and Michael Hastings and Dr. David Kelly, Seth Rich and Julian Assange-all those people who sacrificed so much to bring us the truth, but Murkkans are too sports conditioned to care about the truth, they just want greasier pizzas and more middle class insurance pain pills for wokeness and Amazon boxes on the frontporch-war, science, truth, all that shit is determined by the richer people on tv who think for them. I’ve never been into that bigbox tv sports bar unreality. They got soldiers on the internet complaining about the military’s new LGBT wokeness rollouts including tarinsploited military ambassadors and the guy who sez he killed Bin ladin saying China is gonna destroy us. Seymour Hersh already told us that whole narrative was a propaganda sham, that’s why he is blacklisted by State media and referred to as a “CONSPIRACY THEORIST” just like Robert F. Kennedy and anyone who threatens profits of the war machine, big tech surveillance, or the Gates Reset rollouts!

Bean🔥 on Twitter: “”The WikiLeaks publications that Assange is being charged for are amongst the most important truthful revelations of hidden criminal state behaviour to have been made public in US history.”—@DanielEllsberg #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾📿 on Twitter: “Brilliant. And true. Sad to see this shift by people I’ve loved and respected. Identity will do that to ya, keep you from thinking critically, making you feel you must take a side verses siding with truth. Make you hate the messenger and ignore the message.” / Twitter


LIVE From East Palestine: CRAZY COVERUP Gets More Corrupt, EPA and CDC In On It – YouTube

TOXIC KALAMAZOO: Jordan LIVE w/ Residents From Paper Mill POISONING Community w/ Toxic Gas – YouTube

Net Zero and the Transhuman Agenda: War Against Nature and Humanity – Activist Post

EMOTIONAL East Palestine Resident Breaks Down: STILL Reeks of Toxic Chemicals, STILL a DISASTER – YouTube

MEGA COVERUP: LIVE From East Palestine, Sick Residents Beg For Help as Government Gaslights Them – YouTube

WE’RE STILL GETTING SICK: East Palestine Resident Sounds Off – YouTube

Michigan Gov. Approved Paper Mill POISONING Poor Black Neighborhood for EXPANSION – YouTube


Pfizer Secretly PAID OFF Civil Rights Groups To Push Vaccine Mandates! – YouTube

With Tucker Gone, McCarthy Embraces Ukraine War 100% – YouTube

FBI & Ukraine Work Together To Censor Americans’ Social Media – YouTube

They All Ignored THIS At The White House Correspondents Dinner – YouTube

“Journalists” Suck Off The Powerful At White House Correspondents Dinner – YouTube

Zelensky TOLD Rupert Murdoch To Fire Tucker Carlson? – YouTube

Pfizer Secretly PAID OFF Civil Rights Groups To Push Vaccine Mandates! – YouTube

Bernie Sanders Supports Joe Biden For President & Gets NOTHING For It! – YouTube

Noam Chomsky Met w/ Jeffrey Epstein To Arrange Dinner With Woody Allen! – YouTube

Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer Indicted For RussiaGate Lying – YouTube

KanekoaTheGreat on Twitter: “.@RobertKennedyJr tells @jimmy_dore the CIA, DOD, and Tony Fauci taught Chinese military scientists how to build weapons of mass destruction. Then Bill Gates, a former CIA director, and China’s CDC director collaborated on how to censor a lab leak at Event 201 in Oct. 2019:…” / Twitter

David Sacks on Twitter: “.@RobertKennedyJr crushes the accusation that he’s “anti-vax” and the idea that the Covid shots were “safe & effective.” Why is @piersmorgan still defending this idea? How many other vaccines don’t prevent illness and require a booster every few months?” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “This was a zillion times more valuable than anything said at that glitzy tribute to servitude, debauchery and minor media celebrity held last night in DC’s Versailles. And the person who spoke here has infinitely more courage than anyone in that room last night:” / Twitter

“How do people think our Gov’t cares about Ukraine or Taiwan, when we can’t even get them to care about us? The rulers can make most of us believe whatever they want, because they own everything, which gives them the power to create the reality they want us to live in. I’m not gonna live in American propaganda land with you, no matter how unpopular it makes me with some people

If you wanna continue to be with the “In” crowd and get played for a sucker for the rest of your life, talking this nonsense about “Freedom and democracy”, you do you. Maybe one day this will sink in The United States Gov’t doesn’t care about Ukraine, their job is to make you care about Ukraine so they can get away with spending billions of our dollars on a war they’ve been trying to start ever since they overthrew Ukraine in 2014. Our Gov’t told you to care about Ukraine, if they didn’t tell you, then you wouldn’t, and the sad thing is that our Gov’t really doesn’t actually care about those people at all. If you didn’t notice the narrative changed from Ukraine is gonna take back Bakhmut to, “Bakhmut Holds”, to let’s try to hang on to Bakhmut until May 9th.

The United States solution to solving every war is selling weapons.

How do the people who lied to the American people about every war still convince us that it is always a conspiracy theory that they might be lying about the current war, even after like now they’ve been caught lying about this war?

If you believe anything that comes out of the mouths of our war machine at this point, there is probably no hope for you, but I’m crazy enough to keep trying to bring you to reality, because if not these psychopaths running our country are gonna end human life on this planet. I would like to thank @BernieSanders for ending the argument between his supporters when he sold out his movement and chose the Democrats. He has now made it clear that he is a Dem Party shill and hopefully those still kissing his butt, figure out the Squad sold them out too. The difference between China and the US, is that China would like to end the war and come up with a Peace agreement, and the US would like it to continue until everybody in Ukraine is dead or Russia is destroyed. Our rulers spent these years exploiting, invading, couping, propagandizing, stealing, bullying and lying to gain as much profit and control of the world as possible. After all the trillions they have made for themselves, they not only didn’t share with us, but stole from us too. The US Empire is dying and no matter how many people our owners kill and make suffer, the new multipolar world is coming. For some reason we still believe they have some right to control the world in spite of the fact that we don’t even get anything out of it. The US Empire is dying and no matter how many people our owners kill and make suffer, the new multipolar world is coming. For some reason we still believe they have some right to control the world in spite of the fact that we don’t even get anything out of it. The United States isn’t winning, they are losing more and more power over the world every day, and considering how evil, greedy and violent they have been in using their control, the world is probably a better place without them in charge. You all do realize that when the West abandons Ukraine, those Nazis that supposedly don’t exist are gonna be looking for revenge, right? The US doesn’t invade countries We spread freedom and democracy, do preemptive strikes or have foreign interventions. It’s different…” (-Black In The Empire)

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Taiwan You ready for the US to bring you some democracy next? Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan wound up looking like this too Good Luck” / Twitter

Jonathan Turley on Twitter: “Robert F. Kennedy declared that “hand in hand with freedom of speech goes the power to be heard.” That does not appear to be the view of ABC, which censored his son who is now running for the Democratic presidential nomination…” / Twitter

RFK Jr. on presidential run: ‘I feel like my country was being taken away from me’ – YouTube

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “They didn’t hate Carlson for his culture war views. because pushing that is the main purporse of Fox, MSNBC and CNN The Establishment had to get rid of him for saying things like 👇👇” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Readers added context to tell us why it is legal for ABC to censor a Presidential candidate providing info or an opinion their advertisers don’t want discussed on their channel” / Twitter

The Vigilant Fox 🦊 on Twitter: “MEP Christine Anderson Exposes the EU Global Health Strategy as a Complete Sham “The EU strategy for global health is summed up in a few sentences,” attested @AndersonAfDMdEP. “Throw billions of taxpayer dollars of profits down Big Pharma’s throat for a useless, harmful, even…” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “How much does Pfizer gives to that University? The people who are supposed to be pushing back on stuff like this are either loudly pushing the same authoritarian measures or are silent good little boys & girls afraid to offend the cult of Covid. Covid really exposed them.” / Twitter

Jay Bhattacharya on Twitter: “The more I think about this, the more absurd it seems. A reporter used her time and the authority of her publication to spy on what the president of a medical school ‘likes’ on twitter. Not posts. Not even RTs, though that would also be absurd. That medical school and…” / Twitter

RFK Jr: Truth about my father’s killing still kept secret – YouTube

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “Imagine what would happen if food servers stole $9 million from Marriott? Weird how there’s nobody on TV demanding more cops be sent to Marriott’s board meetings or accounting department to make sure we control rampant criminal activity.” / Twitter

Andrew Bridgen on Twitter: “These are the headlines in Portugal but neither there nor here are we allowed a debate on this topic. No one wants to discuss the excess deaths we are seeing around the world where the experimental ‘vaccines’ were rolled out.” / Twitter

The Cult Spiritwalker, Flower In The Desert, Horsenation, Live The Tube 13/01/84 – YouTube

“Assange exposed many things about our rulers during his work with WikiLeaks, but none of those revelations have been as significant as what he’s forced them to reveal about themselves in the lengths that they will go to to silence a journalist who tells inconvenient truths.”” (-Caitlin Johnstone)


Many of us still believed you could vote the Gates and Bezos and Cheney/W’s outta office and that our votes counted and weren’t just the suggestion box of slaves…until the DNC started fixing their primaries and replacing progressives with police state gropers and servants of Big Capital banksters and deep state warpigs and billionaire wokewashed depopulators. TV lied so many times about everything and never took any of it back. People still repeat 9/11 Islamaphobic pro war hysteria and think they are woke and progressive. Don’t forget to buy duct tape. Cloth masks. Have you had your eighth Monkeypox booster for woke science? Then you can not say you are Fully Vaccinated and Chomsky thinks you should be locked up. They even compromised Chomsky. Sanders, Bono, so many fakes. Sad! I always admired Debbie the sane Progressive’s instincts, principles, courage and willingness to speak out about topics the corporate assholes owned by oligarchs claim are controversial. I was sad to see all the spook Bot armies bully her offa social media for not obediently hut-twoing along with their fascist rich man agendas so thinly guised as some sorta supposedly woke and scientific colors of Bennetton, cos play bunny hat, marketing hustle. One wonders which people are scared silent by real threats-they obviously threatened Kucinich, Paul Wellstone was warned by Dick Cheney he would suffer consequenecs if he refused to vote in favor of going to war in Iraq. Small plane crashed. Like me, Debbie was misguided and betrayed by Bernie Sanders, who refused to stand up to Hillary Clinton and got in line behind Gropy Joe Biden promoting more wars and Pfizercare, which was hard to accept, admit and endure. Everybody in the truth community gets hammered on by dummy P.C. echobox safespace fauxwoke pro war online Bot-kkkops until they retreat or just sellout to the New World Order. Look at Chomsky and Sanders and those sad pharma owned poseurs from the Fraud Squad. Debbie stood strong for so long, had so much integrity and soulfulness and faith in the dream of liberty and building a bettwer world. Most people don’t wanna know the truth and just love being lied to by confident sounding assholes in designer pants suits. Glenn Greenwald warned us that all the see no evil shitlibs who celebrated when Assange was kidnapped and tortured for embarrassing Hillary, or celebrated when some election results disputing rightwingers were jailed for visiting the capital, who insisted that Seth Rich was just a random burglary even though they left his watch and money and the FBI seized his computer, all the Rolling stone writers who looked the other way and never mention what happened to Michael Hastings who died in a ball of fire after embarrassing some powerful generals-I think about how all the shitlibs who celebrated when Alex Jones was being censored and perscuted for saying psy ops exist, we knew the powers that be were gonna come for the left, and they have-they’ve silenced all kinds of people from the left, like Chris Hedges the Presbyterian Minister peace advocate and Abby Martin and Mike Prysner, Code Pink, David Swanson, Ajamu Baraka and Garland Nixon and the black socialists–everybody’s been getting the Facebook Jail business from the techlords and shitlibs were told at the Navel Studies University that it can’t be censorship if it is not state media, but when every single platform sells the same bullshit in different tones of voice everyday, you can be sure, it is indeed state media and fascistic censorship. Will your peace group be next? Oh yeah, you don’t have a peace group…okay, will your hipster selfie brunch clique with the big hats be rounded up by men in black mistaken for some weirdo big hat cult that threatens some bureucrat’s war hawk/police state lockstep sensibilities?  Debbie was one of the first real cool human beings I saw get cancel cultured for being defiantly off script. I always liked her-we were Facebook friends way back in the day. I don’t think she was paranoid, I think she was just appalled by the things she found proof of, it is horrifying to confront reality of deep corruption we are all drowning in. Rest In Peace, good sister!

Celebrating Debbie “Sane Progressive” Lusignan – Seemorerocks

Debbie Lusignan – The Sane Progressive – Dead On 12/9/2022 At Age 51 From A Bad Reaction To Medication : r/WayOfTheBern (

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Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “Only a phony politician who is actually working against you would call NOT fighting or using leverage to enact Medicate4All “Responsible”. But you gotta keep voting for them cuz they’ve convinced you doing so somehow fights “fascists” which they both actually serve #Uniparty” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “The below video reminds me of that COVID-era video of a huge team of masked servants getting AOC ready for the Met Gala by working on her hair, nails, feet, and dress while she and her boyfriend lounged around unmasked:” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “Pharma bought media still doing the “Horse-dewormer” line about Ivermectin. They do it cuz there is a large group of morons who in 2023 still believe them. Remember when @drsanjaygupta was humiliated by @joerogan for lying about it in the same way? I do.” / Twitter

RFK Jr. Says He Could Be The Donald Trump Of The Democratic Party – YouTube

“”Publishing information and reporting that is in the public interest is precisely the thing that journalism is; that’s why Assange has won so many awards for journalism. Trying to contend that Assange is not a journalist is an unwinnable argument.”” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

SPEECH: “I’ll Be Damned if I Go Back to Work Under Those Conditions!” Lucy E. Parsons, May 1, 1930 | Black Agenda Report

CIA May Be Regarded Around World as a Rogue Elephant, But Operatives Can Still Churn Out Books that Make Themselves Look Like Heroes | CovertAction Magazine

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Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “Multiple US Officials Confronted About US Assange Hypocrisy On World Press Freedom Day Secretary of State Blinken, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, and Deputy State Department Spokesman Vedant Patel were all publicly challenged on Assange.” / Twitter

ABC Censors RFK Jr Interview, REFUSES To Air Comments On Vaccines & BIG PHARMA – YouTube

Is This Man a Russian Agent Operating in the Black Community of St. Louis? | CovertAction Magazine


Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “It’s Good When Idols Get Knocked Off Pedestals “It’s not healthy to elevate others to a lofty status above ourselves instead of seeing them as normal human beings who are as capable of error as anyone else.”” / Twitter

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Noam Chomsky and Jeffrey Epstein | Ro Khanna Has NO FIGHT for M4ALL | Biden & Black Voters – YouTube

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Simone Sanders & Jen Psaki do State Media – YouTube lying for money and feeling confident about it 

Juan Guaido Flees Colombia to Miami & Goes on MSNBC to Say we Must Help Venezuela – YouTube vile capitalist coup puppets are not democratic

Nick Remarks on Joe Rogan & Dave Smith Talking About the US War Machine – YouTube


This is what dystopia looks like. Like a bunch of thought-controlled automatons mindlessly marching toward ecocide and omnicide to a beat played out by screens who tell them every day and in every way that there is no higher purpose than this.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Bono Is Doing Illustrations For The Atlantic Now, Because Everything’s Fake And Stupid | by Caitlin Johnstone | May, 2023 | Medium

Baba Yaga on Twitter: “Russia and China haven’t been •killing people by the millions in wars •strangling entire nations around the world with economic warfare for the crime of disobedience •circling the planet with hundreds of military bases •plotting to destroy any nation which disobeys them” / Twitter

Responsible Statecraft on Twitter: “NEW @blaise_malley: A search of the congressional record shows that in the first three months of the 118th Congress, lawmakers have introduced 273 bills or amendments that contain some variation of the word “China.” @globalsarang @jwdwerner @tparsi” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “”What the fuck’s a Yemen?”” / Twitter

Chatting With RFK Jr. – by Eric Jackman (

Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “I met up with high school students in Paris as they joined the workers who’ve been protesting against Macron’s neoliberal reforms which he rammed through via 49.3 — “an anti-democratic weapon” that allows him to bypass the French people & parliament Full:” / Twitter

Alex Rubinstein on Twitter: “A Ukrainian banker accused of funneling billions to Zelensky & Azov backer Ihor Kolomoisky announced a half a million reward for a drone attack in Moscow on May 9, Russia’s national day celebrating the defeat of Nazism. My latest in @TheGrayzoneNews” / Twitter

WikiLeaks on Twitter: “On World Press Freedom Day our thoughts are with the many journalists who suffer severe consequences for their work In particular we think of our own Julian Assange, detained for more than 13 years and facing a 175 year sentence if extradited to the US for revealing war crimes…” / Twitter

“The commemoration this month of Russia’s victory over Nazi Germany is perhaps a natural target for a Kiev regime that honors and reveres Nazi collaborators” (-Max Blumenthal)

“Cancelling primary debates and coronating Joe Biden is just more proof that there is absolutely nothing democratic about the ‘Democratic’ party. It is a corrupt corporate party that exists to keep the people trapped in the duopoly. Grow a spine and get out now! Every election Democrats tell us “democracy and basic human rights are on the ballot”—but when they have power they don’t actually fight for democracy or human rights. They fight for Big Business, the ruling class, and the military industrial complex just like the Republicans do. I’d much rather live in a society where everyone has healthcare, housing, and food than a society where 3 billionaires own more wealth than half the nation.” (-Ryan Knight)

“If you stick a knife in my back nine inches, and pull it out six inches… there’s no ‘progress’.” (-Malcolm X)

“Instead of championing free speech, the U.S. actively persecutes journalists and whistleblowers. I’ll pardon brave truth-tellers like Julian Assange and investigate the corruption and crimes they exposed. This isn’t the Soviet Union. The America I love doesn’t imprison dissidents. #FreeAssange #Kennedy24” (-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)

“April 30 was the last day of the longest war of the twentieth century, in Vietnam, which I reported. Three million died and were maimed in the cause of American power: nothing more. If there is a war on China, it will be for the same reason. Stop it now.” (-John Pilger)

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “I cannot recommend this film enough. Juan is an incredible filmmaker and long time friend of Assange. He manages to fit a ton of information in less than 50 minutes. Watch and share. #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “It makes sense to me that Epstein, an intelligence asset, would try to use or compromise Chomsky, a world-renowned dissident. That doesn’t mean he succeeded. He has blind spots like everyone else, but his views have been consistent his whole life.” / Twitter

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾📿 on Twitter: “This is insane. Censorship is now the norm. ⬇️” / Twitter

“The economic-class war is the most important war going on in America. I think that, by and large, the culture war is a deliberate distraction from that.” (— @DavidSirota, editor-in-chief of The Lever)

Stop Cop City on Twitter: “We currently live in a society with a capitalist power structure that is more comfortable with fascism and Nazism that they are with leftism, with anti-capitalism. in large part because white supremacy is very deeply intertwined with propping up our capitalism system.” / Twitter

Tim Shorrock on Twitter: “The grossly sycophantic @washingtonpost coverage of the grossly sycophantic Washington Correspondents gala last night in DC sarcastically mentions an environmental protest but blithely ignores the demonstration supporting Assange and an actual free press.” / Twitter

Thia is with … 😏✌️💋🔥 on Twitter: “Congress ended the Free-Lunch-For-All program as we watched our children go hungry. But they bailed out banks to a tune of $2T, in 3 days. These ppl are real-life supervillains.” / Twitter

Leigh, ghost seal enthusiast on Twitter: “This tweet is absolutely showing us who the pro censorship crowd is You gotta love that” / Twitter

Anya Parampil on Twitter: “Finance mogul Volodymyr Yatsenko allegedly embezzled billions of dollars average Ukrainians stored in his bank to oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, the main patron of the neo-Nazi Azov battalion & Zelensky Now he is offering a crash prize to encourage terrorist attacks in Moscow on the…” / Twitter

The Cult ‘She Sells Sanctuary’ TOTP (1985) HD – YouTube


Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾📿 on Twitter: “What an incrediblly courageous, empathetic, heroic human being. After Terminal Cancer Diagnosis, Daniel Ellsberg Reflects on Leaking Pentagon Papers & His Legacy via @democracynow” / Twitter

Useful Idiots on Twitter: “After Mehdi Hasan lied about @mtaibbi committing perjury in front of Congress, House Dems threatened him with 5 years in prison for his reporting. Matt Taibbi responds: @kthalps @aaronjmate Full interview:” / Twitter

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “Listen to This Article: Report on the Censorship-Industrial Complex, by @mtaibbi” / Twitter

Transcript: America This Week, 4/28/23 (

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾📿 on Twitter: “Legends. 🥰” / Twitter

Katie Halper on Twitter: “Come out to support press freedom and Julian Assange! Wed May 3 at 4:00PM in front of MSNBC. With @CredicoRandy , @freedomrideblog , @granmarga , @kthalps , @ThePolemicist_ @Candles4Assange , @DefenseAssange cc: @Stella_Assange #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Susan Sarandon on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Ron Placone on Twitter: “The industry would rather burn it all down than pay writers fairly. It’s unreal but at the same time unsurprising. A bunch of soulless drones worried about nothing more than the profits for next quarter. #WGAStrike” / Twitter

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾📿 on Twitter: “Beautiful.” / Twitter they need to break the bullshit narratives.

Bootsy Collins on Twitter: “James Joseph Brown (May 3, 1933 – December 25, 2006) was an American musician. The “Godfather of Soul” career lasted more than 50 years. Brown was one of the first 10 inductees into the @rockhall of Fame. (The phrase, on the One) came from his genius. R.I.P. JB. Bootsy baby🤩🫡” / Twitter

May Day and the Haymarket Massacre | Rattling the Bars – YouTube

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Michael Shellenberger on Twitter: “Many people claim that @mtaibbi & I exaggerated the size and scope of the Censorship Industrial Complex. But now, new information has come to light revealing a widespread effort to spy on and censor private & supposedly “encrypted” text messages.” / Twitter

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾📿 on Twitter: “Another of my faves from today in Roma. Little meaningful messages are all around. 😉” / Twitter

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Toxic Chemicals Are Pouring Out Of Consumer Products — Here Are The Most Dangerous – Activist Post

The Nation on Twitter: “Amid all the celebrations of Harry Belafonte’s activism and art, it is vital to remember his remarkable commitment to keeping alive the legacy of Paul Robeson and the other radicals who were targeted by the Red Scare blacklist.” / Twitter

The Hangmen Full Self-Titled Album – YouTube

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾📿 on Twitter: “When citizens are no longer citizens but “consumers”, what sells wins. Caring for one another doesn’t get the ratings they want…or at least that’s what “they” assume.” / Twitter

20th ANNIVERSARY: Death Of Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone – YouTube

The Jim Jones Revue – Seven Times Around The Sun (Official Video) – YouTube

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Punkrock History on Twitter: “Paul Simonon, Joe Strummer and Mick Jones of The Clash in an alleyway in North London, April 1977. Photo by Chalkie Davies #punk #punks #punkrock #theclash #london #history #punkrockhistory” / Twitter

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Cornel West on Twitter: “I am deeply sad at the loss of my very dear brother – the great Harry Belafonte! His artistic genius, moral courage & loving soul shall live forever! God bless his precious family!” / Twitter

Human Bean 📢✌️🏽📸🎵🐾📿 on Twitter: “Yes!!!! ❤️” / Twitter



The utter collapse of this Profoundly criminal Bush conspiracy will come none too soon for people like me… The massive plundering of the U.S. Treasury and all its resources has been almost on a scale that is criminally insane, and has literally destroyed the lives of millions of American people and American families. Exactly. You and me, sport — we are the ones who are going to suffer, and suffer massively. This is going to be just like the Book of Revelation said it was going to be — the end of the world as we knew it.” (-Hunter S. Thompson)

“Americans have an unhealthy cult-like worship of the very politicians and political parties who are actively using our government to enrich themselves and their corporate donors. Enough already. Stop consenting to the corruption, fraud & abuse of the Democrats & the Republicans.” (-Ryan Knight)

“When the heroes have all died away. Priests and politicians have all lied away now. Actors after all were only acting. Church killed knowledge. Took the world a slave. Ya gotta walk have all lied away now. Wear the uniform of your gang. Purpose in life’s just for living. Dream merchants fantasy surreal so real. Divide and conquer – that’s their game. Beneath their haircut and clothes we’re really all the same. They threaten our lives with nuclear war. Gonna cruficy us just once more. Join the new church. Be a lord of the new church hey. Truth can’t be found on the television. Throwaway youth ya gotta take a stand. Music is your only weapon. Spanners in the works go start your gang…” (-Lords Of The New Church)

Status Coup News on Twitter: “EXCLUSIVE: We obtained alarming drone footage of the Norfolk Southern train derailment—and aftermath of the “controlled burn”—that shows a black chemical cloud carpeting the sky in #EastPalestineOH Video Courtesy of Corey Figley. FULL 6:40 video below.” / Twitter

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “Rail company Norfolk Southern is putting children in Ohio at risk of death. Great report by @StatusCoup that you won’t see on the main networks.” / Twitter

The Pathology of the Rich – Chris Hedges on RAI (1/2) –

Status Coup News on Twitter: “EXCLUSIVE: Students at #EastPalestineOH middle school revealed school is allowing kids to drink from water fountain after train explosion (parents granted permission for interview). “We’ve all been having runny nose & headaches…when we go out of town we feel better” -Kylie” / Twitter

Frances Fisher on Twitter: “I just subscribed to Status Coup News, because @StatusCoup stays on the ground reporting, long after mainstream media looks for another shiny object. #PalestineOhio #Flint” / Twitter

💥 charmed&dangerous 💥 on Twitter: “shameful, indeed. by ⁦@richimedhurst⁩ …” / Twitter

“People these days leave propaganda on in the background like it’s elevator music” (-LEE CAMP)

“They all take their pills and they never question why…” (-Stiv Bators)

“TV talk show shines a light in every window we drink the water and it tastes like medicine, wakeup, wakeup…” (-Richard Butler)

“A provision in Obamacare allows residents in areas deemed a public health disaster to be covered by Medicare for life. At the very least, East Palestine residents deserve this universal coverage after being exposed to a known carcinogen.” (-Krystal Ball)

Richard Medhurst on Twitter: “The water in East Palestine is “safe to drink”, just like the water was “safe to drink” in Flint, just like the air was “safe to breathe” after 9/11. While other countries build bullet trains, America choose to upgrade their crumbling trains by spending $800b/year on weapons.” / Twitter

It Is The Mass Media’s Job To Help Suppress Anti-War Movements – Caitlin Johnstone

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Rachel Maddow freaks out over antiwar rally via @TheGrayzoneNews” / Twitter thirty thousand dollars a day to lie to your mom


Jose Vega — Vote Diane Sare! on Twitter: “I was called by a Special Agent in the US Capitol Police in Washington DC who works in the “threat assessment department” about an hour ago. Let me be clear, that’s DC Police calling me about an event that happened in NYC. She asked me questions like, “Will you be visiting…” / Twitter

Defending The Venezuelan Embassy, Organizing Peace for Ukraine with Margaret Flowers (


Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “Norfolk Southern has unleashed a private police force & hired criminal environmental firms while East Palestinians wait to see if the “controlled ventilation” causes mass chronic disease. My latest for @TheGrayzoneNews Full:” / Twitter


Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “The EPA has hired a company called Tetra Tech to conduct testing in East Palestine. Tetra Tech is owned by the Blackrock and Vanguard, which also own Norfolk Southern. It’s currently being sued by the DoJ for false claims in relation to a separate cleanup.” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Accessory to the rulers” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “McChrystal doesn’t deny the existence of neo-Nazi militias like Azov rampaging across Ukraine; he simply says the US should train and arm them more directly, and cites the example of US-backed warlords in Afghanistan as precedent.” / Twitter


So there I was, getting ready to feed the cats and make some coffee, bleary eyed and cold, about five in the morning. I commenced to put my kid’s big hoodie on over my head-the hood hit the overhead kitchen light’s chain, heavy chain flipped up and hit the glass light shade, and two pieces of broken glass landed in my rat’s nest hair. It’s an expensive, posh, high pricetag, decorative fixture, that’s kinda how my life goes, nowadays. Ya know, what is the opposite of attraction? Revulsion. Opposite of gravity? The ether? I’m like King Minus-everything I touch just vanishes right before my horrified eyes. Ya start to feel worse than cursed, just like some kinda fuckuped klutz. I’m just trying to feed cats and I get glass in my hair. Extreme winds blew down the art garden and all the fences, the dead tress, and half the town-there’s pictures online of people’s roofs blowing off and trampoline’s rolling down the sidewalk. Desert living is a trip, when it’s not cold as fuck, it’s blazing holy shit, lays you flat down hot. It’s intense monotony and ancient quiet always jabbing you with omnipresent reminders of your own mortality, or it’s sudden monsoons and hail and hold on cause there’s no tellin’ what’s coming next. the government shooting feral cows on state lands from helicopters for no reason, where are all the Animal Rights People? I fear for my friends in Ohio and Pennsylvania breathing in all that toxic shit Mayo Pete’s being deployed to provide cover for.

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I’m only ’bout halfway into “Rebel Soul”, but I’m really super jazzed about it. It’s SO good, even the acutely painful parts are written with so much soul and sensitivity, you get through it and are right back into the dancing days of Max’s Kansas City and the NY Dolls, when the Lower East Side was the Greatest Show On Earth and not just a gated community for millionaires. If you know me, you know I learned everything from the Lords Of The New Church, Billy Idol, 70’s Aerosmith, Suicide, the NY Dolls, the Cramps and Alice Cooper, so her first person testimonies of being right next to David Bowie while he is watching the NY Dolls performing live, and he is calling Thunders his Raven Boy, all that stuff is just so dazzlingly priceless, mystifying, magical, a real decades later vicarious thrill for us devoted lifelong fans of all those stardusted dolls. Bebe has become quite the eloquent and of course, always elegant, entertaining raconteur.

I guess, besides Stiv, the biggest thing I have in common with Bebe Buell is my ongoing, abiding, lifelong desire to record and perform my own music on my own terms, so I empathize with her in that regard. I’ve always been a fan of hers since I was a dumb kid, loitering around a burntout, pickedover old used record store in a soybean town, flipping through yellowed old “Rock Scenes”, I guess. I love reading about her stories, memories, desire to love others and uplift people, I feel like I can relate to a lot of this book even if she’s some kinda celebrity super starlet and I’m a bum luck dropout hermit in the desert. I can feel her wanting to set things right and make a difference in her time. I can dig that. I got that, too. That pulsating urge to wanna fix and repair and nurture and heal shit. Wow, what a blast she had! As I write this longwinded column in the dawn’s early light with my first cuppa coffee of the day, I got the curtain cracked in front of me to keep watch for stray cows who keep fertilizing my yard. I don’t mind ’em at all, I got a shovel and a compost pile, but I’d like the see ’em, this morning. I’ve arrived at the point of the book where Bebe is letting David Johansen and Cyrinda Foxe crash at her and Todd’s palace while Todd is on the road, and she’s hanging around with Alice Cooper’s girlfriend Cindy Lang who is buying cool threads for Johnny Thunders, and you know, already, that’s a whole lot of what I have been grooving to from afar, my whole life. Dolls, Alice, Stiv, John Waite, Dee Dee, Duran, Idol, Steve Jones. I’ll probably say it again, but wait til ya see the pictures-just beautiful. I’m a visual, visceral creature, so like when summa my old photos of friends and loved ones who are “no longer with us” go missing, it makes me a little bit extra crazy. Gorgeous, fun filled, action packed little hardbacked scrapbook here, all her anecdotes are adventuresome and then abruptly arduous, a real rockin’ roller coaster, all highs and lows, whoa! I know how that is, as in my younger lives, before retreating into deep caregiver domesticity, I had a sorta smaller version of her escapades, an amateur hour, no budget, demolition joyride through the eighties Lower East Side ghettoes and pauperized pregentrification Boston backstreets with larger than life girlfriends and junkie desperados, playing frantic punknroll with a wildeyed ever changing band of battle hardened bandidoes, gutter punk bassplayers, loutish drummers with age-inappropriate girlfriends, oversized Cats N Boots lookalike guitar gods in polka dotted blouses showing the ACD/DC guy how to shootup his first day in town, squating in desperate squalor with aging gunslingers of the Old Eastside, meeting Martha and Siv when I was just fourteen, or maybe fifteen as a guttersnipe on St. Mark’s Place, playing all the lousiest, least receptive, hostile bars with revolving crazies on the drumseat, where sudden fistfights might erupt at any moment of the song, long rides to no show shows, brokendown vans, side of the road, beautiful girlfriends and champagne nights at expensive bars with white table cloths, then we’re back on the streets like we didn’t miss a beat honaayy, but not in a good way. Black eye, and a bleeding eyebrow, punched by another jealous Fonzarelli apeman. New guitar player, promising record label, all gets shot down again for no reason, kids, divorces, bikers, dangerous roadcrew having standoff with the Swat teams, mutiny, abandonment, death, death, death, waking up in emergency rooms after showdowns with boneheads, hanging out with sons of famous rockstar new wave darlings cavorting at our favorite divebar, the next night I’m getting knocked out by nazis in steeltoed boots and losing my favorite navy blue suede, Thee Hypnotics style, 70’s hunting jacket in the ambulance, so for me, it was a lot more failure, exile, destitution, violence, evictions, false hopes getting dashed again and again, replacement bandmates quitting suddenly to join some other guys fucking submediocre coverband cause he can pay for studiotime and plane tickets, rejection, heartbreak, betrayal, and missing teeth than jetplanes and movie stars, but then again, I’m a scuzzy old semi reformed reprobate power to the people politico streetpunk who used to wear way too much makeup everyday in unforgivingly conservative zipcodes and an oversized shagged, winklepicker wearin’ former and future glamarchist frontman for an intensely intoxicated, sneering crew of black leather clad, empty pocketed, derelict Zodiac Mindwarp imitators; not a centerfold, actress, or charmed life beautiful, super successful model, but still, maybe it’s jes cause we like all the same kinds of music, but I always felt I had so many parallel universe connections to Bebe Buell, being as how my first real big influences as a glammy wouldbe rocknroll frontman in my young teens were Stiv Bators and Richard Butler, I’m a diehard Duran Duran fan and JT is one of my fave bassists along with Pete Farndon and Dave Tregunna, Patricia Morrison and Tony James. I’d have to ask my friend Angie who has a better memory than I do about which bands we saw play what bars but I’m pretty sure I first saw Das Damen at the 7th Level nightclub in Ft. Wayne, when we were sixteen or seventeen, it’s a bit hazy cause all those bars and cities kinda blur together thirty five years later, my young life’s one big fast forwarded whoosh now of throwing up in different people’s bathrooms and playing really embarrasingly crummy shows with metalheads and crusty punks in different towns up and down the line and never getting to make real records, but Bebe’s married to Jim from Das Damen now and has been with him as long as I’ve been with my old lady. Bebe talks about the perils of being a public figure, ‘even a social media presence now, and how there are always some naysayer hater critics saying you suck for some reason, while others find you a source of nourishing, lightning bolt inspiration. She talks about how everybody knows which songs Dylan wrote about Edie Sedgwick, but he later changed his mind and coldly denies her. Elvis Costello does that kinda stuff, too. Cat n mouse stuff, three card monte. Look, I have every faith Bebe crept into one of his songs, or the others, who cares which ones, exactly, I mean, she floated through some of my own tunes and I never had no affair with her except of course in my lively boyhood imaginings. So we all know how Elvis Costello and lotsa other people probably wrote songs about her, and how she dated Tyler, Bators, Butler, Rundgren, John Taylor, Rod, etc, but I was always skeptical when she figured Prince had to have written “Little Red Corvette” about her, in spite of it sounding like he sings, “Bebe(!!) you’re much too fast”, being as how two or three various women he actually knew and dated in real life are said to have inspired that song, including Vanity according to Lisa Coleman, Susan from Vanity 6 who he knew since high school, right after “For You” had come out on Warner Brothers, and another lady he dated by the name of Mi-Ling Stone Poole.The woman behind Little Red Corvette Speaks! – YouTube

Anyways, I got that Bebe Buell “Cover Girl” lp the Cars played on when I was a teenager at an old hippie record store in a small rural town and vibed with it instantly, I was probably 16–then, I steadily started seeing her pictures in the pages of my favorite magazine “CREEM”, with her wearing an Oscar Wilde shirt and I really dug that, and like all the other boys, I pinned all her pictures on my wall right next to my pinups of Jane Wiedlin and Chrissie Hynde and Joan Jett and the Clash. So yeah, I always loved Bebe. I thought she was a super cool entertainer and loud, wild wonder to behold. Man, me and a fella from a short-lived Detroit based musical operation I had in my early thirties even wrote a kinda Stonesy country song together called, “CREEM DREAMS”, about all those pinups we taped to our basement bedroom walls and funny as shit writers like J Kordosh and Rick Johnson and their always brilliantly deadpan captions. It was good, that song, I just never got to lay a real vocal down, but it was like in the same spirit as Lone Justice, X, Steve Earle, or Jason & The Scorchers, and the lyrics were about our rocknroll dreams of glory that never go away if you’re “Condemned To Rocknroll”. Bebe and Lemmy say you’re never too old to rocknroll, I’ve been through the wars, so like my knees are fucked, two fingers don’t work properly from two different assaults, my hands shake and I’m blind as a bat, but part of me is still sixteen, so ya know, I got that very same brutal calling. I feel it. Ya know, Strummer said “some dreams are made for childeren but most grow old with us”. I remember talking to Beebs on the phone when my ex wife was ditching me cause I was not commanding her kinda salary and my band was not taking off, and Bebe was being astonishingly warm and reassuring and supportive of me. I always liked her, as I said. I used to have a signed copy of “REBEL HEART”, hundreds of old “Creem” magazines, a signed copy of Johnny Rotten’s book, a Prince “Purple Rain” movie theater standee, all kindsa books, records, leathers, boots, Creepers, and other cool shit, but it all got lost or stolen during one of those dreadful can’t keep the lights on eviction eras, ya know I was broke and semi destitute and don’t drive, and some people had come and ransacked my old shit. I was overjoyed when my kid handed me an envelope and said, “look, dad! You got something in the mail!” and of course I’m thoroughly delighting in this beautiful read, it’s a heavy, heartfelt book, Bebe’s wild ride through rocknroll alongside the cultural vanguard of the sixties, seventies,and eighties, she was there for all the peak moments, inspiring all the most talented songwriters and blasting out her own unique brand of underground garagey punknroll. She was there when Rundgren was producing the Dolls. She was there for every bit of everything. Her love stories are gutwrenching sometimes, summa her counterparts were much older and not as kind or genuine as they might’ve been, but she’s pouring forgiveness on everything. I feel for her, I really enjoyed reading her interactions with Cameron Crowe who based summa the characters in his much loved movie, “Almost Famous”, at least in part, on his on tour experiences while on the road with Todd and  Bebe. Again, though, Bebe is very gracious, passing all the popularity of the muse character Penny and credit back to Cameron and Kate Hudson. I still listen to her stuff with the Gargoyles, “Retrosexual”, “Bored Baby”, “Top Of The Pops”,  all of it. It kinda sucks how McDonna stole Bebe’s iconic phrase, “REBEL HEART”, but that’s what McDonna does and everybody sez it’s okeydokey, cause she’s the one with all the money, The Head Cultural Appropriator In Charge, I guess. I’ve been bored with McDonna since her pilates and bodies song. I liked her early dancey stuff but “Material Girl” kinda said it all, about who and what she is. At least she told us upfront. Not my thing, though. No Thanks.

  This path blazing tastemaker, Bebe Buell, was sometimes over sensationalized and tabloid exploited, from her bigtime 70’s modeling days, through her high times with famous faces, Bebe kinda sometimes still feels obliged to overexplain the whole patron of the arts/music lover/girlfriend of the stars/punkrock star in her own right/understandably cringeing at the derogatory phrase, “groupie” at the start of the book, but gives props to other people who cheerfully self identify with that label, which is again, remarkably sensitive and gracious and characteristically commendable Bebe is always cool like that. For former Eighties kids like me, it goes without saying, that there’s no mystery why people like Jimmy Page or Steven Tyler, or Mick Jagger, Joan Jett, or Deborah Harry and Chris Stein, or my friend the spectacularly talented guitar star, World Famous Mister Ratboy, would want to creatively collaborate, socialize, or otherwise keep company with Bebe Buell, as she’s gorgeous, intuitive, courageous, nurturing, and all good vibes. I looked for one of my old interviews I did with her a long time ago but it seems to have fallen off the internet, which is why it was more gratifying to have a column in print media back when the Murkkkan rock press had not yet been dismantled. I seem to recall I was trash talkin’ my teenage idol Tyler for consenting to do that NFL halftime show with Britney Spears, quotin’ his lyrics about “corporation jelly roll…and where the hell’s my royalties” and Bebe immediately defended her baby daddy, saying he was always a joker, and if I knew him, I’d know he was just having a ball being an entertainer, being himself, that it was not really a sellout move, at all. I thought it was real, real cool that Bebe spoke so highly of that dude behind his back, ’cause he kinda was not really that active in their lives for a long time, and she details how they were both torn and always conflicted about it, when she rushes to his defense when some greasy punk, smartass fanzine writer starts questioning his integrity, it just speaks to how compassionate, loyal, and forgiving Bebe is, really. I still have another old cassette tape, where I talked to her in depth about another one of our mutual friends, a different guitar player of some renown I was suggesting she play with, and she had a lot of real emotion and concern over the brother. She’s good people, as we say, Down South. If you got a place to live and can afford books, this one is a doozy, it’s even better than her last one, and you’re gonna wanna order your copy right away. The color pictures will blow your mind. I mean really, it is like an underground movie! What a story! Just fantastic! Reminds me how I hope to retrieve my longlost scrapbooks from my ex wife one day, if she even still has ’em, cause I still wanna publish my version of “Rebel Soul” someday soon, maybe even before I croak. I got an old glam rock anthem from one of my strictly persona non gratis, long disbanded, flash metal suicide goth gangs called “Rebel Kiss”. I wish you could hear it right now, it’s pretty Generation X/Hanoi Rocks influenced. 

 An uptight, bigtime famous photographer took offense when Bebe discussed her intimate relationship with Todd in her first book and has retaliated against her by hissing gossip and by gloatingly holding old photos for ransome. Even going after innocent fans who repost her pictures of Bebe online. Rich people get crazy, man. The petty, unforgiving power trips are beyond the beyond. These old pictures are a model’s first ever nudes. Oh, man. That hurts. I was friends with a famous Warhol white shagged Detroit photographer in my late teens, who was not only cool and stylish and beautiful, like a badass model and a badass artist, who took the best studio pictures of me ever, ever, ever, on New Year’s Eve when I was maybe nineteen and 120 lbs. of androgynous snotnosed revolution rocker pure rebellion, her best friend was a world class makeup artist, so what they did together was totally beautiful high art, those old glam rock photos, and back then, we were all close friends, she is who first hipped me to that Alice Cooper song, “Caught In A Dream’ and also, Iggy Pop’s “Pumping For Jill”, so you know I felt in her deep debt for that, but sadly, as the years went by, somehow, she became ultra extremist rightwing conservative, and decided she could no longer be friends with me, or even sell me copies of my old pictures because I am so obviously Not That, but she always knew from Day One I was poor and “radical leftist” way back when she used to come visit me at my rundown old bandhouse, so I can relate to Bebe’s early nudes being captured by a vindictive former friend. That’s happened to me with old song demos, too-somebody kept custody of them and refuses to give ’em back, I lost my only copies while doing most of the footwork for both of us, shopping for a record deal. People are needlessly mean, man, it’s all about their own agendas, a deathgrip on their egotrip, just reciting the slogans for the yesman entrouge, trying to own and dominate everything even though life is passing by right this moment, they won’t be able to keep a bit of it either, really-it’s just delusion. I don’t get it. What is up with people? I think they’ve all been conditioned to become really surly and selfish by all that greed is good topdown corporate programming. I mean, we all know showbiz aint for the faint of heart. I used to watch “I Love Lucy” reruns at my Avon Lady grandmother’s feet and they were talkin’ bout showbiz being the domain of shysters and hustlers and no heart sharks, way back in the fifties, way before I was born, but man. I’ve seen people change for the worse, a whole culture, en masse. Basic things we all agreed to, that we all established years and years ago, have been rolled back and undermined by the bad people upstairs. It’s harrowing stuff to behold upclose though, and terribly hurtful when it’s the ones you thought were your most precious friends and former loves. Bebe talks about her time with Playboy and how she has only love and compassion for all the people who experienced the dark side of that enterprise, but did not have any of that stuff happen to her, or see it going on, when she was present. The weird part of receiving this book unexpectedly is I had just picked up a VHS copy of a Liv Tyler movie I’ve never seen called “One Night At McCool’s” at the second hand store. I like Matt Dillon, so I’m looking forward to watching it. I did not know how much it’s a nice day to start again positive energy I was going to receive by simply reading this new Bebe Buell book. Another aspect I really identified with is how she still leads by example, showering all these characters from her past with so much love and mercy and understanding, praying for everybody she loved, and always remembering the good times and seeing the blessings. I totally get why a sequel to “Rebel Heart” was required. I penned my own memoirs ten years ago and it was all written from a naieve place of wanting to honor everybody’s public images and seeking reconciliations with all the heroes and villains, and not wanting to make anybody’s parents uncomfortable. Now, I see it all differently, just because some people are capable of admitting wrong and tendering sincere apologies, owning up to lapses in judgment, carelessness, youthful indiscretions and out right selfish misbehaviors, others have no regrets and have not always done any real self inquiry or self reflection, and probably do not even think about the damage they cause, and might be rarin’ to inflict more abuse, so I’ve become a lot more neutral detatched from them, a lot more distant, I don’t know what pills they’re on, or what they do with their lives. Bebe is in a happier, more stable place now, but she went through a lot of struggle and heartache to get there in spite of all the glamour and rockstar limelite. I think the coolest part is how she’s finally found that true love she was always looking for, and is still making music of her own. If you love “New York Times Best Selling Author” Bebe Buell, you’ll wanna get this book. HoZac Books is where all the best rocknroll is now. I hope she writes a third one! I’ll probably be writing more about her book in my next column. She’s very, very insightful.

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Richard Medhurst on Twitter: “Speaking at @No2NatoNo2War alongside @georgegalloway @DerbyChrisW & Co. It is important, now more than ever, to revitalize the anti-war movement and expose NATO for what it is: a criminal enterprise, void of purpose in a post-Soviet world, that has destroyed millions of lives.” / Twitter

Richard Medhurst on Twitter: “This is NATO. We destroyed Libya, Afghanistan, and so many countries with bombs and sanctions, then when their people flee we let them drown or treat them like less human. Vile. May they rest in peace.” / Twitter

Richard Medhurst on Twitter: “Another massacre in the West Bank. The Israeli occupation hit Nablus: -11 Palestinians killed, including a 16yo boy, and three elderly men (72, 66, and 61 yo) -103 people injured” / Twitter

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“The Democrats are a lost cause and anyone who still thinks that the party can be changed from within is not being honest with themselves and not paying attention to who the party works for, which is Big Business, the ruling class, and the military industrial complex. Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet there’s no end to this corporate fascism from the DNC. They will push Harris in 2024 and then Buttigieg in 2028 or 2032. They will ALWAYS rig their primaries against the most progressive candidate and for the corporate backed candidate.” (-Ryan Knight)


Middleclass trusters of commercials always kinda come after me when I critisize Democrat policies from the left, they are so impossibly trained like yipping little lapdogs, to just unconditionally worship any fucked up policy or politician so long as they put a Big D behind their name in parentheses and do lots of cloth mask photo ops with people of color giving thumbs up on red carpets. That’s all they gotta do and shitlibs will greenlight any extremist rightwing policy with gusto and zealous blind faith. It’s easy peasy and the marketing arts people do it all day, everyday. So called progresives fund super rightwing John McCain and Lindesy Graham and Mitch McConell shit everyday, and their fans or stans as the young people call ’em, only care about the feelings and trauma of their sellout AOC and Obama celebrities, never poor people. Certainly no poor people they grew up with, LET ALONE poor people in countries being targeted, bombed, or sanctioned by their capitalist overlord philanthropy gawds who they still sadly think of as caring and nurturing Scientists. When Israel wants to bomb Iran, they trot out AOC to tell the middle class it’s all for LGBTQ rights and feminism. If you don’t support that war, you must be a sexist and a transphobe who needs cancelled. Shitlibs don’t remember anything about Flint or the BP eco-ruin of the Gulf, or how Hillary and Obama crucified Libya and laughed about it, they just remember how AOC was traumatized by Qshaman and Trump said if you are rich, “they’ll even let you grab their pussies” to Billy Bush. That’s all they really recall, and that Brad Pitt played Dr. Fauchi on SNL because Dr. Fauchi was a SAINT. A SAINTLY SCIENTIFIC SAINT FOR SCIENCE! SCIENCE, itself. And one should never question Science. Or some shit like that. Orange Man Bad, Blame “RUSSIA!” Never mention Israeli’s open influence on Trump administration, just keep saying, “Putin”. Have you noticed how a lot of these Grub Hub and Amazon delivery shoppers do not seem to be real deep thinkers, beyond, like what wine to buy at Trader Joe’s or what kinda colored tile or sandblasted bamboo glass shower door design they wanna put in their outdoor garden hot tub area of the Hipster Chic Airbandb? They just buy shit and buy shit so they never have to think about mortality, or the fragility of all things, at all. Call that democracy or some shit. Enlightenment-they all say they are enlightened. Something to do with owning shit and inheriting privilege. It is a pet peeve of mine, how the born lucky motherfuckers are the ones sitting around their big compounds talking all their mad, mad shit about how people just like being homeless and sick, and it’s their karma, and how virtuous they themsleves are, with their snow white compounds and cocaine and Buddha statues and proper genteel college updated newest fad madeup words lexicon. “VOTE BLUE, EVERYBODY!” 

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “This is outrageous. When clearly authoritarian behavior won’t even be reviewed by courts, what recourse do ordinary people have?” / Twitter

I’ll always remember 9/11 as they day my ex broke up with me, said we were not compatible, took my kids, moved ’em to the other side of the country seeking an ever more privileged propertarian hipster gentrification lifestyle in scenic Honkytopia. A big divide happened between me and all my more upwardly mobile friends who were invested in the system, or who inherited wealth and understood how they benefitted from obediently parroting the conventional wisdom of the day which was of course, “those dirty Muslims are a comin’ with their boxcutters and Sharia Laws to steal our freedom fries and good jobs and health benfits, so we better all go buy more duct tape from Tom Ridge’s Home Depot!” There was the big spy on your neighbor campaign,”SEE SOMETHING/SAY SOMETHING!”, except Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning—NOT LIKE THAT! Bush/Cheney rolled out all their stay scared Orange Alerts bullshit, they put spooks in the mosques and all the eager beaver pledge of alleigience people just thought that was wholesome and okeydokey. The people who were playing along with the story that somehow, Saddam Hussein was in cahoots with Bin Ladin, so now the war machine had to bomb seven countries for freedom and those of us who knew the empire was a bloodthirsty shitshow became ever more incommunicado with the gotmines and hut twos who fall for every fucking media blitz. The shit havers all got onboard with the steady fearrmongering Y2K! MAD COW! SHOE BOMBER! ANTHRAX KILLER! BIRD FLU! MAD DICTATOR WITH WMDS! RUSSIAGATE! of corporate media, that was bullhorn pummeling us all with propaganda around the clock. Always rolling out the supposedly woke and diverse POC to sell us some farfetched fuckedup lies for war. Condolezza, Colin Powell, Obama, the Squad, this Jeffries guy. The darker hued faces of the same old honky empire. They said they had to kill Saddam’s sons, because they were decadent richkids who lived in opulent splendor, kidnapped and tortured dissidents and killed suspects without trial, with all their oligarchal unearned privilege. Nothing like W and Cheney and Kushner and Trump and Hunter Biden. Saddam’s sons, they were decadent richkids who lived in opulent splendor, kidnapped and tortured dissidents and killed suspects without trial, with all their oligarchal unearned privilege. There were those of us who saw the King, W, who HST called “our goofy child president” was barely capable of reading his goat book to children, and those who believed Oprah when she brought on Laura Bush to explain how the imperial war machine was only bombing the piss out of Afghanistan for 20 years not for control of the minerals and opium, but because George Bush and Dick Cheney loved Muslim women so much, they were such sensitive feminists who only wanted to improve their quality of life and liberate them with big bombs and rough men with scary guns collecting their son’s fingers as trophies, and brutally occupying their ACTUAL “home” lands for twenty years. It was all for women’s rights and feminism, and non binary vegan options, they never stopped saying that about anything. Virgiania’s Secret? It was all for women’s rights and feminism, they insisted. People love that shit. It’s seldom real, though. Always serves some hidden agenda.

We all got happy for a minute about Obama, but he was a trojan horse for the bankers and military industrail complex, expanded the Bush/Cheney forever wars based on lies, signed the NDAA allowing for domestic psy ops and extrajudicial assassinations and indefinite detentions of disssident jornalists without trial, and the sleepy crowds who were told they were the woke ones went wild for it. Classy and Woke, Woke and Classy, they repeated that bullshit for years on end, branded anybody a racist or a conspiracy theorist who questioned the morality of droning weddings and funerals, or someone who would brag about double tap droning ambulances coming to try to save some of the casualties, or classiness of a fella who was knowingly bombing hospitals. They told us the country was split between people who only cared about protecting their right to abortions and transgender access to restrooms, and people who only cared about protecting their exclusive right to own big guns and aim guns at protestors everytime the police killed some more black people. The rightwingers want to be allowed to run people over with their cars at demonstrations they disagree with. Komfortable Kalltha Kops Karyns want the right to get you snuffed out by the jackboots if they don’t like your unsightly appearnce in their gentrified neighborhoods. It got a lot zanier after all that. The people wanted Bernie Sanders to become the DNC candidate, the DNC said fuck ya’all, we don’t work for you. Here’s Gropey Joe. The people who believe that the Patriot Act and the warrantless wiretapping laws were all sitting on the shelf just coincidentally are the trains on time people, the tv believers. So what remains now, are the majority who seem to go along with the bullshit program, and the rest of us who are conscientious objectors. To me, those are the real factions, not red versus blue, or right versus left.That’s an outdated paradigm, for sure. It’s those who think some scary Muslims and pinko commies keep attacking and attacking peaceful and democratic, liberty loving, free press Murkkka and her innocent friends Israel, KSA and the Ukraine for no reason, unprovoked, because they are mad dictators who are willing to use chemical warfare against their own people. And those of us who understand that all these bullshit wars and undemocratic fix in is elections, controlled media, granny gropers and pornoscanners in the airports, mass wiretappings, and always new rules censorship rollouts were always for Halliburton, the Carlysle Group, Blackwater and Blackrock, Pfizer and Raytheon, they were never for feminism or transkids rights. The capitalist empire did not grow a conscience all of a sudden, and that’s why it’s overnight okeydokey for the white people to smoke the legal reefer,and dress all their school kids in pink wigs. There’s always some some other backhanded, back room cigar chomper’s devious shit at play, whenever some kinda non stop goose stepping drums of war repetition messaging comes bleating through every media platform, at once. You can not trust the billionaires or war profiteers to be your loving saviors. As Erin Brockovich says, “Superman is not coming!” The Davos billionaires are surveillance-tech, biowar gain of function, Georgia Guidestones depopulation control freaks who DO NOT LOVE YOU. See anybody fixing the water in Flint? Obama could pay for that outta his own pocket, or Oprah, or probably Hunter Biden. Nope, best we can do is Trump will buy some firefighters, sick people, and cops some hamburgers, at McDonalds in Palestine. People on the right think DeSantis, a known Gitmo torturer cares about their human rights. There is no left left in the USA, USA after 25 years of crazy media brainwashing, and corporate capture of the DNC, but the affluent classes who still self identify as liberal and progressive tell themselves Lyn Cheny is a really nice person because she is against protests and dislikes Trump. Kamala is a mass incarcerator, Mayo Pete is a spook, AOC is controlled op Pelosi Jr., we poor people have no representation at all here. Bernie is working for Pfizercare. He sold out his own Revolution. It’s such a drag, voting won’t change anything. We got to organize our own little communities, why the fuck do you think the government wants us to register our motherfucking gardens now? That’s batshat Scrooge McDuck daffyduckery. 

AJ+ on Twitter: “The U.S. launched a racist eugenics program in Puerto Rico in the 1930s — sterilizing about one third of Puerto Rican women by 1976, many forced or coerced. It was just one chapter of U.S. colonial eugenics programs and medical experiments targeting women of color. 🧵(1/8)” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Erin Brockovich on The Toxic Ohio Train Derailment Premiered Today WATCH NOW RBN Patreon RBN Website” / Twitter

Opinion | Plainclothes Paramilitaries and the Predator State | Common Dreams

Clare Daly on Twitter: “The explosion of the #NordStream pipelines is one of the biggest acts of economic sabotage carried out on the #EU. So it is very, very strange that there is no appetite for investigation no appetite for accountability, or restitution, nearly no discussion of it here at all!” / Twitter

Julian Assange – The ‘Elephant in the room’ at today’s Media Roundtable – 4BC

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “The press are slyly coming around after years of piling on Assange to try and sneak onto the right side of history. This piece goes granular on their years-long dereliction of duty, with a well-earned shoutout to @kgosztola” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Join me on Rokfin at 11:30 EST today for a discussion w/ @toby00green and @battleforeurope on their book, The Covid Consensus: The Global Assault on Democracy and the Poor, a Critique from The Left” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Watching media corporations and their liberals allies grapple with the WSJ’s revelation is fascinating. They have no way out. Fauci told them COVID’s zoonotic origin was proven, and the lab leak theory debunked. They all repeated this for 18 months, and now know it was untrue.” / Twitter

Black Voters Matter Fund on Twitter: “On this last day of Black History Month, we pay homage to the 28 trailblazing Black leaders who have been at the forefront of the resistance against historic and ongoing oppression. #BlackHistory” / Twitter

‘Truth, No Matter What’: Why Watering Down Palestinian Reality is a Crime (


chr¡stian tár. on Twitter: “i need susan sarandon so bad” / Twitter

sarah on Twitter: “On the streets of Paris, France today: Another huge anti-NATO protest that Western corporate media are trying very hard to ignore.” / Twitter

Judd Legum on Twitter: “UPDATE: Brian Covey, a full-time substitute teacher in Duval County, Florida, was FIRED for posting a video of empty bookshelves. This is the REAL STORY about why those shelves were empty and why Covey was let go” / Twitter

Gordon Dimmack on Twitter: “Assange’s persecution serves two purposes: 1. To torture him as punishment for telling the truth about the U.S. empire 2. To warn other journalists and whistleblowers of what will happen to them should they consider doing the same #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “It’s always great when you see a journalist challenge these psychopaths they put in front of us to fear monger and brainwash our people Also so rare now” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Russiagate: Deconstructing The Failure of Media w/ Chris Hedges & Jeff Gerth Premiered Today WATCH NOW” / Twitter

Ryan Knight ☭🕊 on Twitter: “The U.S. funded the Wuhan lab in China. This was revealed back in 2021. And just yesterday the Department of Energy admitted Covid likely came from the lab. Y’all really aren’t paying attention at all.” / Twitter

50 Years On, Legacy of Wounded Knee Uprising Lives in Indigenous Resistance (


Reef Breland on Twitter: “Just finished watching @jimmy_dore’s latest special gives me flashbacks of Carlin, lewis black, bill hicks, Richard Pryor and lenny Bruce (thanks to cornel west). “Fuck the media” indeed Jimmy great work two thumbs way up 👍👍” / Twitter

Clare Daly on Twitter: “”Ceasefire now! Support peace talks! No nuclear escalation! Stop NATO expansion! Negotiate peace!” 1000s on the streets of Brussels yesterday demanding deescalation and peace talks. The European peace movement will not be silenced.” / Twitter


The Lords Of The New Church- Rockpalast Show 2 – YouTube

Lords of the New Church – Holy War – YouTube

The Lords Of The New Church – Eat Your Heart Out – YouTube

Lords Of The New Church – Live The Tube 1984 – Full set – YouTube

*HA! You know how when you’re young n drunk you think you’re like, the only one, and way more important to everyone than you really are? When I was but a wee pink leather struttin’ gutter urchin in poorly applied blue eyeshadow, I had convinced myself “Johnny Too Bad” was about me, rather than Blitz gettin’ stabbed, that’s how ceaselessly vainglorious I was in my untamed youth. The Lords Of The New Church-Rockpalast Show 3 -Johnny too bad – YouTube


Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “If I were a neocon and/or a fed I’d be content knowing there’s an online socialist-branded mechanism like @WSWS_Updates that consistently wages vicious attacks on major antiwar rallies from DC to Berlin and redirects people to tiny, irrelevant demos instead” / Twitter

“The coverup of our story on behalf of Joe Biden is like Watergate” (

Prof Zenkus on Twitter: “@ProudSocialist Of course I don’t want to see it, but it’s going to be some neat magic trick try to make Pete Buttigieg likeable.” / Twitter

The horrific settler attacks on Palestinian villages are the inevitable result of Zionism | Common Dreams

Israeli Rights Group Condemns Settler ‘Pogrom’ Against Palestinians in West Bank ( & on Twitter: “”We need to do our best to unplug from this, to recognize it for the fear mongering it is; convince all our friends & family around us to do the same. Netflix. Disney+. The NFL. Peacock…As much as you can possibly unplug from it.” @Indiemediatoday″ / Twitter

IndieNewsNetwork on Twitter: “NEW: 2/26: RAY MCGOVERN INTERVIEW – THE NORD STREAM PIPELINE ATTACK | Biden in Ukraine | BIDEN SNUBS EAST PALESTINE, OHIO | Misty Winston on MSNBC, Revolutionary Blackout on CNN + more! Substack via @IndLeftNews @HowDidWeMissTha #GetINN #IndieNewsNetwork” / Twitter

redsarah99🇵🇸 #BlackLivesMatter on Twitter: “”What they’re trying to do to Julian Assange is kill him, Let’s be absolutely clear. When you say you want to extradite him to the United States to serve over 170 years in prison? You are trying to kill that man.” @Lowkey0nline Speaking the unpalatable truth. #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Like most MSNBC/NBC personalities, @JoyAnnReid repeatedly said the “lab leak” theory was a “debunked.” Her only basis? CIA issued a one-page statement saying so. Do you see how they think? 1) We mindlessly repeat what the CIA/FBI tells us. 2) We never retract our false claims:” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “Dark Skies Tonight” / Twitter

#FreePalestine🇵🇸 #BDS⏳#FreeAssange🍀 on Twitter: “Sanders SOLD OUT #NotMeUs TWICE #DNCemails proved Democrats sabotaged Bernie & lied about his supporters. @BernieSanders ABANDONED #OurRevolution & Sheepdogged voters to support corp loyal Dems in 2020 BS is BS STOP Supporting corporate owned DNC & GOP @McscNetwork @GetIndieNews” / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “🧵FYI this is the time, after 2 weeks of coverage, when mainstream media moves off of a catastrophic story like #EastPalestineOH—when the cameras leave & coverage shifts from hourly/daily to occasional updates to abandon the story altogether. This happened w/ #FlintWaterCrisis.” / Twitter

Whether you think the problem is big government (R) or big business (D)’s Pre-Clinton, now it’s all Trump or Russia, the real issue is that since the crooked Supreme Court Citizen’s United ruling giving more rights to corporations than actual citizens, big business and the goverment, Vanguard and Raytheon, Blackrock and Pfizer, Pelosi and Schumer, Cheney and DeSantis, nowadays, they are all one in the same. That’s why we call it fascism. Rich people have class solidarity, poor people are kept in a cable fed hypnoslumber debating meaning less bullshit, Coke versus Pepsi, Red pill or blue pill, Call now! Truth is, poor people have no say, no real representation. “When members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe led protests against the 1,172-mile-long Dakota Access pipeline in 2016, thousands of people traveled to North Dakota from across the country in a historic display of solidarity.

Then came the crackdown. Pipeline opponents were attacked with dogs, tear gas, and rubber bullets. At one point, protesters were shot with a water cannon in freezing cold weather, sending people to be treated for hypothermia and other injuries.

Dakota Access owner Energy Transfer hired TigerSwan, a private security firm led by a former commander of the elite Army unit Delta Force. That firm conducted aerial surveillance, monitored communications, infiltrated activist circles, and coordinated with law enforcement agencies.” (-The Intercept who is not to be trusted with advocating effectively for truth tellers-they are owned by a billionaire, therefore probably controlled op, just like all the rest, AND they want donations to investigate corporate crimes. Status Coup is on the ground in Palestine reporting on the toxic mushroom cloud right now. Look for their youtube channel for updates)

Silencing the Whistle: The Intercept Shutters Snowden Archive, Citing Cost (

Another Whistleblower Bites the Dust as The Intercept Adds a Third Notch to Its Burn Belt (

“I reject the claim that my past reporting on The Intercept are “conspiracy theories.” The outlet has a lot of explaining to do for closing the Snowden archive, leaving the vast majority unpublished, + after 3 of their whistleblowers were sent to prison due to reporter negligence.” (-Whitney Webb)

You think Mayo Pete and Gropey Joe are gonna hold Norfolk Southern accountable for the intentional burn in Ohio? It’s owned by Blackrock.

Tragic how everybody forgot about Flint Flint in denial | Metro Detroit News | Detroit | Detroit Metro Times

pig-media wants us to forget about Palestine, too, switch over to elecction bullshit, like always. Status Coup News on Twitter: “🧵ALARMING: The EPA says #EastPalestineOH’s air & water are safe, but its NOT testing for dioxins—”one of them is the most toxic chemical ever tested in the U.S.” -science director Steven Lester Dioxins cause cancer, reproductive/developmental/immune problems, diabetes, etc…” / Twitter

“We’re Dying Slowly”: East Palestine Residents Report Bizarre Health Issues After Toxic Train Derailment – Activist Post

intentional burn: Status Coup News on Twitter: “#Exclusive BREAKING: DRONE FOOTAGE from #EastPalestineOH resident of Norfolk Southern train derailment explosion, chemical fire, and aftermath. @jordanchariton LIVE NOW:” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “LIVE: EXCLUSIVE Drone Footage of East Palestine Explosion, INFURIATING Invite Only Political Meeting” / Twitter

Eric Feigl-Ding on Twitter: “”He was projectile vomiting across the floor—he was shaking, begging for water, couldn’t breathe, broke out with rashes—I’m terrified to go back. Some of his friends also sick”—Zsuzsa’s 9-year-old son after #EastPalestine OH @nscorp train🔥 HT @StatusCoup” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”You [Norfolk Southern] own it, you caused it, you own it. They’re giving everyone a $1,000 to see if they can hush them up a little bit but there’s some people who are devastated by this and they’re not going to be hushed up” -Wayne tells @louisd217” / Twitter

policeaccountabilityreport #policereform on Twitter: “Would you like to know what defunding the police could look like and how it could work? Check out @LeeCamp irreverant yet accurate analysis!” / Twitter

“The truth is Ukraine would have been far better off if the U.S. and NATO respected Russia’s security proposals in 2021.

It isn’t controversial to demand NATO not expand up to Russia’s borders. If you disagree, you’re a warmonger. Imagine being a country that’s bombed several countries, killed millions, armed several countries that impose brutality on millions more, and is now lecturing China on the potential of sending “lethal aid” to Russia.

That’s the U.S. right now. A clown car of a government.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“If you’re anti-US empire but are allergic to criticising the DoD role in major aspects of the Covid disaster, I have a hard time understanding why. Some of us were vocal about it while it was happening and your silence years after the fact is deafening. Wondering how many of the people talking about the Wuhan Lab today have noted that the Pentagon was funding lots of those activities via EcoHealth. Probably not many, since most also avoid the Pentagon’s outsized role in the disastrous Op Warp Speed.” (-Whitney Webb)

MSNBC Buried This HONEST Anti-War Rally Report Exposing Rachel Maddow’s Lies – YouTube

Olivia Ball on Twitter: “I’m proud to say ⁦@cityofmelbourne⁩ has passed another unanimous motion calling for #Assange’s release w/out charge, ahead of ⁦@davide_dormino⁩’s sculpture of him, Edwd @Snowden & ⁦@xychelsea⁩ Manning at Queensbridge Sq, Southbank 7-8 March. ✊ Rally: Tues 6pm” / Twitter

US/NATO Provoked Ukraine War Say Most Experts On Russia – YouTube

The Other Son on Twitter: “30 years ago 17 million people watched the sitting Vice President debate a goofy billionaire on a trade agreement. The billionaire said the agreement would result in loss of millions of jobs, increase pollution & be a national security issue. Pundits declared Gore the winner.” / Twitter

IndieNewsNetwork on Twitter: “Anya Parampil @anyaparampil opens up a powerful speech at Rage Against The War Machine with a message for all the detractors:” / Twitter

UN-Backed Banker Alliance Announces “Green” Plan to Transform the Global Financial System (

“What if they created a virus that killed millions only so they could make billions by also creating a vaccine? Asking that question should not make someone an “unhinged conspiracy theorist” after the Department of Energy admitted today that Covid likely came from a lab leak.” (-Ryan Knight)

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “Yeah, it’s not coming. People i’ve known for 30 years turned on me cuz they believed the words of proven Big Pharma criminals & government monsters cuz they were scared. They’re just cowards who betrayed,not only me,but themselves & their own integrity. Better off without them.” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Nancy, Can You Explain Over $100 Billion To Ukraine While There’s Homelessness in San Francisco Premiered Today WATCH NOW” / Twitter

Rage Against the War Machine on Twitter: “.@MaxBlumenthal recaps Rage Against the War Machine’s HUGE rally and more with @aaronjmate @kurtmetzger & @miserablelib on the @jimmy_dore show! #RageAgainstWar” / Twitter

9/11 and the Politics of Fear and Self-Preservation (

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “Bernie Sanders’ Foreign Policy Advisor is a State Department Goon” / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “That coverup is a mixture of government, media, and in the case of East Palestine, the corporate (Norfolk Southern), pushing forward flawed testing in order to provide the “all clear” sign and sweep things under the rug. The void of media coverage—particularly ON-THE-GROUND…” / Twitter

Dr Aseem Malhotra on Twitter: “BREAKING: New research reveals 57 fold increase in miscarriages & 38 fold increase in still births & foetal deaths after covid mRNA jabs ‘The greatest violation of medical ethics & humanity ever’ says leading obstetrician. This is truly horrific” / Twitter

Ithaka the Movie on Twitter: “2022, Australia: “What’s it like witnessing your son go to jail for opening the eyes of the world? – Baxter asks Julian Assange’s father John Shipton John + Julian’s brother @GabrielShipton touring North America with #ithakamovie from 28 FEB, book now!” / Twitter

Jose Vega — Vote Diane Sare! on Twitter: “I confronted @hakeemjeffries on the Nordstream 2 pipeline revelations. I asked him to inquire into whether or not is true and to hold @POTUS accountable. His response? Lets praise Biden on what a great job he’s done and reaffirm our commitment to Ukraine.” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Stop Wasting Your Time and Money With Electoral Politics Premieres at 1245PM ET WATCH RBN Patreon RBN Website” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “In 2010 and 2011, when WikiLeaks obtained its massive trove of documents about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the diplomatic cables, even Assange gave the US government the opportunity to argue some docs should be withheld. Hillary’s State Dept. refused to engage.” / Twitter

Children’s Health Defense • Help Children’s Health Defense and RFK, Jr. end the epidemic of poor health plaguing our children. (

🅹🅾️🅴🆈աrecκ ☭ on Twitter: “This is the only example of policing and healthcare in the United States that you need. A hospital called police on an elderly woman in distress they insisted was simply causing a scene. She was then arrested and berated while having a stroke and died in police custody.” / Twitter

Britain People on Twitter: “@ggreenwald @Stella_Assange #FreeAssangeNOW #DropTheCharges @POTUS @RishiSunak @AlboMP @Stella_Assange @GabrielShipton” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”We started noticing dead fish in the stream; I could taste it, it was like a sweet metallic taste…this creek was putting off a horrendous odor, it was blue for awhile,” -#EastPalestineOH residents Wayne and Brady on creek after train explosion″ / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Whether On The Left of Right, Community Building is Top Priority Premieres at 1145AM ET WATCH RBN Patreon RBN Website” / Twitter

The Mafia, CIA & Jeffrey Epstein Worked TOGETHER To Traffic Minors – YouTube

Why is Assange in Jail and Not Seymour Hersh? –

johndissed on Twitter: “FDA: Smearing of wonder drug was merely a “recommendation”.” / Twitter

Focus One More Time On What The “Hunter Biden Laptop” Story In NY Post and Its Aftermath Entailed (

Richard Medhurst on Twitter: “When you don’t understand basic geography” / Twitter

Melbourne4Assange on Twitter: “28 Nov 2019 ‘Julian Assange was acting as a journalist; applying new technology to ‘quote’, “penetrate the inner workings of government to reveal an avalanche of inconvenient truths in a global publishing coup.” Those inconvenient truths—″ / Twitter


Workers Party of Britain on Twitter: “America doesn’t care about US East Palestine or occupied Palestine in middle east. Doesn’t care Israel bombed Syria after thousands innocents died in earthquake which is why they’re fine them bombing them. US continue sanctioning Syria, how humane. #No2Nato #No2War #StopTheWar” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “EXCLUSIVE: We obtained alarming drone footage of the Norfolk Southern train derailment—and aftermath of the “controlled burn”—that shows a black chemical cloud carpeting the sky in #EastPalestineOH Video Courtesy of Corey Figley. FULL 6:40 video below.” / Twitter

Prince’s Little Red Corvette Speaks Out! – YouTube

Alien Sex Fiend – Buggin’ Me (Official Video, 1986) – YouTube

Beasts Of Bourbon – Cool Fire (1990) – YouTube

Beasts Of Bourbon – Cool Fire (1990)Music from Australia and New Zealand during the 1990’s: Beasts Of Bourbon’s promo-video for the track ‘Cool Fire’ taken from the 1990 album ‘Black Milk’. Note: For better sound quality, add &fmt=18 at the end of this video’s URL. Beasts_of_Bourbon ——————————————- NZOZ NZOZ1990’s …

Garbage Man – The Cramps – YouTube

Garbage Man – The CrampsPromo

Black Moses – Strange Life. – YouTube

Black Moses – Strange Life.Track 7 from the 2002 CD “Emperor Deb” Label:Lunasound — LUNA007CD James Jones – Vocals, Guitar Graeme Flynn – Bass, Vocals Chris (Mad-Boy) Buncall – Drums, Vocals With Tony Bevan – Sax Produced By Graeme Flynn And Jim Jones Recorded At Emperor Deb, N.Yorks All Songs By Jones, Flynn, Buncall Except 8 And 12 By Jones, Flynn, Buncall, Denton …

Rowland S Howard live “LonesomeTown” 1989 – YouTube

Rowland S Howard live “LonesomeTown” 1989Rowland S Howard live (in support to Box The Jesuit), Base nightclub, Jamison Street, Sydney February 01

jesus and mary chain – drop (live) – YouTube

jesus and mary chain – drop (live)jamc play

Suicide – Cheree (1978) full 12” Single – YouTube

Suicide – Cheree (1978) full 12” Singletaken from the Album “Suicide – Suicide”, 1977 Vinyl,

Solid Gold Hell – YouTube

Gun Club – Mother Of Earth (Demo) – YouTube

Gun Club – Mother Of Earth (Demo)Reissue of The Gun Club – Miami LP (1982) with a second disc of demos. Blixa Sounds,
Chris Isaak – Silvertone – 07 The Lonely OnesCD+G decode of The Lonely Ones by Chris Isaak from the album

Kiss Announces Final Dates for End of the Road Farewell Tour (

KISS announce ‘absolute final shows’ for their ‘End of The Road World Tour’ – Sleaze Roxx

THE PILGRIM, CHAPTER 33 – Kris Kristofferson – YouTube

Gutter Gospel Throwback: General Labor On Old Bands, Bad Days, Reruns, Said It All Better Before, Disconnected, Little Kings, Kommunity FK, Nothing Will Change Squad Is Just Fascism With Pretty Pillowtakers!

also: thick smoke, tuneless rackets, shirtless teenage goth ghouls, old fanzines, and still reminiscing about the eighties underground

“Morally there are a few states that could raise issues of state terrorism & violations of human rights. But the one state on the planet that should never be allowed to open its mouth on these issues is the U.S. state. The Russia is a State Sponsor of Terrorism Act’ is a sick joke.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“If I Was President
by Alice Walker

If I was President
The first thing I would do
is call Mumia Abu Jamal
if I was president
the first thing I would do
is call Leonard Pelteir
if I was president
the first person I would call
is that rascal
John Trudell
the first person I’d call
is that other rascal
Dennis Banks.
I would also call
Alice Walker.
I would make a conference call.
And I would say this:
Yo, you troublemakers,
it is time to let all of us

out of prison…””The US military budget was already more than three times more than the next-largest spender (China), more than the next 12 countries combined. Just randomly toss another $45 billion onto the pile. The excuses: inflation and Ukraine. What about the living standard of Americans?” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“BREAKING: My sources confirm that Juan Guaidó has declared himself Interim King of the United Kingdom!” (-Alan MacLeod)

“We can disagree and still love each other, unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my humanity and right to exist.” (-James Baldwin)

“The U.S is not only waging a war on other nations via sanctions & interventions, it’s also waging an economic war on its own people. The sooner U.S Americans realize their enemy isn’t people in other nations but the fascists in power, the sooner they can begin to stop the empire.” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“BREAKING: The US government has just announced they will be giving free healthcare to every man, woman, & child in the country! …Just kidding. That’s every other developed nation.” (-Lee Camp)

“The US military has seven branches of service:

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Marines
  • Coast Guard
  • Space Force
  • Mainstream Media

It’s hard to grasp just how badly humanity is handicapping itself by excluding all solutions that can’t generate a profit. There’s a whole vast spectrum of potential solutions to the troubles we face as a species, and we’re limiting ourselves to a very small, very shitty fraction of it. By limiting solutions to ones that are profitable, we’re omitting any which involve using less, consuming less, leaving resources in the ground, and leaving nature the fuck alone. We’re also shrinking the incentive to cure problems rather than offer expensive, ongoing treatments.

Or even a project as fundamental to our survival as getting all the pollution out of our oceans. The profit motive offers no solution because there’s no way to make a surplus of money from doing so, and in fact it would be very costly. So the pollution stays in our seas, year after year. People have come up with plenty of solutions for removing pollution from the sea, but they never get rolled out at the necessary scale because there’s no way to make it profitable. And people would come up with far more solutions if they knew those solutions could be implemented.

How many times have you had an awesome idea and gotten all excited about it, only to do the math and figure out that it’s unfeasible because wouldn’t be profitable? This is a very common experience, and it’s happening to ideas for potential solutions to our problems every day.

The profit motive system assumes the ecocidal premise of infinite growth on a finite world. Without that, the entire system collapses. So there are no solutions which involve not growing, manufacturing less, consuming less, not artificially driving up demand with advertising etc.

It’s hard to appreciate the significance of this artificial limitation when you’re inside it and lived your whole life under its rules. It’s like if we were only allowed to make things out of wood; if our whole civilization banned the entire spectrum of non-woodcraft innovation. Sure such a civilization would get very good at making wooden things, and would probably have some woodcrafting innovations that our civilization doesn’t have. But it would also be greatly developmentally stunted. That’s how badly we’re limiting ourselves with the profit motive model.

A lot of the “Great Reset” environmental chatter comes from the capitalist class flailing around trying to reconcile impossible contradictions baked into capitalism like the premise of infinite growth on a finite world and the fact that there’s no way for saving the environment to be profitable. So they’re planning all these new models which won’t do anything to save the environment, but will yield massive profits.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

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“When Columbus got off the boat, he asked us who we were. We said we’re the Human Beings, we’re the People.
Conceptually the Europeans didn’t understand that, it was beyond their conceptual reality. They didn’t see us. They couldn’t see who we were.

Historically speaking, we went from being Indians to pagans to savages to hostiles to militants to activists to Native Americans. It’s five hundred years later and they still can’t see us. We are still invisible.

They don’t see us as human beings, but we’ve been saying to them all along that’s what we are.

We are invisible to them because we are still the Human Beings, we’re still the People, but they will never call us that. They taught us to call ourselves Indians, now they’re teaching us to call ourselves Native Americans. It’s not who we are. We’re the People.

They can’t see us as human beings. But they can’t see themselves as human beings. The invisibility is at every level, it’s not just that we’re tucked away out of sight. We’re the evidence of the crime. They can’t deal with the reality of who we are because then they have to deal with the reality of what they have done. If they deal with the reality of who we are, they have to deal with the reality of who they aren’t.

So they have to fear us, not recognize us, not like us.” (~John Trudell)

Extended episode: Katrina vanden Heuvel on Gorbachev’s legacy and the Ukraine proxy war (

“Feminism means girlbosses can be sociopaths too.” (-Katie Halper)

“The antiwar left that took to the streets in 2003 has virtually evaporated, replaced instead by woke progressives parroting neocon narratives. The modern left conserves the hell out of George W. Bush.” 

(-David Benner)

“It could cost $2 billion to make sure Jackson, Mississippi has clean drinking water. We currently spend over $2 billion a day on the Pentagon. “They Have Money For War But Can’t Feed The Poor,” Tupac Shakur.” (-Warren Gunnels)

“Liberals aren’t leftist.” (-Bike Mayor Of Lumpenproletariat)

“YouTube has censored @Action4Assange’s latest panel raising awareness about the plight of political prisoner Julian Assange. Viewed must sign in then pass through two baseless warnings about “inappropriate”  content.” (-Max Blumenthal)

“Don’t let them fool you. The so-called richest nation in the world could fund healthcare and housing for all, but it doesn’t want to because then it couldn’t exploit poor and working class people.” (-Ryan Knight)

“If Julian Assange is silenced, others will also be gagged either directly or by the fear of persecution and prosecution.” (—@StefSimanowitz


 #FreeAssangeNOW #DropTheCharges)

“Biden is literally to the right of Henry Kissinger and people are trying to say he is ‘the most progressive president in history’ lmao.” (-Benjamin Carollo)


“I used to go see Kommunity FK at Scream in around ’87 with my friends. Later the singer started working at the CSUN bookstore, that was a trip. Because to us he was a rockstar. I never talked to him. But they were pretty great.” (-John Dissed)

Way back in my teens and twenties, I still wanted to be a part of society, but only like, the eighties underground college radio new music part of society-the ultra underground. I thought that perhaps my friends and I could collectively find the means to make some records together. Like ya know, the Ultras, Dogs D’Amour, Alien Sex Fiend, Replacements, Dramarama or Kommunity FK. Indie punks. That was my primary focus and only real dream. I never thought I was gonna become some bullshit Bon Jovi Foo Fightin’ Corporate Rawker, but seeing as how all these little bands had made it onto little labels and appeared in little magazines, I felt there was hope even for a smalltown hated Edward Scissorhands like me. My old girlfriend Steffani was goth as fuck and she got me into so much literature, old movies, death rock and subversive subculture, even though she was younger than me, she was smarter, she went on to become a bigtime radio personality. I hungout for years in bars and ya know you always get sucked into other people’s dramas, if you are always out and about, especially when grunge flooded the old college radio music scenes with all those loathsome capitalists, preppies, jocks and TMZ normies who just wanted to buy our after hours space, it was a real drag, seeing underground music stolen by really typical, mainstream monoculture highschool cafeteria gossip girl types, Jocks, mooks, LCD assholes prone to locker room behaviors and petty one upmanship, we were all subjected to this suburban sensibility we built our D.I.Y. performance spaces, radioshows, and fanzines to avoid. They become unavoidable during Grunge-particularly if you dated a succession of highly visible limelite seeking ultravixens who love being in the public eye. I’ve been done with all that for a long time now. Like Frida Kahlo said, I hope to never return.

I moved to the dead end nowhere desert to escape the Kompetitive Karens of Konformity, but now, ya know, I gotta reckon with different predators besides the Malibu Ken drug dealers and status seekers of my long gone past-now it’s like fuckin rattlesnakes and severely mentally ill old hermit bastards, transferring their rage against local politicians or their dead wealthy parents towards trying to control the natural environment, they are dangerous crazies, crackpots, meth head paranoids, rightwing militia anti-immigrant gun nuts, and exhausting to deal with. I’m still mourning the deaths of most of my close friends. Some old man stealing my kid’s outdoor cats…I guess it kinda triggers my bad memories of having my kids taken away from me years ago and moved across the country. It just kinda freaks me out, the powerlessness of it all. I know that most of this society, at least the tv watchers, are kinda consumed with revenge and trying to get power and control and acquire the most prestigious objects, shit like that. Not me, man. I wanted to make little recordings that would be released on cult labels for other People Like Me. I like new wave music and used to have some punk rock friends who shared my sortof anti-consumerist, dropout rebellious, conscientious objector philosophy, but like I said, they’re mostly all dead now, and it’s tough to bear. I feel like Ben Kenobi somedays, living out my elderly goth years in a cave on a lonely planet. This nutjob who keeps capturing our animals is pushing me to wanna retreat ever farther away from the ratrace culture of power trippers and backstabbers and mass hypnotized fauxwoke virtue signalers who worship politicians and phony P.C. college culture and learned to love endless wars based on lies. So tired of having to interact with psychos and control freaks. I’m not what you’d call a people person, anymore. I wrote a song in the eighth grade called “Antisocial Butterfly”. Now, I am old, I’m not as in to the modernday death rock or darkwave I think they call it now scene because it all seems a bit hijacked by Lady Gaga types for the corporate rulers Great Reset and police state dystopia agendas, and I’m not into those fascist fucks, at all, but I do have a soft spot for that old music from the eighties, even if it was already employing all the one eye, owl statue in the woods, Bilderberg-Bohemian Grove-Masonic-proto Davos/WEF-illuminati symbolism we were just oblivious to, back then…Anyways…this song still sorta speaks to me. ALL THE MUSIC I got hassled and beatup and bootcamped for liking as a teenager-Boy George, Adam Ant, Bowie, Prince, Cyndi Lauper, The Clash, Duran Duran, Bauhaus, Modern English, Flesh For Lulu, Psychedelic Furs…I still love all that stuff now. 


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“The most powerful people in the world don’t just rely on violence to maintain their power. Propaganda is another tool that they use to silence dissent and divide oppressed groups.” (-John Pilger)

“When the poor call for higher taxes on the rich, they call it “class warfare”. When the rich rob the poor, it is called “belt-tightening” and “economic common sense”. (-Alan MacLeod)

“Propaganda must not concern itself with what is best in man – the highest goals humanity sets for itself, its noblest and most precious feelings. Propaganda does not aim to elevate man, but to make him serve. It must therefore utilize the most common feelings, the most widespread ideas, the crudest patterns, and in so doing place itself on a very low level with regard to what it wants man to do and to what end. Hate, hunger, and pride make better levers of propaganda than do love or impartiality.” (~Ellu)

“”The political consequences of such a state of affairs: our socialsystem depends on coercion. The workers submit to it but they can-not accept it. Coercion does not go with democracy. It is obviouslyquite impossible for men to be treated like things in the labourmarket and in production and to be treated as citizens in public life.

In effect, freedom of expressing one’s views is subordinated tothe capital of machines; there are things which cannot be said inbourgeois newspapers, nor any longer in the newspapers whichappeal to workers, because one is not orthodox.There is no real freedom of speech.” (~Simone Weil)

America This Week, September 5-September 11 (


Besides the hard truth that no one is going to help you if you ever get sick, one of the main things that suck about being poor, is that higher ranking, money havers get to fuck with you. They can rip you off, steal your cat, take your kids, ripoff your songs, stalk and assault you-anything, and not only is there nothing you can do about it, without ever escalating judicial retributions, but a Greek Chorus of middleclass authoritarians will always appear on cue, to sing some gloating harpie shit about how “you shoulda done this, or you shoulda done that”, if you wanted to have any human rights or civil liberties, or bodily autonomy, or food and shelter. The pigs of hierarchy have all been trained to say, if you don’t like being an abused and exploited slave, well, “maybe you should move to Russia or Cuba”. Even the tiktok faux-wokes and fake ex liberals say shit like that. AND they insist THEY are always the offended ones! The aggrieved and injured parties, perpetually triggered from having to see poor people’s off script and often coarse expressions on the internet, or unsightly and undesirable, unkempt presence in their Special Class zipcodes. I’m here listening to the wind battering the old trailer while doing some laundry. My heroic and saintly wife n frustrated, alienated kid are at a doctor’s appointment, we decided it would be in his better interest for me to not accompany them, because I am only ever like a distraction to these office professionals. One doctor in Oregon said, “so this must be your grandmother”, referring to me, of course. He was not joking. I’ve got a shit ton of packing to do before we move. My world traveling jetset gypsy sister in law advises us to skip all the gray plastic containers from Wal Mart that are twenty bucks a pop now and just move it all in heavy black garbage bags. Why not, I’m thinkin’, I already got like twenty of those grey tubs out there between my old letters and lyric notebooks, photographs and cassette tapes and stuffed animals and Nerf guns that belong to my son. It won’t be for another arduous month or so before can actually pack up the U-Haul, and move to Bev-er-ly, but I can’t wait to leave, particularly since the mentally ill cowboy neighbor captured and relocated one of our cats for the second time. He is angry with city hall, society, developers, and code enforcement who harass him for his yard full of rocks and after dark collected road signs and various other hoarded objects. I get where he is coming from, but he has kind of taken it out on my family by repeatedly stealing our cats. He hates wildlife, cusses at birds, feuds with the influential bureaucrat who lives behind us and has 5 barking dogs. He catches raccoons and skunks in trap cages and now, two of our semi feral outdoor cats. He’s too unstable for me to bother reprimanding, we just need to ease on down the road. He knows my kid is disabled though, and hears him walking around the fields, calling that missing cat’s name. Not nice, at all. He is obviously suffering from mental illness and the cop squads deployed by city hall to harass and intimidate him on behalf of creepy registered sex offending big developers aint helping. He is what the campus safe-spacers call, “problematic”. I don’t think he can help himself, though. He feels so powerless over being unable to fight city hall, he tries to control the natural environment on this street. The place we are moving to has a bit of green space but honestly, I’m not looking forward to the gardening commitment right now as of yet, because the parenting obligations already monopolize the overwhelming majority of my life force and positive energy. When my kids are struggling, I am, too. His mom finally found a doctor willing to try a couple of new prescriptions, it’s been a rough go of it, lately. One prescribing doctor moved his office to the big city two hours away and never wants to listen to his symptoms or situation, he was a right prick actually, and the other had a stroke after his second jab and is on indefinite leave.

Honestly when I’m under this much pressure, once I’m off the clock, I just wanna drink and smoke, listen to music, maybe have a real good cry. The heart yearns for escapism, a weekend pass back to paradise lost. Just not in the cards anytime soon. Some Andre Cold Duck and the Psychedelic Furs “Heartbreak Beat” on eleven.

I was confiding to one of my older sons that of the 100 most important people of my lifetime, about say, sixtyfive of ’em are dead, about ten or fifteen others sadly drifted into criminal enterprise or capitalist hierarchies but I repeat myself, and the rest seemed frightened I would somehow handicap their popularity status among their celebrity superiors which is the Only Real Religion of middle class hipsters. The podcast, the Tuesday night DJ gig at the gentrification bar, the book signing, the backstage selfie with Steve Conte. It’s why I call my band The Loneliness. Right now, it’s just me and my wife, every other month, we have an acoustic set of songs, our own private Lux & Ivy desert garage revue. It’s lookin’ less and less likely I’m going to be able to get my original songs recorded in an actual recording studio in this lifetime. Everybody I ever knew prefers playing Johnny Thunders covers in the company of obscenely rich people. Bummer.

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Hillary Clinton Festival Appearances Are ‘Whitewashing’ History: Filmmaker (

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“Anyone accusing you of “repeating Russian talking points” is just saying you criticize the foreign policy of the US and its allies. That is always what they truly mean by that once you really drill down on what they’re saying and why they are saying it. The argument is that because Russia criticizes the foreign policy of the US-centralized empire, you never should. Which is self-evidently extremely moronic.

It’s literally impossible to be an aggressive critic of US foreign policy with a sizeable audience and not be accused of repeating Russian taking points. Literally every single high-profile person who does so gets accused of Kremlin loyalty, without a single, solitary exception.

Those who tell you to “move to Russia” when you criticize the foreign policy of the western empire are the same people pushing for internet censorship and the silencing of unauthorised media and demanding retractions from any western outlet that forgets to parrot the official line.

“Move to Russia!” No, you move to Russia. You’re the one trying to suppress dissent and criticism of the powerful. I’m the one who is living by western values as they were sold to me and demanding normal scrutiny of the most powerful empire of all time. You don’t belong here.

Hello we’re the westerners, we’re awesome because we live in free democracies with a free press where everyone is equal. Also, let’s spend weeks crying over a dead monarch at the urging of the news media because her blood makes her better than normal people.

One of the many consequences of learning about how fucked things are is a growing frustration over wanting things to change while they only get worse. In my experience, which you may of course take or leave, the answer to this dilemma is contained in the Serenity Prayer: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” A more secular version might read, “Make peace with what you can’t change in this moment, bravely make whatever changes can be made in this moment in your surroundings and in yourself, and learn to distinguish between the two.”

You’re only one human in a chaotic, confusing cacophony of eight billion, and there’s very little you can do to single-handedly effect the massive changes our species needs no matter how clever you are. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. You can do little things to help make this planet a slightly gentler place every day, you can work to spread awareness of what’s true, and you can contribute in your own small way to the expansion of human consciousness (both in yourself and in the world).

Act to whatever reasonable extent you can act, then let go and relax into this beautiful existence. Make peace with what you cannot change in this moment, make what small changes you can, and learn to tell the two apart. The more you learn about our current plight the more necessary it becomes to learn how to do this.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)


When I was about 16, I made friends with these mohawked three guys I had not known previously cause two of ’em had gone to a different school system than me and the other one was way older, from another hicktown about 45 minutes away. They’d let me ride along with them to the big college town to look for magazines from the coasts like Forced Exposure, Re/Search, Flipside and Maximum Rocknroll. We’d also visit graveyards and take black and white pictures and stay in supposedly haunted old houses and years later I realized the older guys were taking the piss by scaring me with the spook stuff-I’d been broughtup in southern Kentucky, fear based, fire and brimstone, patriarchal authoritarian, puritanical theologies, sent away to Baptist boarding school at 12 and 13. Anyhow, the big collegetown record stores, Singing Dog, School Kids, and Magnolia Thunderpussy is where we found out about alot of great bands like Tex and The Horseheads,The Skulls, and The Little Kings. I always identified with Little Kings music and we also noticed they and Charlie Sexton were co starring on some Bomp! records 45’s with our idol, Stiv Bators. So yeah. Hooray for the Little Kings! One of the main bands that made me think I should move to Hollywood and start a glam band when I was eighteen to twenty. The Little Kings, Stiv Bators Disconnected Band,  and The Hangmen and Jeff Dahl Group. Stupidly, I fucked around in the midwest for a couple more years playing Alice Cooper and Gun Club covers for hillbilly audiences before even more stupidly moving to Boston right when the Sub Pop and Seattle scene was the next big thing and all those rich Harvard kids were only into like Evan fucking Dando and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. No drummers wanted to play for sleazy punknroll bands back then.

“It is a historical & theoretical mistake to characterize fascism in Europe & the U.S. as a neo-fascism. It is not. It is the second round of the ongoing colonial fascism re-imported from the colonies back to the colonial centers as a result of the crisis of colonial/capitalism.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

The Confluence of Surveillance and Censorship and Violence Against Journalists – The Project Censored Show

Kawsachun News on Twitter: “President @NicolasMaduro: ‘Sanctions imposed on Russian oil and gas are irrational, unjustified and illogical and have led the world to madness’” / Twitter

 Here is the Updated List of US-Based Food Manufacturing Plants Destroyed Under Biden Regime — You Can Now Participate and Add More Incidents on the Interactive Map (

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The Blue Collar Gospel Hour

The podcast is coming back in version 2.0. Bigger, better and with video.

Stay tuned. And help support a working class cause

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“Oh my God. It happened. I can’t believe it really happened.During a speech in Dallas at Southern Methodist University’s George W Bush Presidential Center on Wednesday, the man himself, George W Bush, did the best thing ever. I am pretty sure it is the single best thing that has ever happened. I do not believe I am exaggerating when I say that.While criticizing Russia for having rigged elections and shutting out political opposition (which would already be hilarious coming from any American in general and Bush in particular), the 43rd president made the following comment:“The result is an absence of checks and balances in Russia, and the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean, of Ukraine.”Former President George W. Bush: “The decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean of Ukraine.”— Sahil Kapur (@sahilkapur) May 19, 2022And then it got even better. After correcting himself with a nervous chuckle, Bush broke the tension in the empire-loyal crowd with the words, “Iraq too. Anyway.” He then quipped that he is 75 years old, leaning harder on his “Aw shucks gee willikers I’m such a goofball” persona than he ever has in his entire life.And Bush’s audience laughed. They thought it was great. A president who launched an illegal invasion that killed upwards of a million people (probably way upwards) openly confessing to doing what every news outlet in the western world has spent the last three months shrieking its lungs out about Putin doing was hilarious to them.There are not enough shoes in the universe to respond to this correctly.As comedian John Fugelsang put it, “George W. Bush didn’t do a Freudian slip. He did a Freudian Confession.”One of the many, many interesting things about this occurrence is the likelihood that Bush’s words tumbled out in the way they did because he’s either heard a lot of criticisms of his invasion or has been thinking a lot about them; a familiar neural pathway would explain why his brain chose the exact worst word he could possibly swap out for “Ukraine” in that moment. This would be a small light in the darkness for we ordinary folk who oppose war and love peace, because it suggests that even the worst empire managers cannot fully insulate themselves from our criticisms.Speaking of George W. Bush and Iraq, the current president was also instrumental in bringing about that war — not just by voting for it, but by using his pulpit as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to advocate for it. But today he’s got Ukraine all figured out— Michael Tracey (@mtracey) May 19, 2022The bullshit doesn’t get any more brightly illuminated than this, folks. While the western political/media class constantly rends its garments over “disinformation” about the Ukraine war even as US officials openly admit they’ve been using the media to circulate disinformation about that same war, and even as the Biden administration imprisons and persecutes a journalist for exposing US war crimes, we get a square admission that the US is no better than Russia and that the only thing obscuring this is the fact that we are all swimming in a sea of disinformation and propaganda provided by that same political/media class.And this admission comes not from any low-level empire lackey, but from the man himself. The guy. The man whose name alone serves as a one-word debunk of every claim made about how uniquely nefarious Vladimir Putin is on the world stage and how uniquely depraved is his invasion of Ukraine.If you really look at what just happened, really truly ingest it, this one incident just by itself is enough to show you that we are swimming in a sea of lies designed to give us an upside-down and ass-backwards perspective of what’s going on in the world. If Bush himself can’t always tell the difference between the invasion of Iraq and the invasion of Ukraine, then this means our news media and our politicians are lying to us constantly. They lied to us through 2002 and 2003, and they never stopped lying, and they are lying now in the year 2022.The entire mainstream worldview is a perceptual distortion filter which obscures the public understanding of world events so severely that Bush has been not just forgiven for his crimes but actively rehabilitated in the public eye, while the enemies of the United States are continuously compared to Adolf Hitler and condemned throughout the US-dominated world.In reality the US is the single most tyrannical and destructive government on this planet, and it is only because the public is fed a nonstop deluge of propaganda that this isn’t universally obvious. Even the worst empire managers know deep down that this is true, and, in their less guarded moments, sometimes the truth slips out.” (-Cait Johnstone)REMEMBER WHEN I TOLD YOU ABOUT THIS FASCISTIC ICE SPYING & KIDNAPPING BULLSHIT YEARS AGO AND HOW PINUP QUEEN AOC WAS PART OF THE COVERUP?”Georgetown Law’s Center on Privacy and Technology uncovered this dragnet after filing over 200 Freedom of Information Act requests and reviewing ICE’s contracting records from 2008 to 2021.In its report, released May 10, the Center found that ICE has spied on most Americans without a warrant and circumvented many state privacy laws, such as those in California. The authors conclude: “ICE now operates as a domestic surveillance agency.” (-Farrah Hassan)

“For instance, those who “violently oppose” “all forms of capitalism” or “corporate globalization” are listed under this less-discussed category of “domestic terrorist.” This highlights how people on the left, many of whom have called for capitalism to be dismantled or replaced in the US in recent years, could easily be targeted in this new “war” that many self-proclaimed leftists are currently supporting. Similarly, “environmentally-motivated extremists,” a category in which groups such as Extinction Rebellion could easily fall, are also included. 

In addition, the phrasing indicates that it could easily include as “terrorists” those who oppose the World Economic Forum’s vision for global “stakeholder capitalism,” as that form of “capitalism” involves corporations and their main “stakeholders” creating a new global economic and governance system. The WEF’s stakeholder capitalism thus involves both “capitalism” and “corporate globalization.” 

The strategy also includes those who “take steps to violently resist government authority . . . based on perceived overreach.” This, of course, creates a dangerous situation in which the government could, purposely or otherwise, implement a policy that is an obvious overreach and/or blatantly unconstitutional and then label those who resist it “domestic terrorists” and deal with them as such—well before the overreach can be challenged in court.

Another telling addition to this group of potential “terrorists” is “any other individual or group who engages in violence—or incites imminent violence—in opposition to legislative, regulatory or other actions taken by the government.” Thus, if the government implements a policy that a large swath of the population finds abhorrent, such as launching a new, unpopular war abroad, those deemed to be “inciting” resistance to the action online could be considered domestic terrorists. 

Such scenarios are not unrealistic, given the loose way in which the government and the media have defined things like “incitement” and even “violence” (e. g., “hate speech” is a form of violence) in the recent past. The situation is ripe for manipulation and abuse. To think the federal government (including the Biden administration and subsequent administrations) would not abuse such power reflects an ignorance of US political history, particularly when the main forces behind most terrorist incidents in the nation are actually US government institutions like the FBI (more FBI examples hereherehere, and here).

Furthermore, the original plans for the detention of American dissidents in the event of a national emergency, drawn up during the Reagan era as part of its “continuity of government” contingency, cited popular nonviolent opposition to US intervention in Latin America as a potential “emergency” that could trigger the activation of those plans. Many of those “continuity of government” protocols remain on the books today and can be triggered, depending on the whims of those in power. It is unlikely that this new domestic terror framework will be any different regarding nonviolent protest and demonstrations.

Yet another passage in this section of the strategy states that “domestic terrorists” can, “in some instances, connect and intersect with conspiracy theories and other forms of disinformation and misinformation.” It adds that the proliferation of such “dangerous” information “on Internet-based communications platforms such as social media, file-upload sites and end-to-end encrypted platforms, all of these elements can combine and amplify threats to public safety.” 

Thus, the presence of “conspiracy theories” and information deemed by the government to be “misinformation” online is itself framed as threatening public safety, a claim made more than once in this policy document. Given that a major “pillar” of the strategy involves eliminating online material that promotes “domestic terrorist” ideologies, it seems inevitable that such efforts will also “connect and intersect” with the censorship of “conspiracy theories” and narratives that the establishment finds inconvenient or threatening for any reason.” (-Whitney Webb, Last American Vagabond)

“The TV man is not your friend. I shouldn’t even have to say this. Do you know what happens to mainstream media figures who provide real resistance to empire agendas? They get fired. Ask Phil Donahue or Chris Hedges. The fact that Tucker Carlson is a top pundit on imperial media (Murdoch Media, no less) proves he’s an agent of the empire.” (-Cait Johnstone)

“There’s nothing remotely progressive, let alone ‘revolutionary’ in voting for $40 Billion dollars worth of funds for Ukraine, funds that end up in the hands of Neo-Nazis, especially while the economy is tanking. The left in U.S is dead.” (-Fiorella Isabel; the Convo-Couch)

“Fascism is a false revolution. It cultivates the appearance of popular politics and a revolutionary aura without offering a genuine revolutionary class content. It propagates a ‘New Order’ while serving the same old moneyed interests”. (-Michael Parenti, Blackshirts and Reds, 1997)

While the so-called liberal and conservative media – all stenographers for the intelligence agencies – pour forth the most blatant propaganda about Russia and Ukraine that is so conspicuous that it is comedic if it weren’t so dangerous, the self-depicted cognoscenti also ingest subtler messages, often from the alternative media.

A woman I know and who knows my sociological analyses of propaganda contacted me to tell me there was an excellent article about the war in Ukraine at The Intercept, an on-line publication funded by billionaire Pierre Omidyar I have long considered a leading example of much deceptive reporting wherein truth is mixed with falsehoods to convey a “liberal” narrative that fundamentally supports the ruling elites while seeming to oppose them.  This, of course, is nothing new since it’s been the modus operandi of all corporate media in their own ideological and disingenuous ways, such as The New York Times, CBS, the Washington Post, the New York Daily News, Fox News, CNN, NBC, etc. for a very long time.” (-Edward Curtain)

“The shuttering of RT America is devastating news. It was one of the only alternatives to US centric corporate domination of our airwaves & it gave unmatched platforms to consistent anti-war voices like Lee Camp, Chris Hedges & myself. Every country’s state media is biased for their government. RT is obvious but US has a much more sophisticated propaganda apparatus. 5 corporations that control almost all US news are dutiful stenographers for American exceptionalism, capitalism & imperialism. Dissent against US empire is not allowed on corporate media, and anchors & panelists becomes vociferous cheerleaders for US wars when they happen, but it would be totally unacceptable if every country shut suddenly down CNN. I was in Gitmo & had detainees lawyers tell me they all watched Breaking the Set every day & thanked me for telling their stories. In the West Bank, Palestinians told me they appreciated my coverage of their plight. That perspective matters to many & I’m so proud of my work there.” (-Abby Martin)

“We were right all along. Even the mainstream media and the two corporate-owned political parties now admit this is a proxy war.” (-Lee Camp)


In my early twenties, the most important record of my life besides “Into The Valley Of The Dolls” and “Back To Mystery City” was “Disconnected”. I felt like I was born to front a band like that. My post teenage fanzine was called “READY TO SNAP”.

Then, I discovered Jim Carroll‘s “Catholic Boy”, The Nymphs, Motorcycle Boy, and Manic Street Preachers. Good times while they lasted!


REPEATING THIS PART FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK: In the USA, USA, USA, USA, we common people have zero representation, the billionaires and their whore politicians and media liars are just running wild, completely disregarding the needs of us peasants in their rush to consolidate power and install puppet governments elsewhere. Whoever’s running shit in Amurkkka, the Divided Slaves Of Gitmo, man, they are some sick fucks. If you were subjected to their corporate artificial punk as often as us hostages are, through every torture camp crackling loudspeaker, you’d end up never, never wanting to attend some big arena rock show, again. That Machine Gun Kelly and Blink 182 toxic pop puke even ruined having tattoos. Corporate rock still sucks, probably worse than it did when they were first rolling all that fakeass “Grunge” off the assembly lines. Grown men talking to me about Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Harry Styles. No thanks. I’ve never been like a Foo Fighter fan, ya know what I mean? I’ve always been pretty outta step and alienated from what the midwestern Hamburglars proudly refer to as the mainstream. I did like Duran Duran an awful lot, though, still do. When I first discovered Duran Duran my so called peers thought that being into that band was like a PUNISHABLE OFFENSE. Especially if you were a dude in a rural area with a bit of makeup and styling product. I’ve not liked much of their more recent stuff without Andy Taylor’s hard rock Bolan influence that much, but their first few records will always have a place in my new wave kid heart. People don’t seem to understand how important a band like The Replacements or Dramarama were to a generation of dropouts and record store clerks and dress wearing drunkard custodians who looked at those wayward wastrel, gutter poetic garage-bands and thought, “Hey! Maybe we can do that, too!” Where I live now, it is a cultural dead zone, when I come across a used copy of Wall Of Voodoo, or Ramones “Subterranean Jungle”, that is like the Big Event for the whole week, then, it’s back to waiting for mail that never comes, or looking forward to like trips to the grocery store. Nothing to do, ever, but go on walks and breathe in all that insane white wildfire smoke that is so thick you can hardly even see the mountains. So yeah, my thoughts do seem to stray back to when we had crazy possibilities, as the old Viletones song goes.

   Ya see, as a totally hated, weirdo, cowboy tie and bolero hat wearing teenager, back in the eighties, ‘pink After Six tuxedo shirt, red paisley smoking jacket and torn up jeans with rockstar pictures painted on ’em, I predictably fell, head over heels, in love with the first sensitive and artistic, Brigitte Bardot lookalike, Smiths, and Tears For Fears, and Cure and Depeche Mode, and Psychedelic Furs enthusiast I ever met, she was from the other side of the tracks, so you can already imagine how that went. Rocketship peak moments that imprinted permanently and a swift crash and burn that left me standing in the naked flames. At school, I was being hassled by all the rich, white suburbanite, Transmaro driving, Journey and Judas Priest cover band, older jocks, who never heard of punk rock and I became somewhat obsessed with bands like Sex Pistols, Flesh For Lulu, Generation X and Lords Of The New Church, before running away at 14 and becoming ya know a runaway gutter urchin loitering for about a year on St. Mark’s Place and the Bowery, before stupidly returning to the uncool honky hellhole, where my mom lived, to be near that chick I mentioned, but only ending up getting tortured in juvenile detention, and repeatedly beaten by actual mobs of dumb fuck, hick Ohio Males. Back then, I was an awkward and gawky, makeup/black lace/rosary wearing hillbilly freak with glasses and stupidly piled high with goop, Charlie Sexton hair, a severely, sincerely, depressed goth kid from smalltown Kentucky-but also, I was in love with the rocknroll whoa, and the getting stoned whoa, and the Jukebox Jury and Cathy MacGow-ooh-wow-ooh-wow-ooh-wow, ooh-wow-oo-wow-wan, ya know, so I was always in love with the whole Four Lads Who Shook The World, garage band from Garageland, we can fight our way out of poverty with loud punk songs and black leather dream, I was a night owl, “Night Flight” only child, so once I finally thought I had at long last, found a combat booted rock band to front, and some of ’em were older, and could buy me beer and smokes, and had those exciting seventies record collections, I was immersing myself around the clock in old Public Image Ltd. albums and the Mary Chain and Gun Club and Runaways and Slade, and Alice Cooper and NY Dolls, and that old Stooges covers compilation, “Hard To Beat” with all those amazing 80’s tear it up garage gangs, I only ever wanted to make records and stomp stages, like the Deadboys and Stooges, that was it for me. Everything, all of it. I had a job at an old hippie record store in a nearby country town that specialized in shit that had not sold in the sixties, seventies, or eighties. Old Michael Jackson shit-stuff like that. A secret basement stash of highly sought-after Bubble Puppy vinyl. Hadda cool old acidhead co worker turning me on to everything from Badfinger to Elvis Costello to John Lee Hooker and Blue Cheer. It was not really like a cool, big city store, but you could rummage through all the record racks of mediocrity and always unearth something very exceptional and unexpected like say, “the “Negative Girls” 45 by Brother Wayne Kramer. About once a year you might find a copy of like, “Trouser Press” or “Black To Comm” fanzine or something like that and get to read about older bands like Link Wray, Destroy All Monsters, the Barracudas. In addition to my band house’s front porch AC/DC bartender-roadie-future sideman and security man, I had a smalltown Michael Anthony on bass, a Larry Mullen Jr. on drums, a Johnny Thunder style guitarist and a Wayne Kramer style guitarist. We were like an underage, born too late, Gang War. I was forever determinedly plotting our escape to the big city, where I was certain we’d find fame and fortune on those spraypainted derelict streets that were my playground as a sleazy delinquent. My all time lifelong favorite live band, THE FLESHTONES blew my hair back, man, so that was the boozy blue-whale of a good time atmosphere I always tried to bring to the stage or at our stopless all night house parties. That was the vibe I was going for, ya know, when you work hard to show the people a fabulous time. No interest in joining the daytime, workaday people, whatsoever. No interest in that, at all. Monkey suits, clock punchers, straights, squares in swivel chairs, nahh. Not for me, never would be. After losing our first, much beloved, skinhead drummer to a girl who’d just started dyeing her hair after seeing that vampire movie, “The Lost Boys” and then, to a series of moddish, Jam like bands with Vespa scooters, we replaced him with one of the curmudgeonly old MC5 collectors who hung around our record store, telling us we sucked for being eighteen, and liking Faster Pussycat and Guns N Roses. He was a hard hitting drummer, who owned a lot of vintage gear that my lads were dying to play through, he taught me a lot about The Fuzztones and Sonics Rendezvous Band, and Dark Carnival and The Rationals, I guess, but kinda took over and shifted the focus away from the original mission statement of bringing raucous GoodTimes to the weary working class, and uniting all the black sheep, towards more of a get paid to play the usual covers at old man lodges, and eventually aspire to college town frathouse row, secondhand popularity among the mainstreamers, so ya know I was eventually seen as too contentious, flamboyant, provocative, and ugly drag queen, glam rock influenced. I got contacts for my eighteenth birthday, and was trying for a deep and edgy, Andrew Eltrich and Ian Astbury vibe, but probably looked more like those junk shop glam ghouls from Underneath What. We were mostly all about imitating Iggy and Alice, back then. For years upon years, I missed those nights with the new wave girls and smalltown punk lads I used to singalong to “Walk Among Us” with. We had so, so many loud laughs, like, on the floor and rolling, helplessly. I got a song lyric that asks the important musical question, “Who has laughs like that, now”? We were all the way alive, back then. My old lady does not always understand how I still have an abiding place in my heart for people who left me in the gutter to die years and years and years and years  ago, but most of us old eighties punks were dropout, latchkey kids from bad homes, had dead or divorced parents, experienced abuse from crazy siblings or step parents or school jocks, and were ceaselessly being paddled by school administrators, and humiliated by a corrupt, smalltown juvenile injustice system, some of us had mental illnesses, and not all of ’em were playboys when they were young, so when some of ’em saw their chance to hitch their wagon to some kinda pay to play popularity choo choo gravy train, I know WHY they never wanted to look back, or risk ever having to revisit those scary fuckedup basement shitholes and unheated garages we all used to live in. If you grow up with people from Hardknocks, Nowheres, and seen their not so glamourous backstory firsthand, it’s hard to be mad at ’em for running out. Poverty is no cocktail party. Aint no brunch ’round here. It’s hard to breathe.

   We were banned from the local heavy metal hole for being Anti Bon Jovi, and also by the richmen owners of the downtown preppie bar that our handsome first bassist was celebrity DJ at, for my backstage vomiting, so we played hit and run shows opening for thrash bands, country bands, and even some oi skinhead band at boy’s club and backwoods biker hog roasts. Under my scatterbrained, intoxicated leadership, we were kind of a solo Stiv Bators meets Hanoi Rocks type band, 1000 silver spangle bracelets and frilly shirts, and once I split for the coasts they went more towards, I dunno, maybe you could say, Social Distortion or New Bomb Turks influenced thing. Unbreakable combs and Murrays pomade. I had no interest in appealing to chicken wing and draft beer inhaling, university town, sports doofuses. Never cared for Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Green Day or The Offspring, at all. I did not have time to really fuck around or cater to dudes in baseball caps. I had to get the fuck outta Dodge, cause I was being singled out and day and night stalked by too many carloads of jealous psychos, stupid fratboys, obsessive devil worshipping, cat killing, arsonist metalheads. We had developed a large, respectable following (“so respectable!) and consistently attracted a diverse spectrum of rocknroll people to our shows and bandhouse rehearsals from three, and sometimes four states, every weekend, but summa those other guys in my little band had ties to jobs and hometown dames, and were not ready to relocate to the East Coast when it was time for me to go, so they replaced me with like, an Offspring preppie-punk dude, in the years the big corporations were permanently breaking punk, and we reformed our skuzzy bandido sleazepunk band with the AC/DC roadie guy stepping in as primary co-writer in the urban wasteland, blue collar deadend, of Dorchester, Ma. Our kindly downstairs neighbor almost immediately died from AIDS like our first month in town, the hits were fast and furious after that, the big city was no joke. We kinda fell into living out all the rocknroll cliches at that point. Roadie got his car stolen and a polka dot shirted glam guy we met in Boston who was auditioning to join our group taught him how to shoot dope his first or second week in town. Our original, home grown, flash as fuck girl magnet guitar hero started meeting rich people at his convenience store job in Harvard Square and thinking about giving up rocknroll to go to college. Shit went South after that, the girlfriends went home, we got evicted and a borrowed bass was stolen by the broken lease landlord. As Shane MacGowan sang, “me, I ruined my life on drinking, pills, bad wives and cursin’…” I was still publishing my dodgy home made fanzines back then, and advertising them in the back of “FLIPSIDE” magazine, which is how I made friends with a worldwide community of rockers, some of whom I’m still friends with, here in my elderly goth years. My fanzines served as a pre internet social media platform where we self promoted our own little shows and aspirations, tirelessly looked for a little 45 rpm record deal that never really came, and helped popularize underrated bands like Motorcycle Boy, The Ultras, Gunfire Dance and Hello Disaster. It seemed like it took forever for me to get hired on at Tower records, but once I did, much inebriated hijinks and prankster merriment ensued, and I finally had fulltime access to a lively array of cool as shit print media, from all over the universe-Bucket Fulla Brains, Doll, Lemon, NME & Melody Maker, Sonic Iguana, Motorbooty, Whiskey for Breakfast, Noise For Heroes Music For Zeroes by Steve H. Gardner-his zeen was one of the best and regularly waxed hell yeah and a Hallelujah about such underground bands as Celibate Rifles, the Jeff Dahl Group, Moral Crux, The Creamers, Radio Birdman, Gargoyles, Jetboys, all that fab kinda noise. You can go online right now and type in “NOISE FOR HEROES” magazine and order a snazzy compilation or four of that kickass holy relic. I personally think you should do just that. He’s also written a really soulful and thoughtful and insightful book about being a teenager, self expression, misunderstood rocknroll underdogs and making a joyful noise unto the lord, called “ANOTHER TUNELESS RACKET” (parts one and two) that I am currently soaking in. I urge you to check him out, he really gets it. Understands what real rocknroll is all about. He goes deep into the history of underground music, too. This is a scholarly and heartfelt appreciation that will take you a long time to read and every session is a pure joy. He accurately depicts what it was like to be a young punk back in the day and shines light on less celebrated artists like Dr. Feelgood, Eddie & The Hot Rods,The Vibrators, Pagans, Rubber City Rebels and a band I’ve never heard of ’til now-Jalla Jalla from Finland. Man, it’s just a fantastic read, so look for anything that guy publishes. He is excellent.

 Meanwhile, starting in the early nineties Alternative-hoax era, when fiendish corporate interests killed rocknroll, or at least kept it buried in obscurity and made it real hard to find, some of the other people I formerly knew, lived out that other cliche, you know the one-about the halfhearted hippies of the boomer generation, ‘stupidly deciding to join the system and become consumerist yuppies who liked the Eagles, or disco and shit, many of ’em even, eventually like, voted for Reagan, like too rich, for too long, to ever know what’s really going on, status quo preserver, Neil Young. The real hippies, the radicals and yippies and hardcore weather undergrounders died or were C.I.A. fake suicided, or fled to woodsy communes, I guess some of ’em still smoke pot and get misty eyed about the fuckin’ Beatles, but few involve themselves in direct action, organizing or protesting, or fighting the war machine and evil corporate rulers, anymore. ‘Same thing kinda happened with my hard drinking, dropout poet, sons of no one, Replacements soundtracked, eighties-generation, only a few kept at it, many of our gang died young, and the ones who still fuss over their elaborate displays of punk rock belongings, the collectors, they don’t really adhere to even one rebellious punk rock value, or tradition, anymore, unless they are one of those always insufferably annoying, college edumacated, “Experts In Minor Threat Shirts”, obnoxiously pontificating about their own moral superiority, or straight edge sobriety, or fucking vegan wokeness or pink hats, Gina Haspel feminism or whatever-forever needling some coarse, or less cultivated, drunky street people for breaking the P.C., D.C. rich kid, puritanical, Temperence League, crunchy granola, wannabe the boss, classroom rules. I never got along with those management class people. They’re like the bitter spinster P.M.R.C., just mad they are too uptight to have any REAL fun. To me, they are nearly indistinguishable from the cargo shorted, sports bar jocks I could never stand in honky midwestern white suburbia. I used to read “MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL” as a kid, and always appreciated TIM YO fighting the good fight for the D.I.Y. underground. For me, it was a heartbreak when all the pop/punk sellout wankers kinda hijacked his Gilman Street scene where racists broke Jello’s leg and five dork bands got overnight popular and made a million selling booger rawk to sports fans, but I carry some of TIM Yo’s righteous example and ethics and and D.I.Y. solidarity in my ole black heart. 

My next band was Boston based, totally underground, outcasts from the “AlternativeTM” scene, we only played like, real wild down on the street, backyard barbq, rooftop luaus, in the subway for liquor store quarters, and rowdy street punk basement shows, ya know, we were making a real ugly, primordial blues punk racket ala The Stooges, Cramps, Action Swingers, and Scientists, and the rich ska and grunge lovin’ college kids, with the backpacks from Alston Beat and Fugazi shorts just did not get what we were doing, at all, they thought we were horrible, ugly, dangerous, white trash, ghetto thugs, volatile, emotionally unstable, blackout prone, motorcycle crashing, bar fighting hellions, in leather pants and mirrored sunglasses, which, you know, maybe we were. One of my favorite reviews my bands ever got was one where some Jawbreaker emo kid was just savagely attacking us for being too rocknroll. We were trying to be like The Coma-Tones and Gun Club, but all the Cambridge Middle East, Lemonheads, poshly polite, ska, Juliana Hatfield crowd saw us as cock rock L.A. Guns feral metal dudes. They could not get past our black hair. Ironically, the safe as milk, trust funders I mentioned earlier all steadily started looking more and more like us Bastards, using alot of primitive echo, wearing all the second hand suit jackets, and newsboy hats, singing about drinking and addictions and mental illnesses, and doing like mimeographed impersonations of our first hand experiences as genuine lower class outcasts, mimicking our whole thing. When rich people do their imitation of our kinda atmospheric and raunchy lowdown gutter music, but with all the studio wizardry and spooky sound effects, the highbrow academics and rock critics all think of it as somehow acceptably camp, or like, sexy and exotic indie-film soundtrack scores, as profound social commentary, but we were living the wild lives those gentrification clones just read about. We did not get to ever record some of the songs about what was happening to us back then, that have been recorded by multiple, very well-known bands from different cities and even a couple of bona fide major label rockstars. We had the most shite luck everywhere we went-brokedown vans, bloody skirmishes with racist boneheads, suddenly dead collaborators, our old glam rock drummer getting stolen by more famous group, you name it. We were spiraling a bit. I was still confident, cause these older guys: a shag headed, leather clad duo who’d just sold a big hit song to a super famous commercial artist were buying me drinks at the bar all day and telling me they were gonna make me famous. A fanzine from Milford, Ma memorably referred to me around that time as a “wasted, wandering, wanton, rebel without a band”. Wow, the truth hurts, still hurts. Girls would ask us if they could take our pictures at the big bars on Lansdowne Street. We attracted some famous females and stormy bombshells. Best of times, worst of times. Mighta been some drinking.


While some of these initial setbacks were disappointingly first underway, like I said, my girlfriend from the midwest and also, one of our best friends and trusted advisors who relocated with us, both became understandably discouraged by their shit jobs as restaurant slaves and our lazy boy gang’s drunken bozo unemployment, and luckless lack of drummer, and stolen vehicle and mechanic tools that were the rhythm guitarists stock-in-trade that were in the back of the lost El Camino, the big hole he punched in the wall of our new pad that first night he showed up unexpectedly when his car was stolen after he left it running in Roxbury while he went in to a convenience store in the deep hood for a Mountain Dew and pack of Camels, and living in rundown blue collar squalor on cans of beans and bad beer and ramen and all the bad side blight related heartaches and slow goings and lice from my kid’s daycare and went back to Indiana, where she was one of the prime movers behind the Fort Wayne punk scene, that we all grew up on the fringes of, and right now, somebody’s making a movie about it-Ft. Wayne’s legendary Seventh Level punk scene, and I can’t wait to see my dear friend’s appearance in it. A lot of our friends and girlfriends came out of that core scene. Back in the midwest, we lived like an hour and a half away from that Sunday night Holiday Inn parking lot, and the Primitive Baptist Church wild house, but travelled there in our unreliable $100 cars on Sundays for a couple of years to spend time with these two goth gals we loved. “Bands that today are regarded as pioneering and crucial were at the time regarded as no talent deviants and societal nuisances, often even by the music press, who should have been their champions…” is a pull-quote from “Another Tuneless Racket” by Steve Gardner that really resonated with me for reasons that should by now be obvious. It seemed like everytime we ever played a show, anywhere, me and my ever changing lineup of whiskey hardened bikers and sensitive goth poets, an ever rotating temporary on the drumstool, and a yeehaw Bobby Keyes style saxophonist…some minor rockstar, mini-mogul, or bigtime DJ would approach us and kinda pretend like they were gonna help us record our shit, but it was always just a hustle to steal our material, meet our more famous friends, pinch the ever elusive glam drummer I mentioned, or get near our long series of talented and attractive former girlfriends. It was always a false hope heartbreak and some kinda ripoff. I stopped fraternizing with gentrification people entirely cause all they do is assimilate all your shit into their vanity brands, you see other people’s names on your life story, your creations, and nobody’s sorry, they’d all do it again if they got the chance. If you don’t record, publish and copyright your own art, there is always a good chance some business dude will. Nobody cares who has sincerity, or lived it, or did it  first. No one, nobody. I think it was Chris Isaak who sang, “nobody loves no one.”

That disreputable and notorious hoodlum Boston blues punk and torch and twang band, the Bastards, we could never find a permanent drummer, they all wanted to be ska or Nine Inch Nails rich people industrial, and we never got to record much, though we did appear on a tribute to the Boys and Hollwood Brats on some little Italian label called Desert Inn records, because we were always dead poor living in a rodent infested Allston ghetto apartment and got involved with some real dark and negative influences, but man, we wrote a lot of songs that got circulated all over via cassette tapes while we were still sending cassettes out to other fanzines to be reviewed and begging little labels like Sympathy and Dogmeat and Dionysus and Get Hip and all the little labels to record us, and what happened was several other bands in different cities started doing our tunes, and copying us, our whole style, without always acknowledging who the real writers were. So yeah, these other bands got to do stuff, be on the cover of magazines, selected by our former allies to appear on big UK glossy magazine compilations, opened for our own idols, and like, we never got any credit from all the people we influenced, so yeah, you know, that’s been frustrating. We’re still dishwashers, janitors, forgotten, but not gone. Rich kids who came second look n sound just like us and kinda bought their way in to relationships with our idols. Ya know how Cobain saw to it that The Melvins got a piece of his fame train? All the porky, pink pants, brat pack, Kendoll richkids we directly and personally influenced did just the opposite-they stole our whole thing but then pretended that they never even heard of us. “Who?” We still have ta see these guys online being applauded by our former cohorts while mostly trading on our work, it’s sometimes still real painful, summa our gang are Already Gone to the gin-joint beyond the clouds, summa us are just barely gettin’ by. It’s often said that it’s helpful to have some kinda trust fund, if you wanna make records, but in this greed is gawd, post grunge era, it’s like, mandatory. If you aint got big money, you aint goin’ nowhere. Take a seat on the bleachers and watch the idle heirs steal your act-same shoes, same haircuts, some of our tunes, and even summa the copycat cloned, in between song fucking banter. It’s like having your own tribute band. First, it all started with that collegetown chain wallet, copycat Offspring, plain white t shirt guy, but then, it kept happening, again and again. I was reading that Killer Kane book where he suffers all his life over Aerosmith and KISS and I totally get it.  

 So somedays, I think about my long lost THE CURE crew, and wonder if any of ’em are even, like, anti-war, anymore, if they can even recognize when they are being propagandized by the roar of the big machine. I’m pessimistic, they all seem devotedly invested in social life, celebrity fame hierarchies-and all that Net-Flix get rich/asskiss programming, ya know what I’m talkin’ about? Just nodding along with whoever has amassed power or celebrity. Sucking up to the richest person in the room, in any social situation. That’s not for me, so when my youngest kid, a brilliant in his own way, but lonely teenage child, who struggles with his own lack of peers, howls from the heart, because he knows he is not really accepted, or likely to ever be embraced by the neurotypical, general ed. hype beats, designer label obsessed, most hits, youtube kids, because of his many autism ticks, but he knows he is way smart and funny and good looking and capable of memorizing entire encyclopedias, so he understandably has no interest in forging any alliances with the disability classroom kids, he has all my empathy and compassion. I’m kinda in the same boat, at 53. The former punks and Delta House I used to know, are, in no way, rebels or misfits or activists or outsiders, anymore, and me, I can’t pretend to be anything BUT those things. I never found my people. Closest I’ve come is like, blasting a band like The ComaTones or Tex & The Horse Heads, who were nothing but soul, or listening to the mighty BEASTS OF BOURBON, who are too famous where they came from, to like, really befriend, but whose music and lyrics are always so, so, so instantly and intimately familiar to me. I lived through so many of their songs, first hand, it was like I knew them and grew up with ’em, but obviously, not in real life, I’m from Kentucky, but their art speaks to the deepest heart of me. When I was twenty one, I met this freaky dude in Boston who used to buy my fanzine at Newbury Comics and he wrote me a real sweet letter (that I still have) about how much my writing resonated with him, he is slim and trim and clean and sober now, but back then, he still looked just like a fucking drunk Hell’s Angel-a big beard when nobody, except maybe ZZ Top, Santa Claus, and that nerd bongwater guy from the Spin Doctors had beards. Black leather, silver skull and monster rings on every finger, a million silver bracelets like Axl Rose, a buncha crucifixes and junk jewelry like Mister T. He was a big cult and horror movie aficionado, and I think he was an aspiring movie maker, himself, back then. Mindwarped style and primo taste in music, right? He was a cool cat and somehow, he just knew I had a lot in common with the Beasts Of Bourbon, and that my connection to old school outlaw country music and trucker culture was no joke or parody, but my roots, ya know, so when he brought me my first copy of “The Low Road”, it was a big deal to me, that was some powerful stuff. The songs, “Low Road” and “Can’t Say No”, especially. Just works of imperishable genius, really, exactly what I aspired to, in all my ceaseless vainglory, in the words of the sleazy leather dude with the beard. I dunno why Australia has all the real rocknroll bands and USA USA is all just banal, creepy, toxic, gutless garbage pop, and fake fuck commercial country, but ya know, my heartfelt heroine, Chrissy Amphlett, was one of the most amazing rocknrollers who ever lived, and I’m told that Brody Dalle chick from the Distillers was from her same town. Lately, I’ve been jamming to Amyl & The Nitrates, there’s a couple of formulaic punk bands with scantily clad, hot pants and bleached blonde girl singers over here in Amerikkka that everybody always loves, like Barbed Wire Dolls, who stole their name from a truly dangerous and exciting Smack and Doors influenced gutter junkie midwestern garage band, who were probably my own gang’s only real rivals, way, way, way back when, but the fake Barbed Wire Dolls totally lack the Amyl & The Nitrates chick’s energy and anger and fervor and passion. They always seem like ho-hum, Hot Topic, popular girl, cheerleader gone stripper, Barbie World,Gwen Steffani mall posers to me, whereas, the edgier rockers from Australia really lay it down, deliver the raw goods, leave it all on the stage, MC5 style! I love that. That’s my whole thing, my true religion, my way of life, so it always seems like my real rocknroll people are in Australia. The ones I knew a long tim ago, who were anything at all like me, over here, are dead and gone. I’ll exchange e-mails with a couple people once or twice a year who are, what I call, the “Thank Obamas”, all they seem to know, or care about, is vicariously, second hand, “identifying”, with empty suit, identity politricks, Colors Of Bennetton models and gentrification Democrat, feelgoodist see no evil propaganda-they’re always so stoked about their college degrees and self referential pro nouns,  but if you talk to ’em for five minutes, they never heard of the World Economic Forum, or disposition matrix, or Vanguard or Black Rock, or anything, that impacts the sacrifice zone, little people’s lives. They aint hip to no real rocknroll no more, either-they STILL try telling me about like, Green Day and Smashing Pumpkins and Miley Cyrus and Foo Fighters, and I’m just so, not interested, at all. Nowadays, I only ever hear from like slummy cultural tourist, wouldbe plagiarists looking for something to steal. Greedy copyright thieves, outright vampires and time sucking, attention seekers. People I’ve loved and cultivated and nourished and promoted for over half their lives don’t even send me a postcard from paradise no more, cause, they are so terrified I’m gonna ask ’em for money, cause, that’s what they think poor people do, or out them in front of their fancy wives, or guilt trip ’em over some fuckedup shit they did wrong, thirty years ago. In my country, nobody knows anything about what’s goin’ on in this world, cause we are hypnoscreen bullshitted, and played for suckers, all around the clock. So even the music sucks, SO BAD now, and I can’t even find a fucking guitar player who gives a fuck about anything besides ya know, the Standard Amerikkkan Dream, which is, of course, a big fat, fucking lie. They’re all strung out on pig-media and the government pills. So you take the high road and I’ll take the Low Road.

“The thing about being a journalist in the West Bank is that the Israelis tend always to know where you are and where you are going. During my years of reporting throughout Palestine, I could only gain access to flashpoint areas with an Israeli-issued press card. This insight is critical to understanding the tragic killing of veteran journalist Shireen Abu Akleh on Wednesday morning in the West Bank city of Jenin. Immediately after the killing, Israel’s well-rehearsed public relations machine went into hyperdrive to divert responsibility, confuse the narrative, and blame the Palestinians. How Israel and the international media have handled this horrific event speaks volumes about the way the narrative over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict obfuscates reality and denies Palestinians their humanity. According to several journalists at the scene, the Al Jazeera Arabic journalist was hit by a live bullet below her ear. An Israeli sniper fired the bullet during a military operation in the city. Initially, the Israeli army claimed that the bullet was fired by “Palestinian militants,” but witness accounts quickly refuted this. Moreover, the Israeli army must have been well aware that Abu Akleh and her crew were operating in the city.” (-Joseph Dana)

“Looting is a natural response to the unnatural and inhuman society of commodity abundance. It instantly undermines the commodity as such, and it also exposes what the commodity ultimately implies: the army, the police and the other specialized detachments of the state’s monopoly of armed violence.” (~ Guy Debord)

“She was killed by the Israeli military, after making her presence as a journalist clearly known. We provide Israel with $3.8 billion in military aid annually with no restrictions. What will it take for accountability for these human rights violations?” (-Ilhan Omar)

“Abu Akleh was fatally shot while covering an Israeli raid on a refugee camp in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday. Fellow journalists who witnessed the shooting said Israeli forces had fired on them. Israel’s prime minister and other senior officials initially said Palestinian militants were ‘likely’ to blame, but the Israeli army admitted on Friday that one of its soldiers might have fired the fatal shot. The assault on the mourners, who were beaten with clubs at a hospital in East Jerusalem, stunned viewers who watched it unfold on live television, further enraging Palestinians and the dead journalist’s colleagues and fans.” (-Robert Mackey; the Intercept)

“According to the Israeli human rights organization Yesh Din, about 80 percent of complaints filed against soldiers for harming Palestinians are closed without a criminal investigation. Of the few investigations that are undertaken, only 3.2 percent result in the indictment and prosecution. Palestinian and Israeli civil society organizations have documented the deaths of 155 Palestinian children from live ammunition or crowd-control weapons since 2013, but only three indictments on criminal charges have been issued against Israeli soldiers for those killings.

There is more of an outcry when journalists are attacked, but even then, Israel acts with impunity. According to the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, there are hundreds of Israeli attacks on journalists every year.

Some have said that Abu Akleh’s case is different. She wasn’t only a journalist for a well-respected news outlet; she was also an American citizen. But Abu Akleh is far from the only Palestinian American to be killed by Israeli soldiers.

Sixteen-year-old Palestinian American Mahmoud Shaalan was shot and killed in October 2016 at a checkpoint near the Beit El settlement. Responding to an Israeli soldier’s instructions to stop and turn back, he had attempted to lift up his shirt and hands to show he was not a danger when he was gunned down. Upon requests by his family for an investigation, the Israeli military informed the US State Department that there had been no criminal wrongdoing by the soldiers involved.

On January 12 of this year, seventy-eight-year-old Palestinian American and Milwaukee grocery store owner Omar Assad died from a fatal heart attack while being detained, bound, gagged, and left of the ground, his face blue from lack of oxygen. Following a call for investigation by Assad’s family and some members of Congress, and the Biden administration asking for “clarification,” Israel responded that the incident had resulted from “Assad refusing to cooperate with troops operating in the area” and that it was “a grave and unfortunate event” due to “poor decision-making on the part of the soldiers.” Two officers were dismissed and a battalion commander was reprimanded, but no one went to jail.

After US peace activist Rachel Corrie was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza in 2003, the Israeli military’s investigation, done at the request of the Bush administration, concluded that her death was a “tragic accident.” In a civil suit brought by Corrie’s parents, the court found no fault in the military’s investigation and ruled that the state of Israel was not responsible for Corrie’s death.

The Israeli military’s knowledge of its impunity has been on full display since the killing of Shireen Abu Akleh. The day after the journalist was killed, they raided her family’s home and forcibly removed the Palestinian flag flying outside. While the family was accepting condolences, Abu Akleh’s brother, Anton Abu Akleh, was summoned to the police station and warned that the funeral proceedings would be dispersed if there was an “escalation.” In perhaps the grossest display of impunity, the day that Abu Akleh was laid to rest, Israeli forces attacked the funeral march, firing stun grenades and hitting pallbearers with batons, almost causing them to drop her coffin.” (-Ariel Gold/Medea Benjamin of Code Pink For Peace in JACOBIN MAGAZINE) Mnar Adley and Mint Press are under attack, support their work and read Mint Press while you still can.

We’re experiencing censorship unlike anything we’ve faced before, and MintPress and other antiwar media have been facing 5 years of algorithmic shadowbanning by Big Tech.

In the last month alone, independent antiwar journalists have been targeted in organized smear campaigns, de-platformed, given “state affiliated” labels on their accounts, and even outright purged off of social media platforms. Youtube has deleted hundreds of thousands of historical videos from prominent antiwar journalists and activists including Abby Martin, Chris Hedges, and Lee Camp, and is demonetizing political content everywhere in an effort to defund antiwar efforts. Our very own Gofundme fundraisers were taken down without reason or an opportunity to appeal.

What this amounts to is little more than a modern-day book burning. The work of the most important dissenting voices of our time is being discredited. Division is being sowed and any information that challenges the corporate and military establishment’s agenda is censored. Meanwhile, the bank accounts of executives at Raytheon and Lockheed Martin are being filled at a record pace.

For the last several years, MintPress has been at the forefront of sounding the alarm about the deep state working with silicon valley tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter to control your news feed and ensure that any alternative narrative is algorithmically disappeared. But we’re not backing down because the future of our planet and the prosperity of peace and justice depends on our reporting.

This is why I consulted with anti-censorship, pro-free press, and human rights experts on our nonprofit board– including Mickey Huff, president of the Media Freedom Foundation and the director of Project Censored; FBI whistleblower, Coleen Rowley; and international human rights attorney, Todd Pierce– to create a new video reporting project called Behind The Headlines. To help us build this project we will need your support.

We need to raise $400,000 in the next year, so we’re creating our first phase fundraiser to be stated for $200,000.

Join us here: We’re LIVE on Indiegogo!  (-Mnar Adley)

“It is a contradiction Democrats are unable to reconcile so they will continue to rehabilitate or deny white supremacists in Ukraine. For some of us that has been even more dangerous because it disarms people from understanding scope & global reality of white supremacist movement. So Democrats with Republicans support send 40 billion worth of guns to Ukraine but are trying to take the moral high road on weapons & violence in the U.S.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“This is a de facto proxy war between the West and Russia. The goal is to bleed Russia dry. Russia will destroy Finland before they allow Finland to join NATO. Ukraine is gone. There’s got to be an off-ramp.” (-Scott Ritter)


I’m only here to help! At this sad juncture all I really got to offer my kindred spirits and fellow travelers and brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution is drawing some half conscious rocknroll rebels attention towards what few real news sources and truthteller websites like and Black Agenda Report and Mintpress and Jacobin magazine still exist. I wake up pretty mortified each morning by all the big earth moving machinery on my street tearing down the trees and digging for hotsprings, everybody in this deadend place is dreaming they’re gonna find gold in them thar hills by flipping the crummy old houses built in the fifties into airbandb hot tub tourist resorts. We been watching the multiple McMansions go up a couple blocks away while the secretive local politicians use code enforcement to target old hermits for removal, I’ve been defending the old hermits because I know it’s a domino theory at work, here-once those first couple of eccentric old timers with the eyesore hoarder encampments and brokedown old RV’s and backyards full of old mattresses and chickens go, we’ll be next, and it ain’t that easy to find freestanding houses that aint two grand a month, anywhere, anymore and we can’t do apartment living because of family disability issues. I’m so anxious and fretful about it all, I wanna call my muddah but she is suffering from cognitive impairment issues after a tragic fall and brain bleed about five months back, so she’s still recovering and does not need my stress added to her load, I’m just explaining that shit to you, my underground rocknroll comrades, cause I have been writing more than I used to since the techlords locked us anti war activists out of social media, and the town started the gentrifying process that keeps reoccurring everywhere we go. Shitlibs think Klaus Schwab and his Future Leaders School are warm and fuzzy shitlib cuddly, special pinup friends. The office classers and landlorders will tell you there is no such thing as a Great Reset or Agenda Twentyone, New World Order rollout happening all around us, but those same people told us the US government would never spy on our phonecalls without warrants, or makeup slanderous lies to ruin popular opinion about heroic whistle blower journalists, or plant a Dick Cheney proxy army on Russia’s front door for a regime change war with a nuclear power, but they’re doing it. You know that old sixties song, “Nowhere To Run”? That’s how I’m feeling this morning. I could use a good stiff drink to calm my nerves but I don’t drink in front of the kids and I’m almost always on the clock nowadays.

How US meddling arm Creative Associates International destabilizes Washington’s adversaries – The Grayzone

Activism, Uncensored: A Weekend of Californians Screaming and Flailing at Each Other (

The Fed’s Secret Plan to Suck Workers Dry – YouTube

“After we had to fight the political establishment to get on the ballot, now they’re trying to keep me out of the debates.   Sign our petition to tell them: #LetMattDebate and let the voters decide!   Please retweet to support the fight for real democracy!” (-Matt Hoh For Senate)

“Your debate is anti-democratic because it excludes all of the candidates who are on the ballot. Why did you exclude the @GreenPartyUS

 and libertarian party candidates from the debate? The people deserve to hear from more than just the two corporate party candidates.” (-Ryan Knight)

“In one sense, Nina Jankowicz – the new head of Homeland Security’s new ‘Disinformation Board’ – is a despotic maniac. But she’s an utterly banal expression of modern-day establishment liberalism. The entire “anti-disinformation” industry is a gigantic fraud: funded by the same small set of liberal billionaires, US/UK/EU security agencies, Big Tech and Gulf State monarchs: designed to masquerade their propaganda as Official Truth, to justify censoring any dissent from it. Nina Jankowicz, above all else, is a creature of this security-state-controlled-and-funded “anti-disinformation” industry. That’s why Homeland Security chose her.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“The next war in Europe will be between Russia and fascism, except that fascism will be called democracy.” (-Fidel Castro)


by bukowski

the problem, of course, isn’t the Democratic System,
it’s the
living parts which make up the Democratic System. the next person you pass on the street,
him or
her by 3 or 4 or 30 or 40 million
and you will know
why things remain non-functional
for most of

I wish I had a cure for the chess pieces we call Humanity…

we’ve undergone any number of political

and we all remain
foolish enough to hope that the one on the way
will cure almost

fellow citizens,
the problem never was the Democratic System, the problem is you.” (-BUKOWSKI)


It’s Eight Ten in the morning on another gloomy Monday and after perusing what few semi-reliable Leftish news sources remain on the internet in the shadows of all the fascist as fuck, Biden administration rollout of ever more censorship via the fiendish foes of truth and justice-the Atlantic Council and meta-world unreality, pro war, fake liberal, partisan ping-pong, Always Blame Some External Boogeyman For Capitalists Crimes Against The Poor, nothing changes, virtue signaling, middle class feelgoodist narrative-manufacturers, like Abby Zimet and Rachel Maddow, Jen Psaki and Nina Jackowicz, I naturally feel tired, resigned, sad to see how so many fakeass war cheerleader shitlibs are willing and even eager to sell out all the poor people for a little fame, prestige, a paycheck, and some special privileges as consent manufacturing agents of the Empire. Do ya think they still tell themselves they are righteous, intersectional, correct pro noun respecting do-gooders, or behind closed doors, do they laugh at how gullible all the tv watching poors are? I suspect Obama and Hillary laugh their asses off, but summa the Squad might not be on the inside of these incremental, dystopian police state, Klaus Schwab rollouts, I dunno. I do know that none of them, nor Bernie, fight for any part of the platforms they all ran on-eviction moratoriums, housing the homeless, medical care for everybody, forgiveness of ridiculous student loan debt that keeps so many middle classers on the helpless biometric timeclock hamster wheel. Freeing every non violent reefer offender. Ending the Bush/Cheney world wars for weapon manufacturers and oil companies. Breaking up the big tech and media monopolies. Reeling in the surveillance state. Providing dental and optical to old people who did not have money to go to college. Instead, they co sign giving unfathomable amounts of money to their proxies in the Ukraine and Israel, while their own constituents die young, cause they can not access adequate dental/healthcare, medicines without crazy dangerous and secretive side effects, affordable housing, decent food untainted by Gates and Bayer/Monsanto, etc., etc. Yeah, it gets me down. Remember when the DNC admitted in court they fix their primaries in smoky back rooms and fuck you? Remember when it was shown in courts of law that they lied about Trump working for Russia? Special Counsel John Durham’s probe proved that Hillary Clinton herself and her top foreign policy advisor, Jake Sullivan, spread a phony “Primary Colors” style, dirty tricks, Trump-Russia “collusion” narrative, featuring the fabricated bullshit about a pee pee blackmail video from the lyin’ and spyin’ Christopher Steele distraction dossier. They just edit out any shit they find uncomfortable as “fake news”. Try talking to a shitlib about the Tuesday Morning Disposition Matrix. They do not care to know, just which Beyonce songs Barack likes best, seeing Chelle talk about niceness with Ellen and the clueless, rich ladies of “The View”, shit like that. How Lyn Cheney is basically another Bloomberg Democrat now. Blue-Maga.If you wanna know who exactly REALLY blackmails and controls western politicians, go to Whitney Webb’s Unlimited Hangout website and start learning about Mossad and the Mega Group. It ain’t Russia. Find out who Jared Kushner’s dad is. I mean, I don’t like Trump, obviously, but how do shitlibs just numbly, blindly filter that stuff out? That Madeline Albright was part responsible for the deaths of over a million people and when asked about all those murdered kids, she said “it was worth it”, and there are all your rightwing Wall Street Democrat Pinup Oster Faves at her funeral singing her praises. How do they just ignore that shit? Hillary LAUGHING about her proxies brutally killing Gaddafi? MF’s still cheering for her psychotic ass. All my ex associates who love their special privilege status, always singalong with whatever current advertising slogan CNN assigns them, that’s so sad to me. Most high salaried college people live in big pharma bliss bubbles until shit affects them personally, don’t give a shit about their brothers and sisters exiled in the sacrifice zones, gulp, gulp, gulp, they just stay fucked up so they don’t have to think about anything that makes them feel ikky or uncomfortable, which is why they despise homeless people, it’s so fucked, and then, mass media gets ’em all worked up and frenzied about stories they can manipulate them into hating their neighbors over. Ugh! The narrative managers have been so well trained, all these Ivy League spook-state and fuckedup Anderson Cooper and Billy Bush and Tucker Carlson multi- millionaire kids spewing their eager-beaver propaganda for the one percent, while couching it all in populist lingo, and sensitivity lexicons. “They think they’re so clever, they think they’re so right…” (-The Clash) I personally can’t stand being held captive by the hypnoscreens all the time, so I venture outdoors multiple times each day but I can’t find anybody who is really willing to engage in real life activities that don’t strictly involve amplifying their master’s voice on the I-Phone twitterverse, or Tik Tok hate towns, or whatever. The main advantage of not having an I-Phone and being locked out of False-Book by Zuckerberg for anti-war postings and links to credible indie media reposts, sternly frowned upon by the capitalist war machine, is now I have many, many hours to fill each day, but I still mainly wanna do music, make new rebellious rocknroll with truth and soul, and not many of my former peers have any interest in that, unless, of course, as they say, there is a fortune to be made. I can’t work with brand builder gentrifiers or micro-empire wouldbe celebrities. I gotta go find some other guttersnipes, and few of them can even afford instruments, or primary shelters, nowadays, let alone, secondary rehearsal spaces. “I keep on searchin’…” (-NY Dolls) Scary times for low income tenants when city hall is in bed with big money developers building million dollar homes on the same block as 53 year old trailers. Where do we go?

   Walking home from the post office, past all the dog walking, standoffish, stoned in the morning, MSNBC boomer rich people, who live on the giant four block compounds with the big high silver fences, security cameras and dogs, mosaiac tiled OM patios and hot tubs and super yacht RV’s, remembering conversations I had decades back with former friends about the importance of real music….but once they started their transition, self identifying as middle class people, haves high on the hill, they kept repeating how there was not enough money in it. Huh? What?!! I remember telling ’em all, that’s the right time(!!) to make wild music with authentic rocknroll authority and real heart, especially, when nobody else is doing it. In all the stories those D-Gen guys have been telling since the sad death of Howie Pyro, you know the one thing they never really mention, is where they got all their money to do all that shit. Rents and recordings and big city living costs money, last I knew. If you listen to all the Gentrification-Hipster music, you’ll notice how little of it ever addresses real life issues, ya know? It’s just like that rich models with big hats, who know more rich people in Joshua Tree, singing sad rich girl songs about folksy sunsets and Vogue sundresses, and more big hats and Ibiza trip music festival vacation airbandb rentals, and shit. The politics of Amish beard growing. I noticed that Spin magazine has been emphasizing all the occultist rap and Kardashian debbil Tik Tok punque lately, rather than just their usual millionaire model-duos, with ukeleles, synthesizers, or fifteen piece Americana, cos-play orchestras. I only liked one of those good lookin’ kids with big hipster hats kinda bands. Hound’s Tooth, or something like that. Kinda like Jacob Dylan Juniors. They got a real cute song called “Sedona” where they yell, “SATURDAY NIGHT KINDA PINK!” and I can’t help but be somehow charmed by that, possibly because my girlfriend mentioned how that band vaguely resemble a couple of my own beautiful but sadly estranged adult children.

Let me know if you like it. Houndmouth – Sedona – YouTube

“The more I study the history of the subject, the more I realise that the USSR defeated the Nazis and the western powers absorbed them.” (-Ben Norton, speaking about Operation Gladio and Operation Paperclip.)

“Americans have now paid a total $53 B for a proxy war that’s blowing military expenditures out of the water & nuclear endangerment off the charts. All without a word of debate. Democrats are not just caving to the military industrial complex. They are leading the charge.” (Dr. Jill Stein)

“The one single time the US had a monopoly on nuclear weapons at the same time it was at war, it used them. Not because it needed to, but as a show of force. That was the dawn of the US empire. That’s how it was born. And it never got any saner from there.” (-Cait Johnstone)

“The fact that both major parties in the US and UK support Israel and Zionism “without qualification”, as Keir Starmer puts it, is everything you need to know. These are the last people on earth to talk about anything related to “human rights”. (-Richard Medhurst)

“Bernie Sanders and the Squad should be ashamed of themselves for voting to fund this ongoing proxy with Russia while our own people are struggling to afford housing, healthcare, and food.” (-Ryan Knight)


    I just got an email from Culture Club, saying they are going back out on tour, which is thrilling news, as far as I’m concerned. Boy George, Cyndi Lauper, Prince and Billy Idol, that was my whole LIFE when I was a strange kid watching “Night Flight” and thinking about Human League and Dexy‘s songs, hiding from suburban sports assholes in my bedroom, listening to my purple Prince vinyl and reading Creem magazines, drawing band logos and cartoon pictures of imaginary bandmates, putting on Adam Ant makeup in the mirror. I still go down the Culture Club rabbit hole some nights and listen to him serenade his still very passionate audiences with all his old classics, mixed up with fucking just exquisitely beautiful covers of old Bowie tunes. If you know the Culture Club story, you know his bandmates and producers used to ridiculously complain that he was not a technically qualified to win a perfect pitch competition, unreality tv contest, as a big note hitting Bette Midler vocalist, but these brainwashing Faux-Olympics illuminati judges can go fuck themselves, because he gracefully evolved into an incredible, timeless, beautiful entertainer, with total control, mastery, and true feeling and effortlessly commands a giant room with so much soulful feeling and it’s not just his gay audience who still show up dressed like him and get lost in the memories and songs, he brings everybody together, like, unites all the people. I love him. Nowadays, I only get email from Culture Club, Blondie, and Sunglasses Hut. I’m 52, feeling 53, but might as well be back in that basement room on Lakewood Drive with all the Smash Hits magazines on the floor and Duran Duran posters on the wall. “WAR IS STUPID AND PEOPLE ARE STUPID AND LOVE MEANS NOTHING, IN SOME STRANGE QUARTERS…” Of course old wornout dishwashers like me will likely never witness another big ticket, major rock show and have to find contentment from watching Amyl & The Nytrates and Sleaford Mods videos and any live concert, eighties new wave stuff, or old concerts of SMACK from Finland, anything cool that washes up on youtube, but in crazee heat like this, I just kinda gotta hunker down and be grateful for cold water and a swamp cooler and this computer, cause otherwise, I’m just walking aimlessly among the rolling plains of cactus. My old amigo, the Late Great Billy Ray Bogart, died a couple Christmas Eves ago basically, but man, we used to watch all his old VHS of pro wrestling from the eighties, back when we lived together in a one bedroom purple apartment and were too poor for cable, my teenager who is reading headlines from the internet out loud just informed me my fave wrestler, Ric The Nature Boy Flair, is about to perform his final match at 70 years old. I wish my main man, Billy Ray, was still here to chat with me about crazy feather boa wearing pro wrestlers in David Lee Roth sparkly “Panama” robes; and crackly vinyl old blues gutbucket whiskey sippin’ bastards, and skinny tie new wave music. This afternoon it’s just too hot for another walk so I found myself watching some “Legends” concert with James Brown, Bo Diddley. Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Fats Domino, and I think Chuck Berry kinda as a tribute to my main man Billy Ray. I’m crazy bored and depressed but do not drink around my kids so the monotony is grinding. Find myself talking out loud to all these absent homies. I avoid humans whenever possible, cause I just don’t speak College Feelings like they do, but man, I do kinda miss my lengthy roll call of rocknroll motherfuckers who’ve Already Gone. Out here where the crazy hot winds blast, we are all like the slow lumbering living dead, just some of us have more BMW motorcycles with sidecars for dogs, than others. I’m obviously the others. A nice elderly artist lady made me some real cool seventies Aerosmith style, feather earrings though, and that’s as delightful to me as a lotta updated flash appliances probably are to the property caressers. My wife bought me a real cool bandanna, also. Mondays in dead end desert ghost towns are like study hall at Catholic school, cause the whole town is still closed, it’s Sunday part 2. Time moves real, real slow in these places. I wakeup between 5 and 6, by the time 1:12 rolls ’round, on a hot day, you’re already ready for a siesta. Most of my friends who got the gum rot were not long for the world, after that, ya know? My bro Mark, he was a genius, his teeth turned black and like, poof, that was it, he was a goner. Periodontal problems cost thousands and if you aint got it, fuck you. BYE! For some reason, it seemed like the good motherfuckers who weren’t trying to just covertly compete with you, or use you as their cover story, or backstab you and steal your shit, are always first to leave the planet. What’s up with that shit? Meanwhile, they DOUBLED the price on all the empty real estate since last year. Shit is crazy, man. Smoke is so thick it burns your eyeballs and a neighbor two streets down came outside to tell me we can use her spare truck if we have to evacuate because of the wildfires. It’s getting scary here, real “ROAD WARRIOR”.

empirical dissent – Home | Facebook

Brothers & Sisters & Friends Of The Revolution, I don’t know what’s gonna happen next, I’m kinda hoping to get it together to go offline and get off the grid, as they say. I hope you all do your part to resist and reject the New World Order! Stay Wild! Stay Free!

Murkkka’s Fave Antisocial Glamarchist, General Labor Preaches The Gutter Gospel: Free Assange, Chris Hedges, Texacala, Feisties, Gunfire Dance Reissue Now Available From Easy Action Records With Dave Twist Artwork, 80s Iggy!

Reports on Julian Assange – The Grayzone

redfish on Twitter: “In 1967 Gaddafi inherited one of Africa’s poorest nations. By the time he was murdered, Gaddafi had turned Libya into a country with the highest human development on the continent. Today, 11 years after NATO backed rebels took over his compound, we look at what’s been lost.” / Twitter


One of my personal favorite bands is the great Tex And The Horseheads. Man, this song right here still tears me up, ya know, you sorta inhabit a permenent state of low level anxiety and depression living at the bottom of this ruthless price gouging billionaire tyrannical fuckedup propagandized society with the crazy high groceries, limited mobility with gas prices and unreliable vehicles and especially, when developers, landlords, employers, the elements, and city hall all threaten to jeopardize your housing situation. “I had the same dream last night…”

“Of course it was provoked. Otherwise they wouldn’t refer to it all the time as an unprovoked invasion.” (-Noam Chomsky)

“I’m becoming more and more disdainful of people who live directly under the thumb of the US empire and yet spend their time criticizing Russia and China. It’s literally the most pathetic, sniveling, power-serving position anyone can possibly take at this point in history.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“When did working class people in Europe, the U.S. & around the world vote for a NATO proxy war with Russia & sanctions that we are now paying for? Our interests are not the same as capitalist ruling classes. Let them fight Russia.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“This was never about bringing democracy to Ukraine. The U.S. cannot bring democracy to another country when it hasn’t even brought democracy to its own country. This was always about laundering our money to the military industrial complex & further enriching the U.S. oligarchy.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Apparently Gal Gadot is hosting a “National Geographic”

 series about indigenous people being displaced. You can’t make this sh*% up!” (-Ariel Gold Code Pink For Peace)

“The proxy war in Ukraine is actually about central banking. Many times when a country has stepped outside the long tentacles of the US-ruled central banking system & the petrodollar, they have been invaded/destroyed not long afterwards: – Iraq – Libya – Syria…” (-Lee Camp)

“In the face of growing threats to journalists, academics & musicians who dare to challenge the military-industrial-complex narrative, nothing is more dangerous than saying nothing. First they came for the journalists….”  (-Dr. Jill Stein)

Liberals Love Liz Cheney | Black Agenda Report

The U.S. Legacy in Afghanistan: War Crimes and Imperialist Double Standards | Black Agenda Report

Underneath Israeli Tourist Resorts Lie the Remains of Once-Thriving Palestinian Towns (

20 Million US Homes Are Behind On Power Bills – Activist Post

Dangerous ‘Cycle of Escalation’ Intensifies After Unauthorized US Bombings in Syria ( Remember when USA USA deployed false flag bad guys in humanitarian guise to destabilsize Syria and help genie energy steal the oil rich lower third of their country and Hollywood made a propaganda flick about it and gave themselves as Oscar? Fictitious times indeed, in the memorable words of Michael Moore, who used to crusade against injustice and corruption, but now like so many Hollwood shitlibs, only crusades against Trump.

“Sacrificing for a war in Ukraine that didn’t have to be while defense companies make record profits. When will the people learn that their interests & interests of warmongering capitalist are not the same? End the war in Ukraine, abolish NATO, reject “full spectrum dominance.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“This warmongering Republican congressman who claims to be building a “working-class GOP” complains about (partial, insufficient) student loan forgiveness because he wants the US military to use debt to pressure poor people to kill for empire “RiGhT-WiNg pOpuLiSm” in a nutshell”. (-Benjamin Norton)

Cathy Vogan on Twitter: “Following the assassination of Darya Dugina, @MarkSleboda1 & @MaxBlumenthal discuss the Myrotvorets hit list, targeting critics of Kiev. She & her father were on it, as are many journalists, academics & artists, inc. Prof. John Mearsheimer & @rogerwaters” / Twitter

“There is unity in the oppression. There must be absolute unity and determination in the response.” (-Julian Assange)

“”We’re living in a pretend democracy, with a pretend free press and a pretend system of justice. No one in this century has helped us understand the world as it is more than Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.” (-Joe Lauria; Consortium News)

Excellent analysis by Medea Benjamin of the situation in Afghanistan–which can only get worse unless there is engagement with a government the US ceded power to. The Taliban or a failed state? (-Col. Ann Wright )

Alexander Dugin pays tribute to daughter Darya Dugina who ‘died for Russia’ – ABC News

British musician Roger Waters is named on the Ukrainian NATO backed civilian kill list website. Dugin is also on this list and his car with his daughter on it was blown up yesterday. NATO is claimed as admin of the site since 2015, as can be seen on it:

US Troops Wounded in Rocket Attacks in Syria After US Airstrikes – News From

Every Single Member of Congress Is Willing to Let Yemeni Children Die – Let’s Try Democracy (

US Invades Syria, Kills People, Claims Self-Defense

“Numerous Syrian and foreign militants have reportedly been killed and several US troops injured in an escalating exchange of attacks between the American invaders and the people in the country whose territory they are illegally occupying.
On Tuesday night US Central Command announced that it had “conducted precision airstrikes in Deir ez-Zor Syria” in order to “defend and protect U.S. forces from attacks like the ones on August 15 against U.S. personnel by Iran-backed groups.””The President gave the direction for these strikes pursuant to his Article II authority to protect and defend U.S. personnel by disrupting or deterring attacks by Iran-backed groups,” CENTCOM said.Iran has denied any link to the troops targeted in the airstrikes, up to ten of whom were reportedly killed.The US attack was followed by rocket attacks on US military positions in eastern Syria, injuring an unknown number of US troops, to which the US responded with an Apache helicopter assault on Syrian vehicles from which it claims the rockets were launched. Central Command claims “two or three suspected Iran-backed militants” were killed in the helicopter attack.Looks like a serious escalation in Syria:US airstrikes on Tuesday night provoked rocket attacks on US bases on Wednesday that wounded several US troops. The US responded by launching strikes from Apache helicopters that reportedly killed several people— Dave DeCamp (@DecampDave) August 24, 2022As of this writing it remains to be seen if this exchange of attacks will continue, but what’s crystal clear is who the aggressor is.”US claims to be in Syria to fight ISIS, but it rarely fights ISIS,” journalist Aaron Maté tweeted of the exchange. “It’s actually there to deny Syria its own oil and wheat, and to occasionally attack Syrians and their allies who defeated US-backed sectarian death squads in the dirty war.”What he says is completely true. The US is an occupying force who is there without the permission of the Syrian government, without having been attacked by Syria, and without any valid claim to be defending itself from anyone in Syria. The “Iran-backed” militias in Syria are operating with the full authorization of the Syrian government. The US has quite literally invaded a nation on the other side of the world, killed the people in that nation who don’t want them there, and then claimed self-defense in doing so.If I broke into my neighbor’s house to steal his things, and then murdered him when he tried to stop me or make me leave, it would look pretty ridiculous if I tried to plead self-defense. It would look even more ridiculous if anyone believed me.SCOOP: U.K. envoy praises Israeli airstrike campaign in Syria— Axios (@axios) August 24, 2022This comes at the same time as a report from Axios that the British special envoy to Syria had nothing but glowing things to say about the way Israel has been constantly bombing Syria for years:”The British special envoy for Syriatold Israeli officials during a visit to Jerusalem several weeks ago that the Israeli airstrike campaign against Iranian military targets is ‘probably the only thing that works in Syria,’ Israeli Foreign Ministry officials briefed on the meetings told Axios.””In recent years, Israel has launched hundreds of airstrikes in Syria,” writes Antiwar’s Dave DeCamp on the Axios report. “The Israelis say that the bombing campaign is to prevent Iran from becoming further entrenched in the country, but the strikes often kill Syrian troops and sometimes kill civilians and damage civilian infrastructure.””The US tacitly endorses the bombing campaign in Syria and reportedly coordinates some of the strikes,” adds DeCamp. “In June, The Wall Street Journal reported that Israel secretly coordinates the bombings with the US and that Washington has approved many Israeli airstrikes that were launched from areas near a US base in southern Syria.”1. Invade a country on the other side of the world
2. Kill the people in that country who don’t want you there
3. Claim your actions were self defense— Caitlin Johnstone (@caitoz) August 24, 2022So if you’re wondering why western liberals are all waving Syrian flags and loudly condemning the US and its allies for their criminal, murderous assault on a sovereign nation, that’s why.I am of course kidding; that is not happening. That sort of mainstream public outcry is reserved solely for the misdeeds of governments the US does not approve of, like the Russian invasion of Ukraine.Westerners are only encouraged to contemplate the horrors of war when it is someone else’s war. If it serves the strategic interests of the globe-spanning power structure loosely centralized around the United States, you can bomb your neighbor every week and it will barely make the news. You can even invade a country on the other side of the world and then claim you are defending yourself when they try to throw you out.”(-Caitlin Johnstone)

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“Yes, State Dept Ned Price had the nerve to say that UAE efforts at diplomacy with Iran will not succeed “unless Iran ends the nuclear crisis it has precipitated.” WTF??? Can someone remind him that the US caused the crisis by pulling out of the deal?” (-Medea Benjamin)

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(RIP) Steve Krass the singer was shot in the head and killed in 1996 outside Harpo’s night club 


Exit and Build Homesteading on a Budget Workshop – Live Free Academy


I met Stiv in the mid eighties when I was a runaway gutter urchin and he would lave a lasting influence on me and my songwriting and performance style and various crash n burn bands for the rest of my life.

   When Stiv was in Paris, doing that Whores Of Babylon, post Lords super group, trying to assemble the ultimate punk band with people like Johnny, Dee Dee, Neal X, Vom from Dr. and the Medics, Kris Dollimore from The Godfathers, etc., I was back in the Midwest assembling my own version of a super group with local dudes from five different high schools, all of whom were into some kind of punk, but not all of whom were as comfortable with the wayout Batcave-Blitz Kid-MindwarpSputnik inspired technicolored space-androgyny. Of course when we were growing up, all those overproduced eighties Iggy records appealed to me. Songs like “Winners And Losers” and “Cold Metal”, “Shades”, “Isolation” and especially, “Power & Freedom”. My dead catholic school best friend Mitch and I got to meet Iggy and Andy on that “Instinct” tour and Iggy was very, very kind to us, and made us laugh a lot, talking about how all these jocks and fratboys were only present in the alleyway behind the venues because they were drawn there by fame, not by any real love for rocknroll, that these mainstream autograph seekers were gonna show up for anybody who was famous, and that if they gave us a hard time for looking different or being working class weirdos or whatever, that he had experienced all the same kinda shit from their older brothers and parents growing up. It felt like he was on our side! I had handed Iggy a jar of peanut butter from the front row in homage to Stiv and he laughed and said he don’t do that no more. Iggy seemed to like us, feel for us, accepted us, understood us, we got very little of that from people in his approximate age group where we lived. Iggy took two beers outta Andy McCoy’s hands and gave them to us kids, me n Mitch, and Andy did not seem to like that very much. There was a kid with a disability who was dressed up like Andy that night and Andy asked him to give him his velvety gypsy vest and I thought it would have been much cooler had Andy given the kid some article, rather than taking something from him. We loved Andy’s art and style but Iggy was our idol because of how nice and genuine and down to to earth relatable he was. In the smalltown we came from, there was a much older, more experienced music snob, collector type who lurked around the mom n pop record store I worked at. I had been going to that shop since I was 12 or 13 and old hippie acidhead was teaching me and my metalhead friends about the blues, garage and psychedelia, and Stiff Records bands and Elvis Costello. The music snob lurker ended up being a pretty great musician who turned me on to the Gun Club and Fuzztones! Eventually, he replaced our skinhead drummer who abruptly quit the band to spend more time with a vampire chick I introduced him to the day after she took me to the graveyard to talk to me about Bauhaus and that “Lost Boys” movie with the high quality Echo and the Bunnymen and and INXS new wave soundtrack. 

   Once that older guy came in on drums, he started wielding a profound influence over my bassplayer and guitarist by offering to let them use his vintage amplifiers and guitars. He was an exceptional, hard hitting drummer from Van Wert who knew the Ashton Brothers personally, a fact he never let any of us forget even momentarily. I never found out if we even knew his real name or if it was just a stage name he had taken in honor of Dick Dale and Link Wray. He liked The Lords Of The New Church and Public Image Ltd. so we had that in common, but me and the other younger guitar player were still 18 and 19, we liked Guns N Roses and Billy Idol, whereas, he was a much older dude, so he was steeped in much older music, like the MC5, who we were all just discovering, so he kinda thought we were stupid smalltown Headbanger’s Ball hair farmers and some of that was true. Also, he was partial to The Stooges, and really did not like the Iggy albums we were all blasting back then. We actually tried to cover “Cry For Love” at some point but it never really caught fire with the lads. I just loved the lyrics-to me, lyrics were fuckin’ important, at least half the song, they had to make you see pictures in your mind and wanna singalong. I knew my lyrics were coming along back then, because everybody was always rippin’ em off. Bands who did not even like me would do our tunes and just not say who wrote them, I thought that was crazy as fuck. We were covering a couple of different Gun Club songs when the replacement drummer was in the band, but I had no idea there was a mutiny on the horizon. I wore heavy makeup and feather boas and shit, and had blue/black hair down to my skinny waist and all that was severely frowned upon at the old men lodges, where the drummer wanted to make money playing standard smalltown radio covers. We also all drank heavily back then, and I suppose some of that may have been perceived as somehow unique to me or whatever. I was brash and opinionated and not trying to really suck up to, or make friends with the righwing religious crazies, or popular kid bullies from the local high schools some of my peers seemed to crave acceptance from. We all worked for some gay yuppies at a glass store and I was a less reliable employee than some of the others, but really, that place was totally dysfunctional and almost everybody who worked there could go missing for days at a time, including one of the owners. I had about five or six different girlfriends at the time-I was 18 and I LIKED it, loved it, but that pissed off other males, and some people became jealous and adversarial behind my back, and eventually, they replaced me with a more conventional, mid west acceptable kendoll dude. In small towns, it is somehow, always a big shock, or scandal, for working class kids to dress wild, or attract girls from some more affluent neighborhoods, or have fun partying, but the hard and irrefutable fact was: all the rich white conservative yuppies and baseball capped, pickup truck driving dimwitted jocks drank and did drugs, too. Also, all their parents who are at the club or sports bar boozing it up right now, probably. First time I ever even HEARD of crack, it was these older capitalist rich people we knew. People were already invested in uncritically obeying the higherups of the rich social hierarchies, ya know, but I had no way of knowing how pig-media would steadily bamboozle and hoodwink even more of our peers into unconditionally worshipping billionaires and other evil people on tv. I never never never understood all these self proclaimed so called punks who think there is something wrong with song lyrics being of a political nature, or with songs used as social commentary, I never got when punk became about polishing your Doc Martin collection or having the most old stuff expensively framed in your big fuckin’ house.

   To me, punk was supposed to be rebellious, but as soon as grunge hit, I had all these other musicians and girlfriends saying my lyrics were too political. I never got that. Me and the loyalist guitar slinger relocated to the East Coast, big city, lookin’ for other bandmates, we were just hitting our stride as catchy, lyrical, original songwriters, and we met some older creeps who acted like they were gonna help manage or produce us, or help get us signed, but they were just hanging around to steal our songs and meet girls and shit. That’s what Iggy had warned us about when he sang, “the producer is wily and owns what he sells”. Beware the showbiz predators, plagiarizing parasites, more backstab mercenaries, energy vamps, and copyright hustlers. Everything I was doin’ back then, I had learned it all from Stiv Bators and Iggy Pop. When I met Cheetah Chrome and he assured me my voice reminded him of Stiv, I took it as high praise. I really feel strongly that the Real Rocknroll motherfuckers were always alot more sincere and kind and authentic than the dickheads who invaded our underground subculture after hours world during the nineties and onward. I love all those guys. When I heard the dork they replaced me with in my teenage band had been singing “Sonic Reducer”, I thought it was a crock of shit, cause that dweeby blonde kid was the opposite of a “Sonic Reducer”. I started to see a lot of that. Total fucking squares and Mom-approved got-mine haves from the hill, co opting the outcast underground rebellious rocknroll. Still kinda pisses me off when I see all the karaoke models and mainstreamers and squarehead screws from the mall puttin’ on all the poses and goin’ through the motions with no real soul, or pain or pathos, whatsoever. It started happenin’ with the grunge. All these jocks and nerdsy sweater vested college people. The Hot fuckin’ Topics with their fake as fuck corny little prep school hot rod bands.

“As long as Western white world sees itself as the “world,” the rest of us will continue to be threaten by it. Ukraine exposed the fact that there is a powerful “white lives matter more movement” that is galvanizing a cross-class European ethno-nationalism.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“It is not easy being someone who cares about the world and opposes the status quo. It’s a series of disheartening failures and crushing disappointments amid an endless deluge of information saying that everything is getting worse and worse.

The environment keeps degrading. Ruling power structures keep getting more and more controlling. Capitalism gets more and more imbalanced and exploitative. World powers get closer and closer to a mass military confrontation of unspeakable horror.

And what do we get when we try to oppose these things? Letdown after letdown. Politicians we support lose their elections, often after brazen interference from the very power structures we’d hoped they’d oppose. Political organizing breaks down in sectarian infighting. Activist leaders get caught up in sex scandals. Agendas we helped push for fizzle into impotence. Power wins time after time.

What passes for “the left” in the English-speaking world is basically either controlled opposition or a glorified online hobby group. Or both. The real left has been so successfully subverted by power that the mainstream public doesn’t even know what it is anymore; most think the left is either a mainstream political party that’s wholly owned and operated by the empire or a loose bunch of vaguely related ideas like having pink hair or saying your pronouns. The left really has been so successfully dismantled that it has almost been purged from memory.

Every time, at every turn, power wins and the people lose. After a while it starts to feel like you’re bashing your head against an immovable object. Some people fall down after a few hard bashes. Some don’t get back up again. Others keep bashing away, becoming harder and harder and more and more miserable and neurotic the longer they go at it.

And most people don’t even know any of this is happening, that’s what can really make it hard. You talk to your loved ones about what you’re seeing and they just get uncomfortable or look at you like you’re crazy. They don’t see the problems you’re pointing to because none of the places they’re getting their information from tell them it’s happening, because the powerful control those information sources.

As Terence McKenna put it, “The cost of sanity in this society is a certain level of alienation.” And as Marshall McLuhan put it, “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is a hallucinating idiot.”

And it sucks. No matter how you slice it, it sucks. It sucks watching this massive juggernaut slowly devour your world and see everyone’s attempts to stop it fail, and to have most people in your life not understand it or even see what it is you’re pointing to.

So what can you do? Is there a way to beat the bastards? Is there a way to stop the machine in its tracks and turn this thing around?

Well, no. Not right this moment anyway, and not by yourself. The machine’s far too big, far too entrenched, and its control over information systems means you’re not going to get help from other people in the numbers that you will need them. It’s just you and a few others against an entire globe-spanning power structure.

But that doesn’t mean you are powerless, and it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. It just means you’re not going to be single-handedly knocking out the bad guy and saving the world in some grand, ego-pleasing way like an action hero in some stupid Hollywood movie.

What you can do as an individual is cultivate a habit of committing small acts of sedition. Making little paper cuts in the flesh of the beast which add up over time. You can’t stop the machine by yourself, but you can sure as hell throw sand in its gears.

Giving a receptive listener some information about what’s going on in the world. Creating dissident media online. Graffiti with a powerful message. Amplifying an inconvenient voice. Sharing a disruptive idea. Supporting an unauthorized cause. Organizing toward forbidden ends. Distributing literature. Creating literature. Having authentic conversations about real things with anyone who can hear you.

Every day there’s something you can do. After you start pointing your creativity at cultivating this habit, you’ll surprise yourself with the innovative ideas you come up with. Even a well-placed meme or tweet can open a bunch of eyes to a reality they’d previously been closed to. Remember, they wouldn’t be working so frantically to restrict online speech if it didn’t pose a genuine threat to the empire.

People tend to overestimate how much they can accomplish in a day, but sorely underestimate how much they can accomplish over a span of several years. Finding little ways to undermine the oppression machine every day gradually adds up to hundreds of acts of defiance in a year, which after a few years becomes thousands.

Do this, and then relax. Don’t expect yourself to save the world on your own. You’re only human, and there’s only one of you. You can only do what you can do, and humanity will either make the leap into health or it won’t. Just exert influence over the things you can exert influence over, and outside that little sphere of influence you’ve got to let go and let be. Don’t put any unfair or unreasonable pressures on yourself.

Perpetrate regular small acts of sedition, and then surrender to whatever life brings. I personally see many reasons to hold out hope that we can bring that machine crashing down together one day.”

(-Cait Johnstone) 

W.E.B Du Bois was the first Black to earn a doctorate from Harvard University, one of the founders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, or NAACP, and the Niagara Movement, and one of the seminal scholars of American history, author of works such as The Souls of Black FolkThe Philadelphia Negro, his ethnographic survey of Black life that established the field of urban sociology and Black Reconstruction in America, a work that radically altered our understanding of the social and political struggles for democracy by Black Americans in the post-bellum South and which many consider the finest work of American history ever produced. He was as fearless as he was brilliant. He denounced accommodationists such as Booker T. Washington, thundered against Jim and Jane Crow and the reign of terror in the South with its segregation, race laws and lynch mobs, along with the evils of imperialism and colonialism and the inherent cruelty and injustices of capitalism. A supporter of the Russian Revolution and a socialist, he would be swept up in the anti-Communist witch hunts of the 1950s, becoming an outlaw in his own country, hauled into court at the age of 83 and barely escaping imprisonment. He left the United States in 1960 for Ghana to die in exile. Du Bois, like all great intellectuals, gave us the vocabulary to explain ourselves to ourselves. He rivaled, perhaps, only at the time by John Dewey, although Dewey lacked Du Bois’s understanding of the mechanics of empire and the dark machinations of white supremacy. We will today examine some of Du Bois’s fundamental ideas with his biographer Professor Gerald Horne, the Moores Professorship of History and African American Studies at The University of Houston.

 The Chris Hedges Report Podcast with Dr. Gerald Horne (

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Such is the gross mis-reporting of the Russia-Ukraine war — Patrick Lawrence is spot-on when he writes that it has ‘stupefied’ the public — that I am posting my film, ‘The War You Don’t See’ from 2010. This film will help explain why.



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Gunfire Dance, like Pillbox, were a little older than me and my friends and they totally had written better originals than we did back then! The other thing that was especially impressive though, is the unified gang front they had! I was still stuck in a situation where I was having to quarrel with people in my bands about stuff like, let’s not wear sweatpants, or shorts on stage, or in publicity photographs of the band. Gunfire Dance really had their image together, early on. I felt like they were an almost perfect band, really, they checked all boxes, straightaway for me! I still remember getting their early cassette demo tapes in the mail at my old band house on the edge of town and being so fucking excited that some other rockers were also making some original music more in the spirit of older rocknroll bands like The Damned and The Lords Of The New Church as opposed to all that corny factory made power ballads fluff metal the big corporations were mass producing and oversaturating us all with in the era of Europe and Winger and Warrant and Nelson and all that bullshit. Gunfire Dance had a lot of the same influences as me and my teenage goth gang, but they stuck together longer than we ever did-recorded, toured, came to Amurkkka and blew all the trust funded big city namebands out the back door. I loved the vocalist ANT (RIP) and felt zero competition with him though we were doing kindof a real similar thing- we got along fabulously and it was all love and solidarity, and brotherhood, also with Pillbox who they also partied with in NYC. We all loved the notorious Holiday Cocktail Lounge back then. I considered those bands and also, The Coma-tones, and Thee Hypnotics, as like, our soul brethren. Still do. It felt like we had a genuine rocknroll community of like minded rebel rockers and that we were all in it together! I wish I still had my little GUNFIRE DANCE lapel buttons I used to wear around on my newsboy caps! GUNFIRE DANCE and PILLBOX and THEE HYPNOTICS were three of the best bands I ever saw. All good and righteously right on blokey blokes, too! You know they just don’t make ’em like this no more! I wish they did. I’m only here to help. Let me know, if you know anybody lookin’ for a wild frontman. I’m lookin’ for a band of courageous glamarchists who aint afraid to say something, and also T Rex the shit out of it!

Gunfire Dance Limited Bundle LP + T shirt – Easy Action

I saw them more than any other band, one of the greatest real rock ‘n’ roll bands of the late eighties & nineties.” (-My friend Nick Fawkes)

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My old friends asked me to write some liner notes for their big badass boxset but I never obtained a copy of it, so I dunno if they used the liner notes I penned or not. If you know somebody who can hook me up with a copy of that boxset, or their documentary on dvd, I’d appreciate it.

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STIV: No Compromise No Regrets DVD

(-REVIEW by Moses Midnight)


1983 was the year we first formed our goth gang. We were dirty and sweet untamed youth, a loose collective of much hated misfits, new wave poseurs, Smash Hits magazine readers, and Baby Bowies, discovering new music and makeup and styling products, just kissing to be clever. The only thing more unforgivable than androgyny, in the macho midewestern culture of rigid conformity, non-stop violence, and sports competition was, poverty. We were condemned for both, from an early age. The Lords Of The New Church were outside of society sovereign kings unto themselves, and their songs taught us about history revisionism, propaganda, psy-ops, and the true nature of authentic rebellion. That post-apocalyptic poster that came with the first Lords record made an indelible impression upon our tortured little psyches. We knew there was no place for us in the fix-is-in mainstream world and that we’d eventually have to create our own subcultural kingdoms and take up residency in the bonfire light of no man’s sand. My old sidekick gave me my Dead Boys skull tattoo the year before he went to med-school. “Disconnected” is still my favorite record besides “Mystery City” and “Into The Valley Of the Dolls”. The Lords Of The New Church taught us to see through the smokescreens of goose-stepping totalitarianism, perverted religious zealotry, and controlled-media propaganda. They made us believe it was possible to create a new society away from the bigotry, hate, paranoia, and us versus them social control, programmed into us since birth, by the honky death machine. Everything Stiv warned us about in 1983-a dystopian police state, and Orwellian torture gulags, and endless war, has long since come true. Gimee some of that old time religion! “I’ll recruit a ragged army/why let your hatred scar me?” He was like a time travelling messenger from the future.

I was a sucker for all that lively and colorful MTV escapism-I loved it all-Boy George and Cyndi Lauper, Prince, Psychedelic Furs, and Flesh For Lulu, but when my space pirate new romantic icons Duran Duran started glamourizing the Reagan/Thatcher lifestyle of safaris and acquisition, cocktail parties on yachts with coked-out models and pink pastel Miami Vice suits, the Lords Of The New Church were already prophesizing about secret societies, totalitarian regimes, the deep state permanent government, and the one percent elite’s ominously secretive movements towards global slavery and corporate prison states; while pointing us towards a more righteous and free, alternative vision of truth and soul, steely-eyed clarity, and egalitarian values. While Bowie and George Michael were making big cash grab commercials for Diet Coke, the New Church were sermonizing that television is nothing but lies, the prison’s filled while the rich still rob, to be here now, throw-away youth you gotta make a stand, no one’s gonna help you but yourself, start your gang, etc. I answered his call. When many of my former peers were into RATT and Mötley Crüe, or grunge, or unreality tv lifestyle programming, I was a down in flames detention hall sonic reducer, already ready, anytime, ready to snap! A choirboy at the New Church. He informed my core values, entire belief system, and life’s work. Sometimes it’s felt like not enough people really heard the message. For a mighty long time, it felt like the congregation had dwindled to almost nothing. Most of my lunatic fringe dancing old friends are long dead. I mean, me, I’m still seething with sedition, my old lady’s anointed with wisdom, and my old fun hog, road buddy just wants to duck walk on the rubble of shock doctrine, shock and awe, imperial disaster capitalism, but very few gadget guided I-Phoners and rah-rah warpig consumerist zombies of rightwing Murkkka really seem to have any desire to open their eyes, anymore. Like I said, nearly every grim and dreary thing Stiv warned us about-the dystopian police state and military and prison industrial complex and Orwellian torture gulags and panopticon surveillance has all come true. There are brown babies in cages. Racist gestapo. Poison in the water. War all the time. Robot muzak. It is harrowing to behold. Most of my countrymen are too bamboozled by cable tv diversions and too busy Keeping Up With The Kardashians to even notice, let alone, give a fuck. Luckily, this crucial, must-have DVD, and some of his old pal’s various other projects have created a renewed interest in his music that is probably more important and meaningful now, than ever before. A whole new generation of black haired scarf wearers are discovering his always heartfelt and provocative and thoughtful songs. Stiv lives in the hearts of the musicians and outlaws, the artists and rastas and dreams.

The impeccable and sensitive film-maker, Danny Garcia shines through, once again, with a really lovely and poignant and often hilarious valentine to our beloved alley Bator. If you are anything like me, you will only wish it was a ten part series. I never get tired of hearing first hand Stiv anecdotes from his intimate apostles, loves, and collaborators. Many of my favorite rocknroll super heroes, like Ray Hanson, Neal X, Nicky Turner, Dave Tregunna, Frank Secich, Jimmy Zero, Cynthia Ross, Nina Antonia, and Eddy Best share unseen photographs, rare music, and intimate reflections about the King Of The Brats. If you ever loved the Stiv Bators band on Bomp!, Dead Boys, Wanderers, or Lords, you will want to own this dvd and watch it again and again. To my little crew of merry pranksters, lostboy mischief makers, and snotty glam kids, Stiv was like Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Bill Hicks and Joe Strummer rolled into one. Join The New Church!