“Julian Assange was kidnapped, tortured and is still in prison for revealing the war crimes committed by the United States. War is a multi trillion dollar industry that serves no one other than the rulers that lie us into supporting them.

So if we keep falling for their propaganda, they’ll gladly let us pay for, fight and die in them.” (-Black In The Empire)

Bill Hicks- We Live In A World – YouTube

Caitlin Johnstone: US Scrawls ‘Red Lines’ Over Globe (

Europeans staged huge anti-NATO protests prompting war in Ukraine – YouTube

Norfolk Southern Policy Lets Officials Order Crews to Ignore Safety Alerts (

Mick Wallace on Twitter: “Western Capitalism thrives on War – In 1950 American song writer Woody Guthrie said – “If we fix it so you can’t make money on a War, we’ll all forget what we’re killing folks for” – Most people do not support Russia’s War or #US #NATO Proxy War – Why is #EU promoting this War..?” / Twitter

“When journalists at corporate outlets lie to advance the Cause — “the Joe BIden reporting is Russian disinformation”; “COVID lab leak is a debunked conspiracy theory”; “Trump takes orders from Putin” — it actually *helps* their careers. “They’re even willing to lie for us!” Given how balkanized most corporate media is – where employees only speak to readers and viewers with the same partisan affiliation and ideology – the key attribute for success isn’t truth. Only prerequisite is saying anything to advance that side; if it’s lying, all the better.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

If the New York Times or anyone else thinks “liberty” needs to be “saved” in Ukraine, have they noticed Ukraine itself has imposed martial law, barred men from leaving the country, and consolidated state control of the media? Or are these considered liberty-enhancing measures now” (-Michael Tracey)

“Never in human history has it been more important to get a large, forceful antiwar movement going than it is right now. It’s really sad considering how many lives could have been saved if the USA government, corporate dictatorship and mainstream media had told the whole truth and nothing but the truth. They put their greed and interests first, as usual. ” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Bought Media pushing for more war. They won’t cover Peace rallies , but they can’t get enough of Pro-War rallies. #WarPigs” (-Jimmy Dore)

“I’ve never seen in the last 30 years anything like this. Superman isn’t coming. You know if your sick, you know if you smell something, You know if the water looks funny. You know how to become your own critical thinker. Don’t let what has happened here divide you” ( –@ErinBrockovich)

“EPA had to know when they were going to burn vinyl chloride that dioxin would be formed. It’s CRIMINAL that they didn’t come forward w/ that. It’s in some ways up to folks in this room & town to hold them accountable,” (-Steven Lester, science director Center for Health & Environmental Justice)

“There is no faster way to Peace than giving billions to Lockheed and Raytheon. I support whoever my Gov’t and the media tells me to without asking any questions and believe everything they say no matter how ridiculous, I’m an American. The U.S. Gov’t defines a terrorist as the ones that we aren’t paying. Taiwan take a look at Ukraine

You want to end up like that, because the U.S. wants to use you as pawns for their next proxy war, or work it out with China? Americans made the same mistake with Covid as they are with this war and that we always do.

Most of us seem to believe that the owners of our Gov’t aren’t evil and greedy enough to kill people for profit” (-Black In The Empire on point sarcasmatron)

Community Movement Builders on Twitter: “The Atlanta Police Foundation is building 5 houses exclusively for police while there are houseless people right next door. Make it make sense. #NoCopHousinginPittsburgh” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Fascist Israeli’s are involved in a mad assault on Palestinians and the White West says nothing. And you wonder why the global South wants Russia to win.” / Twitter

Mick Wallace on Twitter: “German Chancellor Scholz said there could be no Peace in Europe without Russia – First #Germany sent helmets to Ukraine, now they send Tanks to kill Russians – What has happened to Germany, the jewel of Europe….? I worry for Europe…” / Twitter

Ukraine 2023: Black Agenda Report Special Issue | Black Agenda Report

No2NATO: Former UK MP Chris Williamson on New Efforts To Free Britain From NATO (


[Video Avail.]”Rage Against the War Machine” Wash DC, Feb 19 – Boots on the Ground Report (

Status Coup News on Twitter: “LIVE: EPA LYING to East Palestine Residents, Erin Brockovich Town Hall Tonight w/ @JordanChariton LIVE NOW:” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”You can’t keep your eyes blinded to something to is this big of a problem in a small town community,” -John Williams, electromechanical engineer. Says dioxins can cause toxic shock syndrome, vaginal bleeding, miscarriages, cancer…” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”Dioxins once they are in the soil they don’t break down very easily…because they are big and heavy they tend to accumulate in certain pools and that includes sometimes inside of organisms [like fish you consume]” -Dr. Carla Ng, Professor University of Pittsburgh Civil and…” / Twitter


Status Coup News on Twitter: “#Breaking: @EPA Not Testing for DEADLY Dioxins in #EastPalestineOH After Train Explosion and Chemical Fire “It causes cancer, reproductive problems, immune problems, diabetes, the list goes on, and on, and on.” -Steven Lester, Science Director.” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “The media employees who spent the weeks before the 2020 election calling the materials about Joe Biden on Hunter Biden laptop “Russian disinformation” have never apologized or admitted error — literally none one of them — because their audience wants noble lies. Same here:” / Twitter

Zelensky Threatened w/ DEATH If He Negotiated With Russia! – YouTube

Issa Amro عيسى عمرو 🇵🇸 on Twitter: “Happening now: Israeli settlers are burning Palestinian houses, cars and shops in Huwarra near Nablus , Palestinians has no protections.” / Twitter

How US and Ukraine’s far-right made pro-peace Zelensky a ‘no peace’ president (

Paweł Wargan on Twitter: “Despite the wind and the snow, tens of thousands of people joined today’s anti-war protest in Berlin. Our demands were simple: deescalation, dialogue, and peace. Will the NATO warlords hear us?” / Twitter

“Every single “revolutionary” influencer who is still with the “democrat party” is actually the opposition posing as our allies.Because the democrat party is actually one party with Republicans and they all lean right, not left. They are liars, gaslighters and frauds!!!” (-Jory Micah)

“And now, having spent years spreading one outright lie after the next because their liberal audiences demanded it — even inventing new standards to air insane conspiracies (“improbable but true”) — they now insist you need them to protect you from “disinformation” by censoring. Just think about that. Why kind of “journalistic outlet” would air to millions of people an inflammatory claim they admit is **improbable** on the ground it “might be true?” Everything falls into that group.

But MSNBC and NYMag did it because they knew their audience wanted it.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“The Progressive Caucus is fully onboard with war and obediently calling it unprovoked.” (-David Swanson)

“Biden isn’t going to East Palestine, because he thinks it’s the place where he’s funding apartheid. Dear World,

Stop dying for the U.S. Gov’t, they’re really not that into you. As long as the United States has weapons to sell and Ukraine provides soldiers to die, America will try to keep this war going while they feed our citizens the same old freedom and democracy line they use whenever they’re killing or getting people killed. You don’t have to hate Russia or China because the people who rip us off and lie to us everyday tell us to.” (-Black In The Empire)


I had posters of her as a kid, I love all of ’em-Vanity, SUSAN MOONSIE!!, Brenda, the Time, Dez, Andre, Wendy & Lisa, Jill Jones, Susannah, the Revolution, the Family, all that, but particularly: Dirty Mind, Controversy, and 1999. I love the Prince new wave era way, way better than the jazzy stuff with all the horns and Claire Fischer strings and “ON THE ONE!” 12 piece funk revues with the dancers and “Cat we need you to rap” hip-hop influenced stuff he did later. What could be more thrilling than Apollonia having a podcast and interviewing Susannah and Dez, etc., etc.????!!!!

Apollonia Studio 6- S2 Premiere / E 1- Apollonia 6 Reunited- pt. 1 – YouTube

Apollonia Studio 6 / Season 1- Episode 15- Susannah Melvoin – YouTube

Apollonia Studio 6- Susannah Melvoin- Under The Cherry Moon & The Proposal – YouTube

Apollonia Studio 6- Jill Jones Tells the Story of Recording “Lady Cab Driver” with Prince! – YouTube

Apollonia Studio 6 – Season 2 Preview- Apollonia 6 REUNITED!!! – YouTube

Apollonia Studio 6- S1 Finale / Ep 16 – Susannah Melvoin pt. 2 – YouTube

Apollonia Studio 6- Season 1 / Episode 5- André Cymone – YouTube

Apollonia Studio 6-The Last Time We Saw Prince with “Extras” Footage with Apollonia 6 – YouTube

Apollonia 6 – Sex Shooter (Official Music Video HD) – YouTube


80’s punk was different than this get rich quick, brand builder, bruncheon bullshit they’ve had since Green Day and Warped Fest. Bands were deliberately shocking and offensive, inflammatory, confrontational, and provocative with band names like The Dicks, Reagan Youth, Millions Of Dead Cops, Circle Jerks, Jodie Foster’s Army, Dayglo Abortions, Revolting Cocks, Crucifucks, Anal Cunt, Suicidal Tendencies, Butthole Surfers, Jon Cougar Concentration Camp, and Dead Kennedys. They were almost all anti-fascist, anti governmenet, anti-war, anti-censorship, anti-corporations, til Nirvana made shit tons of money crossing over into the monopoly dictated so called mainstream. Now you could not put out records like “Government Flu” without being cancelled by big tech, woke-spooks, and their Navel Studies Special Feelings Just US brigades. Gov. Jesse Ventura a former Navy seal believes that John lennon’s assassin was an MK Ultra programmed inside job hitman deployed to silence Lennon’s anti war messaging in the Reagan/Bush era but university indoctrinated people have been taught that is just some crazy X Files and Men In Black “conspiracy stuff”. can’t happen here, not in the good ole USA! Back in th day, it seemed like ALL the punks tended to be critcal thinkers on some level, because it was not available in the mall, you know, you really had to be committed, you had to have some skin in the game to wear even a Misfits or Cramps t shirt in public back then. Any deviation from the hut two big truck vroom vroom football program was usually met with violence and expulsion. So the punks were the people who thought outside the handed down Pilgrims, Cherry Tree, Honest Abe, John Wayne scripts. Even the tough guy male bonding hardcore guys I wouldn’t wanna hang around with back then, knew sucking up to the power aint where it’s at and recognized basic facts like how George Bush fucked over Carter with his hostages for guns backroom double dealings, Olie North was a crooked guns and black ops smuggler, something was fuckedup about how Hinckley was a Bush cousin who is now free and playing music for like sicko Netflix Gacey ghouls. Think about it: had his assassination attempt been successful, who would have taken over the oval office right that minute? Bill Hicks was my age, he knew something was rotten and fuckedup and we weren’t being told the truth about JFK and WACO. Now people who like to do the crossword in the Sunday Times tell me straight to my face the tv and newspaper of record can not lie, though that’s about all they’ve done since 9/11 and that is easily demonstratable, proven with a two minute googl, they lied about everything since 9/11 but especially these past four years, Russiagate, Fauchi, the Flint coverup and  they were promoting top down pentagon preferred narratives and any celebrity who likes their cozy job in pig-media was trotted out to help advance Nato’s wars for empire, they lie about Yemen everyday.Some rightwinger told me Sonny Bono wanted to investigate “what went wrong” at WACO but oops, skiing accident, right? Media never mentions him anymore so you’ve probably never heard of him, but US Senator Paul Wellstone the self proclaimed “Democratic wing of the Democrat Party”,was warned by Dick Cheney that he better vote for Iraq war funding, or else, and he ended up getting or elsed, you know, just coincidentally, by happenstance, whoopsy daisy, in a small plane accident. JFK Jr. would have become senator instead of Hillary had he not also been “or elsed” after publishing a political magazine rumored to have been revealing the name of his father’s killer. Hunter S. Thompson thought the whole 9/11 narrative was bullshit and said so, told his friends in canada that “they are going to make it look like a suicide”, before dying while on the phone with his wife who he told needed to return from the gym to help his sports column. Seymour Hersh was blacklisted from corporate media for saying the Bin Ladin hit story was a lie. That whole Danger Room Avengers shot was pure theater. They weren’t really watching nothin’ in real time. “Actors, after all, are only acting”. In the timeless words of Lords Of The New Church. “The acting’s lousy but the blind don’t know. Obama pretending to drink the Flint water. The corporate media has lied about everything, at least since 9/11. Brooks Brothers Riot, they said. hanging chads, they told us. Nader’s Fault. Cavemen with boxcutters. Three buildings with two planes. The oil spill in the gulf was marked safe. Obama and family did a photo op. “Swimming” in the gulf. “The acting’s lousy but the blind don’t know.”

 If you talk to tv people, they dunno about Building #7, there is no mention of it at the Ground Zero museum tourist trap. Like it never existed. Who’s Paul Wellstone? Like he never existed? Strummer made a big comeback was goin’ on david Letterman singing songs about Martin Luther King, but oops, drops dead just suddenly at fifty, heart attack. Very much like when Lennon was killed by a lone gunman after returning to the public eye. It’s overwhelming to consider all the scientists, truth tellers, artists nd entertainers who’ve droppd dead just suddenly in recent years. Now it’s athletes and kids having heart attacks and the tv and NY Times say it’s just always been that way, or that they should’ve gottent that fourth Monkeypox booster. So much proof we were lied to about Seth Rich. Where’s HIS computer. Michael Hastings told friends he was onto a big story, was worried about somebody fucking with his car. Died in an outta control ball of fire the next day. The guy who leaked the Vault 7 stuff about remote control assassinations to Wikileaks is in the gulag and the tv and NY Times has said he is a very bad man. Aaron Swartz was another whistle blower who got suicided. Consumers of controlled media are oblivious to all of it, they see no evil, that’s all just “conspiracy theories” they repeat. The whole big tech and government co-conspiring to coverup Hunter Biden business before a big election where the candidate never campaigned except when he told that union guy in Michigan, “I don’t work for you!” and promised the Goldman sachs bigwigs, “Nothing Will Change”. So yeah I aint mad at no conservatives who are wrong about everything and babbling about how Obama is a radical socialist cause I know they’ve been lied to all their lives. Same with the self conratulayting shitlibs who don’t know anything about what’s going on but believe the Squad and Pelosi are “The Resistance”. I’ll tell you what’s fucked up. When old 80’s punks get in line and uncritically parrot whatever the tv tells ’em. I remember when everybody had KILLYOUR TV stickers on their amps and guitar cases. Nothing like these teleprompter reading, J. Edgar Hoover lovin’, bullshit obedience signaling, cancel culture, topdown narrative obeyers like we got now. I mean, as a partier, I was not into the preppie handbook cargo shorts DC hardcore bands, but even they seemed more rebellious and aware and anti capitalist greedhead than any of the asskiss faux punk bands we’ve had in recent decades. Sniveling college types trying to cancel UK Subs. Are you kidding me, man? Identify your real oppressor and you’ll stop punching down. HINT: It’s not the people with less property, education, or healthcare than you. It aint blue collar fols who were poisoned by Blackrock owned Norfolk Southern setting a train load of toxic chemicals on fire, as if that’s just natural and everyday stuff you do, or blue collar folks who were poisoned by the government in Flint. Don’t drink the Obama Water.

Did the CIA kill Michael Hastings? WikiLeaks release says vehicles targeted in ‘undetectable’ hits | — Australia’s leading news site

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“Wellstone: They Killed Him” – YouTube

Wellstone: They Killed Him : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

A 9/11 Conspiracy Theory Explained in 5 Minutes by James Corbett (Classic) – YouTube

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Corporate outlets invented previously unthinkable journalistic practices to enable them to spread lies with plausible deniability. After @jonathanchait published a NY Mag *cover story* speculating Trump was a Russian agent since 1987, Chris Hayes aired the story with this label:” / Twitter on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Jory Micah on Twitter: “The USA Government couldn’t have people going around talking about creating real democracy.” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “As reported below, @BrianStelter this week vehemently denied CNN ever said the materials about Joe Biden on the laptop were “Russian disinformation,” and thus had nothing to explain. Watch this CNN segment 2 weeks before the election and see for yourself:” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Even if Stelter’s defense weren’t factually false — we never said *for sure* it was Russian disinformation, just that it might be, that would still require retraction once you learn it’s false. But the above-video shows they want *way* beyond that:” / Twitter

Is The U.S. REALLY Pulling Out Of SYRIA? – YouTube

mirah on Twitter: “reading the un special rapporteur’s report on the impact of unilateral sanctions on syria and it is so depressing. the west preaches about human rights while making it certain the most vulnerable groups will experience the deepest suffering from sanctions” / Twitter

Michael Tracey on Twitter: “In October 2005, Donald Rumsfeld attended a meeting in Lithuania with the Defense Minister of Ukraine and vowed US support for Ukraine joining NATO. Take a wild guess who he was accompanied by. You’ll never believe it. That’s right, Victoria Nuland” / Twitter

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “Fact checkers denounced me for promoting “vaccine misinformation” when I pointed out Fauci’s agency owned Moderna patent + stood to make half a billion $ from jab Fauci developed in his lab, exempted from viable safety testing and liability and then forced…” / Twitter

Reporter Seymour Hersh on “How America Took Out the Nord Stream Pipeline”: Exclusive TV Interview – YouTube

Seymour Hersh, “The Killing of Osama Bin Laden” – YouTube

Lords Of The New Church – Open Your Eyes – YouTube


    Nobody seems to notice how all the different tv and radio stations that give is an illusion of media diversity are all using the exact same AI lexicon to advance the preferred narratives of their corporate owners and donors. All the politicians use the same programmed lingo to justify always more wars, and more billion dollar giveaways to the military industrial complex for more wars while our citizens are sick, homeless, or dying suddenly, always under cover of supposedly “liberating” a people, when they all know those people will just be slaughtered in sacrifice zones just like in Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, and Afghanistan. I heard yesterday that they’ve spent more money on the Ukraine war already than they did the entire occupation of Afghanistan for control of the lithium and opium and the slow bleed Russia. Now people like AOC are helping manufacture consent for Israel’s war on Iran by reciting the now standard bullshit propaganda that it will be a precision strike preemptive war that’s woke and classy and safe and effective-another humane intervention to liberate the Iranian or Chinese or Russian gay people and feminists, like they did in Libya and Syria, etc., etc.. That’s what Laura Bush and Oprah told the stay at home moms during the war on Iraq. Always at war for women’s rights and LGBTQ being oppressed by some other culture, right? “Mad Dictator Uses Chemical Weapons”. Spreading democracy and freedom, like when they used white helmets propaganda to steal the lower third of Syria. Textbook song n dance, works everytime, all the chickenhawks say it’s okey dokey cause Obama. Now, we see a gigantic chemical catastrophe being swept under the rug by the captured regulatory agencies and media whores and politicians who all work for Blackrock. Shitlibs never ask themselves WHY the Norfolk Southern train company just mysteriously decided that if a train drives through three different heat sensors and jumps the track, that it makes no sense to controlled-burn all the chemicals inside permanently poisoning the ecosystems in that part of the country where they wanna mine for cobalt and get rid of all those organic farms and dispalce all those Amish people who stand in the way of WEF progress, while corporate media and bought and paid for politicians and industry captured regulatory agencies all insist it’s all safe and scientific and safepace sensitive, even while all the real people in the community are sick, leaving in droves, and begging pig-media to care about their plight, but when just 4 monopolies control the entire media, all you’re gonna hear is it’s safe, and locals just need to get more monkeypox boosters for science and let’s get back to our regularly scheduled culture war divisions. What about all the manufactured pop whore controversies? What about Qshaman? Him and that no good Sedition Panda “STORMED THE CAPITAL”, It was an “INSURRECTION, INSURRECTION, INSURRECTION, in the SACRED HALLS OF DEMOCRACY where the lobbyists go to bribe the politicians and hand them their ALEC-AIPAC-MIC-WEF-CFR-BILL GATES penned legislature. Some conservative voters not believing the election results was obviously, THE WORST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED IN HUMAN HISTORY! Dang that dastardly Qshaman! That Sedition Panda and the redenck who messed up some envelopes on HRSH Pelosi’s desk are possibly even worse than standup comics who tell jokes you find offensive. Sadly, people really do fall for all these batshit narratives. I know shitlibs who say Murkkka was attacked by Muslims who hated us for our freedom. How many times did big 5 mockingbird media insist Obama was ending a war that he never really ended? “End to all combat operations”, “drawing down the troops”, they said, while always building permanent bases, and installing permanent, corporate mercenary secret armies and moderate-rebel puppet governments friendly to Big Oil or Big Pharma interests. All the shitlibs forever praising John McCain and Madeline Albright, now, they got Bono and Ellen and all the corrupt DNC hacks heaping forever praises on the Bush/Cheneys. Wow, man. ya know? I tried to spell it out for one of my songwriter heroes, but he was married. Wife loved Hillary, said it was “her Turn” and our democracy was hacked by trolls on facebook from “RUSSIA!” posting Buff Bernie memes, and Bernie’s a sexist, they siad, and Bernie bros are sexist. I’m so sick of tv propaganda, sick of war, sick of greedy assholes targeting populations for displacement, extinction, or mass incaceration, ruthlessly gouging and saying “Blame Putin”, or always pivoting back to sacred cow special class bullshit hurt feelings culture war garbage. I read about how they are wiping unwoke lingo from old Bond paperbacks. I’m baffled by these people who all safesspace celebrate burning books. Cause war media told them Russia attacked Zelensky unprovoked for just no reason at all other than he is a madman dictator and cause he hated the post-coup Ukraine’s freedom and sovereignty. 

 I try talking to middle class people about the gentrification rent and grocery store woes, and how the family doctor had a stroke in his forties after a certain procedure, and there aint no disinfectant available at the smalltown hospital in the restrooms and how I hate any family members having to go there when it’s so fucked up and corrupt, or how I had to quit eating like half the foods I used to be able to afford after they were doubled since Gropey Joe took office, but they just change the subject back to their Starbellied Sneetch feelings about their childhood traumas I am not responsible for, or thirdhand programmed outrage du juor, like their ongoing media induced twitter anger at some comedians, or JK Rowling or Joe Rogan, or “Sedition Panda” or “Qshaman”, or shit like that. All feels like manufactured hoopla and preassigned puppet heroes and psy op villains and I am real skeptical now about anything they tell me on tv. I’m kinda giving up on the college brainwashed, special safespace, extra privilege identity haves. I can’t reach ’em. They defend Dick Cheney and W and Obama and Biden, ya know? They trust Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos and Hillary Clinton and Elon Musk. They repeat things they heard a White House spokesperson say.  Not me, Jack. Everything stays closed on Mondays in desolate, disintegrating ghost towns ravaged by years of neglect and extreme winds. When my disabled teenager is having struggles, so are his mom and I. I was able to watch that documentary about how the Nixon admin tried to use Johnny Cash for pro war propaganda purposes but it ended up backfiring cause Cash was not stupid or evil. Man I miss artists and songwriters with the integrity and soulpower of Cash. They filled his video up with illuminati celebs doing the one eye sign. Nina Simone said her idea of freedom was absence of fear. I don’t know any free people, anymore. Everybody I know is having health problems, are mourning sudden deaths, are experiencing intense anxiety over superinflation and housing instability, none of us poor people feel free at all. AND we are the ones who get that extra scrutiny from The Man. Bush disbanded all the white collar crime police forces, way back when. The loss prevention screws always give longhairs the aggressive hospitality business and so the uniforms and Gentrification Karyns calling 911 to report outdoor cigartette smokers. ESPECIALLY if we are pedestrians or fail to present as sufficiently middle class. We are among the vast majority of Murkkkans who are up shit creek if we have any health setbacks or car problems and we do. I tried to get into that SPARKS movie cause so many of my older friends and new wave idols always seemed to love them, but Honestly, I still don’t get it. Lyrical concerns are too try hard clever, clever, I have no sense of humor, I don’t like singer’s voice, so it always feels too Weird Al or They Might Be Giants, pointlessly absurd to me, but ya know I like all kindsa shit that most of my record store friends absolutely detest. I do love, “COOL PLACES”, but that’s because of JANE WIEDLIN. I love her. Have since I was a kid in Lexington, Kentucky. 

Sparks with Jane Wiedlin – Cool Places (Official Video) – YouTube

Liberals Are Not The Left 🇵🇸 on Twitter: “I’m convinced today’s 🇺🇦 liberals would support George Bush’s Iraq war crime” / Twitter

Friedrich ☭ on Twitter: “This is why I’m skeptical of the west’s wild claims of human rights abuses in countries the west considers enemies. Very often these claims turn out to be exaggerated, false, and/or part of an effort to sell war and conflict to the public who have no appetite for it.” / Twitter

Jory Micah on Twitter: “This is what they fear the most.” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “How long before Rolling Stone Runs headline: “Woody Harrelson is a Racist”. This is how bought media smears someone cuz they told truth about their biggest advertiser. You’ve been lied to about Covid on a level your brain can’t comprehend.” / Twitter

Ralph Nader, Seymour Hersh and Mickey Huff: The Nord Stream Pipeline + Censorship in the Press – Dandelion Salad (

Treebeard/Psycryptik on Twitter: “I’d like to point out that anybody who said this 2-3 years ago was called a “conspiracy theorist” disrespectfully. NEVER TRUST THE GOVERNMENT.″ / Twitter

Keawe Wong 凯王 on Twitter: “”They are going to fight to the last man in Taiwan.” – Senator Graham Garland Nixon’s tweet is a dire warning, not a joke. Psychopathic US ruling elites are preparing to unleash hell on the island. Biden is 100% aware of it.” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “🧵ALARMING: The EPA says #EastPalestineOH’s air & water are safe, but its NOT testing for dioxins—”one of them is the most toxic chemical ever tested in the U.S.” -science director Steven Lester Dioxins cause cancer, reproductive/developmental/immune problems, diabetes, etc…” / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “provides a false & dangerous sense of security and closure to a story–giving people and news consumers the false impression that the story is resolved or things have gotten better in East Palestine (or Flint). Meanwhile, residents continue to get sicker, medical bills PILE UP…” / Twitter

Activist Erin Brockovich Leads East Palestine Residents in Town Hall Meeting (

johndissed on Twitter: “Another hospital execution. Nice one. ‘merkuh, fuck yeah!” / Twitter

Seymour Hersh on Torture at Abu Ghraib & Secret U.S. Assassination Programs – YouTube

Woody Tells the Truth On SNL (


Summa their stuff still seems a bit silly and certainly lacking in the lyrical department, ya know, like David Lee Roth without the brains would be an entirely different kinda animal, but jamming to summa their old shit on youtube can take me back to the high school years of Spud Mackenzie and weedly guitars, high pitched vocals and serious bleach jobs. I’ve warmed up to some of the spandex hairbands I used to kinda shrug off, I mean none of it’s great poetry, but are D’Molls any dumber than Bang Tango or Ratt or Pretty Boy Floyd or Quiet Riot? I dunno, man. “ALRITE! COME ON! COME ON ALRITE! WHOO!”  Probably a bit better than say Slaughter or Nelson or some shit. I don’t really keep in touch with very many of my old metalhead friends, at least not the ones who grew up beside me, reading “FACES ROCKS”, “CIRCUS”, “HIT PARADER”, “CREEM”, and “RIP” magazines. I don’t even know what happened to most of ’em. I did some internet sleuthing yesterday and did note how some of them really have become very invested in adult identities and important careers, and if that is your thing, it’s your thing. It aint me, babe. I still got old magazine pinups all over my walls and am in negotiations to commence work on my newest Gun Club-Cramps-Suicide-Birthday Party influenced electrotrash goth band. One group my old cronies were always on about was Chicago glamsters, D’MOLLS-guitsling SS Priest had previously played in Diamond Rexx who my old backpatched denim, demon ringed, heavy metal parking lot stoner-dude-bro liked as well, SS joined forces with Maybe It’s Maybelline pink blouses, Desi Rexx, Billy Dior, and Lizzy Valentine and made their way out to the Sunset Strip to try to secure a record deal which is what we did, back then, only i was about five years too late, and some have said nowhere nears high screechy enough. D’Molls signed to Atlantic and had an MTV tune called “777” but the song was not that strong, so the record never sold so that was that. Prior to D’Molls, Dior had played in CC’s old band, Screamin’ Mimis and sued Poison for “Talk Dirty To Me” and was awarded a settlement and a co credit. Since the hair metal glory days, Dior has gone on to publish his memoirs like we do, only my former wouldbe publisher ghosted me when she met so many other hoodlum divebar gutter poet hasbeens with the same old rags to rags story as mine with better tattoos and/or a gone straight and got a job and a vintage car/record deal/ tattoo shop happy ending. I’m not a real big hair metal dude, but I liked D’Molls better than Tuff or Roxx Gang. Now, that I’m old and can not stand the bullshit they play on the controlled airwaves nowadays, I’m going back and rediscovering summa the old eighties, also-ran bands. In the words of “D’Molls, “you can run away if you want to, but you can’t escape the past…” I remember thinking they were you know, too spandex corny, when I was a kid with decidedly more post-punk and new waveish tendencies, but now, I think they were approximately as good as Skid Row or Poison, not counting those band’s two biggest hits, some of their stuff sounds just like the Crue, really. They were good at what they did, are probably still entertaining to see in some skuzzy bar overcrowded with bleached blonde fifty somethings. Just not what I’m lookin’ for ultimately.

D’Molls – 7-7-7 (Official Video)(1988) Remastered HQ Audio – YouTube

D’Molls – Father Time – YouTube

Dressed to Thrill – YouTube

D’Molls – Supersonic (1988) in Glam HD – YouTube

D’Molls – All Night Long – YouTube

D’Street Team (D’Molls Official Street Team) ( Customer reviews: Beat Me 'Til I'm Famous.

Billy McCarthy of D’Molls: “Winger are lowlifes” – Metal Sludge

D’Molls Store: Official Merch & Vinyl (


Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “During his recent UN address, Ray McGovern mentioned the German state persecution of Heinrich Bücker for publicly denouncing Berlin’s support for Ukrainian neo-Nazis like the Azov Regiment. Bücker faces 40 days in prison for his factual statement.” / Twitter

Joe Allen on Twitter: “Meghan O’Gieblyn: “All the eternal questions have become engineering questions. … What makes transhumanism so compelling is that it promises to restore through science the transcendent—and essentially religious—hopes that science itself obliterated.”” / Twitter

Jan Jekielek on Twitter: “Woody Harrelson’s SNL monologue—the whole thing—is quite fascinating. Obviously establishment—approved. I imagine serious tools are being employed to monitor the reaction. For those unaware of the context, here’s the unexpected line (towards the end of the…” / Twitter

‘I Am Disturbed’: Locals Alarmed Over Plan to Inject Toxic Ohio Wastewater Underground in Texas (

Jordan on Twitter: “That coverup is a mixture of government, media, and in the case of East Palestine, the corporate (Norfolk Southern), pushing forward flawed testing in order to provide the “all clear” sign and sweep things under the rug. The void of media coverage—particularly ON-THE-GROUND…” / Twitter

Nicholas Manurung on Twitter: “A classic clip of Mike Gravel calling Biden, Obama, and Hillary warmongers right to their faces in 2008. #RageAgainstWarMachine” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “This makes me so happy. Thank you, London!!! #RageAgainstWar #No2Nato #FreeAssange” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “A 2/25 rally in Berlin led by Left Party’s Sahra Wagenknecht brought tens of thousands of Germans together in support of a peace manifesto signed by 670,000 people “We don’t want German tanks firing on the great-grandchildren of Russian women and men!”” / Twitter

Thomas Fazi on Twitter: “My opening speech at yesterday’s @unherd debate on Ukraine. It’s time to end this war that is only benefiting the US military-industrial complex and corporate-financial interests while laying waste to Ukraine, destabilising Europe and plunging millions of European into poverty.” / Twitter

Muhammad Shehada on Twitter: “Unreal! #Israeli settlers are jubilantly dancing & celebrating their deadly pogrom on Huwara, where they killed a Palestinian, wounded over 100, burned down 15 homes, dozens of cars, shops & farms under the full protection of the IDF! There’s been ZERO arrests against settlers!” / Twitter

John McAfee had ‘WHACKD’ tattoo and once said if he was ever found dead in ‘suicide’ he ‘DIDN’T kill himself’ | The US Sun (

” It’s joined at the hip in the triple evil of militarism, racism & materialism. That’s why the crisis of empire is inseparable from the crisis of racial & economic inequality & the crisis of democracy that allows our policies to be bought & paid for by the highest bidders. On each of these crises – militarism, racism & materialism – we’ve hit the breaking point. For that reason & for the practical matter of achieving critical mass – we need a broad movement for peace, justice and democracy in order to dismantle the war machine.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“Africa opposes sanctions on Russia.

Asia opposes sanctions on Russia. Latin America opposes sanctions on Russia. Only the Collective West, less than 15 percent of the world’s population, is willing to sink their economies for the U.S.’s war.” (-Danny Haiphong)

To centrists who’ve become fascists, everyone else looks like a Nazi.” (-Jeff Wells)

“The only reason our votes matter to them is because if they can get us to believe we had a choice they can keep their con going. We do not have a choice. Voting is useless in effecting change. All it is is us giving our power away.

There is NO SOLUTION but REVOLUTION!!! Trump and Biden are on the same team. The corporate dictatorship’s team. Everything they do is theater for that dictatorship. What’s not to understand?” (-Jory Micah)

Jory Micah on Twitter: “This woman makes $30,000 a day to gaslight Americans. #warmonger” / Twitter

Clare Daly on Twitter: “Technical fixes for EU elections do not address the biggest problem facing European democracy. Neoliberalism is enshrined in the treaties. People do not believe the institutions represent them. Unless we go back to basics, and bottom up democracy, we are codding ourselves.” / Twitter

Mick Wallace on Twitter: “RePower EU is further fueling the #EU’s dependence on imported Fossil Fuels – We are throwing money + Contracts at Fracking in the US + making export attractive in Qatar + Nigeria. Exempting New Oil and Gas infrastructure from the ‘Do no significant Harm’ Principle is madness…” / Twitter

Daniel Fooks on Twitter: “The Say No to Nato event in London yesterday was excellent! I was impressed with all the speeches. 20 years ago this would have been mainstream Left Wing opinion Odd that Labour Left and Stop the War crowd seem to have lost sight of who the real bad guys are! Say No 2 Nato!” / Twitter

Bill Hicks – Drugs – YouTube

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Featuring some very valuable on-the-ground coverage of Greece’s anti-NATO protests over the past few months, and interviews with leaders of the massive Czech antiwar protests by @stavroulapabst” / Twitter


were a Dutch goth band one of my dearest old friends was into way back when we were teenagers, I always liked ’em well enough but have only really been digging into their catalog lately I suppose because I’ve been thinking about old friends like that one and also looking for some more intelligent and emotional music cause I’m so burntout on all the usual shite and the new stuff just insults one’s common sense-all that Nikki Minaj and XXXTempacion and Pink 182 stuff aint for me. I don’t even know what darkwave MEANS, we just called it goth, or sometimes death rock back in my day sonny, but I do remember the NME and Melody maker trying to label some of those bands like Southern Death Cult, Spear Of Destiny and the Skids as “positive punk” back then? Xymox has released nearly twenty records since they were referred to by my Ft. Wayne friends as “ethereal” when they were on 4:AD, they have a worldwide cult following of course, legions of fans all over, but I’ve just recently been appreciating them more deeply. I kinda doubt that me and them are particularly aligned politically but I sure do love their music. My brother in law’s from Holland and like me, he is a big Mink Deville enthusiast.

CLAN OF XYMOX – The Great Reset (Official Video) – YouTube

Clan Of Xymox – Vixen In Disguise (Official Video) – YouTube

CLAN OF XYMOX – Big Brother (Official Video) – YouTube

Clan Of Xymox – Loneliness (Official Video) – YouTube

Clan Of Xymox – Live in Concert – Castle Party 2010 – 01:18:09 [ Castle Party, Bolkow Poland ] – YouTube

CLAN OF XYMOX – Limbo (Official Video) – YouTube

CLAN OF XYMOX – She (Official Video) – YouTube

CLAN OF XYMOX – Lovers (Official Video) – YouTube

Clan Of Xymox – All I Ever Know (live 2.10.2021 Gdańsk) – YouTube

Clan Of Xymox – Obsession (live @ NCN 14 07.09.2019) – YouTube

Jason Bassler on Twitter: “Scientists estimate 500,000 of methane was released into the atmosphere. This was one of the most egregious environmental disasters in our lifetime and hardly anyone has said a word about it.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Instead of the squad or another Anti-war democrat, Matt Gaetz, a right-wing republican floats a bill calling for reversal of the illegal U.S. occupation of Syria! Now for simple-minded democrats & corrupted left, support for continued occupation of Syria becomes new cause.” / Twitter

‘Biden and Yellen Should Be Ashamed’: US Picks Ex-Wall Street Executive to Lead World Bank (

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “#FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

sarah on Twitter: “BREAKING: Israeli settlers are burning Palestinian houses, cars, shops and olive trees in the town of Huwwara, near the city of Nablus. More than 100 Palestinians were wounded so far. Where is the global outrage?” / Twitter

Jory Micah on Twitter: ““You didn’t vote for my team so I hope you die from the chemicals in the air and water.” -neoliberals 🤦🏻‍♀️ #OhioTrainDisaster” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “I have seen this with my own eyes. Our Black delegation was attacked & gassed by these representatives of the only democracy in the so-called Middle East. We understand why racist settlers in the U.S. support racist settlers in Palestine.” / Twitter

Canada Criminalizes Dissent – Activist Post

sarah on Twitter: “Why is Western media ignoring the anti-war protests happening in London (and Berlin) against sending weapons to Ukraine?” / Twitter

☮️🕉Anarcho-Refusenik ☯️ Surrender to the mystery on Twitter: “Americans are the most propagandized population on earth, and most of them don’t even realize it.” / Twitter

The Perpetual Shadow Band 🏴‍☠️ on Twitter: “The article starts off, “Woody Harrelson under fire for making unhinged conspiracy fueled joke about Covid.” But nothing he said was a lie, and the fact that it’s being made into a thing, only strengthens his case.” / Twitter

“We’re Dying Slowly”: East Palestine Residents Report Bizarre Health Issues After Toxic Train Derailment – Activist Post

More Perfect Union on Twitter: “While Trump was doing photo-ops in East Palestine last week, we were talking to his supporters in town about Norfolk Southern with @heyjohnrussell. Turns out they want more government action to hold corporations accountable, not less. Full story to come.” / Twitter

Bernie Sanders’ Pharma Money – by Garrett Ramirez (

GAME OVER: Medicare data shows the COVID vaccines increase your chance of dying – DailyClout

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “My dude is absolutely right.” / Twitter

Informed NJ Nurses on Twitter: “And no one thinks to perform autopsies on these young teenagers dying “suddenly”” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Love to see it. #AbolishNATO” / Twitter

Patrick Lawrence: Russia’s New Reset with the West (

Steve Kirsch on Twitter: “92% of Covid Deaths Are ‘Fully Vaccinated,’ Government Study Finds. UK government is never going to figure it out that the Vax is making things worse, are they?” / Twitter

Energy Department concludes Covid most likely leaked from Wuhan virus lab | Daily Mail Online

Mindy Mabry on Twitter: “Check out Squirrel Tribe on utube for the real news of what is being done to us! You won’t hear these truths on main stream TEL LIE VISION!” / Twitter

David S. D’Amato on Twitter: “.⁦@DrJillStein⁩ gave a great speech over the weekend damning “militarism, racism, and materialism.” #peace #peaceeconomy #antiwar” / Twitter

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “Woody Harrelson ribs Pfizer + Moderna brilliantly on @nbcsnl. Hypnotized audience misses the joke.” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: ““ look around, we are running toward them now, it is them running away, sending out their flip flopping prior supporters and advocates to now tell us they are on our side. No, no amnesty, we won’t let them.”” / Twitter

Part 1: CIA’s Extraordinary Role Influencing Liberal Media Outlets Daily Kos, The Daily Beast, Rolling Stone • Children’s Health Defense (

Jordan on Twitter: “coverage of the #FlintWaterCrisis fell out of the news as media pivoted back to covering Trump’s tweets 24/7—at a great disservice to Flint residents who were left to fend for themselves as then Gov. Rick Snyder’s admin, with the help of a lazy media, executed a massive coverup..” / Twitter

Conversation With Economist Richard Werner | The Plandemic Was Used To Usher In TOTAL CONTROL (

Status Coup News on Twitter: “LIVE: East Palestine Residents Feel DRUNK From Digging Contaminated Soil, Spending Half Hour in Town” / Twitter

Miko Peled: Netanyahu and Ben-Gvir Have All but Guaranteed a New Intifada Will Soon Erupt (

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “#FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Mel M 🔥 on Twitter: “@MeanPanduh @mindyguilford @DefenseAssange @action_4assange @KimIversenShow @DrJillStein #RageAgainstTheWarMachinedc #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

WORST CASE SCENARIO [connecting the dots in Ohio] – YouTube

Jordan on Twitter: “HELL in #EastPalestineOH: Residents REJECTED for Services, Kids Playing in Poison, MIA Animals… via @YouTube” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “This is why BAP is opposed to the racist NATO structure and organizes to Shut Down AFRICOM! Support us. It is not enough to be Anti-war, you must oppose the U.S./EU/NATO Axis of Domination.” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “This is a great video. #RageAgainstWar #FreeAssange” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “WATCH FULL INTERVIEW w/ Moo Blake and Status Coup’s @louisd217” / Twitter

Western Leaders Privately Say Ukraine Can’t Win the War (

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “East Palestine, Ohio Mayor Trent Conaway: “I found out today through one of the briefings that [Biden] was in the Ukraine giving millions to people over there and doing nothing for us. I’m furious.”” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”Our hairs are standing up on our backs thinking is this gonna happen again, is it gonna be worse this time, is someone actually gonna die, when is this gonna stop…’m scared to death to come back here. A lot of people are selling, a lot of people are moving out, a lot of people…” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “I neglected to include the CNN segment I was referring to, so you can watch it and decide if @BrianStelter was telling the truth when he said CNN never claimed the laptop materials were “Russian disinformation” and thus has nothing to apologize for:” / Twitter

Chris Hedges: Russiagate Spells Journalism’s Death (

Biden Administration’s Capitulation to Israel (


16 COMSAT ANGELS – Will You Stay Tonight (1983) – YouTube

Joan Jett – The French Song – video Dailymotion

Peace Dog – YouTube

Prince 1985 – 1986 Vault (Full Album) – YouTube

My Life – YouTube

Judy Tenuta – An Evening at the Improv – YouTube (RIP)

Iggy Pop – Corruption – YouTube

The Leather Nun – All Those Crazy Dreams (Official Video) – YouTube

Foetus – Sick Man – YouTube

Joe Strummer’s Life After Death : NPR

Judy Tenuta performs at International Mr. Leather in 1985 – YouTube

Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden – YouTube

Prince – The Same December (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Concrete Blonde – Scene of a perfect crime – YouTube

Nitzer Ebb Warsaw Ghetto (Full 12″ Version) – YouTube

The Cramps -Smell of female live at The Peppermint Lounge 1983 – YouTube

Rodney Dangerfield Welcomes Bill Hicks to the Stage – YouTube

Was the Pentagon and CIA Behind the COVID-19 Pandemic? | CovertAction Magazine

“Rage Against the War Machine” Wash DC, Feb 19 – ‘Boots on the Ground Report’ from Christina Tobin – YouTube


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