“The Democrats want you to believe that they are ushering in a new generation of leadership by replacing Nancy Pelosi with Hakeem Jeffries, but the only thing they’re doing is replacing one corporate sellout with another corporate sellout. I don’t ever want to hear again that Joe Biden and the Democrats are on the side of the working class after their betrayal of railroad workers who are simply fighting for paid sick leave.” (-Ryan Knight)

“The Democrats are an anti-union party just as much as Republicans, and I’m past ready for people to understand this and move accordingly. None of these politicians are truly fighting for workers. They’ll sell us out every time. Yep, even the squad and y’alls forever president.” (-Ashley Stevens)


“It’s 2022 and we have railroad workers that can’t get paid sick leave. And it’s not just them. Too many Americans go to work sick because they don’t have paid sick leave. All our government cares about is money.” (-Sabby Sabs)

“This message has to stretch far and wide.

Please directly message and/or call any railway workers you know.Since this is something that could set a precedent in the whole labor movement-

this kind of wildcat strike COULD be one that draws solidarity actions from other unions in the form of physically helping the strike line to keep scabs out, or blocking trains w trucks & buses etc And the strike has to be militant to keep scabs out.” (-Boots Riley)

“In the US, protestors are beaten, arrested, disappeared, and killed routinely.

In the 1960s and 70s, dozens of Black activists in the Black Panther Party were killed or jailed, some for the rest of their life. If China is “authoritarian,” then what is the United States?” (-Danny Haiphong)

“An investigation just came out showing Congress was involved in heavy insider trading with information they got concerning the pandemic. Yet again we see that we live in a Kleptocracy – rule by thieves. Insider trading is illegal when done by regular citizens but not when done by members of Congress. For a moment Congress pretended they were going to fix this problem with the STOCK Act but then they gutted it so that their criminal behavior could continue.” (-Lee Camp)

“Humbly, I have done over a hundred investigations, analysis and reporting on counterintelligence, internal security and HUMINT. I have been following Whitney Webb for over a year. In my opinion, she is one of the most brilliant, thorough and courageous journalists today.” (-Kevin Shipp)

REVEALED: Congress’ Pandemic Insider Trading (

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Not a labor president. Not a peace president. Not an anti-nuke president. Not a climate president.” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “3/ To deliver the assurance voters deserve, PA should abide by the legally binding settlement agreement, with transparent public audits conducted according to best practices. Voters in PA – & across the nation – deserve nothing less! From @VerifiedVoting:” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “DeSantis is new darling of liberal media.” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “EU leaders are furious that the US is making lots of money from the proxy war in Ukraine, by selling weapons and expensive natural gas Meanwhile European industries are being destroyed as high energy prices and US subsidies push its companies to leave” / Twitter

“Good to see someone protesting the NY Times’ festival of war criminals and financial predators.

Netanyahu, Zelensky, Larry Fink and SBF on the same stage. Where is the antiwar movement?” (-Max Blumenthal)

People like me used to be able to congregate in the big cities and collaborate with like minded weirdos, ya know? People like me were even able to succeed in the genrations before ours, a big part of that was in forging communities with other outcast black sheep in locations where there is affordable living space, in pooling resources and sharing rehearsal spaces and shit like that. Everybody was scrapin’ their action togther with like duct tape and some furniture dragged in off the street, we were all just scavengers navigating a bombed out war zone but we had the otther black hole kids and we relied on each other, the rappers influenced the new wavers and vice versa, the clothing designers were helping the film makers and everybody did indie media and improvised their own right now inventions. It was way more alive back then and way more seemed possible. Wendy Wild used to get me in the Pyramid when I was a kid and nobody ever carded anybody at the Wah Wah Hut or Downtown Beirut, or almost anywher in NY until Giuliani started goin’ after Limelite for too many drug dealers, I loved dirty old NY in the 80’s-everybody was cool back then. ya know? Everybody looked like Sigue Sigue Sputnik times Liquid Sky back when I was a runaway and among the old punks there was a long tradition of cooperation and mutual aid. We were all in it together. People were happy to help. The Ramones helped the Deadboys meet their future manager-that’s how it used to be. Now, only rich people can live in the big cities and nobody helps anybody, except for other rich people. So I tried to get away from the evil forces of gentrification but they are always two steps behind me, even in a dead end, wind blown, monsoon faded, river stinks, brutal weather all year round, no hope, remote little graveyard town. All the businesses closed during Covid, but the tiny elite clique of hotel and art gallery and one bar owning millionaires, they fill the downtown retail window spaces up with art junk just to make it look like there are twenty businesses on that street  but only about five of them are ever open. The rest are just property hoarders who prefer to not rent any secondary spaces to poor people, they’re just showing off some of their collectible old junk or art collections in retail spaces that are only open at once a month art walks, or oftentimes, never opened, not in the four or five years I’ve been here, anyway. Some smoke n mirror hucksters keep saying the town is booming, on the mend, making a big shitlib cukecumber water slurping, glorious comeback, and becoming a thriving tourist destination overnight, but that’s just wishful thinking hoopla coming from five developers and airbandb owners who are all fly by nights I don’t expect to be here much longer. They’ll do their usual bullshit cashgrabs, and move on. It’s too dead dull for city slickers here, who are used to non stop stimulation, there’s no strip joint here, no Ikea, or Home Depot, or rock concerts or anything, really-lotsa dirt and cactus, three gas stations, two hardware stores, a couple fast food businesses and a ridiculously jackedup and overpriced captive audience Wal Mart. 

Wal Mart has us hostage, only place to go. The other local store has lettuce for $5 a head and Cheezit’s are $7. Wal Mart is the only game in town, where kids have to go to be social. That aint entertaining for those landlordly bourgeoise artisinal middle class people who wanna be seen, wanna be celebrities. The truth is the town is full of old broken down properties and going broke, sick and elderly old people. Alot of drugs are coming in and capturing preteens and teenagers. The restaurants keep dying off, one by one, cause nobody has that kindof money anymore-to eat out with. A fucking hamburger’s nine dollars, now. You can’t buy your kid a pack of chips-they’re four bucks. Only thing that’s stayed affordable is the soda pop that makes everybody fat and diabetic. There’s no real jobs, you can’t pay rent with minimum wage. Property owners want $99 a night for a tiny room, two hundred a week at the ninety nine dollar hotel, you dig?  Disintegrating shitholes go for between eight hundred and two grand a month, I mean to rent a tiny place, we’re talking mobile homes, trailers in the desert. Ya know where I used to live there was a beautiful old hippie couple, they used to run a hotel until the man had a stroke, now his wife has to help him do everything, walks him, she obviously loves him very much. I always see them carrying bags of groceries because they have no car, someone was killed like right next door to them, so they are in my prayers alot. They have always reminded my wife and I of ourselves, if we are both still alive here, in twenty years. They always give me and my kid the peace sign. Like I said, beautiful. There’s a garage where I live now so I’ve made it my escapist work space. I been creating a little retreat in my spare time, an elder goth book haven, an eighties cassette tapes hideout, where I can get some briefest respite from loud teen media blare and bad trip hypnoscreens, there’s a big scotch tape photograph and old magazine pinups collage of all my saints lookin’ over me, it’s been kinda cold out there, but peace and quiet is nice every once in awhile. I’m pretty stressedout lately, we had to withdraw our kid from the local public school when the disability classoom teacher kept calling the cops on the kid for being disruptive in a disability classroom, nine times she did this, even though he has an IEP plan, an Autism protocol, they are expected to follow by law. The Sports Team there were all caught on video sexually assaulting a male pre teen last year, and all that happened was they fired one assistant coach, like he was the one who did it. Now, there has been a big drug bust at his former school, and fifteen year old females he was on a bad news bears basketball team with three or four years ago, are being taken away in cop cars. They found a 51 year old lady’s dead body in the street of my old neighborhood, maybe two blocks from our old front door, on the street that nice hippie couple live on, and at first there was some concerned citizen eyewitness chat on social media about it, but that thread was all taken down by a tourist industry focused online administrator, who thought it reflected poorly on the town, and no one has been forthcoming about how she died , certainly not in her obitary, in spite of initial second hand chatter about how police suspected foul play or murder could have been involved, there’s no real news paper of any merit here, so you mostly hear gossip from bored old nosey, know it all neighbors, bored attention seekers, who are usually wrong. There is an American Psycho kid in my town, going around and unremorsefully doing harm to his classmates, you know–one of those winning Kendoll predators who goes around doing egregious harm to his peer group, while having all his crimes swept under the carpet by his overindulgent and unconditionally protective and influential upper class winebox yoga mom. So yeah all these kids are having real issues and adverse reactions to his abusing them. Little towns can be as crazy as the big cities, it’s just all better hidden, I guess, kept buried by the image oriented, appearance based people with city council jobs or hotel investments. You shoulda seen all the sports parents making excuses online for their basketball team sexually assaulting a kid on the school bus and in the locker room, repeatedly. All that usual USA USA rah rah go team is some nutty shit, my brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution. Wrong is wrong no matter what uniform someone is wearing. I been sayin’ that my whole life. The peers though are spellbound by Halftime and game day delivery super specials. 

Since I was a new wave kid in Adam Ant makeup and a leather jacket, trying to spike my hair up like Billy Idol or Duran Duran or Flock Of Seagulls and Charlie Sexton, I’ve been getting shit from both sides-the dumb, hatepig, talk radio, gun nut rednecks and their bullying, queerbashing, conservative idiot, cannon fodder, future corrections guard, wrestling team sons (I got a song called “Fat Fucks In White Trucks”) and also the Hillary feminist, power seeking administrative, P.M.R.C. etiquette, country club privilege mongers who want to behavior modify me into compliance, the Kall That Kops Karens who watch Oprah and Dr. Phil and think mass incarcerating Kamala Harris is some kinda beacon for civil rights, they might not get out of their oversized vehicle with their tire iron to have a bash when they disapprove of my objectionable presence, but they’ve used all their snitch power to enlist others to do the dirty work for ’em-their football player fratboy sons, or stupidly aggressive men in uniforms, who they always summon to expel, evict, suspend, detain, or otherwise hassle, harrass, harrangue and step on my blue suede shoes. Not sure if Condoleeza Rice or Gina Haspel or Lyn Cheney are really any nicer or more woke or progessive or humane than Mike Pence, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConell or Dick Cheney, at this point. I feel like the Good Ole Boy patriarchy, the permanent ruling class, the One Percent, campaign funding shadow barons and tech-billionaires with all the money and the deep intelligence ties and Ivy League educations. who really control everything are even surprised they are having so much more success by trotting out a token gay CIA spook to fix software bean counts, or a non binary genderfluid anime chick in a pink gluitter unicorn backpack and quirky animal hat to kill the raise the minimum wage under the cover of her being woke and scientific and diverse while she does it. That’s no progress, they are regressive, damaging tools of power, just identity muppets, empty suits, models, brand logos and put into office by that Klaus Schwab Future Leaders School. Keep an eye on Kyrsten Sinema, they are preparing her to do some more badly damaging and dastardly shit under cover of her sexual identity. I don’t care about no one’s sexual preference. Content of character, not the color of your skin, is what is important, your dietary choices or zodiac sign or favorite brand or medication or sexual position aint really nothin’ to do with me. From my little corner of the universe, the body parts and shades of skin tone and bumper stickers and surfaces matter alot less than the character inside, and manners you treat people with. To paraphrase Diamond David Lee Roth, it aint my business what’s on anybody’s breath after midnight, but manners count-how you treat people. The ruling class have weaponized not only the civil rights lexicon against the people, but they’ve totally misused tokenism/identity politricks, propping up some people of color, ushering a hand full of females, and gay people upfront, allowing them to have more visibility than ever, but it’s all just a ruse, a marketing hoax, window dressing, if the visible members of traditionally marginalized classes are now just in-on the jailing and spying and droning and censoring and child caging, that aint progress. They’ve just co signed to knowingly do wrong to their own fellow beings for money and some title. They’re like black cops. As James Baldwin said, “a cop is a cop”. I see ’em as inhumane class traitors, sellouts, frauds, Aunt Mammies and Uncle Toms. Ajamau Baraka of the Black Alliance For Peace calls the darker hued sellouts who say they care about people, but their votes show they just work for The Man, he calls ’em the black misleadership class, like Corey Booker who is just the face of big pharma in Congress-he’s no friend of the black community. I think of all those smiling butch lady soldiers giving the thumbs up next to dead bodies, or piles of naked and dehumanized Muslim men who were tortured at Gitmo and the only person who went to jail was the whistle blower, John Kirakou and the sicko Florida governor they wanna run for president was in on it. At Gitmo, gleeful. Happy cheerleade standing in the frontow with his big titlke and shit eating grin. That’s just sinster if you ask me. Outright evil. Man, who cares if those lady torturers were gay or female or of multiracial ethnicity ? They are torturers. I liked what Jesse Ventura had to say about torturing people (it’s never okay) better than anybody on the fake-left/corporate centrist side who thinks torture is alright and okeydokey, s’long as Lyn Cheney says it is. Justy cause she said “Orange Man Bad” a buncha times on tv. All the fake progressives who campaigned on universal housing and free healthcare and free college and student debt forgiveness and defunding racist police, those same people are now promoting laws against public protests, passing big gigantic inflated budgets for more spying, more censorship, more imperial proxy war based on lies, more black ops, more psy ops, more jails, more cops, more billion dollar giveaways to foreign puppet governments, while old people I know are without heat in the cold, and people are getting kicked out of their trailers by diverse people in uniforms with nightsticks where I live, and Denny’s where the old people used to go and have breakfast and read the newspaper even closed, and no one can afford the groceries which have tripled. Almost everybody seems crazy and dangerous to me. When the honky sports moms wanna come for you, they think it’s for your own good. They’re gonna impose their beliefs on you as a philanthropic act of service. The old racists and ranchers are more easily avoided, I just stay away from the Moose Lodge and VFW Hall. You can usually see ’em comin’ with their big white pointy hats and gowns and torches. I avoid ’em all.This song’s going out to everyone who keeps boastfully voting for election rigging warpigs, torturers, secret police kidnappers, secret police control of all mass media, union busters, and vote blue no matter who Wall Street saboteurs who won’t raise the minimum wage, or stop mas evictions and utilities ripoffs, or trillion dollar giveaways to weapon manufacturers guised as “helping (destroy) Ukraine”. 

pete seeger which side are you on – YouTube

Ep.58: Biden BLOCKS Rail Strike | SABBY SABS (

The Pentagon fails its fifth audit in a row – Responsible Statecraft

USA’s Military Empire: A Visual Database – World BEYOND War

My only connection to her was that she dated Dennis Wilson, but God Best Her Soul. (RIP)

Fleetwood Mac Singer-Keyboardist Christine McVie Has Died at 79 (

“Notice that congress and biden are not entertaining the idea of forcing rail companies to accept the railway workers demands in order to avert a strike.” (-Boots Riley)

Liberal hypocrites now oppose interminable lockdowns in China after supporting them in their home countries and demonizing those who protested them.” (-Max Blumenthal)


“Unfortunately the Left had no awkward questions about the Corporate Pharmaceutical takeover of public health policy during the Pandemic.

They enabled it. ” (-Norman AKA Dapper Rapper)

What Industrial Ag Gets Wrong and How Regenerative Farming Can Fix It: Joe Rogan Chats With 4th-Generation Farmer Will Harris • Children’s Health Defense (

“Joe Biden will not be running for President in 2024. Republicans & Democrats will pass his bill to strip workers of power, but enough Republicans will oppose it to pretend they support the working class, that they will again strip working class voters from the Democratic Party.” (-Old Woman Seeking Justice)

“Joe Biden is a Ronald Reagan Democrat. This is who the Democratic Party is. They are full-on Republicans who will always side with their rich pals while decimating the working class.

So glad I didn’t vote for this disgusting piece of shit.” (-Leila Charles Leigh)

“THIS is who Joe Biden is. We were screaming this in 2019 & all through 2020 but all we heard was “Orange Man Bad” – Blue MAGA just as bad as Red MAGA” (-Indie Left News)

Full sellout from the White House for the majority of rail workers who rejected the deal the President brokered, preemptively denying them the right to strike. This was the “which side are you on?” moment, and the White House chose the railroad bosses.” (-Jonah Furman)

“Once again we see how similar Biden is to Trump on a multitude of issues. The difference between the two are near nonexistent. Yet some will say “Biden is slightly better” My question is: ON WHAT?!” (-Jay Befaunt)

If congress tries 2break railway workers power by trying to legally force them to take a deal they don’t want- Railway workers must disobey congress and strike anyway. Congress and rail companies will cry about it and railway workers will win. It’ll probably have 2b a wildcat.” (-Boots Riley)

The People’s Party on Twitter: “Jimmy Dore: It’s a class war” / Twitter

“Gee whiz, won’t it be great when the CIA gets to tell us directly what experimental whatever we have to inject into ourselves and our children in order to stay employed and travel?” (-Whitney Webb)

The CIA May Be More Useful Than the CDC in Next Epidemic | American Enterprise Institute – AEI

^ “FYI – ex FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb (who wrote this drivel) is on the board of a CIA linked company that is poised to play a major role in any post-Covid biosecurity crisis (whether manufactured or real) -(Whitney Webb)

RNA for Moderna’s Omicron Booster Manufactured by CIA-Linked Company (

Interview with Author Whitney Webb – Viva Frei Live! (

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “NEW -In this review of Mattias Desmet’s The Psychology of Totalitarianism, a group of psychologists have argued that what we have observed in the Covid era is the Psychology of Atrocity & further argue that the “mass formation” theory is counter productive” / Twitter


I wish I could buy you some free Denny’s to thank you for all you gave, but the economy’s so bad in the southwest, even the Denny’s closed down. Of course I mean, saying thank you some more to the B-52’s. 

Ya know I ask myself why I keep sewing together these longwinded raving columns here for such a small circle of friends who probably mostly disagree with everything I say in our old age here, I guess because I’m so concerned about almost no real resistance existing to the Billionaire Agenda, and I’m horrified how almost everyone I see, or ever thought I knew, seems to be in some kinda crazy delusional denial. Everybody’s in a dream they were handed by The Man. Most of that shit aint even real. Hard to find new allies as we get old, I think for me at least, I’ve been burned so many times, that even when some people seem to be exceeding my expectations somewhat, apparently even endeavoring to be square and fair, and honorable and keep their word with my little traveling gypsy troupe, I’m still leery, on edge, kinda suspicious, and probably way too quick to judge, I’m guarded and skeptical nowadays, a side effect from being lied to all the time. I’m perpetually expecting some safe or piano to fall on me, always waiting for the other shoe to fall. Like I got these severe prejudices against rich people ya know, especially investment-property owners, or self proclamed woke people or philanthropists, so like when any landlord appears to be acting humanely towards myself and loved ones, I kinda get all my spidey senses tingling, like what? What’s up with that? We got our security deposit back after cleaning the old trailer we spent a long time in and I was SHOCKED. that is UNPRECEDENTED! Like I said, in my tumultuous travels when somebody gives me something with one hand, they’re usually trying to rob me somehow with the other, so I got a high vigilance and a low trust for empire havers and people with all the cards who wield too much power over all of us, ya know? Shitlib college people do not believe in equality-they believe in hierarchy-ranks and titles and special privileges only meant to be enjoyed by their posh Sneetchy selves. Only time ya ever heard the phrase healthy distrust of authority from mean ex liberals is when they were promoting untested and experimental products on behalf of big business. I have that distrust all the time. I found out the hardest way. People tend to abuse power, even and especilly if they were like, no nukes and save the whales sloganeers, way back in college. If I was a rich airbandb owning, collector scum, landlordly shit-lib, I’d be making hotel reservations and flying to Vegas to see the beautiful B-52’s say their fond farewells. To me, the B-52’s personify every good and righteous and right on value of the sixties, seventies, and eighties, the era the media manipulators are so keen on revising ala Trial of the Chicago 7 accuracy: fact vs. fiction in Aaron Sorkin’s Netflix movie. ( or weaponizing or co-opting or erasing. They were just really nice people, friends, who wanted to have fun and entertain each other-they lived in a little place with some real cool retro second hand surplus and they really created a whole spontaneous magic realm that grew out of their sixties go go day-glo fashion choices and appreciation of Flintstones Futurama and Jetsons jetsetting. I mean the most important thing to me about the B52’s is their realness, the down home sincerity. Nice people who believe in getting along, setting an example, being groovy. Not being mean and full of shit and lying all the time. They were about creating community. Bringing outsiders in. I will always love them for that and know in my heart that the whole punk rock tradition that I invested in, aspired to and clumbsily continue trying to fly the flag for all came from their example. There’s another side to punk that has to do with slamdancing and male bonding and Owning The Most Framed Stuff, writing books about beating people up in the parking lot of some club in the seventies, I don’t have very much to do with that side, those guys just seemed like dumb jocks and dudes with socks on their dicks to me, frat row people, gym memebership havers, spray tanners, I’m not much inclined to even go down their streets no more. Frat Row kinda sucks, ya know? But yeah, the old B-52’s stuff, man…! You ever see ’em live? They are still like one big rockin’; house party, same as the Fleshtones. I like fun, personally. This world needs a little more good natured fun lovers and kooky mixed drinks and freaky attire and old time dancing, every once in awhile. They were never stupid, though, ya know? It was all always shot with light, coolness, inclusivity, tolerance, generosity of spirit, full of heart. That’s my kinda scene. I love the B-52’s. When we were teens I think a few of us tried our best to turn the B-52’s kitchey, lampshade on the head, paisley pajama, bigwig kookiness into our whole way of life. We did okay for awhile. Pretty good run, actually. A good ten years of whacky hijinks and zaney escapades. I was one of the few who did not “grow out of it”. It was not my slumming “college phase”, or anything like that. I was not some cultural tourist, just visiting. I’m signed on for life, as Billy Idol once sang. Man I had some new wave friends named Beth W. and Patti B., who shared my love for alla that. Hather and Lisa Thing, Steffani and Jenna. I’d call ’em up, if I could.

The B-52’s – Love Shack (With The Wild Crowd!: Live in Athens, GA) – YouTube

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Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “Proud To Be On This Journey With You! #Medicare4All #ForceTheVote” / Twitter

“Remember when Obama was supposed to end the wars but he started 5 more?” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

Krystal Ball on Twitter: “Under Trump the National Labor Relations Board was staffed with anti-union zealots and committed to union busting. This is a small but important first step. There is no working class movement without a strong labor movement.” / Twitter

The People Who SOLD US HARM REDUCTION | Joe Biden Union Busting | Progressives SOLD Labor Out / Twitter


Yeah I get it, I know I’m old fashioned. I wrote a song called “Oldies Station”. You should hear, it’s pretty good, really. Another band that means everything to somebody like me is CANDY! I mean, they said it all before I ever could. They toured with Rick Springfield, made a perfect pop record, had a perfect logo, looked cool, they were like my generation’s Beach Boys or Raspberries. That part where they’re singing, “I wanna know! I wanna know!” That still says it all, man. I dunno what happened to the life I recognize-the clothes, the hair, the magazines, the clubs, the music, where has it all gone? I still believe in preserving life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. What happened to the Delta House I used to know? 

CANDY – Whatever Happened To Fun… (1985) – YouTube

Candy – whatever happened to fun…(full album) – YouTube

Candy: ‘Whatever Happened To Fun’ – Sleaze Roxx

“Biden and the Democrats are on the side of capital — not workers.” (-Left Voice)

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “Harm reduction, pushing Biden left, blah, blah, blah.” / Twitter

Europe Accuses U.S. Of War Profiteering Off Ukraine – YouTube

“You should’ve know the guy that constantly shits on Socialism will bust up unions.” (-Unholy Rom 3)

“Americans know the most violent, evil murderers in the world very well, because we voted for them. When the US and the EU decide to abandon Ukraine because they don’t need them anymore you’re gonna have a bunch of pissed off Nazis roaming around with billions worth of weapons looking for revenge. Good thing Zelensky is an actor with a production team or we might be able to see the puppet strings when he is on TV. C’mon now it’s 2022 and y’alll still falling for this democracy shit. Is Europe finally starting to figure out that the U.S. is screwing them over too? If you don’t know this war started 8 years ago, then our Gov’t has you right where they want you. If you don’t know this war started 8 years ago, then our Gov’t has you right where they want you.

Totally unaware of what is really happening or why and forced to rely on what they and their media feeds you as the truth, while they get you to fall for the old evil dictator scam. How about the United States stop messing around and causing trouble in other countries and do something crazy like making life better for our citizens? When Russia hits infrastructure it’s a war crime and when the US hits infrastructure it’s strategy. I know everybody wants to bury their heads in the sand now, but let me remind you that your Gov’t and Big Pharma were wrong and constantly lied to us about Covid and those doctors and scientists that they worked so hard to shut up, were right. Will Americans ever get smart enough to not get lied into wars? Over the past decades our Gov’t is even shocked at how easy it has been to lie to and manipulate our citizens into believing and doing whatever they say, in spite of reality obviously being the opposite and to make it worse to get those citizens to attack those telling the truth.”

(-Black In The Empire)

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Many Democrats stayed silent about the fact that Biden was so close to segregationists that he gave the eulogy at Strom Thurmond’s funeral” / Twitter

Unwise, Unwanted, Unscrupulous Leaders Lionized at The New York Times DealBook Summit – Activist Post

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Itamar Ben-Gvir’s Appointment as Minister for National Security is Bad News For Palestinians, Humanity. (

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Colonized Palestinians don’t even have the right to bury their dead.” / Twitter

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She made it happen: Irene Cara was the voice of ambition – both its power and limits |

“Americans are so propagandized they don’t even seem to acknowledge these blatant contradictions made by our media ALL the time! Western media: China is an authoritarian country where dissent is not allowed 

Also Western media: omg look at these protests in China Western media: Russia is an authoritarian country where dissent is not allowed Also Western media: omg look at these protests in Russia.” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

Compton Jay on Twitter: ““Revolution is not a word to be afraid of because revolution is, ultimately , the most natural thing in the universe “ – Mumia Abu-Jamal” / Twitter

“One of the biggest ironies surrounding the Ukraine > FTX > Democrat money laundering operation is that FTX’s underlying issues were exposed by the downturn in the economy, which was fueled by NATO’s suicidal sanctions on Russia. Their own policies helped expose their corruption. When they say “disinformation,” they mean “dissent.” I can understand not remembering the Iraq War & War on Terror.

I can understand not following politics closely enough to get NATO expansion, RussiaGate, mass censorship, Hunter Biden’s laptop, etc. But I can’t understand how anyone can believe the government & media after COVID.” (-Primo Radical)

Wave a magic wand and suddenly anti-lockdown protesters are no longer “COVID deniers” or conspiracy theorists when they happen to be in China” (-Michael Tracey)

This is a legacy defining moment for Joe Biden. He is going down as one of the biggest disappointments in labor history.” (-RAILROAD WORKERS UNITED)

What was once the best regulatory agency in the world now approves boosters in 20 yo men with prior covid without any credible data, abuses EUA authority, and tweets inappropriate, uninformative memes What a way to shred a reputation.” (-Vinay Prasad MD MPH) Let’s hear scientists with different Covid-19 views, not attack them – STAT (

Sabby Sabs (@SabbySabs2) / Twitter

“Catastrophic impact on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”: Extremist becomes Israeli security chief |


Biden, Pelosi, Obama-notice how they never stop praising Reagan and Bush? You saw when Gropey Joe put that big gold medal on war criminal Bush, right? When I was a little kid, I remember the older white people from my hometown really hated Ali and also Nader and Jane Fonda. That tank plant town in Ohio where I went to school, the older white fanatical hate group people there did not just hate me and Boy George and Annie Lennon, back in the day, but I remember when Spike Lee made that Malcolm X movie a little later on, they were livid, cause they still hate Malcom X. They still hate me and Nader, too. They really, really hated John Lennon. They are some hateful people. I avoid ’em as best as I can. I’ll tell ya what hurts was all the friends and loved ones who went with them, who followed the crowd, and stayed among the people in the bleachers just yelling for the hometeam to win, winning is all that matters in the middle of the Divided States Of Amnesia. Blue Oyster Cult said, “winning makes losers of us all”. Fucking high school sports is still something my old homies all talk about, it’s like half the so called “News” in that horrible, violence soaked tank plant town. I always knew that sports was how they brainwashed all the gullible joiners and belongers into supporting imperialism, systemic racism, class inequality and injustice, all in the name of “USA, USA!” Fuck that shit. I’m a dropout. I don’t worship the wealthy or respect the uniform. Always been anti conformity, anti-fascist, anti censorship, anti-war. Pro free speech, all power to the people. Politicians, enforcers, monopolies and billionaires are not your super special savior science friends for diversity and feminism, okay? You are being lied to. I remember when you were still into like Ten Thousand Maniacs and Edie Brickell and always wore that Cramps t shirt and had all those bumper stickers on your punk rock car. Remember back in the old Black Flag and Dead Kennedys and Husker Du and R.E.M. college radio days, before U2 sold out, pre 9/11 before you got scared the muslims were coming to getcha and they took all the good, real, uplifting and empowering rebel music off the airwaves, remember when you used to identify as a leftist radical? Now you just shill for Hillary and Bush wars with nicer pro nouns, and a few extra visible people of color behind podiums giving pro war speeches, making excuses for racist cops, or otherwise co signing and being involved in torture and drone wars and domestic spying and total spectrum dominance. What happened that changed you so much? You don’t gotta tell me, just look inside-ask yourself. Was it your mother in law? Navel studies? Being ratpacked by multiple pro warbots on twitter? Was it cause “Obama said…” the water of Flint was safe to drink, and we “can’t look back” at 9/11 or Cheney/Bush crimes? It’s so “Twilight Zone”. It’s exactly like that Rowdy Roddy Piper sci fi conspiranoia movie, “THEY LIVE!” Except it all happened just like that in “real life”, everybody got plugged into their I-Phone Microsoft Updates meta-propaganda-Gates-Reset world and just started watching the unreality tv, doing whatever they’re told, up is down, wrong is right, war is peace, freedom is slavery, billionaires are free speech protectors and scientific philanthopists who just want poor people to be healthy and live longer. Democrats are real progressives, the elections are totally real and not fixed at all, we live in a democracy, science means never asking questions or finding anything out, except whatever it says on the commercial. Taylor Swift and Dave Grohl are like SO talented! Etc., etc. I knew “educated feminists” who fought against Jill Stein. Do you know why? Their blind loyalty to big business they thought she somehow threatened. what a fuckin’ horrorshow. I know other motherfuckers who still go ’round calling sadsack Sanders a sexist even though he already acquiesced to their super mega ultra goddess of fauxwoke pro noun WEF capitalism, Hillary, who destroyed Libya. Let’s face it, kids, the whole politics thing is faked and fixed, we gotta do other stuff-grass roots stuff. Like Answer Coalition and Code Pink stuff. When Sanders endorsed Madame Deplorable and Creepy Sniffer, Gropey Joe Biden, he knows he completely betrayed the working class movement, his whole platform was abandoned by the Squad, he started reciting Russiagate talking points and helped censor the left and efficiently dismantled his whole populist movement, all for Hillary and Gropey Joe’s Davos billionaire donor class bosses, and Raytheon and Pfizer and Monsanto/Bayer and Lockheed Martin. All the old punks just wanna be local popular-that’s the religion of the middle class. Local Popular. Michael Moore used to fight the big corporations, now he just fights Trump. How many Spike Lee and Oliver Stone movies did you pay to go see back in the day, before pig-media convinced you it is totally cool if all their work is suppresed or censored now, for asking too many inconvenient, scientific, facts based, real journalism questions about nazis and melted steel and shit. If you are too cowardly to even say FREE ASSANGE, I can’t help you, you are lost, and by you, I mean AOC. “Tax My Nerves”, is more like it. Real socialists don’t support coups in other countries. Real leftists believe in my body/my rights. NOT, “it’s complicated”. Real socialists believe in free speech and the right to assemble in public spaces. They just dropped free healthcare and student loan forgiveness when it was time to pivot to More War based on More Lies. Man it’s a bummer being a real leftist caue all the shitlibs just wanna watch tv and order products online, talk about how obedient they are and “FEEL GOOD”. College told ’em they have the right as self identifying affinity group whatever fill in the blank to never be inconveneinced or offended. These landlords think they should just get money for nothing. Same with the Fraud Squad. Look where they get their mony from and this is just what’s visible on the books. I think AOC is every bit as destructive as faux woke Klaus Scwab puppet, Kyrsten Sinema, who killed the fight for fifteen, which is still nowhere near a living wage, particularly not now in the rent gouge post Covid Gropey Joe and Bezos inflation. AOC is so transparent and controlled-she is both bought and bossed. 

AOC can not stand up for even one real leftist/socialist/humanitarian/egalitarian value beyond meangingless, middleclass feelgood, identity politics, or anti Trump tweets. So heartbreaking, she could’ve kept ONE righteous cause, ya know? Like raise the minimum wage or stop the wars. Free the kids in the child cages, maybe, or universal housing, but nope, she was just another marketing hoax like Obama and grunge. Pelosi told her to sit down and she sat down. You know it and I know it. AOC is no ally of the working class poor.

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Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “The RACIST Origins of Child Protective Services | Abolish Child Protective Services | Separating Black and Brown Kids from their families is the point of Child Protective Services | Alan Dettlaff Joins” / Twitter

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“I’d much rather live in a society where everyone has healthcare, housing, and food than a society where 3 billionaires own more wealth than half the nation.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Julian Assange is a prisoner of conscience. Free the man, and free the press.” (-Edward Snowden)

Isn’t it wild how every single protest in a country we don’t like is always a protest calling for the overthrow of the government?” (-Radio Free Amanda)

“Not only does the US not have any high-speed rail, but it won’t give sick time to rail workers operating the slow and decrepit train system that does exist. And Biden wants to lecture China, which has 35,000 km of high speed rail? LMAO! The US destroyed Iraq with bombs, not democracy. The US destroyed Afghanistan with bombs, not democracy. The US has aided in the subjegation of Palestine, Haiti, and Syria with weapons, not democracy. The US mainstream media has some nerve lecturing China about democracy. There will be no regime change in China. Western mainstream media pundits and color revolutionaries can dream on. I don’t know who needs to hear this but these protests don’t change the fact that 90+ percent of Chinese people support their government. Western attempts to hijack them for color revolution purposes are already failing. Leftists don’t support protests before investigating who is organizing them. Leftists don’t repeat Cold War talking points. Leftists don’t interfere in other countries’ affairs. The vast majority of those in the West celebrating protests in China are doing all three. Color revolution leftists like Naomi Klein never miss an opportunity to repeat Cold War talking points when unrest occurs in countries that the US is targeting for regime change. When protests happen in the West, the Western mainstream media ignores or demonizes them.

When they happen in China, the same media actively promote regime change to the point of *organizing* the protests.

This is what Imperialism on steroids looks like.” (-Danny Haiphong)

They’ve been sending weapons to actual Nazis to help them commit genocide in the Donbas for years, yet spend a week freaking out about a dinner guest Trump got duped into meeting.

It’s all just so remarkably stupid.  

How do people actually buy into this nonsense outrage theater? Both big political headlines right now are complete exercises in double-think & amnesia:

• Nick Fuentes is an evil threat to democracy — but the Azov & Aidar battalions are brave heroes / don’t exist • COVID protests in China are heroic — but evil when they happen in the West

Things are never objectively good or evil — they’re only good or evil depending on what their effect is on the Western elite. If Canadian truckers went to China, they would be hailed be heroes — as would Nick Fuentes if we was a Banderite proponent of Ukraine joining NATO.” (-Primo Radical)

“People who’ve shirked or deferred their moral, ethical responsibilities to the state/zeitgeist resent courageous individuality and traditional values of free speech, rightousness, debate, etc. They prefer vague labels, name calling, and race baiting psuedomorality.” (-Ryan Knight)

“You’re not kidding it’s a dangerous precedent. If Assange is indicted, the NYT, Guardian etc. would be next in line for publishing the same secrets. They should fight for his freedom as if it’s their own.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“Along with its NATO partners, France destroyed Libya and fueled the advance of Boko Haram and other jihadist bandits on Mali with weapons looted from Libya’s arms depots. France’s NGOs were part and parcel of this destabilizing project.” (-Max Blumenthal)

The 4th largest city in the United States has been told to boil their water because it’s not safe to drink.” (-Ryan Knight)

“The problem is not simply that capitalism produces too much, but that it produces the wrong stuff: SUVs, fast fashion and planned obsolescence instead of public transit, affordable housing and universal healthcare. It overuses resources and still fails to meet even basic needs.” (-Jason Hickel)

“How dare Syria not comply with the organization that censored its own investigation to falsely accuse the Syrian government of a chemical attack and refuses any accountability for it.” (-Aaron Mate’)

“Ben Shapiro being on constant hair-trigger alert about perceived infractions related to his own identity group would be more defensible if he hadn’t produced 10000000 hours of content trashing Snowflakes who get overly offended by infractions related to every other identity group.” (-Michael Tracey)

‘Publishing is not a crime’: media groups urge US to drop Julian Assange charges | Julian Assange | The Guardian

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “During 7 hours of questioning under oath asking if he colluded with social media companies to censor COVID-related content, Fauci said he had “no clear memory of details that would shed light on his involvement in speech suppression.”” / Twitter

Died Suddenly: Beloved Oklahoma Bluegrass Singer Songwriter Jake Flint, 37, Dies Hours After Marrying (


Katie Halper on Twitter: “Patreon-only audio with anti-war veteran @MikePrysner: what to say to someone who wants to join the military.” / Twitter

The Clash – The Call Up (Official Video) – YouTube

Miko Peled on Twitter: “Palestinian peace activist @Issaamro has been arrested by Israeli occupation forces. Court day Wed at Ofer occupation military court. His life is in danger. Please share and call your members of Congress. We saw what Israel did to Shireen Abu Akleh with no accountability” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Last tweet excerpted from my doc about Australians, Canadians & US Americans who left their societies to escape draconian Covid restrictions and headed for Nicaragua, a country run by a socialist-oriented govt that refused lockdowns & kept its schools open” / Twitter

TIMES OF GAZA on Twitter: “From the farewell of the two Palestinian brothers who were murdered by the lsraeli occupation forces this morning near Ramallah.” / Twitter

“I despise the corporate media that heroizes Chinese protesting interminable lockdowns.

Not because those Chinese citizens are wrong, but because that same media painted the Westerners who defied the Covidian regime as criminals as they bravely defended their basic human rights.NY Times tech pundit Zeynepis enthralled by Chinese citizens protesting 100 day+ Covid lockdowns and relentless testing.

Yet Zeynep Tufekci proudly called the Twitter manager on accounts that loudly condemned school closures and the damage they did to a generation of US youth. Beyond the corporate media, there’s the respectable leftists torn between anti-communism and fealty to the Covidian regime. Naomi Klein celebrates Chinese protesters but branded her fellow Canadians protesting lockdowns and vax mandates as white supremacists in league with PutinThe trophy for liberal hypocrisy goes to Amnesty International, which issued an unusual statement condemning Canadian anti-lockdown protesters as white supremacists & backing Trudeau’s repression while warning Chinese police against arresting citizens protesting harsh lockdowns. “What’s going on in China has little to do with anywhere else,” you say?

Australia built Covid internment camps & arrested citizens for promoting anti-lockdown protests. Canada seized protesters’ bank accounts. US students were locked in their dorms. Insanity reigned in the West. ” (-Max Blumenthal)


Had some Depeche Mode girlfriends back then, you know we were all really moved by Martin Gore’s lyrics and Dave Gahan’s singing of soulful, sensitive, vulnerable, soul baring synthpop outsider anthems, dirges, confessions, love letters, come on’s and emotional laments. Now the hours really are slipping by-an old friend’s father in law passed away, he was a country singer. Just reminds me how we aint got as much time left as summa us wanna think we should have, ya know I started aging this last year. Gray hair, loose teeth, got the big fear in me. Some people I only knew from social media died but I’d been interacting with ’em daily, for years so ya know it still felt personal. A poet from California beautiful and genius in the prime of her life with a big house and gogeous kids, poof. Gone, just like that. No one said why or how. Two underground famous guitarists. An old punk rock roadie, photographer flea market collector guy with great stories who made some important records with his tiny homemade cult band who used to like open for the Misfits and the Deadboys, gone too soon, left his wife to mourn. My highschool rapper friend, a true O.G. philosopher, flashpoint figurehad, community leader, activist soulman. So many people just keep dying suddenly, then there were the pulverizing losses of people I’ve loved so much for so long, the ones I still sent postcards and Christmas cards home to, the ones who I called when I felt bad or got in trouble, they’re almost all gone now. I was saying to my friend in an email how I hope a honkytonk heaven really does exist beyond the clouds for so many people who’ve come into my life and dazzled me for awhile and then disappeared from this world for no good reason. The death problem is for sure haunting my days now. I feel like Lydia from “Beetlejuice”. Faster Pussycat put out another song where Taime’s referencing his missing dad and caterwauling about how songs can take you straight back to all those long gone moments with absent loved ones, it’s called “Like A Ghost”, it’s kinda like “House Of Pain” part 2, very Seventies Van type feeling. I always wonder about what happened to Pussycat drummer Mark Michaels cause he was the one in all the magazine pinups we posted on our walls when Guns & Pussycat ruled the airwaves and the nightclubs back then-no body was ever found, no death certificate, he just vanished. Same with Zowie Ackerman from Leeway and Circus Of Power who I knew a little bit, I’ve got his old address on a scrap of paper in the garage, funny pix of him clowning with also gone Ryan from Circus Of Power in dirty nightclub dressing rooms and nobody knows what happened to him, either, he just went missing like Richie Edwards, no body, no death certificate. How do you go from being on bubblegum cards and the covers of magazines and touring Japan with Black Sabbath to just mysteriously no longer around? Nobody knows what happened to him, either. Too many people I know are dying suddenly in their fifties now. Not overdosing or suicide, just died suddenly. The obituaries all say died unexpectedly. What the fuck? I wanted to see so many people I knew in my younger years again. Bands I wanted to see play are vanishing too, they fucked around until it was too late for Michael Anthony to rejoin the brothers and David Lee, I would’ve loved to have seen a real Van Halen reunion, I don’t care about Ed’s kid or his Foo Fighters friends or that awful guy from the Darkness, at all, just not my cuppa artificial corporate stadium rawk. I still hope to see Billy Idol somewhere before I die. I don’t think it looks likely that a Dogs D’Amour reunion is in the cards-I’m wanted of the few who wanted Skid Row to reunite but the songwriters are gung ho happy with the American Idol guy. To me it’s not Skid Row without Sebastian, even if he says stupid things sometimes, I get why he’s so fuckedup-superfame hit him hard when he was just in his twenties. They’re like Guns without Adler/Izzy-pointless now, just rich guys doing victory laps, playing old songs they own for people who don’t care the old gang aint there. My old road dog travler buddy and sometimes songwriting partner Nasty F. Bastard saw the Cult somewhere this year, said they still hammer out the old jams like viking emperors conquering lost kingdoms. Of course, if you’ve ever read anything I ever wrote here, you know how bad I wanted to make records or at least get these songs I’ve written about all of you on tape somehow, we got some stuff archived on cassettes, I dunno if my old lady’s really gonna care that much about letting people hear ’em if I croak anytime soon, ’cause ya know it makes no sense to us why some people I used to jam with sorta sabotoged our whole scene. I got about four books on this computer about the old pre grunge underground D.I.Y. music subculture and all our crummy fanzines and crazy fun non stop racous house parties and $5 at the door boy’s club punk parties and spontaneous road trips in dodgy spraypainted vans and eighties concerts and shows and sulking in the graveyard and drinking big bottles of vodka with all those dames who disappeared. But yeah the ticking of the clock got louder for me, I hear that old “Black Celebration” song in my head alot. “Forgetting all I couldn’t do today…” Ya know at night when I eat my dinner, I’ve been watching a tv show based on the Addam’s Family by Tim Burton called “Wednesday”, it’s really cute, I love it, and it’s not thusfar altogether as ooky as thet “Riverdale” Archie Comics reboot with Mollie Ringwald and Luke Perry (RIP) that just became too creepy cannibal occultic splatter film for me. If you seen too much violence in real life, all the “Fangoria” gore seems senseless and disturbing. I liked the early episodes and fell in love with the actors but the writing was just too dark n dismal for no good purpose, but to normalize gross shit and bum you out. Veronica was irresistable, could not take your eyes off her. Jughead was well cast, it was just all about illuminati ritual sacrifice and murder and senselessly violent and I quit watching it during the third season, so yeah, so far, “Wednesday” is a treat.

“Your optimistic eyes seem like paradise to someone like me.” Ya know when we were kids, the world was way more sincere than it is now. I blame the social engineers top down monopolist propaganda programming.

Depeche Mode – Black Celebration (video) – YouTube

Edward Snowden on Twitter: “Printing the truth is not a crime.” / Twitter

“The Democrats do not care about you or your basic rights. The only thing they care about is using you for your vote and fundraising off the plight of marginalized people. If you cannot see that by now then it’s time to take the blindfold off. They are as big of a scam as the GOP. The Democrats are organized to protect their corporate donors.” (-Ryan Knight)

If you’re going to try and smear me by saying I’ve never covered Israeli intelligence or Unit 8200, you’re just hurting your own credibility. I have over a dozen articles on the subject, just do a basic search dumb dumbs.” (-Whitney Webb)


An Autistic Teen Was Killed by Israeli Soldiers. Her Mother Found Out Only a Day Later – Israel News – (

World Cup 2022: As Saudi Arabia shines, Yemenis say don’t forget about us | Middle East Eye

The role of UK intelligence services in the abduction, murder of James Foley (

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63 Monroe

63 MONROE 2020 Duffys Tavern, Toronto – YouTube

One of those bands I always felt a long distance sense of comaraderie with were Canada’s glammy 63 Monroe-they started off a troublemaker punk band and kinda went through different incarnations as the lineups changed and they had a garagey phase, kinda got influenced by the sleaze of the eighties metal heyday, kept shifting ever so slightly with the times, but always had a mirthful sense of mischief and frivolity and a ceaseless desire for always more good natured rebellious teenage kicks, ala the Dolls, Ramones, Teenage Head, Forgotten Rebels, Celebrity Skin, etc., etc. I loved that about them. Their lp, “STINKIN OUT THE JOINT” was their rowdy must have, hard to find record if you are into collecting all the underground glam stuff, but in more recent years, more stuff seems to have surfaced like an ep of their early material when they were known as No Fucking Good, or NFG and some  more sides called “We Have Enjoyed Ourselves”, “Hijack Victim” and “Last Exit To Rocknroll”. I miss this kinda punk rock, ya know, way back in the eighties, the pre hardcore basement punks all really had a cool, good time, stick together, basement show scene, and it was all about dressing up and having some wild times with your friends, it was not yet hijacked by industry, get rich schemers, xerox clones with uniforms and rulebooks showing off their sixties amplifier and echo machine, aggressive jock bully dickheads, Warped fests, Hot Topics, Urban Outfitters, uncool private school temperance leaguers, or any of that garbage.

’63 Monroe-Weekend Punks – YouTube

’63 Monroe – Cyanide (1980) – YouTube

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’63 Monroe – Hijack Victim – YouTube

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Bloodstains On the Carpet – YouTube

’63 Monroe | Facebook

63 Monroe – N.F.G. (1980) FULL EP – YouTube

The scene was hotter than ever and at the heart of it all was ’63 Monroe, whose stage antics began to take on a life of their own – porno broadcasts, platform boots, nudity, coffins, smoke bombs, dry ice. ’63 Monroe was defiantly flaunting raunchy excess as though they were LA hipsters, not London (Ontario) overachievers. But overachievers they were, contently inventing new ways to tear up their hometown instead of going after the tainted allure of fame and fortune.” – Jeff Warren,

Stinkin’ Out The Joint (London Ontario Punk documentary) – YouTube

63 MONROE – “Henry The 8th” – YouTube

Party Like a Rockstar – YouTube

Trouble – YouTube

NOISYLEAKS: The Art of Exposing Secrets – YouTube

Because “Publishing Is Not a Crime,” Major Newspapers Push US to Drop Assange Charges – Activist Post

“Capitalism elevates sociopaths, because profit-seeking competition-based systems reward those who are willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead. That’s why we are ruled by sociopaths, and it’s why looking to “philanthropy” as a solution to our problems is a ridiculous joke. If you want to make more of something (money, material goods), then capitalism can be a good way to do that. But if you need to make less of something (pollution, inequality, exploitation, sickness, homelessness, etc) it’s worthless, and other systems must be looked to.The “Maybe the very rich will feel charitable and fix our problems for us” solution assumes that the very same people who are wired to do whatever it takes to claw their way to the top of the ladder will suddenly start caring deeply about everyone they stepped on to get there. Find me a capitalist business plan for leaving a forest untouched. Find me a capitalist business plan for keeping someone free of illness, for ensuring that someone with nothing gets what they need, for giving resources to a struggling parent. You can’t. Capitalism can’t do this. These are the most important things in the world, and no possible iteration of capitalism has any solutions for any of them whatsoever, apart from “Well hopefully rich people will feel very charitable and fix those problems.” And how is that solution working out? It’s a joke.”

(-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Anyway, to quote what I always heard from liberal censorship advocates: Twitter is a private company. If you don’t like how they censor, go start your own social media company (and hope AOC doesn’t get Google/Apple to destroy it), or go figure out how to join a Mastadon instance. When Musk announced his intent to buy Twitter, many warned that every government and corporate weapon would be used to destroy him if he attempted any restoration of free speech. Online censorship is the most valuable tool of Dems, media corporations and the US Security State.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

ChuckModi on Twitter: “If u missed it over long weekend many great Independent Journalists like @chadloder @crimethinc @vps_reports @garlandnixon & others had their Twitter suspended by free speech champion Elon Musk cuz they choose to fight fascism instead of spread it.” / Twitter

“Democrats turn on rail workers right after the midterms

I told you vote blue idiots that voting for the Democratic Party is essentially giving them permission to screw you. When you vote for them they shift to the right after The true dumb dumb left refuse to acknowledge this.” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

“How many other government officials, news outlets & celebrities have been bought off in schemes like the FTX operation?

How much of the “aspirations for democracy” (i.e. destabilization of nations opposed to Washington hegemony) can be traced back to money laundering & bribery? The plot for Ukraine to join NATO is demonstrably part of the PNAC neocon worldview. When Bernie & AOC talk in terms of “democracy vs authoritarianism,” they are basically quoting Cheney & Rumsfeld. They might as well be ranting about “Islamofascism.” The conflict in Ukraine can be traced directly back to George W. Bush. After tearing up the ABM treaty in 2002 and backing the “Orange Revolution” in 2004, Bush pressures NATO to announce aspirations for Ukraine and Georgia to joint the alliance.” (-Primo Radical)

14 years later, NATO is set to renew its vow to Ukraine | AP News

I could swear being anti-monopolist was a prerequisite for political liberals in the not-so-distant past. Now it’s encouraged, to facilitate de-platforming. I’m the one who hasn’t switched belief systems. I was against monopolies before and still am. I supported free speech before and still do. Hilarious to call it progressivism when you cheer for giant monopolistic corporations like Apple and Google to control information flow. Even the concept of being proud to think in step with a group is new. Having your own idiosyncratic set of beliefs was considered healthy until pretty recently. Now individualism is often just seen as a stalking-horse for wrong-think.” (-Matt Taibbi)

“The USA is the world’s “wealthiest” country (although only the rich benefit). Yet its public services are so bad that its 4th-largest city is warning residents to boil their water.

Many formally colonized, developing countries have much cleaner water than the ultra-capitalist US” (-Ben Norton)

“Wave a magic wand and suddenly anti-lockdown protesters are no longer “COVID deniers” or conspiracy theorists when they happen to be in China.” (-Michael Tracey)

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “Fauci is under oath & can’t remember anything? Thats cuz Fauci is a pathological liar & criminal. He only lied about: masks,herd immunity & natural immunity, transmission & contraction, the origin of the virus, funding research that created the virus. If u believe him ur a sucker” / Twitter

Even the US empire’s top economists are now saying this is no ‘normal’ recession but instead a massive economic shift. They won’t admit it, but we’re witnessing the great splitting of the world’s economies combined with environmental destruction.” (Lee Camp)

StraightFromTheHorse on Twitter: “If you want to know why the MSM and the ruling elites in both parties constantly talk about “Saving our Democracy” read the following excerpt directly from the 1928 U.S. Army Training Manual…” / Twitter

Leaving aside the fact that a nation which bans political parties, shuts down opposition media, imprisons opposition leaders, and is vastly more accountable to Washington than to its own people is in no way a “democracy”, that’s just a profoundly disturbed way of looking at life.

It’s disturbing how many people I encounter who claim Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is worse than America’s invasion of Iraq because Ukraine is a “democracy”. How fucked up do you have to be inside to believe human lives are worth less because of their nation’s political system? A mother holding the remains of a child whose body has been ripped apart by military explosives does not care whether her country is considered a “democracy” by the western governments who are invested in that country’s military outcomes. I do think this is basically what many of them are saying. They can’t say “It’s worse because Ukraine is a white civilized European nation,” so they say “It’s worse because Ukraine is a democracy.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

John Pilger on Twitter: “Britain’s political class – Tory and Labour – has tried to crush the resistance of working people to an extreme capitalism called neo-liberalism. They have failed. Nurses, railway and postal workers are fighting back. Please read this and find out why.” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “I despise the corporate media that heroizes Chinese protesting interminable lockdowns. Not because those Chinese citizens are wrong, but because that same media painted the Westerners who defied the Covidian regime as criminals as they bravely defended their basic human rights.” / Twitter

Tracking Biden From The Left on Twitter: “BREAKING NEWS: President Biden is asking congress to force rail workers to accept a union deal with rail companies. What an absolute disgrace.” / Twitter

Jeff Schuhrke on Twitter: “This is the most egregious part of Biden’s statement asking Congress to preemptively stop a rail strike. 4 unions representing 55% of rail workforce voted to reject this deal. Dems still control both chambers of Congress & could improve the deal. But Biden explicitly says not to.” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “Who is “us” here?″ / Twitter


“Jimmy Dore went on Fox News to talk about how both parties are corrupt and put corporations and billionaires over everyday people. Telling the truth about the U.S. oligarchy to millions of people is good actually. What’s weird is thinking this is bad.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Amazing things are happening in Mexico: Left-wing President AMLO just held a historic rally and march featuring 1.2 MILLION supporters, celebrating 4 years in government.

Basically the entire corporate media is against AMLO, but he’s one of the most popular leaders in the world.” (-Ben Norton)

US ‘success’ is Ukraine’s disaster – by Aaron Maté (

johndissed on Twitter: “People must hate her because she does real journalism and almost everyone else does not. This is a choice though. Just do what’s right instead of selling out to evil, dumbfucks. Easy-peasy. And if you’re afraid, do something else for a living.” / Twitter

The International Magazine on Twitter: “A 12-year-old Palestinian girl is brutally assaulted by Israel in occupied Jerusalem. You will never see this in mainstream western media.” / Twitter

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Ben Norton on Twitter: “The Nazi-saluting gangs behind the US-backed coup against Bolivia’s elected socialist government in 2019 are trying it again Join my livestream interview with @OVargas52 to discuss the violent tactics of the Santa Cruz fascists Starts at 3pm ET / noon PT” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Part-time faculty are the life blood of The New School. But they’re being crushed like students & workers everywhere – between neoliberal business models, student debt & skyrocketing costs of living. Thank you, PTF & @UAW7902 for leading the charge for us all!” / Twitter

KIX drummer Jimmy Chalfant has heart attack onstage; Vancouver DJ Drex has heart attack; Argentina’s president collapses on state trip to Indonesia, & footballer Oscar Garré has cardiac arrest (

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “I don’t criticize Democrats cuz I side with Republicans, I criticize Democrats Cuz THEY side with Republicans. Our fight is not Left/Right anymore, it is Us vs.Them. We have 2 corporate party’s that serve Wall St/War Machine/Corporations & crush everyone else. #UniParty @0rf” / Twitter

Kit Klarenberg on Twitter: “Any serious pandemic truth and reconciliation committee would look intensively into the role of Independent SAGE in successfully selling the most excessive and needless COVID19 restrictions, particularly those adversely affecting children, to the public:” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “Holy Shit.” / Twitter

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“One beer aint gonna kill ya…” (-Mike L.)

November 2022

Desert ghost town. Sunday. One of the town’s two hardware stores is closed, as my wife rightly says, that’s why people never stay here. They roll the sidewalks up at like eight o clock. Most all the stores close down on Sunday AND Monday. The big hipster main drag tourist hive is only open maybe four days a week, six hours on those days…maybe. No record store, no train depot, no bus station. Just rundown trailer homes and miles of dead earth. Open hardware store cashier asks if you are “Moose or veteran”, cause if you vote Reublikkan, they give you a ten percent discount, but like all their shit is jackedup stupidly high. Eighty dollar axe, one hundred fifty dollar wheel barrel. Ten dollar margarita salt, ten dollar spice for your grilled meat. It’s cowboy country and they expect their clientele to be rich, like them. We’re in there looking for drill bits that work on masonry ya know for some nails to go into adobe walls, and this worker is coughing and sneezing and appears to have the Covid and I’m thinking about his predicament-to go to work or not to go to work. I wish he would have called in, personally. Bored on long desert days when time stands still, I hate tv, and rummage endlessly through old boxes of stuff I managed to save, came across a VHS video tape of one of my worst band’s worst shows. On it, I’d sharpied the words, “Jeff Dahl’s Copy”, almost like thirty years ago or some shit-sooo glad I never sent it to that fella, it was not worthy of outta town scrutiny. I dunno where I first met Michael L., the guitar player, in all the red scarves, but it was probably in a bar, might have been through a local grunge photographer who he slept with. He was the Kentucky approximation of a Dogs D’Amour dandy. Gregarious, got loud alot. Played “Too Fast For Live” on cassette in his hatchback. A very lively and flamboyant presence. He was a big all day drinker, much like myself in those years, but even less apologetic. He had a sloppy, primitive, Flat Duo Jets kinda rootsy noise band with a married couple who he sometime had sex with, he was a genuine exhibitionist, I guess you don’t get your penis pierced if you aint planning on showing it around. You remember that band from Sioux City, the Chickenhawks? That was what Mike’s band with the swinger couple reminded me of, or the Fireworks. I liked ‘im cause he was like a more extroverted Izzy Stradlin guy, an Andy McCoy wannabe with a baby fat Elvis kinda face and a boisterous guffaw, and just so flagrantly wore these L.A. Guns and Cinderella black t shirts under his leather Starsky & Hutch jackets, right when that was real frowned upon by all the Just Gone Grunge mainstreamers. I thought that was real cool, cause it was his not so subtle way of saying he was his own man. Or so I thought. Some smartass slacker types might sarcastically, tongue in cheek-wear an Iron Maiden shirt, ya know, disingenuously to be clever or ironic, back then, but Michael L. was not kidding about liking Cinderella, or Guns N Roses. The whole idea for the band we had started together was supposed to be “Hanoi Rocks meets the Replacements”. He was aready hip to both of those bands, which was real rare in that part of the country, in those days. We would empty a case of beer and a black bottle while listening to “Self Destruction Blues” and “Tim” and “Pleased To Meet Me” and maybe some Mother Love Bone for good measure. I hated grunge but thought that Mark Lanegan solo record “Whiskey For The Holy Ghost” was okay and his “Nearly Lost You” radio hit. Mike and The Kid bassplayer both liked Cobain and company more than I did but understood the band we were gonna do was supposed to be an up band, not a downer. I think Mike felt somewhat liberated by my appearance cause he started dressing more like me, cowboy hats and leather pants and concho straps and shit-ya know he’d drive us in his shitty fuckedup car across the bridge to the hayseed thrift stores, pre E-Bay, when they were still good, you could still find quality stuff on the cheap, and we’d look for bolo ties and cowboy shit-After Six tuxedo shirts, and old velvet suitjackets. He was always being asked to leave retail shops and malls and most all public spaces, by rent a cops or nice old ladies, because his favorite thing was to bring an open bottle of Jack with him and take big theatrical sips out of it, wherever we went. Like Slash, I guess. He loved to make a scene, start some shit, create a disturbance, he was all about the ruckous when we first met. He craved not only attention but high drama. He’d see some showoff Republikkkan CEO son, capitalist dude in his vintage car and give ‘em a big loudmouthed barrage of belligerent insults. You had to either love or hate the guy, and I naturally loved him. His only real flaw was his crazy need to become famous overnight. I mean we were both into hedonistic rocknroll decadence and hard all the time partying, but for Michael, it was never enough to “party like a rockstar”. He wanted the fame. Ideally, with the money. Stardom was calling. I was a bit more leisurely, like, let it come or not. Who cares about fame, I was gonna do my own thing my own way, with or without any smalltime fanfare or bigtime papparazzi. Mostly I just liked music and clothes, photography and art, and girls and drinking. We’d sneak liquor into the hillbilly bowling alley in the burbs, and found that was a good place to hangout and be ourselves where we were not drawing too much attention or aggravation from the stern and judgmental, uptight, nine to five Midwesterners, but he could still approach girls with his great bravado and ridiculous jailhouse tattoos and tell ’em how he was about to become famous in his charming southern drawl.

   The conservative town we unfortunately lived in was notorious for a buncha insufferably generic, bought n paid for, textbook-mediocrity-copycat impressions of each famous band-they had the Chili Peppers impersonators, the Pearl Jam imitators, the fake Sonic Youths, and so on and so forth. The too loud jukebox at the main bar just blared fucking Nirvana nonstop and that Stone Temple Pilots “Sex Type Thing” song, all day. I started to really hate that shit, cause I’d already suffered through it for like two years at Tower Records, where I’d worked in a bleery haze against my will and better judgement in the Last City I’d eaten through. Now I was in the most uncool, racist, violent, depressing place I’d ever been and the people on the scene were not my tribe at all. There was one local honchos band who just kinda sucked fucking something awful, in my opinion, but they ruled that shithole town-they had big balls and a shit ton of money. Best thing about ‘em was their lead guitar player, who had quit. He was the one with talent, but who needs talent if you have local honcho big balls and shit tons of money? So yeah, they got signed on the strength of their obscure covers to a major label, and all these idiots in slick “Alternative” magazines would all pretend like they were any good, like obedient automotons, yeah they had access to drugs and owned shit, but they were really not very good, at all, it was pure shtick–totally like, the Emperor’s New Clothes. I was the only one who was not afraid to shrug and say, “meh”. They were a glorified cover band. And predators, got off on causing harm-not my kinda people. Some other, older guys from the eighties punk rock days, had started a heavy reverb impersonation of Boss Hog and Royal Trux, and they had all the connections from booking shows over the years, and elaborate collections of vintage gear, and they were releasing a steady stream of recorded output on multiple international Hot Rod Labels. I thought they were cool, if shamelessly derivative. I got what they were doing, they just never liked me, AT ALL, cause it was their turf, their hometown, I was an outsider, showing up talkin’ about the Stooges and the Dolls and they never liked that. That was their gig. Could only be one blackhaired dude who liked Nick Cave per zipcode or some shit. I’ll tell you the odd part is I still begrudgingly like their music even though they treated me terribly, I still kinda like the band. So did my guitarist Michael L., who’d obsessively started clocking their progress, rmodeling himself on their vocalist, they were on the covers of magazines and shit, and he figured his next best shortcut to fame would be to sorta approximate what had been working for them, so he started talking about how I should work on becoming “more like Pussy Galore”, which to me, at that time, just meant-what? Stones covers played badly with a chick bassplayer? I didn’t know what he was talking about, “be more like Pussy Galore”. He was suggesting I write lyrics in character-like imagine I’m a serial killer, he’d say. Or a wisecrackin’ gum shoe, we needed to be more like indie film makers. Him and the bassplayer used to get in these all too serious, abrupt fistfights in the rehearsal room over very rudimentary songs I’d written in my prior bands and was having them learn. We’re talkin’ three chord, Dictators or Romantics type shit-Replacements for beginners, and they were going to the matresses over three chords-straight to sudden fiery fisticuffs over it, and if they crashed into the drums, the wealthy suburbanite metal guy would lose his shit and pile into the fracas punching people randomly-all three of ’em on the floor spilling ashtrays and beers cans and knocking over cymbols, cause our drummer was a total heavy metal guy and he had like professional Tommy Lee quality drumsets and a drum tech who followed him around, his own personal roadie who lit his cigarettes and shit for him, named Cheese. You can’t make this shit up. I was the singer, I wrote the words and you know, I write about my life, not some opaque fantasy of being a faroff “Blade Runner” character or Jim Jarmusch quirky eccentric, it was a zero irony zone that I composed from. I was more like an old school outlaw singer-I told stories, mostly about my friends, maybe wrote some protest lyrics from time to time, but there was nothing that fictionalized or “Twin Peak”s mysterious about it-almost none of it was like, me trying to be an indie film auteur. I was not being abstract or pseudo highbrow, no desire to be-Michael was taking some college writing classes and I think that was where the rather more professorial approach was coming from. He wanted me to be “Blue Velvet” but I was already too “River’s Edge”. 

    So anyways, Michael L., met a hot little number, and she was always lookin’ fine and wearin’ like the short shorts-had a real dynamite pair of gams on her and impressed the fuck out of him by knowing every word on “Exile On Main Street”. It seemed like we were gradually seeing less and less of him for awhile and he kept all his different little sets of friends all separate. So yeah he’d showup wasted to band practice with increasing frequency but we all drank heavily and it was not at all unusual back then for one of us to pass out somewhere, but he was clearly doing some dope and speed, cause his personality was bouncing all over the place. I had a moodswinging girlfriend who was also having her own personality changes, and alcohol induced blackouts, where she really would not remember anything about what happened last night, even and especially if it involved her breaking glass and screaming abuse, and the neighbors leaving us notes about the noise, or rent a cops showing up to our door and playing cards with me and my bandmates after we tucked her back into bed. It was a weird time. We did not sound anything like “the Replacements meets Hanoi Rocks”. We sounded like the Cramps minus the humor, if they were miserable, and really could not play. The Action Swingers remind me of us back then and the local greasy kid punk fanzine compared us to GG & The Jabbers. Not my idea of a fun time and the buzzkill and gloom of the grunge hierarchy was even seeping in to us. Our publicity pictures taken by that girl photographer I mentioned were way better than what we’d achieved sonically, in spite of some good songs, we needed a better guitar player, and Michael L. felt what we were missing was a better vocalist, you know one who could write film noir lyrics about big city serial killers and act “more like Pussy Galore”. I didn’t get where he was coming from “creatively”, at the time, but then, he hooked up with this very busy math metal drummer who was into like, Helmet. Then, they found a guitarist, who sortof played with all these different effects pedals and he started singing in a cartoon Elvis Presley voice, and while I got distracted by that chick I lived with breaking up with me to concentrate more on becoming local popularity grunge famous, and I was bohomeless again, needing a new place to live, he went away with his new band to San Francisco and were becoming-yep, Overnight Famous, by acting “more like Pussy Galore”. It fucking worked like a charm! Sheesh, farout. I finally saw it-it crystalized-his master plan was actually fucking working. He was branding himself as like, Jon Spencer Jr and people in the big city seemed to really go for that. I was not into the music or lyrics he was co creating at all, I could never connect to any of it, EXCEPT his aw, shucks hell yeah, charming as fuck hillbilly, punk rock Jethro Bodean personality. I love the guy, we were like two peas in a pod, EXCEPT I was not at all interested in any of the fad music of the day and next thing I know, the bassplayer calls and tells me they found him dead. Dead! What the fucking fuck. Some kinda mixture of booze and drugs or prescription medications. Dead, though! Ya know the whole time I knew the kid, he was alll about the merry making and the celebrating youth. Ya know he’d take handfulls of pills, swagger around. Stagger around. This whole operation had taken another dark turn and I was having trouble processing it. My high school friend had also overdosed that year. Other former intimates I’d grown close to were hanging around the town’s superstar popular drug dealers. A local overdosed. Too much. Then another, and another, and it became common to hear that somebody you sat on a barstool next to the night before ws found dead on some filthy bathroom floor. Almost routine. All too fucking common, so many people we knew and loved are dead and gone. All my bartenders, all my ex drinking buddies, some of those girls I met and fell in love with at that disgusting dirtyy dive bar where people overdosed in the bathroom. Michael L. was a beloved rogue. I read all these articles and obituaries penned by adoring big city music people who were really, really enthusiastic about his band, and swooning over his personal style and red velvet jackets. I still miss that guy Michael L., and he’s been gone a long time now. I still hear from people who I’ve never met cause they know I knew him. A famous bassplayer I like in a famous band, her husband was a friend of his, somebody else who was in one of my music groups on line was a drummer of his secondary West Coast band. His main man math metal drummer showed back up in my life, said he wanted me to sing for their band, doing the exact music I was never into. I tried to gently convey that the last thing that appealed to me was fronting a cover band of my dead buddy’s attempt to be more like Pussy Galore. Everybody I was meeting back then seemed to only wanna have a cover band of a cover band of a cover band, like chasing bandwagons that had already left town. Just not my bag at all. It’s okay to start off like, “we wanna be so and so meets so and so”, but then, you’re supposed to revitalize the whole genre, make it your own. I felt for the math metal drummer, cause I know he accrued a lot of grief and guilt over the death of our mutual homeboy, but I could never bring myself to sing those lyrics about film noir serial killers, or whatever it was supposed to be. The math metal drummer assured me we could become overnight famous with his grunge connections doing the refried tribute act, but I was rather more dedicated to my own ouvre, my own scene. I had my own get down. whether it ws appreciated by grunge/”Alternative” locals or not. I had my own songs. The bassist got his suburban Weiland wannabe pot dealer friend to start performing my tunes at open mic nights when the sit on a stool MTV “unplugged thing” was in. Wow, brother-those are MY SONGS. That started happening with alarming frequency. No one wnated to help me record but six different acts were doing my tunes in different towns. You can’t make this shit up. People I met in nowhere places were becoming Overnight Famous. Not me, man, I was working in a kitchen, washing dishes and picking fucking chicken all day for minimumwage in a hairnet and bloody apron. Goin’ home alone and hittin’ the bottle hard. I had my own red leather jacket and songs galore, but admittedly no grunge connections to local major label fame people, or fancy studio owners, or well to do patrons of the arts, or any of that shit. I am not gonna kiss somebody’s ass ass just because their dad bought them an old car or sports bar or recording studio. As The Kid, our bratty Bastard bassplayer used to say, “Fuck Those People”. When my leather barbarian ex guitar player from smalltown Flag City, USA via Allston and Colarado got out of jail, I summoned him to my side, and we resumed making our own brand of young, loud, n snotty punknroll that was never properly recorded and probably still sounded nothing like the “Replacements meets Hanoi Rocks”-it was muddier, swampier-more like the Crybabies probably, meets the Hangmen and Comatones and Beasts Of Bourbon-ya see, he was into like, AC/DC, Motorhead, and heartland Americana-Soul Asylum and Seger, Petty, shit like that, and I was pretty new wave, ya know. New wave and torch songs. We had kinda mastered the art of tear it up and take the waitress home, though. Whenever we played in public, people went wild. We weren’t shy, we came to party with the people. We took our inspiration from the Fleshtones. As he liked to say, I kept him from becoming a full fledged AC/DC tribute band, and he kept me from becoming an uglier Duran Duran. My only real regret about all of it was just never having any prolonged access to recording facilities. Now,  I’m almost 53, it’s getting colder, I got a teenager in the home, three grown kids who don’t want much to do with their disreputable hoodlum old man, and I never stopped thinking about making more bad seed rocknroll. My wife’s on the phone with her old dad and I’m rootin’ for the geezer. It’s a nothing to do Sunday, I already fucked around in the yard, did the dishes and vaccumed, and folded the laundry. I’d love to have a drink right now but the kid’s gonna be waking up any minute and require all my positive life force. (RIP) MICHAEL L. 

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“A lot of people seem to believe that capitalism is the only way to arrange society & therefore we must stick with it as it destroys our world. That’s like believing burning your house down with you inside is the only way to keep warm in the winter.” (-Lee Camp)


“What happened to Zeke?
He’s dead on Jones, man
How about Dave?
O.D’d on alcohol
Oh, what’s Rock doing?
Oh, he’s living with his mother
What about James?
He’s gone straight…” (-Iggy)

   Sports people in the burbs are weird, I’ll give you an example. Me and my drummer drinking beer together on the stoop was characterized by the sports moms and employers as me corrupting the good boy from the good home, right? Him and his brother’s bully sports team friends getting drunk together, that was All American red blooded rites of passage and blue eyed innocent campus hijinks. Class privilege was a thing back there. So was all that bizarre hometown zipcode overzealous sports patriotism. My wrestling team, wrong or right. Football players can do no wrong. Or kung fu predators, if their dads owned big houses. It was always fucked up beyond belief or repair back there, that school to prison pipeline can not be reformed: the really awful, cruel, spiteful, ballsout mean people were celebrated, rewarded, promoted. Nice kids, good kids, loving, creative kids were abused, incarcerated, bootcamped, punished, beaten, and railroaded into jails, institutions, or military service to make more space for the dickheads and the sadists. That still goes on today in my kid’s generation, the I-Phone tiktok social media culture of kids telling kids to kill themselves, it seems like it may have even gotten worse, since we were young. You know the scene in “Some Kind Of Wonderful” where hapless dork Keith is befriended by all the hoods and skins and big metalheads in detention? I had that same exeperience, of being embraced and accepted by the big tough guys, the few who weren’t assholes, in my high school years, and the one guy who jumped in and ended up taking some punches on my behalf, in front of the downtown nightclub when I was getting pummeled by a whole mob of rednecks, you know I became sortof very attached to him, had him on a bit of a pedestel for years, he always has a space in my heart. I thought it was just so heroic and courageous, when him and a black dude named Bohickey involved themselves with saving me from furthur pounding. I thought we’d always be like Robin Hood and Little John, Morris & Jerome, Laurel & Hardy. Jake & Elwood, ya know what I mean? A dynamic duo. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Vaudeville comedians, Catskills comics. A Dabba Doo Time. He was a popular kid at the city school and hung around some hillbilly poker players who liked eighties rap music and he was even into like Prince and the Cure. He was  big ole redheaded white kid but he could dance. Just pure charisma. He could funk. I thought he was a better bassist than the Jane’s Addiction guy. At first, we still had another bass guy-the local teen heart throb star DJ, but old Bobby was about to move on to a solo career as a frontman. So we needed a new bassist and I knew who I had in mind. The guy who’d been hanging around our band practices and drinking beer with us already, back when we were still doing like Alice, Deadboys, Misfits, Stones and Dogs D’Amour covers. Over time, we’d become regular drinking buddies, we had so much fun together singing, “HEY! HEY! HEY!” from Tom Petty’s “Rebels” at the top of our lungs in the echoy apartment, so I decided he should become a full fledged member of my band. He resisted the idea initially because in the hairband era, tv programming made it seem almost like you should look like Brett Michaels and Ricki Rocket to play rocknroll, this guy was a big giant musclebound dude, so he was not sure he’d fit in with the rest of us scrawny scuzzy black leather Ramones, but I insisted, I started teaching him about Hanoi Rocks, Generation X and Johnny Thunders and the Fleshtones and he started coming to band practice. Real punk rock, rocknroll in it’s purest form, does not require anybody look a certain way. He had a big heart and a sense of right and wrong, a conscience, the impulse to be cool and do the next right thing even if that don’t please the popular consesus or always get the dummy vote. That was the criteria for being in my gang. Side by side, we’d faced all kindsa different challenges and adversaries and again and again we rose to the moment, sometimes just barely lived to tell the tale, there were some near riots at crazy biker jamborees in the woods and the like, but othertimes we fucking almost…excelled. I was already a scarfy bottle swingin’ yo ho ho Jack Sparrow back before Johnny Depp was on Jump Street, so I don’t think it’s a big secret that I was perceived as a controversial figure among some of the parents in the plantation states. The beautiful big rascal bassist had been a real life boy scout and role model for the kids YMCA coach before he started consorting with my lot of damaged wastrels and punks, and it is not an infrequent occurance in my life when various associates have suggested that perhaps I jeopardized their reputations among the straights. Not only did we come up together, though, but as ROTH sang on the long awaited reunion lp with Van Halen, “we came through blood and fire…” True story. Closest I ever got to figuring out what went wrong between us was the guitarist murmuring about how the local popular Catholic school Vespa riding drummer had decided I “was not happening.” And a little quote in a fanzine where they alluded to the ex vocalist being a bit too much. That would be me, of course. Okay so ya know, my loss, really cause personally I always loved all those guys, even as I saw ’em going through different stages in life. The straight edge phase, the gym membership phase, the frathouse phase, the sports bar phase, the respectable businessman, and on and on. Hell the guy he replaced, the ORIGINAL bassplayer had become a GOLFER. We had a ball as kids though, a grand ole time, playing little pissy nowhere shows in nothing places, parties, bonfires, basements, me and the other lads hipping him to all our weirdo subculture. I made him these very diverse mixed tapes all the time-everything from the Misfits and Concrete Blonde to the Standells and Warrior Soul and Little Richard and the MC5, Redd Kross and Kris Kristofferson. The Jesus & Mary Chain and the Stooges and Alice Cooper and all the stuff I write about here-right? You know-Japan, Dream Academy, Theater Of Hate, Skinny Puppy, PIL, Depeche Mode, Age Of Chance, Big Audio Dynamite, Kid Creole-you name it. I remember he got me into EARLY Soul Asylum and shared my love of the Replacements. We also both loved early hiphop and old school funk. He was a big Chili Peppers and old seventies P-Funk and like, Rick James fan. Even after he joined a different band with a guy who’d really gone out of his way to fuck me over, I kept in touch and still made him the traditional play loud all hits mixtapes every Christmas for decades, ya know? Expected to kinda raise our kids together, go on vacations, have more kicks and collaborations, but he took his own path, like in Star Wars, when Han splits cause he says he did not come to fight the empire. I totally did, though! Now we’re old, I’m a hermit, last Jedi in bearded exiled on some lonely planet, he’s a fucking collegetown superhero, living legend frat rock garage punk celebrity, and I have not seen him in years and we don’t even talk on the phone. Sad, ya know? Turned out dude was not infallible, he may have even made some dubious choices and wrong moves himself, but prefers to socialize with people who only see the boy scout image, I guess, but I don’t even know. It’s all just blind speculation on my part, totally, a shot in the dark really, cause like I said, I don’t know this grown up version of my former friend, I don’t know any of those guys anymore. I just carry our memories around like a heavy Santa Claus bag of bricks. I called him up when my girlfriend was pregnant and we were looking for an apartment with some urgency in his collegetown but he was kinda making himself scarce right then and I thought maybe it was cause he felt awkward about being in a band with my old sax player roommate from the coast, and a normie gone punk, squeaky clean from the honky burbs, rich kid I’d kinda mentored when he was loitering around my record store his senior year of college. Like I said, I was a little salty for a  couple of years cause he played in some other bands with some backstabber guys I don’t get along with, who took my good trust and misused it, and that kinda came between us, I suppose. When you are as talented and personable and charming and fun as that guy, you become a soughtafter hot commodity, epecially in a middle class collge town. Also, I was friends with his wife in high school, back when she was sortof one of the 120 Minutes watchers, an early REM and Depeche Mode fan, but her preppie girls sports and real estate clique never liked me, so yeah, who knows really, maybe that has something to do with it. I was considered a real bad influence on everybody in that hometown, by the Catholic school sports coaches and influential country club moms. I always say I’ve been “Cancelled Since ’83”! I put that on a tshirt. We did finally manage to exchange the briefest of emails when one of our mutual friends died suddenly, me and the now famous bassplayer, but that was it. From my perspective, we should have stayed together and made some records that shoulda coulda woulda been legendary, me and the guys from that original band, but we did not, and that is that. What do ya do when people you love just kinda ditch you, leave you behind? You just cope, right, learn to live without them. I’m like the glaring answer to the musical question “what’s wrong with this picture” in the eyes of like the sports bar celebs, boojass collector scum and showbiz hustle contingents and I get that. They went with the more midwestern acceptable choice, when they replaced me-a generic baseball cap dude. I stuck with the black sheep, the dive bar crazies, the dropout anarchists, the principled antiwar activists, and loudmouthed free speech advocates and fuck you Last Call rebel alliance. They got like a proper pitch Kendoll kid who fit in with fratboys, but did he have any message, vision, integrity or actual songs? I never saw anything that worthwhile come outta that Catholic school moved to nearby collegetown clique. Aside from some generic white t shirt blonde dude wanting to “pass” among the baseball cap people. I could never even understand the lyrics. Something about him wanting money, staus, and materialism. Drums were still white hot though. I guess they fit in great with the college people, the bankers, the secretaries, the day job people, barowners, the whole gentrification brunching ownership society. That aint the stuff of rocknroll rebellion though. Not so much. Anyways, no explanation came, I was out, other dude was in. Then they moved on to some other bands that played like garage covers on super vintage, extra nice classic antique instruments, in suits, in trendy hipster barber shops and in trendy hipster party town exotic locales and shit. I kept annually, foolishly, stupidly and repeatedly offering my services as a rabble rouser/singer/songwriter/people’s champion but they kept blowing me off completely. I shoulda moved on and got over it but I never learned how. I got their pictures on my wall here but they don’t even write me back most of the time. Drummer got sick so I walked to the store in the rain to buy him a card, he just never responded, I guess he told the guitar player I was “not happening”. Bummer. Yeah? “I just drink and drink and drink…”

Hanoi Rocks – Tragedy – YouTube

St. John – YouTube

I wrote about four books, stored on this computer-they’re all about our wild times back in the ancient days. Never published ’em when I had the chance as not to offend any of thes people’s parents, or fancy wives, ya know? Discretion being the better part of valor, I thought it was always “too soon” and figure some people who are parents now don’t want their kids knowing how wild we were. We were a little bit wild, I guess. I thought we were the boys next door, just the ones in silver pants. I honestly never found out what came between us, maybe the onery bassist was embarrassed by my farout appearance back when wearing pink and purple, and yellow feathers and glitter band sequins, or having big oversized Steve Stevens Aqua Net black haystack hair, was not all hunky dory in the flyover states, I was always really despised by the art police, homophobes, and zero tolerance, authoritarian forces of sports-conformity in the flyover states. It was a real shame to me when him and the rest of that band decided to replace me. We were not only extremely entertaining together as a band, like anything can happen day bring the house down entertaining but me and the guitarist wrote way better than average songs back then. Still bums me out. I waited half my life away, hoping for a reunion record. One of my main struggles in this lifetime has been loving motherfuckers who are just incapable of loving me back. Lemmy says “win some, lose some, it’s all the same to me”, but I got hungup on the people I grew up with, they imprinted on my little psyche somehow. It’s just how it is. To me, all those laughs we shared were way more important and valuable than any sortof social hierarchy vip room rewards of membership or crediot in the daytime world, or whatever. I never wanted to be anything like the people on the hill. No big house or glass coffeetable stacked with expensive art books or glossy catalogs can replace having real friends. Not to me, anyways. “When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way, from your first cigarette til your last dyin’ day”.  Whether you’re having a beer on the extravagant wraparound sundeck, or in the dirty alley, what differnce does it make? They watch high definition tv on movie sized, thin screens, I watch old vhs tapes of 120 Minutes on shitty thrift store tv’s, you say potato, I say SUSAN SARANDON. Call me sentimental. I am what I am. Somedays I am proud almost everybody I brushed with from back then still has some kinda band in a different zipcode and are still making music, even if it’s without me. I know I had some small effect on all those blokes. They were all good lads, I guess, I just was not made to fit in to that midwestern world. I’m still like the throwaway kids in that eighties punk movie. TR. “The Rejected”. It’s alright, now.

The Rolling Stones – Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Official Video) (With Makeup) – YouTube

The Cramps – Garbageman – YouTube

Amyl and The Sniffers – Freaks To The Front – YouTube

The Coma-tones – Sexual Intellectual – YouTube

The Gun Club – “She’s Like Heroin to Me” – YouTube

The Hangmen – Rotten Sunday promo – YouTube

Gun Called Justice – YouTube


Australian punk bands are always the best!

Music | The Leftards

The Leftards (

The Leftards | Discography | Discogs

just some punk songs: Leftards – CCP

“When capitalism proponents say “you don’t understand economics”, what they really mean is “you don’t understand that unregulated capitalism is the best system for generating profits.” But that IS understood; it’s just that generating profits, in and of itself, is not sufficient. The “invisible hand of the market” gets treated as an actual deity that actually exists, with all the wisdom necessary to solve the world’s problems. In reality the pursuit of money lacks any wisdom; it can’t solve our major problems, it can only make more stuff and more profits. When capitalism proponents say “you don’t understand economics”, what they really mean is “you don’t understand that unregulated capitalism is the best system for generating profits.” But that IS understood; it’s just that generating profits, in and of itself, is not sufficient. Capitalism has no real answers for problems like ecocide, inequality, exploitation and caring for the needful. Yes “let the markets decide” will generate lots of profits for those set up to harvest them, but profit-seeking cannot address those very serious problems. In fact many of our problems come from the fact that capitalism is TOO good at turning the gears of industry; our biosphere is dying largely because capitalism values making lots of things but not un-making things. We’re choking our ecosystem to death because it’s profitable. The claim that capitalism is the best system for generating profits is basically correct; it’s hard to beat greed and starvation as a carrot and stick to get the gears of industry whirring. The issue here is that merely generating profits won’t solve most of the world’s problems.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Olayemi Olurin on Twitter: “He did not work for them, he was one of them. He was a POLICE OFFICER. What you mean to say is a police officer murdered three people and was then killed by his colleagues.” / Twitter

“Are y’all that dense to not see it’s 2 sides of the same coin, a never ending cycle of sameness, 2 headed beast, DIVIDE AND CONQUER, there will never be an anti war candidate on either side. Some of us actually have a revolutionary mindset and see beyond an illusion of choice.” (-Marisa)


“A lot of things have brought on these dire times, but two important factors are that 1) capitalism pushes the sociopaths to the top & they ultimately rule the systems 2) capitalism is the belief in infinite growth on a limited planet. It can only end in collapse if not stopped.” (-Lee Camp)

Dr.Feelgood 【She Does It Right】 – YouTube

 New Book! Lao Sue And Other Poems – by Caitlin Johnstone (

Banning Mail in Jails and Prisons Harms Incarcerated People: Critics – Rolling Stone

Nick Cave and the bruises of experience – ABC

How BlackRock Conquered the World — Part 3: Aladdin’s Genie and the Future of the World – Activist Post
Who Will Save Rock and Roll? Re-constituted Dictators are The Next Big Thing | Reviews (

Financial Crimes, COVID + Con Artists With Whitney Webb + Dr. Jessica Rose | Childrens Health Defense

‘Wow!’ Fauci ‘Can’t Recall Practically Anything’ in 7-Hour Deposition • Children’s Health Defense (

Why is the University of California trying to KILL its students, faculty and staff? (

Vivian Wu on Twitter: “Shanghai people were chanting and singing. Slogans being shouted including “ we went freedom not virus check.” “ we want democracy not dictatorship”. “ put down ccp”. It’s unbelievable 33 years after Tiananmen Square movement such slogans could be shouted out loudly on CH streets” / Twitter

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “Railroad workers are fighting for sick days. I never understood why managers need to know why you’re taking time off. Why do they need to know what you’re doing when you’re off?” / Twitter

The Guardian Could Help Assange By Retracting All The Lies It Published About Him – Caitlin Johnstone



“One day you will find that all the people who rejected you in your youth are trying to imitate you, or imitate imitations of you. Don’t be distracted. that is not fame. Keep working. Keep nailing yourself to the cross of your art.” (-Phoebe Legere)

“If you wonder what’s up in the war you’re paying for, MSM is the last place to look. Here’s why the Russian withdrawal from one side of Dnieper River to the other in Kherson is not the decisive defeat the spin machine wants you to believe.” (Dr. Jill Stein)

“Prosecuting Assange means that any publication based on leaked material would become a crime”

(-Former UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nilz Melzer)

The two issues that are not being discussed in relationship to the outcomes of the midterm election are austerity & continued support for the war in Ukraine. Why? Because there is already bipartisan consensus to support a recession & war in Ukraine. The current theatrics of the midterms as though something significantly different will occur depending on what bourgeois party controls Congress is not to be taken seriously. As Biden told his corporate backers – nothing will change.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Imagine STILL thinking democrats getting one more seat in the senate is “winning,” & capping for them when they’ve literally done NOTHING for you except promise to give you crumbs & then take them back?” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“Nothing enrages the official authorized commentariat like the common riff raff having access to platforms and audiences. That’s why the official authorized commentariat have been the most vocal voices calling for internet censorship …” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Joe Biden has literally armed fascists in Ukraine and elsewhere. What does that make him?” (-Danny Haiphong)

Stella Assange: ‘Corrupting the System at Every Level’ (

Revealed: Documents Show Bill Gates Has Given $319 Million to Media Outlets (

Concealing US Militarism By Making It Sacred (

Hassan Mafi ‏ on Twitter: “Jimmy Dore says the war in Ukraine is about the US preserving its global hegemony.” / Twitter

Rokfin | The best way to monetize your content

Support Unlimited Hangout – Unlimited Hangout

vanessa beeley on Twitter: “Ukrainian troops have begun rounding up Kherson locals, suspected of having “collaborated” & supported #Russian forces. Previously civilians detained for such “crimes”, which include even accepting salary fm local Russian admins, simply ‘disappeared’.” / Twitter

Craig Pasta Jardula on Twitter: “Still no conflict of interest? Ok.” / Twitter


Brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution! Holy Stars and Stardust!!! Hozac Records the amaaazing people who brought you that poignant and dynamic Michael Goldberg penned book, “WICKED GAME” about the genius godstar JAMES CALVIN WILSEY of Chris Isaak and the Avenegers fame that is so exceptionally well written, and spilling over with so much nearly unfathomable promise, pathos and pain a gripping, emotion packed, hard driving road trip of a blazing comet who enhanced millions of people’s love lives-it’s an adventure filled empathetic portrait of a rare musician who streaked across the sky and died on the cold sidewalks that you will read again and again if you are a fan of the man and his hypnotic tone and Chris Isaak’s angelic falsetto and broken hearted divebar torch n twang, those people, at Hozac, have brought us another essential, soon to be indispensable classic, “GUILTY! MyLife As A Memeber of THE JONESES, A Heroin Addict, A Bank Robber, and A Federal Inmate” by JEFF DRAKE! I mean, how thrilling is it for us JONESES fans that Jeff wrote the definitive inside story of The Joneses! Our mutual pal Anthony told be the Drake boys and their sis had been raised by old fashioned conservative parents but I smiled when in the book Jeff said his mom was out canvassing for Nixon cuae I got a Nixon Now button on my jacket-funny how far to the right Clintons and Obama pulled this country cause compared to Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden, fucking crooked old Tricky Dick was downright woke and progressive-making friends with China, making friends with some factions of the American Indian movement, and establishing enviornmental protections agencies-that’s a far cry from the cold warrior, surveillance tech spying and mass censorship, war on whistleblowers and torture gulags we’ve had sinec 9/11 and now corporate media is evn image rehabilitaing torture architects the Cheneys and John Woo! So yeah, Jeff was raised in a pretty conservative but still somehow idyllic Beach Boys/Leave It To Beaver old school baseball cards and ponies type enviornment but I had no idea he had suffered through so, so many health problems and traumatic accidents as a kid, half his childhood was hospitals and wheelchairs, losing his hearing in one ear like Brian Wilson, and almost losing the sight in both eyes, he had a bicycle wreck where his whole face was scabbed and his whole skull was fuckedup, poor kid-you should see the photos of how Happy Days Opie cowboy innocent he looked back then. Then, he discovered “Creem” magazine and rocknroll radio and look out, ya know? He end up forming the Joneses with skateboard legend Steve Olsen and running around with ne’er do well rocknroll rogues like Steve Jones and Danny Sugarman and shit. I love that band so much, I had some older associates who lived in a nearby town next to a used record store so they steadily accumulated a vast collection of used records with their hefty allowances, including those “Hell Comes To Your House” records, and when I was still semi on the street feral and couch surfing homeless, they would buy me beer underage and let me explore all their cool vinyl, we covered “She’s So Filthy” briefly in my late teenage years and Drake told me on the phone once I had the lyrics wrong. One of my old roommates covered “Pillbox” with his snotty kid punk band in the ya know Teengenerate/Ripoffs era, right whn I was kinda leaving the rocknroll scene which I felt had been taken over by the mainstream capitalist squares and normies. L.A. witch, Screaming Siren, Ringling Sister, Punk Hostage novelist and Disgraceland habituee Pleanant Gehman wrote his liner notes. Everybody knows he’s one of my favorite singer-guitarplayer-songwriters, me and all my friends grew up covering his songs, trying to be like The Joneses, Amanda Jones, and Vice Princiopals! This book is what your sleazy rocknroll boyfriend or girlfriend wants for Christmas, believe me! If you or your loved one like the kinda wild rocknroll music we all write about around here, this is the surefire hit of the fucking year! JUST WAIT TIL YOU SEE THE PICTURES!!! I haven’t talked to Jeff in a long time, but he knows how much I love his work and I am always rootin’ for the brother! GET THIS TOME A-S-A-P! I haven’t glimpsed the Bebe Buell book yet, but everybody around here also loves Bebe Buell, the courageous trailblazer, notorious hellraiser, model/muse/underground superstar/did it her own way rocknroll legend. Maybe after the holidays, we’ll try n wrangle some interviews with these historically significant people. HOZAC RECORDS is home to the real rocknroll beat! You’ll want to go there now!

SHIPPING NOW: GUILTY! My Life in The Joneses, A Heroin Addict, A Bank Robber, and A Federal Inmate BOOK by Jeff Drake – HoZac Records

WICKED GAME – The True Story of Guitarist James Calvin Wilsey BOOK by Michael Goldberg – HoZac Records

PRE-ORDER REBEL SOUL – Musings, Music, & Magic Hardcover BOOK by Bebe Buell – HoZac Records

I think they should get Joey Pinter from the Knots and Fuse and Waldos to write a book, next!

Jeff Drake (

On The Record With… Jeff Drake (The Joneses) (

“However these last races turnout, we’ll still be barrelling ahead on climate collapse, crushing inequality & the road to WWIII.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

CODEPINK on Twitter: “To be fair, when you’ve destroyed just about every country in the Global South, it’s hard to keep track of them all.” / Twitter

Empire Politician – 1999-2000: Plan Colombia (


All the old timey glam people know in my snotty youth I used to put out a series of crummy fanzines about punk rock, glam, glitter and trash, very much like what we still do online here n now. one of those old bands we all loved and praised in the xeroxed glamzines was Campus Tramps. I never hear anybody mention them anymore but where I live there aint no record stores and even the make a buck hipster airbandb owning city slickers are only like ya know, “Alternative” people, still meaning Nirvana. Whatever happened to that band 16 Forever and Pilly from that band, American Ruse? In the words of Ginger Baker to Jesse from Shake The Faith, “L:ET’S JAM!” play it loud!


Another band that was good fun was Boris The Sprinkler.


Here’s some Haloes for ya! While diggin’ through my ancient swag, I found some copies of “Machine Gun Etiquette”, a zine in the same kinda spirit as summa the mags I did, edited by the powerhouse talent Christiana, co starring primo rocknrolll ink slingers, Chaz, and Max & Frank. I wish she was still publishing that magazine now. Whatever happened to Barry Bang?

The Enemy’s Within: Jimmy Reject: Books (RIP) JIMMY REJECT!


I probably heard of these cats via either Charlie Die (RIP), Deane Clapper, or Jim Budds, some cats who used to contribute pictures and columns to my zine.


this was really right up our alley in the early nineties, we were looking for musicians in all the wrong towns who were into this kinda thing-early 69 eyes were like Smack n Hanoi Rocks, ya know? They got a little too over the top for me later on, with the Ann rice NIN/Marilyn Manson production but their dirty early stuff is still hard to beat. This was pretty much exactly what i was trying to do back then. 

The Enemy’s Within: Jimmy Reject: Books


Back Behind the Kit – YouTube Long Live Nicky Turner! Truth Is The Sword Of Us All!


are still summa my fave bands, now!

$3 Mess – Only the Angels @ Churchill’s 10-31-09 – YouTube

$3 Mess – Spanish Song @ Churchill’s 10-31-09 – YouTube

$3 Mess – Red Head Churchill’s Halloween 09 – YouTube

Pillbox . bobbys shakin again – YouTube

Beasts Of Bourbon – Psycho (1988) – YouTube

Gunfire Dance T shirt – Easy Action

City Of Vice – YouTube

“BREAKING: To control the Senate:

Democrats just need 1 more seat. Republicans just need 2 more seats. 

Working people just need 51 more seats.” (-MY PRESIDENT: Dr. Jill Stein)

“I have no special feelings one way or the other about China or Russia, I just acknowledge the indisputable fact that they are quantifiably far less destructive than the US-centralized empire. If they weren’t being aggressively targeted by that empire I wouldn’t notice them much.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“I have never heard anyone talking openly and honestly about the corruption and complete corporate capture of the “Democratic” party on MSNBC.” (-Ryan Knight)

“So, we are supposed to believe & care that the capitalists who owned twitter were supposed to be more responsible then the oligarch that owns it now? I couldn’t give a f..k less who owns this company as long as left voices are not suppressed.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“BREAKING: Former US President George W. Bush and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will hold a pubic conversation in Dallas to celebrate their war crimes and remind Americans why it’s important to start World War III with Russia.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Ryan Knight ☭🕊 on Twitter: “.@jimmy_dore went on Fox News to talk about how both parties are corrupt and put corporations and billionaires over everyday people. Telling the truth about the U.S. oligarchy to millions of people is good actually. What’s weird is thinking this is bad.” / Twitter

“The “moderate rebels” of the CIA-armed FSA are now fighting for ISIS. Does this make the group “Moderate ISIS”? (-Aaron Mate’)

Sean & Jacquie w/ Ajamu Baraka (

Peter Beinart Leads Charge to Cancel Palestinian American Journalist Mnar Adley (

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “They knew the way that law was structured would be struck down by the courts. The people got played again.” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “Incredible how white American guys who style themselves as “progressive” will deplatform a Palestinian… at a BDS event” / Twitter

Will Our War-for-Profit System Lead to Nuclear Annihilation? –

Government Granny Gropers will not keep you safe from Muslim boogeymen or Russian hackers or communist manspreaders. The TSA Has Assaulted Us For 20 Years With Nothing To Show For It (

Heavily propagandized shitlibs will support Bush Wars Forever-they just tell ’em whatever they want and they eat it up with their silver spoon. ‘Cause Obama’s “classy” and now, according to Ellen and Bono, W’s “folksy”. I don’t get you fuckin’ people-stop worshipping evil motherfuckin’ war of terror surveillance tech spooks, virus patent owning billionaires, and white devils weapon manufacturing shareholder politicians.

Colorado voters decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms | AP News

NEWSMAX on Twitter: “Former President George W. Bush and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will hold a public conversation in Dallas amid questions among House Republicans about the importance of continuing to send money and aid to Ukraine for its fight against Russia.” / Twitter

Urging peace with Russia, top US general challenges DC’s proxy war (


“Mystery keeps men sane. As long as you have mystery you have health. When you destroy mystery you create morbidity.” (- G.K. Chesterton)

“Give me back my fantasy!” (-Urge Overkill) 

All the unconditional Obama-Hillary-AOC worship totally keeps the Bezos-Waltons-Kochs-Schwab-Gates One Percent bad guys in power and the poor folks under boot. Middle class slogan reciting people just wanna build more tall fences and gated communities and never have to listen to the complaints of the unsightly riffraff homeless people and low wage owners and offensive comedians and other offscript cancelled peasants. “They shoulda gone to college”, they say to themselves, all day. Luxery for themselves, dying suddenly, for you. I’m glad Zuck and his Langley bosses kicked me offa social media, it was too discouraging and heartbreaking, to see how all the hipster rock critics, and classic car polishing 12 step celebs, and gentrification bruncher ex punks, don’t even stand for one power to the people egalitarian traditional leftist value at all, ever, nothing. Just blank check sports team celebrity worship and staying in their box to protect their private prestige and special class privileges. They believe in nothing but their own comfort and convenience. Not Free Assange, not fourth amendment privacy, not second amendment ala the Black Panthers, not fight for living wages, or protect the housless community, or end the proxy wars based on lies, nothing. NOt even opposed to Lynn Cheney torturers anymore. Just their own red carpet selfie experience of just me, who’s the fairest of them all, checking the doorbell camera to see if their Amazon goodies have arrived yet, that’s it, that’s all. Maybe they might get online to thank Obama for keeping it classy, or slag pig-media’s targeted minorities du jour, but that’s it. Love AOC, war is okeydokey and Orange Man Bad, that’s all the critical thinking they’re seemingly capable of. At best making some vague excuses for Gropey Joe, ya know?

Sensitivity Studies shitlibs give lip service all day to save the whales, “my pro nouns are blah blah/blah blah”, Free Tibet, got my fifth booster, “I Voted” Blue No Matter Who, and bragging some more about successfully banning reusable plastic grocery bags so we serfs have to purchase eight dollar garbage bags, because they think it’s gonna “save the enviornment” from all those billionaire jet set emissions and fifteen different Nato wars that Greenwashin’ Greta Thurnberg never talks about, they’ve naturally outlawed loitering and panhandling near the legal reefer for rich white people boutiques, and paid tens of thousands to install big sharp rocks beneath underpasses to discourage humans from finding shelter in the cold, and supposedly you know, it’s all for the sake of Science Trusting, feminism, and for the spotted owls, but they do not give a fuck, when garbage trucks run over sleeping homeless women outside the church, s’long as she voted for Hillary first, when traumatized old vets are left in the freezing cold Pacific Northwest rains and get kicked awake by class patrol downtown guides, or have their tarps and tents and soaking wet backpacks stolen from them by cops who work for hotel owbners and Nike sweat shop oligarchs. They just want you to show more respect to Kitty Piercy, Hillary Clinton and AOC, because of course, their Gender, the New Religion Of The Klaus Schwab schooled Gates Reset cultists. Same shitlibs who agreed to promptly evacuate Saturday Market park blocks during Occupy Eugene, as not to inconvenience any bankers or lawyers in love, are likely to kall tha kops karen you for smoking a fucking cigarette in the alley behind the Wow Hall, if your pro nouns do not meet their preferred approval. See something/say something snitch squad Sensitivity Studies shitlibs are cloistered and elitist landlord class, police state neo-con imperialists who recite official tv narratives and just don’t wanna know. There used to be an online pundit called Sane Progressive who spoke with great clarity about these problems of propaganda and the warmachine recruiting fake actresses to help sell Dick Cheney/John Bolton/Mike Pompeo/John McCain policies to comfy, cozy Karens, but she was hounded offline by the think tank operated bot armies and obedient tiktok fauxwoke kancel kulture kids. Shitlib fraud squads selling Dick Cheney shit to Trader Joe shopping Tesla owners with pink triangle bumper stickers is some peak dystopian capitalist madness.They told those suckers they supported healthcare for all, then dropped it when AOC got elected and private jet Pelosi instructed her to sit down, they told those suckers they opposed child cages, then dropped it when Gropey Joe got elected with Mayo Pete affiliated software company. They told those suckers they were gonna cancel student debt, then dropped it after more shitlibs got elected, It’s exactly like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football only to have Lucy pull it away. Works everytime–like Colt 45. all they gotta do is trot Obama out on the red carpet and all the boomers and comic-con safespace kids in furry animal hat ears all swoon and obey. Mass media has even image madeover the war criminal torturers, Bush/Cheneys by blaming it all on Trump. Unreality Tv. The Bilderberg build a bitch occultic metaverse. Bizarre surrealism. Whenever the oil companies wanna invade somewhere, they just put friendly Democrats on tv to say it’s all for feminism and LGBT rights and those middle class suckers fall for it, everytime. Laura Bush went on Oprah after 9/11 to tell the boomer mom audience that Bush had to invade Afghanistan for women’s rights. People believed that shit if they went to college for navel studies and feelgood ceramics. Hillary Clinton cackled like a lunatic ON TV for savagely killing a Libyan head of state, but shitlibs think it’s okeydokey cause she’s a Female. I should not have to explain how whackadoo that shit is. Whenever someone tries, they deploy the twitterbot namecall armies. You shoulda done this, you shoulda done that, you work for Putin, etc., etc. Middleclass people are oblivious to the suffering of poor people in this country and only care about human rights when the Pentagon tells them they’re supposed to-almost everybody on tv now is “retired” military or CIA, the DNC even runs CIA as Democrats now. All the money goes for killing in regions where they wanna control the resources for Wall Street shareholder profits. All of it. The politicians do not care about us little people or do anything legit on our behalf, if they give you some medication it aint cause they are staying up late at night fretting about your children’s well being or health, somebodys’s making some dirty money every time new legislation is passed. Most usually, it’s the same five or six super oligarchs who run the world in secret nowadays. It got down into the twenties last night here in November-a lotta people in my part of the country do not have adequate heat. Utility companies are gouging us like fuck and anytime you bring it up, dumb motherfuckers have been pig-media and university politness safespace trained to blame some external boogeyman some more, never USA billionaire greed. Of their sacred and cherished puppet politician celebrity imaginary friends. That’s why I can’t stand the shitlb apologist for politicians who broke all their campaign promises and voted the opposite of their bogus feels good rhetoric. People at the bottom are suffering-death is everywhere now and the stuboornly blind shitlibs and Got Mine, Jacks still just wanna babble about the slogan of the day propaganda bullshit, or brag about their vacation or collections some more. They are mad at Chappelle, but not their beloved fraud squad who promised them student loan forgiveness, eviction moratorium, to unite the border gulag families, and free healthcare but instead just gave ’em war against Russia, heating up for war against Iran, and China. Super Inflation and “Died Suddenly”. Whoo-hoo, congratulations, mimosa sippers. Sucking up to rich, evil despots (“philanthropists” in shitlib-speak), Ted Talk third world depopulators, and worshipping war-whore politicians aint my thing.

“Subpoenas” Served On U.S. Weapons Manufacturers, by Brad Wolf – Dandelion Salad (

Top Zelensky advisor threatens war with Iran – The Grayzone

Hands Off Haiti!!—No Military Intervention!! | CovertAction Magazine

Portland police officers ‘guarding’ Fred Meyer dumpsters as residents seek discarded food –

How Team Obama Justifies the Killing of a 16-Year-Old American – The Atlantic

For African/Black Working Class and Colonized Peoples, Midterm Elections in the U.S. Offer No Relief from War, Repression and Capitalist Misery | Black Agenda Report

Moss Robeson on Twitter: “Tomorrow, Azov Regiment press spokesperson Dmytro Kozatsky, a blatant neo-Nazi, is joining a motorcade from Washington to New York and will be speaking at the School of Visual Arts Theatre in Manhattan as part of 🇺🇸’s “Largest Documentary Film Festival.”” / Twitter

“Here we go again. Members of the oligarchy that don’t completely subordinate themselves to still predominant program of the neoliberal/neocon totalitarian project become enemies of the state.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“If you think CIA disinformation – that sold us wars from Viet Nam to Iraq – somehow isn’t driving war in Ukraine, i have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“The only people still defending Bernie Sanders and the squad are neocons and white leftists from the suburbs. The progressive movement is trying to gaslight us into thinking supporting all the imperial ambitions of the United States is the left position. Caring about more squad members being added is like caring about more Uvalde Police officers at the scene of a crime. I wish Americans would treat the corrupt criminal ruling class with the same disdain they treat customer service workers when they get their order wrong. Val Dmmings raised $73 million and got washed by Marco Rubio

Can we just acknowledge that the DNC is a complex money laundering operation?” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

“The Biden administration is trying to bully Australia out of joining the Nuclear Ban Treaty.

Hard to imagine a greater evil than promoting the gravest danger to humanity the world has ever known. ” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“Finally, if you talk to most working class Americans off the record, they’ll admit both parties suck.

Many people just choose to lean into their hatred for one party over the other. Liberalism is not about “liberal values” or “big government” or “wokeness.” And it’s definitely not about socialism

Liberalism isn’t even a political philosophy

Liberalism is, at its core, an imperial cult around advancing the class interests of a privileged transatlantic elite. Every single day, US and NATO leaders are pushing us closer to the brink of nuclear war.

Where is the outrage? Where is the panic? Where is the survival instinct?

We should be marching in every city for direct talks between Washington and Moscow.”

(-Primo Radical)

“Even as the US and its allies are continuously escalating their war with Russia over Ukraine, they are transforming the entire Indo-Pacific into a powder keg that could erupt at any point.” (-Richard Phillips)

“Remember anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed in the Iraq war? Dems supported her while it was convenient to oppose the war. Once it became obvious that Dems only opposed *Bush*, not the war, Sheehan became inconvenient, and they dropped her like a hot rock.” (-Ladies Jacket Club on Shitter)

“Biden announces the election was mercifully free of outside “interference.” Amazing how this threat always seems to dissipate the minute Democrats win.” (-Michael Tracey)

“Was just detained for asking John Bolton

about why he lied about WMD’s in Iraq, Covered up War Crimes, and celebrated Julian Assange’s arrest. Video coming soon!” (-Tayler Hansen)

“So, the progressive caucus, the Squad (the fraud) and the rest of the U.S. liberal/left and even elements of the Anti-war movement are to the right of Gen Milley and Henry Kissinger on Ukraine.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“You know how bad you must be to be neck-and-neck in a race with Dr Oz or Herschel Walker!” (-Compton Jay)

“This is why liberals annoy the shit outta me

Trying to make an institutional problem into a partisan one The DHS is trash no matter who runs it. Biden is currently expanding the department after the abuses under Trump.” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: ““Oops! Accidentally sold weapons to nazis. My bad y’all” 🤣” / Twitter

They Can’t Count Even in Vegas Now? Transcript from “America This Week” (

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “That’s good. He should bring in his own writers.” / Twitter

The Atlantic Is A Shitty Propaganda Rag Run By Elitist Wankers (

The Good Priest – The Chris Hedges Report (

“The United States Gov’t isn’t trying to spread democracy, they’re trying to maintain their hegemony” (-Black In The Empire)

There is no evidence that TSA has prevented any terrorist attacks but the US has spent billions of dollars on the program over the last 20 years.” (-Mint Press)

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Brazil’s far-right Bolsonaro regime happily joined the US-led coup attempt and helped support cross-border terror attacks on neighboring Venezuela” / Twitter

Multipolarista on Twitter: “Colombia’s first-ever left-wing leader Gustavo Petro took a historic trip to Venezuela, pledging regional unity following the anti-imperialist model of Simón Bolívar Meeting with President Maduro they said they are “one single Bolivarian nation, reunited”” / Twitter

Mick Wallace on Twitter: “EU are calling for more Defence spend because they say that since 2001 #EU has increased spending by just 22%, #US 66% Russia 292% and #China by 600% – This is Disinformation. Reality is EU now spends 3 times more than Russia + #US spend more than next 9 countries put together…” / Twitter

Compton Jay on Twitter: “The Neoliberal policies that the Democrats push hurt the marginalized people they claim to help the most Calling out AOC Hosts @jackiembouvier and @leilacleigh Special Guest @ProudSocialist #HappyHourChallengePodcast #PopulistVoiceNetwork” / Twitter

Chris Hedges on Twitter: “The Chris Hedges Report with Andrew Bacevich on his book “After the Apocalypse” and the folly of endless war on The Chris Hedges Report” / Twitter

John Pilger on Twitter: “I watched these monsters destroy village after village in Asia, life upon life. Australia’s grovelling elite is now beyond shame as it propels a nation with no enemies to the frontline of a coming war with China. A paramount crime, surely.” / Twitter

How Corbyn’s mass movement was destroyed by anti-Semitism smears (

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “The first ever Gen Z congress person got to where he is by selling out Palestinians. See a common pattern? Nina Turner, Fetterman and now Maxwell Frost. The progressives completely abandoned Palestinians, anti colonialism and being anti war This is a white suburbs movement” / Twitter

CIA Democrats—Abigail Spanberger and Elissa Slotkin—Gain Reelection to Congress, While Anti-CIA Candidate Geoff Young Loses | CovertAction Magazine

Ukraine Plans to Create “Israel-Like” Arms Industry To Produce NATO-Caliber Weapons – Activist Post

FBI Conducts “No-Knock Warrant” At Home Of Owner Of Website Devoted To Area 51 – Activist Post

Fiorella Isabel on Twitter: “Dms open for apologies. Especially from those MSM/ “progressive” contingents who got this oh so wrong, & called for vilifying, segregating & censoring any opposition to this. I don’t hold grudges but F “amnesty” people deserve ACCOUNTABILITY.” / Twitter

FLASHBACK: How Do I Find Broken Links? (2021) – Activist Post

“If I close my eyes I see your face

And I’m not without you
If I try hard and concentrate
I can still hear you speak
I picture myself in your room by the chair
You’re smoking a cigarette
If I close my eyes I can see your face

You’re saying, “I missed you” (-Lou Reed, “Dreamin’ “)

Whipping Boy – When We Were Young (Official Video) – YouTube

When we were young, nobody died
And nobody got older
The toughest kid in the street
Could always be bought over
And the first time that you loved
You had all your life to live
At least that’s what you said

(When we were young)
The first time you got drunk
You drank Pernod and dry cider
Smashed a window in
As the police came ’round the corner
You didn’t have no time to run
And your dad stood up for you
As the judge said, you’re a fool

Babies, sex and flagons, shifting women, getting stoned
Robbing cars, bars and pubs, rubber johnnies, poems
Starsky and Hutch gave good TV
And Starsky looked like me

(When we were young)
The first time that you stole
You stole rubber lips and tenners
Bought a radio then ran away forever
Never felt so good, never felt so good with you

When we were young, we had no fear
Of love nor sex nor warnings
Everyone was hanging out and everyone was sorted
When we were young, nobody knew
Who you were or what you’d do
Nobody had a past that catches up on you

Babies, sex and flagons, shifting women, getting stoned
Robbing cars, bars and pubs, rubber johnnies, poems
Starsky and Hutch gave good TV
And Starsky looked like me

When we were young, what might have been
What might have been
What might have been

With a start, he was awoken from the middle of a dream
He’s making movies in his head that never will be seen
He’s holding Oscars in his hands and kissing beauty queens

What might have been (oh, what might have been)
What might have been
When we were young

(Songwriters: Colm Hassett, Fergal Emmanual Gerard Mckee, Paul Anthony Page, Myles 

Anthony Mcdonnell)


Some mornings, I find myself habitually scrolling through the hometown obits cause all these childhood friends of mine keep dropping dead in their fifties, dying suddenly. WTF?

Wow Man, another one of my close amigoes from way back died about ten days ago, was buried two days ago, no cause of death, they livestreamed his funeral from the Catholic school website, he was a hometown hero to many, really. It is kinda stunning, cause I been trying to get in touch with him, just sent him a postcard like two weeks ago. Hopefully he got it before his death. I met him when we were in the eighth grade probably, he looked like Dweezil Zappa when we were young, clever kid who loved outraging the squares who loved him, kinda dressed hip suburban-you know like a Robert Downey Jr. character in “Weird Science”, and had good luck like Ferris Bueller-probably the most all around popular guy at the Catholic school I was expelled from. Being from the country club suburbs, he was walking around with a tennis racket and like white shorts, ya know, being preppie, hoping to impress the chicks. I pretend served him a tennis ball, only it was a tomato and got it all over all those Catholic school kid’s daintily pressed white clothes, rather than be offended and outraged, he saw great humor in this irreverant gesture and we stayed pals after that. We had easily a zillion laughs together. He tried his best to get me elected president of our freshman class and even people who hated me wrote my name down, cause everybody loved the joke, it was widely suspected the admin fixed the count. I got him into a lotta cool music from new wave to heavy metal. Not that many of his mainstream friends probably know what a music head he was-from garage rock to Prince, Eddie Grant, Dexy’s, Madness, even Tears For Fears. I think he liked being friends with me, someone his parents and priests and sports coaches and athletic peer group were so completely appalled by. That was his sense of humor, he could come off as caustic and cocky and even belliegerent, but he was one of those rare winner types who really did root for the underdog, he championed me from a young age, when I was most of our Catholic friend’s well guarded, dirty secret. The day when I was finally released from a painfully long stint in the child abuse gulag, Joey was the friend who showed up at the get home time, waiting there to see me. Loyal, dutiful, on time, an abiding and faithful real friend. He had to hear a lotta shit about it from the awful rich kids who wanted to be near him, probably summa his family, too.The suburban rich people really, really had me marked as the town’s kickdog blamehound, main offender, usual suspect, Frankenstein monster, from a young age. Since fourth grade, actually. Tales Of a Fourth Grade Nothing til eternity. Shmoehio don’t like born weird, leather wearers in too much blue eyeshadow and clown red lipstick that makes one’s teeth look extra yellow, causin’ a commotion and hittin’ on the pretty girls, very much at all. I hated sports and was targeted by the Catholic wrestling team and their suburban public school counterparts football team, too. Joey was way more into sports than me, Tom, or Mitch, but we all mainly enjoyed the kinda sports where you didn’t spill your beer-ya know-bowling, fishing, golf, miniature golf, pool hopping…Joey came from a very famous Italian resturant and bar owning family, with many undeniably mobbedup, well known newspaper documented ties to la Cosa Nostra, he loved that shit too, believe me, probably saw himself as a bit of a Vincent Corleone, “Prince Of The City”. Growing up, we watched the first two Godfathers repeatedly but the third one was not out yet and it was ridiculous replacing the Tom Hagen character played by Robert Duvall with disco vampire suntanned George Hamilton and Sophia Coppola actually did a pretty good job stepping in when Winona Ryder got sick, if you ask me, but Joey aint here to talk about Pacino and Deniro no more, that feels crazy to me. Not normal, not right at all. I’m still mourning Corey Lott, Dave Andra, Paul K., and Bobby Cloyd. When I experienced food insecurity as a latchkey teenager, he drove his moped to the famous nightclub with secret tunnels under the street to the hotel catty corner from it that they used to call Little Chicago back in the forties downtown and retrieved a week’s worth of food from his family’s resturant and him and Tom brought me all these different pastas, salads, garlic breads to my place on their mopeds. He had a reputaion as a charismatic but loudmouthed kinda playboy wannabe character, right? The all star, preppie, football player Catholic popularity kid, but in real life, he was sweet and thoughtful and funny and kind, impeccably well mannered, and sincerely compassionate. Always up for a spontaneous roadtrip or late night card game, sophisticated prank, or concert event in some farway big city. I worked with him for his uncles’ at a restuarant as a busboy when we were 12 and 13 ish? Also worked with him at a Little Cesaers’s that employed all our drinking buddies and bowling team friends, Skeeter and Ogre. Also, he got me insta-hired, no questions asked, at another one of his uncle’s resturants, when I was going through hard times and the famous story was, I was nervous on the first day and kinda jittery and accidentally knocked over a big rack full of gallons of salad dressing and one of the older beehive hairdo old pro waitresses came breezing in carrying a big tray of dishes over her head, slipped on the oil based mess and fell. I dirtied all their linen and mops and filled two mop buckets trying to use the dust pan to shovel up the whole awful mess and finally his uncle mercifully fired me on the spot and told me I could leave, my pal Joey laughed off the whole incident. Even as we aged, the smalltown locals remained stubbornly hostile to the whole notion of he and I being friends, I was supposed to be their boogeyman scapegoat forever, amen. He had a hard time advocating for me when the frat bros blamed me for the death of our friend who was far away at some posh college in Seattle. We all had nickname’s based offa Gilliagan’s Island-Tom was the Skipper, Mitch was the professor, Joey was the millionaire and Mitch called me, “Gypsy Gilligan”, he always insited we wayward castaways were pineering pool hopping-“the sport of the future”. Really used to drive the squares and sportos nuts when they’d see us all running around together in our tiger print spraypainted “Trash Mobile” a kooky colored ’74 Oldsmobile that got us in all kindsa trouble when the waterpump broke down in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The cops in East Rutherford are as tough, intolerant, and unreasonable as all those rightwing talk radio reciting preppie fuckers in the town we came from. We were all just having fun and being young, it was not our fault all those fatfucks in the pink Izod golf shirts did not know how to have fun unless it was at some meeker, weaker person’s expense. They were some mean spirited, permanent  hiearachy oriented, cliqueish people. I was the one in the black hat. “Get him!” That state is where they manufacture the conformist  fratboys, it will always be that way. Flashy car ownership and sports bar popularity are all that matter to most white suburbans, nobody’s sorry. It’s still the same back there. Nothing’s changed. Except they allow tattoos now, I guess. Used to be you could not even get a wage slave job with any visible tattoo. And they got medical reefer now.

Joey had the keys to bars all over town so me, him, Tom, and Mitch (RIP) could go into ’em after hours and shoot pool, play the jukebox-mostly Van Halen and the Beachboys, and drink beer for free, his uncles all played poker in his dad’s garage, they were all pretty nice guys once you got to know them. His little brother Johnny used to come to parties at our bandhouse and have some beers when he was the younger kid, it was his turn, a rite of passage. Some mischievous event involving a car happened Joey’s senior year that resulted in his fam pressuring him into joining the marines, he was rel proud of his service and the only kid I grew up with that never seemed traumatized of diminished by the military. He said Semper Fi all the fucking time. When we were back in the hometown at the same time, we always tried to have a beer together, we kept in touch for decades and it only kinda dwindled off when I became caregiver to sick elderly and other high needs family members these past fifteen years. So yeah I loved the cat, will always love the cat, he was my most like normal, mainstream, preppie friend, I’m way to his left politically, he still believed the Democrats were progressives, but in the circles we came up in, he was like the radical leftist compared to all his rigtwing peers, always arguing politics on social media. He had a straight office job, a longtime partner I never met, exhibited the same witty, wry sense of humor on social media everyday he had as a young blade. Joey was always cooking steak on the grill for our former classmates and even my old bassist and his wife. I’m pretty shocked, I naturally wanna drink heavily and grieve a little, play loud music, and have a good cry, but instead, I just went digging through boxes, only found about five pictures of him. One of our cats already damaged one of the photographs I intended to frame. Still have not found the storage tub with like the ten major scrapbooks, and my two main scrapbooks were kinda confiscated by an ex many years ago, but yeah, I been thinking about him these last few hours, sent emails to some of our common friends, the few I’m still in contact with, left sympathy messages to his wife and family online in the guestbooks. I’m just like at such a loss. Whenever my friends and family and old musical heroes pass, that’s when ya wanna talk to the people who were also affected by them, but it’s such a fucking strange time. When one of our closest friends died about three years ago, I contacted a dude and he said holy shit and that was it, people have all moved on into their stoic adult hood, property owning, careerist persona, and I can’t really relate to any of that. Me and that guy Joey had so many adventures together-I’ll keep it all PG here, more stories have already been written about in my four unpublished books somebody in California said they were interested in putting out, but I procrastinated as not to offend the wives and kids and elderly parents of my ole cohorts. We were the wild bunch, at least two of our teenage gang already preceded him in death-Mitch and Dan. You know the preppier Deltas in “Animal House”? The better looking ones ones that could get chicks? That’s a little bit of Joey right there. He was part Eddie Haskell and part Huckleberry Finn! Our other main common hombre Tommy got into radio promotion and ended up working at the same commercial rock station where one of my old girlfriends is an on the air personality. I love all my friends-he was a lifelong favorite. I hope wherever he is in the universe he can appreciate how loved he was, by all of them-the masses of baseball cap normies and hissing suburbanites who hated my punk rock guts, but by me, too. Especially by me. (RIP)

The Beach Boys – Sloop John B Promo Film (Official Video) – YouTube

The Dogs D’Amour – Debauchery – YouTube

Shake Some Action (the proper 1976 version) – YouTube

The Way Josh Todd copied Waxl is the way that Waxl copied McAfferty. (RIP) And Hanoi Rocks. I’d say Mike’s still a bit influenced by Stiv Bators. This one’s pretty good, very Lordsy, like I told my long lost fomer bandmate in a recent e-mail exchange, it’s exactly the kinda sound I always expected I’d be co creating by now here in my elderly goth years, but Everybody I know took a different trip. 

Original Nazareth Singer Dan McCafferty Dead at 76 (

Michael Monroe – Derelict Palace (Official Video) – YouTube


I wish I was more excited by the promise of a new Iggy record but the last stuff I really vibed with by the guy seems like it was an impossibly long time ago. His songs I like are kinda sprinkled here and there over the last twenty some years of albums I generally only thought were like, so so. Some producer is recording a lotta people like him and Morrissey and using bigname hotshot studio dudes like Duff and the Chili Peppers and ya know I was just so NOT into that collaboration the Ig did with the stoner metal guy, it was despressing, almost as bad as Avenue B and I was not into the obligatory collaborations he did with the monopoly shitbands of punk-pop. At all. I never count him out, though. He’s been known to surprise me. I’ll be listening to the new Morrissey as well, quite obviously. He may have been cancelled by safespace kids for his alledged anti immigrant stuff but he is still one of the greatest songwriters left alive and his bands are always white hot motherfuckers-you can’t deny that. Iggy and Morrissey even got a duet on the way. I wonder if that one girl from my long gone past ever thinks about me when she hears the Smiths or the Stooges. I am still that gawky, awkward new wave kid I always was, ya know? I don’t believe people really grow up, ya know-the kid who hoarded his unopened pack of Marlboros and smoked yours instead probably still does that shit on a larger level now. The dude who never did a dirty dish in his life and only showed up to mooch beer off you is probably just like that now with gray hair. The one who sucked up to the jocks and fat Rush Limbaugh coaches back in the day is most likely doing all that same shit just with a bigger white truck. I don’t think people really go to college to learn about shit, I think they go to marry up and arm themselves with elaborate rationalizations and bullshit think tank coverstory fauxwoke justifications for why it’s okay for them to lounge leisurely in sanctimonious, self righteous Clepatra cruise ship privilege and non stop shopping while the rest of us ruin our knees and lower backs hauling all their heavy cement shit around for slave wages and gettting sick from living in toxic places consuming poisonous shit and dying young.  I been working for some different ranchers and airandb owners out here in the desert Southwest and I gotta tell ya, it’s insane to me to listen to some nutty narrative about feminist oppression from an heiress who is making you lift heavy shit and fuck with black widow nests and bossing you around, while she spends all her days remodeling her queendom with big packages from overseas. Who the fuck is oppressed-the poor people doing the labor or the rich person with unearned power? Your unearned gender is not virtue. The coastal booj pigs always insist they got special rights and extra fancy happy magic status from their prior life karma, or in the midwest, it’s the the megachurch propserity gospel hustle, it’s the bounty of God’s favor-God just loves the rich people more, cause they are so white and sinless and special flag fancy. Sometimes I think the new age sensitivity wokeness gender studies shit is mostly used to divert attention and pivet away from the more universal problem of grinding class inequality. 

Iggy Pop Sets Release Date For New Album ‘Every Loser’ – Rolling Stone

iggy pop corruption – YouTube

39 Steps – Slip Into the Crowd – 1987 – YouTube


Or as the man himself said, “my shit is better than your diamonds, my day’s better than your year”. I think he was probably on an awful lot of drugs when he was saying all that, but I still love so many songs! He probably said al lotta his crazy shit just to wind up Lester Bangs cause he knew that’d result in more pages of Creem being taken up by Lester trying to figure Lou out. Lou was electro shocked in an institution as a kid. What more do ya need to know, really? I never wrote nuthin’ even half as good as, “and something flickered for a minute, and then it vanished and was gone…” Summa my indie alternative co workers at Tower Records were all ginned up about that nineties Velvet Underground reunion thing, I was never that interested and in have always felt sorry for Mo Tucker who gets smeared as a rightwing tea party Qanon Maga whatever, much like Exene was, just because she has questione the popular narrative of known liars and admitted eugenecists who are all over youtube saying they want to depopulate the third world and usher in a transhumanist microchip cashless scoety to be ruled by just them and their fellow elite globalist Kissinger WEF pals. Mo hadda work for her family at Wal Mart, some crappy nerd band wrote a song about it. I did, too. Have to work at Wal Mart. really fucked up my knees and lower back from all the mandatory all day bending merchandising those endcaps on cement floors. I’ve not forgotten how Kroger was just as bad and Target was much worse, and Urban Outfitters were some diabolical loss prevention obsessed motherfuckers-all they cared about was busting poor people for shoplifting-it was madness to the extreme. Like everything else having anything to do with money and fame, it becomes nigh impossible to collaborate with people who consider thesmelves geniuses because of their privilege or celebrity status, there is just to unbridgable an imbalance of power. So any superfame haver advertising a reunion is usally just Waxl and his willing victory lappers selling overpriced tickets and merch to sports dummies who have no real interest in rocknroll. They all play for hedge fund managers and lawyers now. That aint rocknroll. MAN I’ll never forget how bad they fucked over Steven Adler just outta sheer meanness, malice, pettiness, it was fuckedup. I’m glad Izzy walked. His Juju Hounds drummer passed away so ya know I dunno what he’s up to noawadays but he’s probably having some coffee and fucking around on the internet. I’d like to hear some more music from the guy before he leaves the planet. Bands are hard and waxl’s a Lil’ Trump tyrant. “You’re Fired!” “You’re Fired!” “You’re Fired!” I wouldn’t wanna be HIS apprentice. Relationships are hard, you can’t negotiate with terrorists-I hadda ghost a bunch a people from my past who can’t help but be abusive, only tool they got in their box is a sledgehammer, so of course, to them, I look just like a rusty nail. I got tired of being pounded upon. I don’t give the address or phone numer out no more, this aint no crashpad. Summa my kids have ghosted me. I have no idea what’s up with that, presume it has something to do with their mom’s and their mom’s boyfriends. I sure do miss ’em, though. Life’s too fucking short as it is, we don’t get none of this time back. Whoever told all those people that what matters is just blind taker winning and chest beating apeman or posh privileged idle millionairess territorial control of the channel changer were some despot shareholder crooked monopolist profiteers. All that’s on is “Friends” and “Coach” and “Seinfeld” and “Dancing With The Stars”, whether you are watching that idiot box on a fat screen at the homeless shelter, or a super high res sleek wall size screen in your skyscraper condo. I’m not into the tv people at all. No mail today, I think some books I was looking forward to got lost in the change of address thing or were just outright ganked by my shady ex neighbor. It’s a bummer. I was sorta kinda fantasizing about getting the security deposit back from the old rental and putting a hundred buscks or so towards the purchase of some “Vive Le Rock” and old “Creem” and “Smash Hits” magazines offa E-Bay, but that was just a dream, just like any other dream. I actually dreamt about the Beatles, Stones, Fleshtones, and Bob Dylan, since we moved into a new place with heat and hot water! I love having rocknroll dreams. All night hellion and notorious motorcycle cowboy, Nasty Bastard was in one of them. Sleazegrinder called him a gravelly voiced thug in purple velvet. Perfect capture, yeah? Aint got no landline yet and dunno how to work those I-Phones, I don’t believe in ’em. Otherwise, I mighta tried to call somebody. I always end up regretting it when I do, though. They all sound like Swiffer commercials with a Devo soundtrack. My teenager has Autism and perseverates on fireworks and monkeys, all he wants for Christmas is fireworks and monkeys. I do not want to buy him fireworks, ya know me and Wuzzy and Timmy Stapleton had an unfortunate incident as pre teens engaging in a crabapple and firework battle with the Campbell boys on Makely Drive resulting in some dried leaves in their neighbor’s yard catching fire and a buncha white fire trucks appearing almost immeditaly on the scene as we ran  through the soybean fields and irrigation ditches behind Wine Sellers like guilty little pyromaniacs and I can not adopt some moneky, I got enough problems trying to domesticate this constantly meowing female feral cat he insisted we adopt from the old neighborhood. It’s a cold morning here in the deadend desert ghost town, me and my old lady have been under too much soul grinding stress from external pressurers and impossible employers and government bureaucrats and nutty neighbors and gentrification code enforcers in the pocket of shady developers and shit lately. Even the second hand stores are “inflation” gouging. That’s just ballsout greed, nothing to do with Putin or Bitcoin. Sheer greed. The kid wants me to watch many hours of firework videos and peruse these firework wholesellers with him who he wants to pay freight shipping to with money we don’t really have. Meanwhile ,I was just hoping to wrangle a couple a books and t shirts and maybe some socks outta any potential birthday money I might receive. Probably all goin’ to some firework wholesellers. Autism is no joke. Having a kid with a disability is a LOT like dating a blackout woman. You always have to leave the house in the winter and end up walking around in the dark and the cold while they reset themselves after abrupt plate hurling mania episodes.

Lou Reed – Dirty Blvd. (Official Music Video) – YouTube

LOU REED – TRANSFORMED! – Madeline Bocaro (


Has been playing shows in Japan with his glammy accomplices, Hiroshi Nakagome, the Golden Arm and the GOLDEN RAT! I’m happy he’s returned to the stage, he’s not only been a good friend since we first met at a Johnny Thunders benefit show in NYC when I was maybe 21, but in my eyes, he’s one of the more sensational talents that keep the rocknroll flames burning! If you aint got a copy of his Vicious Kitten release, “We Got A Right”, yet-whatsamatter witchoo? To me, he’s as important to rocknroll as the UK Subs or Michael Monroe band or Thee Hypnotics reunion from a few years back, one of the real torchkeepers. He’s got a rocknroll heart. Where were you in 92? I was following those Pillbox guys around downtown. If ya see Chris tell him I said hello. His Mrs. made me the most fantastic Christmas card last year-I just hung it up in my new old new wave garage hideout. “All roads lead to Babylon for people like you and people like me…” (-39 Steps) He was in my dream I had last night-been having a lotta music dreams, might be the melatonin I take to help me sleep through all the loud kid hollerin’ and all night media blare. Chris was with me at a bar and so was my friend Joey who just died like two or three weeks ago. I hope Chris is happy and healthy and making some new music up there in Canada. last thing I heard by him was a guest appearance on theat Black Halo guy’s side project. Chris Barry is one of the best rocknroll singers left alive. Chris Barry, Tex Perkins, Jim Jones, Bryan Small from the Hangmen…tell me, who else has that nasty gutterpunk soulpower we all love? Oh yeah….

Mr Ratboy A Gift – YouTube

Mr Ratboy – “a gift from mr. ratboy” full album 1998 – YouTube

Mr. Ratboy – “Rocket to Reno” – YouTube


“The capitalist West cannot compete with socialism, especially with Chinese socialism,& so its answer is war. The working classes in the West along with colonized peoples fighting for national self-determination have no interests in supporting wars against socialist states.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Fiorella Isabel on Twitter: “Right after the midterms. You can all go on pretending this wasn’t carefully planned. Don’t worry they’ll throw you another carrot before 2024. Vote harder!!!” / Twitter

“Great video of one of our Stop Assassin Drones in Hawaii. With lots of history of Hawaii and militarism.” (-Col. Ann Wright)


Tell the Truth: Veterans Day Is A National Day of Lying, by David Swanson – Dandelion Salad (

Leaked documents: British spies constructing secret terror army in Ukraine – The Grayzone

The Government Is Still Waging War on America’s Military Veterans – Activist Post

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A Veteran Remembers, by Howard Zinn + How the U.S. Poisoned its Veterans – Dandelion Salad (

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“Marx & Engels concluded that with emergence of capitalism from the worm of colonialism, the primary contradiction of the system was between the minority capitalists & workers. Today the primary contradiction of the global capitalist system is between capitalists & all of humanity” (-Ajamu Baraka)

It’s fucking cold as fuck this morning, the internet aint workin’ cause we aint got no landline and I guess you gotta charge the cellphone or something to make it work via a hotspot, whatever that means, I’m processing another friend’s passing, can’t call nobody even when I’m alone and finally got some early morning peace and quiet cause I dunno how to use these newfangled cellphones and we ain’t getting a landline til next Monday, I was out in the freezing garage rummaging through some boxes of old photos and punk fliers, letters from teenage goth girlfriends in the eighties, magazines with old articles I wrote about Rich Coffee and Phoebe Legere in my twenties. Lost contact with a lotta people when Zuck’s deepstate borg buddies gave me the boot from Fascist book for all  my relentless anti war posting. Ya know I mighta told ya how I called an old friend about a month ago, I guess we aint really pals no more, he’s always gotta run. His mom is the one who’s always encouraging me to call him cause we were like brothers as kids and she still sees me as one of the boys, but my ole pal, I guess he thinks something bad about me now, like I’m not at his level of sophistication and maturity now, or some shit like that. I aint got no wheels. Just a shoebox fulla used cassettes. My second youngest kid aint talkin’ to me, I figured that was just like to please the mother, but apparently, the kid aint talkin to dad OR mom, now, it’s been way too long, immensely worrying. Youngest just turned fifteen-as big as me, great expectations, expects hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of cash and prizes for holiday haul. Unrealistic demands for kangaroos and alpacas, wants whole pallets full of explosives freight shipped from overseas. Couple of my writer friends gone missing too, I dunno what’s up with that. There was a former child actor who thinks he’s I dunno, Obama’s buddy or something, a real DNC shitlib, maybe he’s influencing people. That’s what happened with the national punk mags I used to write for. Big city oldsters got shitlib offended I don’t make P.C. exceptions for war criminals based on their gender identity, hue, political party, or sexual preferences, got me kicked off the platform. Who knows? People are fickle as fuck, they just go whichever way the wind is blowin’. Ya help make somebody famous, that don’t mean they’re ever gonna remember the little people, you feel me? Whatever happened to “principles before personalities”? Got Mine, Jack shitlibs are just neo con rightwingers with guilty consciences, they tell themselves their “Black Lives Matter” sticker somehow undoes a lifetime of support for systems of intuitional racism, and ongoing oppression of the underserving poors they so disdain. You’ll hear middle class people straight up slagging “the uneducated” and “low information voters” AS IF NPR is giving anybody the straight scoop, post Karl Rove. I remember a lotta dialog from “Donnie Brascoe”. Like when Lefty says, “even a dog gets a warm piece of the sidewalk”; and “if anything happens to me, make sure Annette gets the car”. All these wasted years with nothing to show, been in stasis, immobilized, shutout by the Man and his gentrification posers. It’s a stone cold drag, babies. I dunno what happens to everybody, I dunno what drugs they’re on. But I guess we aint pals no more, I looked for you but you was gone. Poof, just like that. I got that old Stiv Bators song ringin’ in my head this morning. My old lady asks me why I don’t call him out, ya know, there aint no point, really-friendships are two way streets, if he don’t remember me, he don’t remember me, same with all of ’em, if they aint got no love left for their dirty old hoodlum brother from way back when cause I aint never made it big in show business like summa them did, or they are busy being rich and popular or whatever that’s just how it is. You can’t make nobody love you, you can’t ask no one to care about your art or what happens to you with what little time remains-they are all on their own trip, their own distant dream. choose your delusion, everybody’s dreaming. I just happen to be way more sentimental than those other motherfuckers. I’ve smoked less than a pack of cigarettes in the past couple years but there are these cold, lonesome mornings of mourning when I still crave ‘em. Kid had a tantrum last night and I had to exit stage left and I can’t even tell you how bad I wanted a cigarette. Got a bottle put away for a rainy day but never any free time to guzzle it cause the kid could wake up at any minute and I gotta be vigilant and rarin’ to go, parenting requires alla my capabilities. I dunno what the temperature is cause like I said, I’m not online, but there is a paisleyfied layer of frost on everything outside-the windows, the weeds. I got a $2 dvd at a southwest swap meet a week ago-“Duran Duran in London”, but it’s just too freakin’ cold to watch it out in the even less heated garage this morning. About every ten minutes it hits me again how my old Catholic school brother is no longer with us and how our wanna be popular mutual friends have not even forked over our other friend’s email for me to send my condolences-that’s how catty and bitchy people from our hometown can be-even when somebody dies, they’re still jockeying for social position and protecting their prestige or whatever, just concentrated on their personal in crowd status, man people suck. People who had my address for years but never wrote me, people who never responded when I asked for their phone number, others got old demos of my songs they’re holding for ransom, hoping I’ll hurry up and die and they can tell their butch, bullying asshole record collector colleagues they were the sole authors. I don’t really trust anybody, anymore-people have disappointed the shit out of me countless times for decades now, just wasted my time and pilfered my creative property and like I said, they aint sorry. That middle school shit goes on forever. Like Bob Dylan sang they just wanna be on the side that’s winning. Part of me begrudgingly understands why the privileged class materialists give up on people and get all focused on their objects. Or pets. People just follow instructions from the ruling class super villains in the ivory tower, there aint no D.I.Y. resistance no more, no intimate circle of rebels sharing a bottle at the bonfire anymore. Everybody’s just out for their own next fix. For some it’s crack, for others it’s control of their empires and nannies and assistants and shit. They think they deserve to be treated with more respect, more V-I-P upgrades, they might throw you some crumbs but they are gonna need  ALOT MORE FLATTERING AND SUCKING UP, they got used to people being disingenuous and kissing their asses. I have never been good at sucking up to power, it just never sat right with me to be phony like the joiners and belongers. Fuck those people.

Separation Is The Largest Religion In The World – Caitlin Johnstone

Assange Hearing (

Did the CIA Create the 1968 Liberty City Riot? | CovertAction Magazine

Chris Hedges and Lee Camp: War—That’s How Empires Die – Dandelion Salad (

“Maybe now that the elections are over and the Democrats were trounced in So. Florida, Biden can move to a sane, humane policy on Cuba instead of kowtowing to the Cuban rightwing that was never going to vote Democrat anyway???” (-Medea Benjamin)

CODEPINK on Twitter: “We had a meeting at the US embassy in Havana today to talk about US policy toward Cuba and the need to remove the country from the state sponsors of terrorism list. #UnblockCuba” / Twitter

The Reconstruction of Gaza Has Been a Failure | The Nation

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Lowkey on Twitter: “The sadistic sanctions which Macron supported, reduced Venezuela’s national income by 99%. This is what victory with grace looks like. It is time for Britain to unfreeze the $2bn worth of Venezuelan gold in the Bank of England.” / Twitter

Mike Pompeo is Served with Lawsuit Alleging Fourth Amendment Violations for Spying on Journalists – Activist Post


Whenever I get too down, I go back to the music that always carried me through dark times. A Kid named Stewart Strunk from Lexington, Kentucky got me into the Go Go’s in the third grade. We used to draw comic books together based on Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon and we both felt real naughty and scandalous when we started adding in the boobies on the female characters. I think he gave me a little Go-Go’s pin. I love Jane! If ya aint seen their documentary, well, it is a thing of fabulous beauty. I watched it like five or six times! I wish I had like a big gorgeous glossy coffee table ultimate Go Go’s book. Ya know? Always wanted Jane to be the minister when me and my ole lady get enough bread to get hitched someday. I guess she’s gettin’ married herself. Mozel Tov, I wish her well. Somewhere out in all those stacks of boxes, I got a Jane Wiedlin comicbook somewhere.

The Go-Go’s “This Town” live – Mar 28 2022 Anaheim CA – YouTube

Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go’s Is Engaged to Boyfriend Terence Lundy (

The Go-Go’s (2020) Official Trailer | SHOWTIME Documentary Film – YouTube

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The Go Go’s – Live In Central Park 2001 – YouTube

Belinda Carlisle – Head Over Heels (Live at the Roxy ’86) – YouTube

The Go-Go’s – Vacation – YouTube

Go-Go’s – Our Lips Are Sealed + We Got The Beat (American Bandstand 1982) – YouTube

Go-Go’s Documentary Q&A ~ Sundance 2020 – YouTube


“A short list of what the Democratic Party blames for its problems:

✔️Black men ✔️Russia ✔️Third parties ✔️ Leftists ✔️ Donald Trump A short list of what’s actually to blame:  

✔️The Democratic Party and the monopoly capitalists that control it.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“No matter what party emerges as dominant in the U.S. Congress both parties pursue the politics of racist paternalism & imperialism in Haiti. And while the international left stands with anti-colonial struggles globally, we ask, who stands with Haiti?” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“After a visit to Syria, where 90% live below the poverty line, UN special rapporteur Alena Douhan

calls for the lifting of US-led sanctions, which are having “catastrophic effects” on Syrian civilians & preventing “recovery, rebuilding and reconstruction.” Sanctions are sadism. Advice to pro-dirty war sadists/dupes: to make it look as if you care about Syrian civilians, take a break from trying to whitewash the OPCW cover-up/CIA dirty war and at least pay occasional lip service to the US sanctions that are immerisating Syrians from all walks of life. Here’s Joey Rayburn,

, one of the key architects of US sanctions on Syria — approved overwhelmingly by both parties — bragging about how US sanctions really the “lowers the bar” in its ability to cripple Syria’s economy and prevent reconstruction:.” (-Aaron Mate)

“BREAKING: Big Business and the billionaire class win yet another election in the United States and retain full control of the House, Senate, and both corrupt parties who do their bidding.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Missouri legalized marijuana! South Dakota expanded Medicaid! Nebraska passed $15 min wage. And many more. These are RED STATES. Like I’ve said before…when you give voters questions without a candidate, they just vote for the question. Not a political party!” (-Sabby Sabs)

“I’m grateful to everyone who voted for our campaign.

In an election where we had to fight some of the most powerful political elites in the country just to get on the ballot, every single vote we earned is a win. Proportional #RankedChoiceVoting won last night in Portland Oregon and Portland Maine!

Could this be the beginning of a movement for real democracy from sea to shining sea?” (-Matt Hoh For Senate)

“Biden canceled a mere $10k in student debt relief—it didn’t even hit people’s accounts yet and youth turnout soared, preventing Dems from losing key seats across the country.

Imagine what full, unilateral and immediate cancellation would do.  

Imagine if he canceled medical debt.” (-The Debt Collective)

chris dorf on Twitter: “DR. JILL STEIN: We were taken to a dark site,nobody knew where we were, unmarked facilitybeing run by, I think, Homeland Security and the Secret Service local police. We were surrounded by some 16 police handcuffed to these metal chairs about seven hours.” / Twitter

tim anderson on Twitter: “Serial war criminal John #Bolton effectively admits that the U.S. is using the ‘Syrian Revolution’ copybook in #Iran. He says weapons are seized from Basij militia and imported from US occupied Iraqi Kurdistan. Bolton has ties with the #MEK terrorist group, based in Albania.” / Twitter

Opinion | Let’s Stop Using Metaphors That Legitimatize Extraction, Colonialism, and Violence | Bill Bigelow (

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On The Verge Of The Worst Homelessness Crisis In The Entire History Of The United States – Activist Post

And the beat goes wrong… (

Wyatt Reed on Twitter: “First it was PayPal—and now @Venmo has “permanently deactivated” my account, citing an unspecified rules “violation.” Their email says “we do not divulge our decision-making criteria” so I won’t be getting an explanation If you want to support my work ⤵️” / Twitter

Amid Growing War Frenzy in Europe, Cement King Settles Scores with China | CovertAction Magazine

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johndissed on Twitter: “Several groups have demanded the release of imprisoned Egyptian-British activist Alaa Abd el-Fattah, who has been on hunger strike for about 7 months. He was sentenced to five years in prison in 2021 for spreading fake news.” / Twitter

Spain prosecutes and sentences its first case under online “fake news” law (

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “The fact that a sovereign nation can’t trade with its closest neighbor without Washington’s permission is more proof that the US is a global empire.” / Twitter

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “BREAKING: ⁦@Chevron⁩ law firm ⁦@gibsondunn⁩ was infiltrated today by Indigenous peoples from ⁦@IkiyaCollective⁩ furious with the firm’s work helping the oil industry attack tribal sovereignty. This is the same firm that had me illegally detained. Despicable.” / Twitter

Groundbreaking: Study Details How Media, Big Tech Censored Doctors and Scientists Who Challenged COVID Narrative • Children’s Health Defense (

Reports on Big Tech – The Grayzone

Canada’s Bill C-11 Explained: A Chilling Law That Lets The Government Censor User-generated Content – Activist Post

“Putting missiles 5 minutes from Moscow – that’s provocation.” “Putin is in the same position as JFK was 60 years ago. He sees an existential threat. He’s not going to back off.” (- Ray McGovern)

Ray McGovern (@raymcgovern) / Twitter

Former CIA Director John Brennan Confronted on Torture, Drone Bombings, Surveillance – Activist Post

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Pfizer Works to Fast-Track More Vaccines for Pregnant Moms, Despite Mounting Evidence Rushed COVID Shots Harmed Babies • Children’s Health Defense (

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Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “After sanctioning its own citizen, Alina Lipp, and issuing plans to criminally prosecute her for her journalism from Donbas, the German government is financially terrorizing her parents” / Twitter

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New Zealand arts funding agency attacks Shakespeare as part of “canon of imperialism” – World Socialist Web Site (

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Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “When you know how it feels to go hungry, to never feeling full because you never have enough to eat, you can understand why he feels so intensely about heartless right-wing policies, like in the U.S., that deny the human right to food.” / Twitter

Did Kanye Expose Hollywood “Personal Trainer” Harley Pasternak as an MK Handler? | The Vigilant Citizen

John Pilger on Twitter: “Take heart. This is what ‘the world’ really thinks, not what ‘we’ in the West demand that it thinks.” / Twitter

A Father Fights for His Son & What’s Left of Democracy (

Well brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution, I dunno what’s gonna happen next but I am sending good vibes out to alla you last surviving rocknroll motherfuckers, human rights advocates and  peace and free speech activists. Boycott pig-media-we don’t need no thought control. STAY WILD, STAY FREE!

Murkkka’s Fave Antisocial Glamarchist, General Labor Preaches The Gutter Gospel: Free Assange, Chris Hedges, Texacala, Feisties, Gunfire Dance Reissue Now Available From Easy Action Records With Dave Twist Artwork, 80s Iggy!

Reports on Julian Assange – The Grayzone

redfish on Twitter: “In 1967 Gaddafi inherited one of Africa’s poorest nations. By the time he was murdered, Gaddafi had turned Libya into a country with the highest human development on the continent. Today, 11 years after NATO backed rebels took over his compound, we look at what’s been lost.” / Twitter


One of my personal favorite bands is the great Tex And The Horseheads. Man, this song right here still tears me up, ya know, you sorta inhabit a permenent state of low level anxiety and depression living at the bottom of this ruthless price gouging billionaire tyrannical fuckedup propagandized society with the crazy high groceries, limited mobility with gas prices and unreliable vehicles and especially, when developers, landlords, employers, the elements, and city hall all threaten to jeopardize your housing situation. “I had the same dream last night…”

“Of course it was provoked. Otherwise they wouldn’t refer to it all the time as an unprovoked invasion.” (-Noam Chomsky)

“I’m becoming more and more disdainful of people who live directly under the thumb of the US empire and yet spend their time criticizing Russia and China. It’s literally the most pathetic, sniveling, power-serving position anyone can possibly take at this point in history.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“When did working class people in Europe, the U.S. & around the world vote for a NATO proxy war with Russia & sanctions that we are now paying for? Our interests are not the same as capitalist ruling classes. Let them fight Russia.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“This was never about bringing democracy to Ukraine. The U.S. cannot bring democracy to another country when it hasn’t even brought democracy to its own country. This was always about laundering our money to the military industrial complex & further enriching the U.S. oligarchy.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Apparently Gal Gadot is hosting a “National Geographic”

 series about indigenous people being displaced. You can’t make this sh*% up!” (-Ariel Gold Code Pink For Peace)

“The proxy war in Ukraine is actually about central banking. Many times when a country has stepped outside the long tentacles of the US-ruled central banking system & the petrodollar, they have been invaded/destroyed not long afterwards: – Iraq – Libya – Syria…” (-Lee Camp)

“In the face of growing threats to journalists, academics & musicians who dare to challenge the military-industrial-complex narrative, nothing is more dangerous than saying nothing. First they came for the journalists….”  (-Dr. Jill Stein)

Liberals Love Liz Cheney | Black Agenda Report

The U.S. Legacy in Afghanistan: War Crimes and Imperialist Double Standards | Black Agenda Report

Underneath Israeli Tourist Resorts Lie the Remains of Once-Thriving Palestinian Towns (

20 Million US Homes Are Behind On Power Bills – Activist Post

Dangerous ‘Cycle of Escalation’ Intensifies After Unauthorized US Bombings in Syria ( Remember when USA USA deployed false flag bad guys in humanitarian guise to destabilsize Syria and help genie energy steal the oil rich lower third of their country and Hollywood made a propaganda flick about it and gave themselves as Oscar? Fictitious times indeed, in the memorable words of Michael Moore, who used to crusade against injustice and corruption, but now like so many Hollwood shitlibs, only crusades against Trump.

“Sacrificing for a war in Ukraine that didn’t have to be while defense companies make record profits. When will the people learn that their interests & interests of warmongering capitalist are not the same? End the war in Ukraine, abolish NATO, reject “full spectrum dominance.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“This warmongering Republican congressman who claims to be building a “working-class GOP” complains about (partial, insufficient) student loan forgiveness because he wants the US military to use debt to pressure poor people to kill for empire “RiGhT-WiNg pOpuLiSm” in a nutshell”. (-Benjamin Norton)

Cathy Vogan on Twitter: “Following the assassination of Darya Dugina, @MarkSleboda1 & @MaxBlumenthal discuss the Myrotvorets hit list, targeting critics of Kiev. She & her father were on it, as are many journalists, academics & artists, inc. Prof. John Mearsheimer & @rogerwaters” / Twitter

“There is unity in the oppression. There must be absolute unity and determination in the response.” (-Julian Assange)

“”We’re living in a pretend democracy, with a pretend free press and a pretend system of justice. No one in this century has helped us understand the world as it is more than Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.” (-Joe Lauria; Consortium News)

Excellent analysis by Medea Benjamin of the situation in Afghanistan–which can only get worse unless there is engagement with a government the US ceded power to. The Taliban or a failed state? (-Col. Ann Wright )

Alexander Dugin pays tribute to daughter Darya Dugina who ‘died for Russia’ – ABC News

British musician Roger Waters is named on the Ukrainian NATO backed civilian kill list website. Dugin is also on this list and his car with his daughter on it was blown up yesterday. NATO is claimed as admin of the site since 2015, as can be seen on it:

US Troops Wounded in Rocket Attacks in Syria After US Airstrikes – News From

Every Single Member of Congress Is Willing to Let Yemeni Children Die – Let’s Try Democracy (

US Invades Syria, Kills People, Claims Self-Defense

“Numerous Syrian and foreign militants have reportedly been killed and several US troops injured in an escalating exchange of attacks between the American invaders and the people in the country whose territory they are illegally occupying.
On Tuesday night US Central Command announced that it had “conducted precision airstrikes in Deir ez-Zor Syria” in order to “defend and protect U.S. forces from attacks like the ones on August 15 against U.S. personnel by Iran-backed groups.””The President gave the direction for these strikes pursuant to his Article II authority to protect and defend U.S. personnel by disrupting or deterring attacks by Iran-backed groups,” CENTCOM said.Iran has denied any link to the troops targeted in the airstrikes, up to ten of whom were reportedly killed.The US attack was followed by rocket attacks on US military positions in eastern Syria, injuring an unknown number of US troops, to which the US responded with an Apache helicopter assault on Syrian vehicles from which it claims the rockets were launched. Central Command claims “two or three suspected Iran-backed militants” were killed in the helicopter attack.Looks like a serious escalation in Syria:US airstrikes on Tuesday night provoked rocket attacks on US bases on Wednesday that wounded several US troops. The US responded by launching strikes from Apache helicopters that reportedly killed several people— Dave DeCamp (@DecampDave) August 24, 2022As of this writing it remains to be seen if this exchange of attacks will continue, but what’s crystal clear is who the aggressor is.”US claims to be in Syria to fight ISIS, but it rarely fights ISIS,” journalist Aaron Maté tweeted of the exchange. “It’s actually there to deny Syria its own oil and wheat, and to occasionally attack Syrians and their allies who defeated US-backed sectarian death squads in the dirty war.”What he says is completely true. The US is an occupying force who is there without the permission of the Syrian government, without having been attacked by Syria, and without any valid claim to be defending itself from anyone in Syria. The “Iran-backed” militias in Syria are operating with the full authorization of the Syrian government. The US has quite literally invaded a nation on the other side of the world, killed the people in that nation who don’t want them there, and then claimed self-defense in doing so.If I broke into my neighbor’s house to steal his things, and then murdered him when he tried to stop me or make me leave, it would look pretty ridiculous if I tried to plead self-defense. It would look even more ridiculous if anyone believed me.SCOOP: U.K. envoy praises Israeli airstrike campaign in Syria— Axios (@axios) August 24, 2022This comes at the same time as a report from Axios that the British special envoy to Syria had nothing but glowing things to say about the way Israel has been constantly bombing Syria for years:”The British special envoy for Syriatold Israeli officials during a visit to Jerusalem several weeks ago that the Israeli airstrike campaign against Iranian military targets is ‘probably the only thing that works in Syria,’ Israeli Foreign Ministry officials briefed on the meetings told Axios.””In recent years, Israel has launched hundreds of airstrikes in Syria,” writes Antiwar’s Dave DeCamp on the Axios report. “The Israelis say that the bombing campaign is to prevent Iran from becoming further entrenched in the country, but the strikes often kill Syrian troops and sometimes kill civilians and damage civilian infrastructure.””The US tacitly endorses the bombing campaign in Syria and reportedly coordinates some of the strikes,” adds DeCamp. “In June, The Wall Street Journal reported that Israel secretly coordinates the bombings with the US and that Washington has approved many Israeli airstrikes that were launched from areas near a US base in southern Syria.”1. Invade a country on the other side of the world
2. Kill the people in that country who don’t want you there
3. Claim your actions were self defense— Caitlin Johnstone (@caitoz) August 24, 2022So if you’re wondering why western liberals are all waving Syrian flags and loudly condemning the US and its allies for their criminal, murderous assault on a sovereign nation, that’s why.I am of course kidding; that is not happening. That sort of mainstream public outcry is reserved solely for the misdeeds of governments the US does not approve of, like the Russian invasion of Ukraine.Westerners are only encouraged to contemplate the horrors of war when it is someone else’s war. If it serves the strategic interests of the globe-spanning power structure loosely centralized around the United States, you can bomb your neighbor every week and it will barely make the news. You can even invade a country on the other side of the world and then claim you are defending yourself when they try to throw you out.”(-Caitlin Johnstone)

US Finalizes Stealing Billions From Afghanistan (& more) (

“Yes, State Dept Ned Price had the nerve to say that UAE efforts at diplomacy with Iran will not succeed “unless Iran ends the nuclear crisis it has precipitated.” WTF??? Can someone remind him that the US caused the crisis by pulling out of the deal?” (-Medea Benjamin)

After $1.9 Trillion Giveaway to Rich, McConnell Calls Debt Relief for Working Class ‘Slap in the Face’ (

Lithium Power Politics – Consortium News

“War Poisons Everybody”: Remembering Legendary Historian Howard Zinn on His 100th Birthday | Democracy Now!


(RIP) Steve Krass the singer was shot in the head and killed in 1996 outside Harpo’s night club 


Exit and Build Homesteading on a Budget Workshop – Live Free Academy


I met Stiv in the mid eighties when I was a runaway gutter urchin and he would lave a lasting influence on me and my songwriting and performance style and various crash n burn bands for the rest of my life.

   When Stiv was in Paris, doing that Whores Of Babylon, post Lords super group, trying to assemble the ultimate punk band with people like Johnny, Dee Dee, Neal X, Vom from Dr. and the Medics, Kris Dollimore from The Godfathers, etc., I was back in the Midwest assembling my own version of a super group with local dudes from five different high schools, all of whom were into some kind of punk, but not all of whom were as comfortable with the wayout Batcave-Blitz Kid-MindwarpSputnik inspired technicolored space-androgyny. Of course when we were growing up, all those overproduced eighties Iggy records appealed to me. Songs like “Winners And Losers” and “Cold Metal”, “Shades”, “Isolation” and especially, “Power & Freedom”. My dead catholic school best friend Mitch and I got to meet Iggy and Andy on that “Instinct” tour and Iggy was very, very kind to us, and made us laugh a lot, talking about how all these jocks and fratboys were only present in the alleyway behind the venues because they were drawn there by fame, not by any real love for rocknroll, that these mainstream autograph seekers were gonna show up for anybody who was famous, and that if they gave us a hard time for looking different or being working class weirdos or whatever, that he had experienced all the same kinda shit from their older brothers and parents growing up. It felt like he was on our side! I had handed Iggy a jar of peanut butter from the front row in homage to Stiv and he laughed and said he don’t do that no more. Iggy seemed to like us, feel for us, accepted us, understood us, we got very little of that from people in his approximate age group where we lived. Iggy took two beers outta Andy McCoy’s hands and gave them to us kids, me n Mitch, and Andy did not seem to like that very much. There was a kid with a disability who was dressed up like Andy that night and Andy asked him to give him his velvety gypsy vest and I thought it would have been much cooler had Andy given the kid some article, rather than taking something from him. We loved Andy’s art and style but Iggy was our idol because of how nice and genuine and down to to earth relatable he was. In the smalltown we came from, there was a much older, more experienced music snob, collector type who lurked around the mom n pop record store I worked at. I had been going to that shop since I was 12 or 13 and old hippie acidhead was teaching me and my metalhead friends about the blues, garage and psychedelia, and Stiff Records bands and Elvis Costello. The music snob lurker ended up being a pretty great musician who turned me on to the Gun Club and Fuzztones! Eventually, he replaced our skinhead drummer who abruptly quit the band to spend more time with a vampire chick I introduced him to the day after she took me to the graveyard to talk to me about Bauhaus and that “Lost Boys” movie with the high quality Echo and the Bunnymen and and INXS new wave soundtrack. 

   Once that older guy came in on drums, he started wielding a profound influence over my bassplayer and guitarist by offering to let them use his vintage amplifiers and guitars. He was an exceptional, hard hitting drummer from Van Wert who knew the Ashton Brothers personally, a fact he never let any of us forget even momentarily. I never found out if we even knew his real name or if it was just a stage name he had taken in honor of Dick Dale and Link Wray. He liked The Lords Of The New Church and Public Image Ltd. so we had that in common, but me and the other younger guitar player were still 18 and 19, we liked Guns N Roses and Billy Idol, whereas, he was a much older dude, so he was steeped in much older music, like the MC5, who we were all just discovering, so he kinda thought we were stupid smalltown Headbanger’s Ball hair farmers and some of that was true. Also, he was partial to The Stooges, and really did not like the Iggy albums we were all blasting back then. We actually tried to cover “Cry For Love” at some point but it never really caught fire with the lads. I just loved the lyrics-to me, lyrics were fuckin’ important, at least half the song, they had to make you see pictures in your mind and wanna singalong. I knew my lyrics were coming along back then, because everybody was always rippin’ em off. Bands who did not even like me would do our tunes and just not say who wrote them, I thought that was crazy as fuck. We were covering a couple of different Gun Club songs when the replacement drummer was in the band, but I had no idea there was a mutiny on the horizon. I wore heavy makeup and feather boas and shit, and had blue/black hair down to my skinny waist and all that was severely frowned upon at the old men lodges, where the drummer wanted to make money playing standard smalltown radio covers. We also all drank heavily back then, and I suppose some of that may have been perceived as somehow unique to me or whatever. I was brash and opinionated and not trying to really suck up to, or make friends with the righwing religious crazies, or popular kid bullies from the local high schools some of my peers seemed to crave acceptance from. We all worked for some gay yuppies at a glass store and I was a less reliable employee than some of the others, but really, that place was totally dysfunctional and almost everybody who worked there could go missing for days at a time, including one of the owners. I had about five or six different girlfriends at the time-I was 18 and I LIKED it, loved it, but that pissed off other males, and some people became jealous and adversarial behind my back, and eventually, they replaced me with a more conventional, mid west acceptable kendoll dude. In small towns, it is somehow, always a big shock, or scandal, for working class kids to dress wild, or attract girls from some more affluent neighborhoods, or have fun partying, but the hard and irrefutable fact was: all the rich white conservative yuppies and baseball capped, pickup truck driving dimwitted jocks drank and did drugs, too. Also, all their parents who are at the club or sports bar boozing it up right now, probably. First time I ever even HEARD of crack, it was these older capitalist rich people we knew. People were already invested in uncritically obeying the higherups of the rich social hierarchies, ya know, but I had no way of knowing how pig-media would steadily bamboozle and hoodwink even more of our peers into unconditionally worshipping billionaires and other evil people on tv. I never never never understood all these self proclaimed so called punks who think there is something wrong with song lyrics being of a political nature, or with songs used as social commentary, I never got when punk became about polishing your Doc Martin collection or having the most old stuff expensively framed in your big fuckin’ house.

   To me, punk was supposed to be rebellious, but as soon as grunge hit, I had all these other musicians and girlfriends saying my lyrics were too political. I never got that. Me and the loyalist guitar slinger relocated to the East Coast, big city, lookin’ for other bandmates, we were just hitting our stride as catchy, lyrical, original songwriters, and we met some older creeps who acted like they were gonna help manage or produce us, or help get us signed, but they were just hanging around to steal our songs and meet girls and shit. That’s what Iggy had warned us about when he sang, “the producer is wily and owns what he sells”. Beware the showbiz predators, plagiarizing parasites, more backstab mercenaries, energy vamps, and copyright hustlers. Everything I was doin’ back then, I had learned it all from Stiv Bators and Iggy Pop. When I met Cheetah Chrome and he assured me my voice reminded him of Stiv, I took it as high praise. I really feel strongly that the Real Rocknroll motherfuckers were always alot more sincere and kind and authentic than the dickheads who invaded our underground subculture after hours world during the nineties and onward. I love all those guys. When I heard the dork they replaced me with in my teenage band had been singing “Sonic Reducer”, I thought it was a crock of shit, cause that dweeby blonde kid was the opposite of a “Sonic Reducer”. I started to see a lot of that. Total fucking squares and Mom-approved got-mine haves from the hill, co opting the outcast underground rebellious rocknroll. Still kinda pisses me off when I see all the karaoke models and mainstreamers and squarehead screws from the mall puttin’ on all the poses and goin’ through the motions with no real soul, or pain or pathos, whatsoever. It started happenin’ with the grunge. All these jocks and nerdsy sweater vested college people. The Hot fuckin’ Topics with their fake as fuck corny little prep school hot rod bands.

“As long as Western white world sees itself as the “world,” the rest of us will continue to be threaten by it. Ukraine exposed the fact that there is a powerful “white lives matter more movement” that is galvanizing a cross-class European ethno-nationalism.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“It is not easy being someone who cares about the world and opposes the status quo. It’s a series of disheartening failures and crushing disappointments amid an endless deluge of information saying that everything is getting worse and worse.

The environment keeps degrading. Ruling power structures keep getting more and more controlling. Capitalism gets more and more imbalanced and exploitative. World powers get closer and closer to a mass military confrontation of unspeakable horror.

And what do we get when we try to oppose these things? Letdown after letdown. Politicians we support lose their elections, often after brazen interference from the very power structures we’d hoped they’d oppose. Political organizing breaks down in sectarian infighting. Activist leaders get caught up in sex scandals. Agendas we helped push for fizzle into impotence. Power wins time after time.

What passes for “the left” in the English-speaking world is basically either controlled opposition or a glorified online hobby group. Or both. The real left has been so successfully subverted by power that the mainstream public doesn’t even know what it is anymore; most think the left is either a mainstream political party that’s wholly owned and operated by the empire or a loose bunch of vaguely related ideas like having pink hair or saying your pronouns. The left really has been so successfully dismantled that it has almost been purged from memory.

Every time, at every turn, power wins and the people lose. After a while it starts to feel like you’re bashing your head against an immovable object. Some people fall down after a few hard bashes. Some don’t get back up again. Others keep bashing away, becoming harder and harder and more and more miserable and neurotic the longer they go at it.

And most people don’t even know any of this is happening, that’s what can really make it hard. You talk to your loved ones about what you’re seeing and they just get uncomfortable or look at you like you’re crazy. They don’t see the problems you’re pointing to because none of the places they’re getting their information from tell them it’s happening, because the powerful control those information sources.

As Terence McKenna put it, “The cost of sanity in this society is a certain level of alienation.” And as Marshall McLuhan put it, “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is a hallucinating idiot.”

And it sucks. No matter how you slice it, it sucks. It sucks watching this massive juggernaut slowly devour your world and see everyone’s attempts to stop it fail, and to have most people in your life not understand it or even see what it is you’re pointing to.

So what can you do? Is there a way to beat the bastards? Is there a way to stop the machine in its tracks and turn this thing around?

Well, no. Not right this moment anyway, and not by yourself. The machine’s far too big, far too entrenched, and its control over information systems means you’re not going to get help from other people in the numbers that you will need them. It’s just you and a few others against an entire globe-spanning power structure.

But that doesn’t mean you are powerless, and it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. It just means you’re not going to be single-handedly knocking out the bad guy and saving the world in some grand, ego-pleasing way like an action hero in some stupid Hollywood movie.

What you can do as an individual is cultivate a habit of committing small acts of sedition. Making little paper cuts in the flesh of the beast which add up over time. You can’t stop the machine by yourself, but you can sure as hell throw sand in its gears.

Giving a receptive listener some information about what’s going on in the world. Creating dissident media online. Graffiti with a powerful message. Amplifying an inconvenient voice. Sharing a disruptive idea. Supporting an unauthorized cause. Organizing toward forbidden ends. Distributing literature. Creating literature. Having authentic conversations about real things with anyone who can hear you.

Every day there’s something you can do. After you start pointing your creativity at cultivating this habit, you’ll surprise yourself with the innovative ideas you come up with. Even a well-placed meme or tweet can open a bunch of eyes to a reality they’d previously been closed to. Remember, they wouldn’t be working so frantically to restrict online speech if it didn’t pose a genuine threat to the empire.

People tend to overestimate how much they can accomplish in a day, but sorely underestimate how much they can accomplish over a span of several years. Finding little ways to undermine the oppression machine every day gradually adds up to hundreds of acts of defiance in a year, which after a few years becomes thousands.

Do this, and then relax. Don’t expect yourself to save the world on your own. You’re only human, and there’s only one of you. You can only do what you can do, and humanity will either make the leap into health or it won’t. Just exert influence over the things you can exert influence over, and outside that little sphere of influence you’ve got to let go and let be. Don’t put any unfair or unreasonable pressures on yourself.

Perpetrate regular small acts of sedition, and then surrender to whatever life brings. I personally see many reasons to hold out hope that we can bring that machine crashing down together one day.”

(-Cait Johnstone) 

W.E.B Du Bois was the first Black to earn a doctorate from Harvard University, one of the founders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, or NAACP, and the Niagara Movement, and one of the seminal scholars of American history, author of works such as The Souls of Black FolkThe Philadelphia Negro, his ethnographic survey of Black life that established the field of urban sociology and Black Reconstruction in America, a work that radically altered our understanding of the social and political struggles for democracy by Black Americans in the post-bellum South and which many consider the finest work of American history ever produced. He was as fearless as he was brilliant. He denounced accommodationists such as Booker T. Washington, thundered against Jim and Jane Crow and the reign of terror in the South with its segregation, race laws and lynch mobs, along with the evils of imperialism and colonialism and the inherent cruelty and injustices of capitalism. A supporter of the Russian Revolution and a socialist, he would be swept up in the anti-Communist witch hunts of the 1950s, becoming an outlaw in his own country, hauled into court at the age of 83 and barely escaping imprisonment. He left the United States in 1960 for Ghana to die in exile. Du Bois, like all great intellectuals, gave us the vocabulary to explain ourselves to ourselves. He rivaled, perhaps, only at the time by John Dewey, although Dewey lacked Du Bois’s understanding of the mechanics of empire and the dark machinations of white supremacy. We will today examine some of Du Bois’s fundamental ideas with his biographer Professor Gerald Horne, the Moores Professorship of History and African American Studies at The University of Houston.

 The Chris Hedges Report Podcast with Dr. Gerald Horne (

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Gunfire Dance, like Pillbox, were a little older than me and my friends and they totally had written better originals than we did back then! The other thing that was especially impressive though, is the unified gang front they had! I was still stuck in a situation where I was having to quarrel with people in my bands about stuff like, let’s not wear sweatpants, or shorts on stage, or in publicity photographs of the band. Gunfire Dance really had their image together, early on. I felt like they were an almost perfect band, really, they checked all boxes, straightaway for me! I still remember getting their early cassette demo tapes in the mail at my old band house on the edge of town and being so fucking excited that some other rockers were also making some original music more in the spirit of older rocknroll bands like The Damned and The Lords Of The New Church as opposed to all that corny factory made power ballads fluff metal the big corporations were mass producing and oversaturating us all with in the era of Europe and Winger and Warrant and Nelson and all that bullshit. Gunfire Dance had a lot of the same influences as me and my teenage goth gang, but they stuck together longer than we ever did-recorded, toured, came to Amurkkka and blew all the trust funded big city namebands out the back door. I loved the vocalist ANT (RIP) and felt zero competition with him though we were doing kindof a real similar thing- we got along fabulously and it was all love and solidarity, and brotherhood, also with Pillbox who they also partied with in NYC. We all loved the notorious Holiday Cocktail Lounge back then. I considered those bands and also, The Coma-tones, and Thee Hypnotics, as like, our soul brethren. Still do. It felt like we had a genuine rocknroll community of like minded rebel rockers and that we were all in it together! I wish I still had my little GUNFIRE DANCE lapel buttons I used to wear around on my newsboy caps! GUNFIRE DANCE and PILLBOX and THEE HYPNOTICS were three of the best bands I ever saw. All good and righteously right on blokey blokes, too! You know they just don’t make ’em like this no more! I wish they did. I’m only here to help. Let me know, if you know anybody lookin’ for a wild frontman. I’m lookin’ for a band of courageous glamarchists who aint afraid to say something, and also T Rex the shit out of it!

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I saw them more than any other band, one of the greatest real rock ‘n’ roll bands of the late eighties & nineties.” (-My friend Nick Fawkes)

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My old friends asked me to write some liner notes for their big badass boxset but I never obtained a copy of it, so I dunno if they used the liner notes I penned or not. If you know somebody who can hook me up with a copy of that boxset, or their documentary on dvd, I’d appreciate it.

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