Razorbats “Hit Crazy”

Two years after their catchy album “Mainline Rock’n’Roll”, Norway’s RAZORBATS are back with more classic rock riffs and 80s choruses as you can hear in opener “(Maybe It’s Time To) Break Up The Band” followed by “Only In America” that starts like a DOKKEN song. “Atomic” is not the BLONDIE song although it definitely has an 80s new wave flavour and “Love Is For Suckers” is not a TWISTED SISTER cover but you will sure be able to headbang to it. You’ll also get a bit of 00s Scandinavian punk’n’roll in Shotgun Wedding” and it’s not very surprising to hear a typical power ballad on this album with “Edie.” The thing with Scandinavian bands is that they often have an ABBA influence rooted in them whatever they do and I’m not saying it as a bad thing since ABBA are pop geniuses and it really works on “Scandinavian Girls.” Yes, RAZORBATS are really good when it comes to pop hooks, just listen to “Damn, She Looks Good” or “Kiss Me”! This record ends with “Seventeen”, a ballad about the reasons why they have chosen to live the rock’n’roll dream. Seems like they were right about it! /Laurent C.

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