Tattooed Millionaires are back!

Minnie-Apple Records and Tapes recording Artist Tattooed Millionaires (ASCAP) announce new lineup, new album and tour for 2017.

Tattooed Millionaires is an American rock band that was formed in Los Angeles, California in 2004. Led by front man and founder Johnny Jetson, TM has gone through numerous controversies since its formation. They have toured internationally in support of 3 studio albums and received critical acclaim and dubious notoriety.

Recently relocated to Minneapolis the band is currently releasing new material and appearing regionally in support of bands Enuff Z’nuff (Chicago/March 18) and L.A. Guns (Detroit/July 1). The current lineup is: Jimmy Mess/Drums, Irving Rodriguez/Guitar, Skip Malone/Bass and Johnny Jetson/Vocals and Guitar.

New Single, ‘I Believe In Rock And Roll’:

Band on the Web:

Upcoming Shows:
March 18 Chicago, IL (w / Enuff Z’nuff
March 25 Chicago, IL
March 29 Minneapolis, MN
April 1 Waterloo, IA
July 1 Detroit, MI (w / LA Guns)

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