Sal (Electric Frankenstein)

Our friend SAL from ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN is recovering from major surgery and will be unable to rock for a few minutes, so while he is using his super powers to recover, I call upon all of you in the underground who’ve been touched by their music, or helped by his generosity, to go to their webpage and order some kool as hell Electric Frankenstein merchandise to Help SAL pay the bills while he is unable to work. Send good thoughts and prayers out for SAL! Order an Electric Frankenstein t shirt, or CD to help out, if you have any money, TODAY! EF t shirts make especially great gifts for kids-who wouldn’t wanna rock an ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN t shirt? Badass Deadboys meets AC/DC streetwise, hi-energy punknroll! Thanks all you true rocknrollers. This could happen to any of us, and Sal is a good guy and the real deal.

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