Todd Is New Each Moment “A Thousand Nights” EP

TODD IS NEW EACH MOMENT is an 80s influenced synth pop duo from New York that probably listened to a lot of “Neue Deutsche Welle”. Vintage drum machines and keyboards mixed to post-punk/new wave guitars and poppy shadowy vocals is what you can expect here. SUICIDE, NEW ORDER or SOFT CELL fans will probably enjoy this 4 song EP too. Opening track “A Thousand Nights” is a kind of electronica meets DEVO song while “Traps” is a very good 80s danceable tune and “Flooded Highways” is more experimental, almost psychedelic at times but still catchy enough, reminding a bit of the fantastic “Goodbye Horses” (Q LAZZARUS) in the chorus.”Uneasy Dreams” is the song that probably combines the different aspects of the duo’s music the best.
This scene has been quite crowded these last years but TODD IS NEW EACH MOMENT should be able to stand out next to Berlin Frenchies VELVET CONDOM for instance./Laurent C.

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