The Mistakes (2000)

The MISTAKES is a band that you appreciate whether you’re a punk or a glam freak (of course you can if you’re into something else as well !) , and you ever wished for the birth of the son of Mr RANCID and Mrs TWISTED SISTER, then this is the perfect band. ! They keep the spirit of punk  and the outrageous attitude of glam alive. Here is an interview with Todd, this guy has something to say, believe me !…Or just read it !

Hi !, so what are the news for The MISTAKES ?
We’re currently promoting our new CD “Dressed For Suckcess”!
WE’ve just set-up our web site with credit card ordering, so ANYONE IN THE WORLD can order our stuff at ! We’re also planning our “Mowhawks,Make-up, and Mayhem 2000” tour. We’re gonna hit Europe first. the U.K., Italy and Germany, then our first full U.S. touR! Anyone that has a place for us to play, LET US KNOW!

I’ve read on your website that fanzines and the internet really helped to increase your popularity, could you tell us more about that ?
We are an independent band. We pay for EVERYTHING that we do, such as recording, touring etc.. and this stuff costs ALOT OF MONEY! We can’t afford major-label stuff like Ad’s in all the magazines, radio promotion etc..So we rely on the underground ‘zines to help spread the word about us! To be honest we’ve had some reviews in “major” magazines, and most just follow whatever is trendy (Korn,Limp Bizkit etc.. because their record labels pay the magazine to!) and automatically hate us cuz’ we don’t fit in. Those followers can all FUCK OFF as far as I’m concerned! WE DON’T WANT TO FIT IN! The ‘zines give us HONEST REVIEWS and treat us good even if we don’t have BIG MONEY!

Your “Mafia Drag Queen” look is awesome ! Does it generally shock people who don’t know you ? What do your families think about that ?
It shocks people that DO know us! Our image is always changing and keeps getting SICKER! My family (mom and dad) are used to it by now. I’ve been a freak all my life. They know that I’m a good person no matter what I look like! (Even though my mom would rather have me be a doctor)! It’s their fault anyway. They taught me that ALL PEOPLE ARE THE SAME NO MATTER WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE!

Do you think that glam and punk is the best mix in music/image ?
I don’t think it’s a “MIX” I think it’s all the same. “Punk” is about playing what you want, looking how you want, and doing what you want. “Glam” is about looking how you want, playing what you want and doing what you want. They’re both the same to me. The current version of “Punk” was started by Iggy and the Stooges and The N.Y. Dolls as far as I’m concerned. The Ramones and the Pistols took it to the next level, then it splintered into “Hard-Core” “Glam” “Pop-Punk” “Emo” “Straight Edge” etc.. It’s so STUPID! “PUNK” is supposed to be about being yourself NO MATTER WHAT!, but here in CA if you don’t look a certain way, then you’re not “PUNK”. These sterotypes have been passed down from the millions of SHIT bands that called themselves “Punk” in the early 80’s. To me “hard-core” for most band means “I can’t write a good song!”

Yesterday’s punks used to yell “no future !”, today many punks think “let’s change this world !” As glam punks, what would you say ?
I say I’m GONNA change the world. “No Future” was a cop-out. IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE SITUATION WHERE YOU LIVE…CHANGE IT! If you just want to complain like a little baby.. then FUCK OFF! People need to realize that THEY are the only ones that can determine their own destiny. If you don’t like something CHANGE IT. If you say you can’t change it then that means you’re just a QUITTER!

I really like your catchphrase “fuck being normal”, according to you, what is being “normal” ?
“FUCK BEING NORMAL” is what I’ve lived my life by. It’s inspired from a T-shirt I had when I was 16. It said “WHY BE NORMAL” in big block letters on the front. The cool thing about it is that it was printed upside down! So people had to make an effort to read it. Changed my life! “Normal” to me is the majority of society which dictates how we should look, dress, act, what carrers we should pursue etc.. To me “Fuck being normal” means FUCK BEING SOMETHING THAT I AM NOT JUST TO FIT IN TO A SOCIETY THAT I’M NOT A PART OF. I guess everyone would have their own definition.

What is the last concert that you really enjoyed as a spectator ? Why ?
I used to LIVE for concerts! Music was (and is) my LIFE! I would have to say the last I can remember as something I will never forget was Twisted Sister, Oct of 1986 at the Fox Theatre in Detroit Mi. The reason this concert is so special is because I was in High-School at the time, and decided to join the wrestling team! (this was my only sports attempt) I found out ‘Twisted were coming (and that we had a meet the same day) so a faked a broken arm,(cast and all!) for 2 weeks before the meet! I had my mom write a fake note that I had to go to the doctor, and then went to the show with my friend Jesse . The show changed my life! What REALLY makes it memorable is that someone sent me a live ‘Twisted bootleg video a few years ago and it was THAT SHOW! I watch it all the time. NOBODY tops DEE SNIDER as a front man. Also when I saw RANCID in 94’ at the palace in L.A. Tim came up on stage right before they were supposed to go on and said “These are some friends of mine from orange county..please welcome SOCIAL DISTORTION! Social D. did a whole set. It was fucking amazing! THAT was punk rock!

Do you like TV ? What kind of programmes ?… Or do you think that every punk should burn his/her television ?
I like TV, but I’m finding that the internet is a much better source for global information. Burn the TV? That’s stupid. If you want to rule the world then you have to know what’s going on in it! Watch the news! Here in L.A. you get an hour of DEATH! I only like a few regular shows. “Married With Children” is the best show in the history of television PERIOD! Al Bundy represents the workin’ man that can’t get a break, but he makes it funny! The day that the last “Married.” episode was on was the same day that we finished our first CD “Angry Youth” kinda weird…

I know that you’re big TWISTED SISTER fans, what’s your favourite song(s) ? Do you have news from Dee Snider and his friends ?
Twisted Sister is THE biggest musical and social influence on my life. I’ve listened to ‘Twisted every day since 1983. My favorite songs are also the songs that gave me the guts to pursue my dreams…”I Am I’m Me” (from ‘You can’t stop rock and roll’) “I’ll never grow” (originally their first 7″ in 1978) and and of course “We’re not gonna take it” (all can be found on their greatest hits cd). We did “grow up.” on “Angry Youth”, “We’re not gonna..” on the new one “Dressed For Suckcess” and we’ll probably do “I AM..” on our next one. As long as I’m alive we’ll do a ‘Twisted track on every record. It’s the least I can do to show the kids of today a REAL HERO!. I’ve actually had the pleasure of briefly hanging out with Dee a couple times in the last 2 years. He is the coolest guy you will ever meet. If you have our new CD Dee has a hidden track on it! He’s doing great! He’s a DJ, Movie Mogul, etc.. check-out his site for updates!

Feel free to conclude the way you want !
I conclude with this. I write every word like it’s my last. I am very greateful that you feel that I (along with my band) are worth the time it took you to write these questions. That’s why my answers are so long! I only hope that anyone that reads this actually LISTENS to our songs before judging us, and more importantly, that someone out there STANDS UP and helps me rid this world of: Racism, Predjuice, Hunger, Poverty,War, Hate, Ignorance, etc.. Don’t worry, I’ll do it on my own if I have to, but it would be alot quicker with some help!

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