Twin Guns – NY Noir

The dark side of Brooklyn brings us TWIN GUNS, who have just released their new album “The Last Picture Show” on Hound Gawd Records. If you love The CRAMPS, cryptic and hypnotic rock’n’roll, then you will be seduced… Can you introduce the band? Twin Guns is Andrea on guitar and vocals, Kristin on bass, and Jungle Jim on drums. We have been around for 5 … Continue reading Twin Guns – NY Noir

The Revolvers (2001)

When we finished the interview with AMERICAN HEARTBREAK, we decided to go and say goodbye to The REVOLVERS who were sleeping in the same hotel. I wanted them to give me their email address so that I could send them some questions later because it was already half past three in the morning ! But they seemed to prefer live interviews, we were really tired … Continue reading The Revolvers (2001)

The Mystery Addicts (2001)

Their last album “Unluck & Shame” is a must if you like glam punk rock’n’roll and I had to know more about them, so I decided to send them a few questions. These guys have understood that glam and punk walk hand in hand. Jamy and Steven answer. It would be nice if you could introduce the band. Steven: We have Bryan “The King” Labonte … Continue reading The Mystery Addicts (2001)

Bubble (2000)

They played in famous bands during the 80s/90s and have not decided to give up rock’n’roll or to remain passive such as fallen rockstars who have nothing fresh to offer. It’s time to BUBBLE !                It would be nice if you could introduce the band. BUBBLE is Bam of Dogs D’Amour/Wildhearts fame on drums and backing vox; Share of Vixen/Contraband (bass) on guitar and … Continue reading Bubble (2000)