Black Halos “Alive Without Control” (2005)

The HALOS are back (in black of course, hm.)with new gutiarist Adam (that you might have seen with the new LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH or AMERICAN HEARTBREAK in the past.) I don’t know if he’s responsible for this but it seems like the Canadian band worked more on the melodic side of their punk rock’n’roll this time and I can only congratulate them for this. Produced by Jack Endino, the album starts with “Three Sheets To The Wind”, a killer song with a bass drum kick sound that will make every drummer jealous. Then the first riff of “Last Call At The Toothless Saloon” reminded me of HANOI ROCKS’ “Malibu Beach” but then turns into a raw street punk anthem. It seems like the BLACK HALOS have mixed all their different influences to make this new album, whether they are punk rock, glam or dark rock and the result is a strong, very tight record with songs that all have their own charm, you’ll even hear some piano on “Alive Without Control” and organ on “Mirrorman”, a beautiful song in which you’ll find a surprising Nick Cave touch and a brand new vocals approach from Billy Hopeless. D GENERATION also comes to mind on songs like “Darkest Corners” or “Broken”. This album is out on Liquor & Poker in the U.S and will be released by People Like You in Europe and this is definitely one of the best thing that came out in 2005 to me. /Laurent C.

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