The Machines “S/T”

The MACHINES were formed in 1977 in Southend-on-Sea, UK. They released the EP “True Life” and then disappeared the next year. No future, but fate decided to give the band another chance as they got back together in 2005 with Steve Pegrum (ex-GHOSTS OF LOVERS) behind the drum kit. They’ve been playing regularly since then and even recorded new songs including one dedicated to Johnny Thunders (“Girl In Black”.)
New record label Angels In Exile decided to collect the various recordings of the band for their first release, and this was quite a good idea. Most of the songs were recorded in 2007, except “Racing” and “You Better Hear” which are demos from 1977 and the four songs from their 1978 EP.
There was a time when punk also meant rock’n’roll and The MACHINES know this very well, sometimes reminding of The PROFESSIONALS and The HEARTBREAKERS on their most recent songs. The old songs sound more raw and angry but can still make you (pogo) dance!
This comes out with a great booklet including the band’s history, the song lyrics and pictures. Those little things that will always make records better than mp3s!/Laurent C.

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