The Joystix “Wasted” EP

Somewhere between BACKYARD BABIES and The WILDHEARTS, Hungarian rock’n’roll kings The JOYSTIX keep on doing their thing against all odds, keeping their identity without repeating themselves.
Here, they offer us 6 new songs that will rock your 2012 start if it hasn’t yet! “Brand New World” and “Spoon” could have been co-written with Ginger while “Gotta Know” and “Last Action Hero” will blow you away in a pure early 2000 Swedish rock’n’roll style. And since we’re talking about Sweden, just listen to “Wasted” and you’ll realize that The HELLACOPTERS have long lost brothers in Hungary. Let’s face it, if The JOYSTIX was from Sweden, they would be featured in international magazines and webzines every week!
The JOYSTIX have always been very good to mix powerful melodic melodies to heavier stuff and they show it again on “Monkey On My Shoulder.”
You know what? This time you have no excuses, ’cause this EP is available as a free download. Search and you’ll find…/Laurent C.

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