The Joystix/High-School Motherfuckers “Skulls Out!” Split CD

These two bands have been friends for quite some time now, so it isn't very surprising to see them share this CD together. The JOYSTIX still know how to mix their old-school punk rock'n'roll influences to more modern, and melodic ones, and when they sing "I Don't Believe In RnR (Anymore)", it's hard to believe... Continue Reading →

The Joystix “Punchline”

It's been a while since we last heard of Hungary's most promising rock'n'roll band, The JOYSTIX. On this new album, the WILDHEARTS influence gets stronger than ever ("Disconnected", "In My Head", "Wasted"... ), but the old-school touch can still be found too, whether it is a bit of MOTÖRHEAD in "Born Under a Bad Sign",... Continue Reading →

The Joystix “Wasted” EP

Somewhere between BACKYARD BABIES and The WILDHEARTS, Hungarian rock'n'roll kings The JOYSTIX keep on doing their thing against all odds, keeping their identity without repeating themselves. Here, they offer us 6 new songs that will rock your 2012 start if it hasn't yet! "Brand New World" and "Spoon" could have been co-written with Ginger while... Continue Reading →


Blondie (The JOYSTIX) is a Veglam regular. He's been interviewed a few times and we've been reviewing his projects for years now. He decided to join forces with Stuffy (HIGH-SCHOOL MOTHERFUCKERS/PLEASURE ADDICTION...) to bring us SUCKERSTARZ! Can you introduce SUCKERSTARZ? Blondie: Suckerstarz is a side project of me together with Stuffy and Pamy (High-school motherfuckers,... Continue Reading →

The Joystix

You can find an interview with the SONICDOLLZ from Hungary on this website... Well, the tattooed gang has now changed its name to The JOYSTIX and is back with a solid heavy rock album called "Playing with Fire". Hear what Blondie (guitar/vocals) has to say about all of that... and more! You used to be... Continue Reading →

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