Sonny Vincent “Bizarro Hymns”

You might know ex-TESTORS SONNY VINCENT better if you live in Europe rather than in the US as he’s been regularly touring the old continent these last years.
This new album “Bizarro Hymns”is out on German record label Still Unbeatable Records both on vinyl and CD. The NYC punk rock spirit is still alive in SONNY VINCENT’s music as you can hear in opening song “Don’t Give a Fuck” or in songs like “Forgive You Forget You” and “Pushing Up Daisies” but you can also hear other influences on this new album like 60s garage (“Sink Hole”) or surf rock (“The VooDoo Box”) while the previous records sounded more straight punk’n’roll.
The STOOGES influence is still noticeable on “Till There Was You”, “Tears For Rwanda”, “Spin Out” or “Nitro”. Actually the bio says that Scott Asheton plays on one song but I can’t tell you on which one exactly as I only got the downlable version.
“Bizarro Hymns” sounds like the band just turned on the mics in their rehearsal room and recorded in order to capture the energy, but this is not a bad thing at all since the result sounds raw, but live. Songs like “Picture Album” or “Cristal Clear” would have deserved a different production though as they sound more poppy.
Check SONNY VINCENT out live in France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland this month and in June./Laurent C.

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