Simon Chainsaw “Four On The Floor” 7″

A new 7″ recorded with Simon’s French backing band on a fine piece of clear vinyl (2 original songs and 2 covers.) First song “She Was Zen” is a powerful pop punk song that early GREEN DAY fans would sure enjoy if they checked it out.
Not forgetting his roots, Simon decided to include a cover of an Australian band on this 7″, “Not That Kind Of Attitude” from high-energy punk’n’roll gang MUSCLE CAR, and the SIMON CHAINSAW group managed to make it sound as one of their songs.
B-side opens with a melodic punk rock song full of energy mixing Turbogode’s hard-hitting drumming and Nasty Samy’s recognizable guitar melodies. The last song, “Laughing” is a GOO GOO DOLLS cover, and that was quite a good cover choice since it allows to underline SIMON CHAINSAW’s love for up-tempo punk rock beats and poppy melodic vocal lines. This 7″ is co-produced by a bunch of record labels including Kicking Records so you should be able to order it from their website, but hurry up as it’s only limited to 300 copies!/Laurent C.

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