Roger Miret & The Disasters “Gotta Get Up Now”

New York Hardcore’s legend Roger Miret (AGNOSTIC FONT) is back with his band The DISASTERS. Remember their 2002 debut release?
On this new album released by German record label People Like You records, ROGER MIRET AND THE DISASTERS keep on spreading their street punk rock’n’roll message with anthems like “Stand Up and Fight”, “We’re Gonna Find a Way”,”Gotta Get Up Now” or “My Own Way”.
While the band is not hiding their CLASH influence, old-school fans won’t be disappointed since Mr. Miret’s voice is still as recognizable as before.
First-choice street punk the way it has to be, you’ll end up voiceless after singing the great last two songs of this album “Road To Nowhere” and “City Soldiers”./Laurent C.

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