16 Ton Rockers “Limited Edition Deluxe”

We’ve been following 16 TON ROCKERS since their first demos. Here they are again, back with a 12 song CD under their arm. While songs like “Pistol A Go Go”, “All The Fucks” “Shake Riot & Roll”, or “On The Other Side Of Midnight” were released before, you’ll also find new songs such as “Limited Edition Deluxe” and its SEX PISTOLS flavour,”Idiots On Parade” that sounds a bit like early MANICS stuff, or the anthemic “Division Svea.” The band also has its CLASH moments, especially in “Fight The Real N.M.E.”
16 TON ROCKERS recorded these songs live, so they sound as if they were playing in your room, which is quite rare nowadays when bands spend more times editing songs than actually recording them. Moreover, the glam/street punk field has been quite deserted lately so it’s good to see that some bands have not given up.
The gang offers us a cover version of COCK SPARRER‘s “Runnin’ Riot”, and it suits them very well. Now, let’s hope to see 16 TON ROCKERS on tour!/Laurent C.

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The Easy Lovers “Get A Job”

I haven’t heard from these guys from Oklahoma before, but here they are, introducing themselvers with 13 old-school punk rock’n’roll songs that smell like dirty streets and beer. You’ll find some angry ’77 tunes (“Kill That Girl”, “Away From Me”…), a bit of explosive trashy power pop (“Fall For You”, “Forbidden Zone”, “Runnin’ Out On Love”…) and lots of hooligan backing vocals in the choruses of these songs. Early CLASH (“Pills For Pills”, “Blacklist”…) and JOHNNY THUNDERS (the guitars!) come to mind when listening to this album, and songs like “I Don’t Wanna Know” and “Track Marks and a Broken Heart” seem to have been made to make you pogo ’77 style and sing a long until you drop! The EASY LOVERS also make me think of new Swedish band 16 TON ROCKERS since they seem to share the same influences and spirit. Ready, steady, go!/Laurent C.
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Roger Miret & The Disasters “Gotta Get Up Now”

New York Hardcore’s legend Roger Miret (AGNOSTIC FONT) is back with his band The DISASTERS. Remember their 2002 debut release?
On this new album released by German record label People Like You records, ROGER MIRET AND THE DISASTERS keep on spreading their street punk rock’n’roll message with anthems like “Stand Up and Fight”, “We’re Gonna Find a Way”,”Gotta Get Up Now” or “My Own Way”.
While the band is not hiding their CLASH influence, old-school fans won’t be disappointed since Mr. Miret’s voice is still as recognizable as before.
First-choice street punk the way it has to be, you’ll end up voiceless after singing the great last two songs of this album “Road To Nowhere” and “City Soldiers”./Laurent C.http://www.thedisasters.com/