Rock’n’Roll Stormtroopers “Kings In Jeans”

The Bulldozers are back in town! These denim addicts, undisputed kings in jeans from Germany are hard not to be noticed with such outfits! Imagine a mutant creature borrowing the best (or the worst) from TURBONEGRO, WHAM!, VILLAGE PEOPLE and TWISTED SISTER (“Come Out and Play” era) and you’ll approximately get the idea! But talking about the music, their previous album “On Fire” was actually a fine piece of catchy hard rock’n’roll, so why changing a good recipe? That’s probably what they thought too while writing this new album.
12 well-produced songs full of catchy, feisty choruses evoking TWISTED SISTER, AC/DC (Bon Scott era), early glam rock (SLADE…) and 77 punk (“Pogo Loco”.) You think that these four denim demons won’t stop partying? Well, they sometimes do have a rest and write slower songs like “Drunken at Home”… and they are good at it too!
“Walk You Home”, “Rock’n’Roll Queen”, “Dance, Dance, Dance” and “Stand up & Shout” among others are all songs that won’t leave your head once you’ve listened to them. You actually might start to cut your jeans off once you’ve tasted the TROOPER beer!
The ROCK’N’ROLL STORMTROOPERS should headline at Oktoberfest every year!/Laurent C.

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