Rock’n’Roll Stormtroopers “Kings In Jeans”

The Bulldozers are back in town! These denim addicts, undisputed kings in jeans from Germany are hard not to be noticed with such outfits! Imagine a mutant creature borrowing the best (or the worst) from TURBONEGRO, WHAM!, VILLAGE PEOPLE and TWISTED SISTER (“Come Out and Play” era) and you’ll approximately get the idea! But talking about the music, their previous album “On Fire” was actually a fine piece of catchy hard rock’n’roll, so why changing a good recipe? That’s probably what they thought too while writing this new album.
12 well-produced songs full of catchy, feisty choruses evoking TWISTED SISTER, AC/DC (Bon Scott era), early glam rock (SLADE…) and 77 punk (“Pogo Loco”.) You think that these four denim demons won’t stop partying? Well, they sometimes do have a rest and write slower songs like “Drunken at Home”… and they are good at it too!
“Walk You Home”, “Rock’n’Roll Queen”, “Dance, Dance, Dance” and “Stand up & Shout” among others are all songs that won’t leave your head once you’ve listened to them. You actually might start to cut your jeans off once you’ve tasted the TROOPER beer!
The ROCK’N’ROLL STORMTROOPERS should headline at Oktoberfest every year!/Laurent C.

Rock’n’Roll Stormtroopers

Short pants, denim, party punk rock’n’roll… here are the ROCK’N’ROLL STORMTROOPERS! Don’t look further if you were looking for a band mixing influences such as SLADE and TWISTED SISTER, but watch out! They like it hot!

Can you introduce the band ?

Hi, we?re the Rock’n’Roll from Rockcity Sindelfingen/Germany. 100% Bulldozer Rock’n’Roll that will catapult your eyeballs out of your skull! We?re always dressed in Denim & we?re armed with drums, bass & guitars. On Bulldozer-Bass: Olli Overkill / on Drums: Floey Maketheshowey on Leadguitar: Rockin? Ingwer / on Vocals & Rhythmguitar: Tex Torpedo Where ever we rock heads will roll! ☺

Germany is famous for its heavy metal/hard rock bands, can bands like you get an audience there? Do you get more rockers, punks or metal-heads at your shows?

Of course, although it’s pretty hard cause we’re too heavy for metal and too hot for Rock! No…. now for real. Our audience is a mix of all. Sometimes it depends on the event.

You appear on an ACCEPT tribute album, so is this German metal culture important for you?

Yes, that’s right. We appear on it with a very rocky song. “I am a rebel”, is not metal, it’s ROCK! But we love German metal / hard rock. There are/were many good bands in Germany. ACCEPT is one of them, but we’re more into old Hardrock bands like AC/DC, STATUS QUO, KISS, ROSE TATTOO, SLADE, KROKUS, HANOI ROCKS etc. But we have many influences, 70s Glamrock, Punkrock like THE NEW YORK DOLLS, DEAD BOYS, THE DAMNED and THE RAMONES, good old Rock e.g. FOGHAT, CHEAP TRICK, BROWNSVILLE STATION & BTO and of course classic Rock&Roll…but only if it Rocks! ☺

When and why did you choose these casual stage outfits?

We used to rock in denim vests and long jeans. One day, we had the crazy idea to cut off the pants and to change them into cool looking hot-pants. You know on stage it’s always hot due to the lights and besides, we always set the stage “ON FIRE”. Logically, we start sweating. That?s the real reason why we have started rocking in hot-pants and denim rockvests. On one hand it’s cool and fresh and on the other hand the girls have something to look at! ☺

Can we see that as a kind of hidden tribute to TURBONEGRO, early TWISTED SISTER or VILLAGE PEOPLE?

Well, it’s no tribute, it’s an attitude to ROCK ! Although we love those bands you mentioned.

Tex (vocals & guitar) is the only writer in the band? ? No democracy in the STORMTROOPERS?

STORMTROOPERS and democracy!?!…. are you crazy??? Hahaha…. We’re a Rock’n’Roll Band and no state. ☺ And the fact that we’re STROMTROOPERS in rock means that everyone of us is doing his best besides fighting on stage! I am writing the songs, Ingwer is the sound engineer, Floey is the Manager and Olli is our BEERDRINKER ☺ and together we are the ROCK’N’ROLL STORMTROOPERS ? I think that’s even more than democracy…. that’s real Rock’n’Roll!

In the news section of your website, you mention a stinking tour bus, some stinking hotel rooms? can a rock’n’roll band smell good?

The more you smell the better you rock!

Your album “On Fire” has been released in the US on Full Breach Kicks records, any plan for a tour there?

Not at the moment, but we are looking forward to rock the States some day.

What were the best and worst things for the ROCK’N’ROLL STORMTROOPERS in 2005?

2005 was a good Year. We released our debut album “ON FIRE” on HULK RÄCKORZ, we were on a successful tour for 6 weeks throughout Europe together with our friends from WIZO (a famous German punk-rock band), we had many good concerts, lotsa fun and we also released “ON FIRE” in the US thanks to Josh of FULL BREACH KICKS ( That’s very good….it’s great!!!! The worst thing in 2005 was that we had to wash our rock vests after the Europe-Tour, hehehe…..we really couldn’t stand the smell anymore…..

What projects for the band in 2006?

There is lots of work to do. Right now we are recording a song for a compilation that will come out on FULL BREACH KICKS in spring. We also have to work on many new songs because we wanna record & release a new record. We will have many shows this year & maybe a little tour in february and in fall. That’s pretty much…but you know… we can’t live without ROCK!!! ☺ So stay tuned!