Rock’n’Roll Stormtroopers “Kings In Jeans”

The Bulldozers are back in town! These denim addicts, undisputed kings in jeans from Germany are hard not to be noticed with such outfits! Imagine a mutant creature borrowing the best (or the worst) from TURBONEGRO, WHAM!, VILLAGE PEOPLE and TWISTED SISTER ("Come Out and Play" era) and you'll approximately get the idea! But talking... Continue Reading →

Rock’n’Roll Stormtroopers

Short pants, denim, party punk rock'n'roll... here are the ROCK'N'ROLL STORMTROOPERS! Don't look further if you were looking for a band mixing influences such as SLADE and TWISTED SISTER, but watch out! They like it hot! Can you introduce the band ? Hi, we?re the Rock'n'Roll from Rockcity Sindelfingen/Germany. 100% Bulldozer Rock'n'Roll that will catapult... Continue Reading →

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