Poison “Poison’d”

Already 20 years ! It’s hard to believe it’s been that long… I can clearly remember when I first saw the video for “Cry Tough” on TV and then rushed to the record store to buy the LP. I’m sure I’m not the only one remembering these days when your thrash metal school friends were making fun of you for loving such a bubblegum rock’n’roll band in full make-up. POISON went through different phases since their early glam days but still remained to stay themselves though they had their share of band problems, inner fights, highs and lows through the years. To celebrate this anniversary, the band decided to record some of their favourite rock covers with the help of famous producer Don Was. It’s great to see that the first three tracks on this CD are all songs by original glam rock artists (“Little Willy” by The SWEET, “Suffragette City” by DAVID BOWIE and “I Never Cry” by ALICE COOPER, a song that particularly sounds good with Bret Michael’s voice.) The band didn’t forget to pay tribute to classic rock heroes such as The ROLLING STONES (“Dead Flowers”), The WHO (“Squeeze Box”), TOM PETTY & The HEARTBREAKERS (“I Need To Know”) or The CARS (“Just What I Needed”.) Fans already knew about “Rock’N Roll All Night” (KISS) or “Your Mama Don’t Dance” (LOGGINS & MESSINA) but it’s nice to have them on this record which can be considered not only as a celebration but also as POISON’s ultimate cover song collection to this day. Most covers on here are not that different from the original versions but POISON really managed to make them their own, you can only think “this is POISON!” when you first hear them. In these days of hair band revival, this CD will probably help POISON to reach the top of the bill again especially in the US since they will be on tour with RATT and WHITE LION this summer for more than 50 dates!… And as their GRAND FUNK RAILROAD cover says, they’re an American band, aren’t they? 20 years and I’m still POISONed! /Laurent C.http://www.poisonweb.com

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