Pink Dolls “Dirty Jewels”

PINK DOLLS from Brazil got together in 2003 in order to satisfy their love for 80s glam metal/sleaze rock. The most obvious influence of the band is PRETTY BOY FLOYD (the vocals are very similar and they have a common interest in the words “tonight” and “rock’n’roll”) but they can also use heavier guitar riffs when needed (“Substances” or “The Psycho Dolls in the RRR Department”.) PINK DOLLS also remind me of the PEPPERMINT CREEPS at times.
These 6 songs sound good and could be a great soundtrack to your next summer party, but these DOLLS need to work on its own identity a bit more (the songs “Horror Show (The Monster is You)” and “Samantha” seem head to this direction) to be really convincing./Laurent C.

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