Evil Matchers “Burning Baby!” EP

Brazil might not be the first country that comes to mind when you think about punk'n'roll, but EVIL MATCHERS are on a mission to change that with this 5 song EP (3 sung in Portugese, and 2 in English.) The band's music is mainly influenced by the 00s Scandinavian scene (BACKYARD BABIES, HELLACOPTERS...), and 70s... Continue Reading →

Suburbia Blends “Queens & Vagabonds” (EP)

SUBURBIA BLENDS are from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but they seem to be very influenced by the 00s Scandinavian rock'n'roll scene. Opening song "Morphine & Wine" sounds as a punker BACKYARD BABIES while "Right To Know" is closer to early TURBONEGRO. Their high-energy rock'n'roll also leads us to think that SUBURBIA BLENDS are into '77 punk... Continue Reading →

Pink Dolls “Dirty Jewels”

PINK DOLLS from Brazil got together in 2003 in order to satisfy their love for 80s glam metal/sleaze rock. The most obvious influence of the band is PRETTY BOY FLOYD (the vocals are very similar and they have a common interest in the words "tonight" and "rock'n'roll") but they can also use heavier guitar riffs... Continue Reading →

Glitter Magic “Bad For Health”

Despite having "Glitter" in their name, these guys from Brazil don't play 70s glam rock, they're more into modern heavy metal. Think of Zakk Wylde kind of guitars (sometimes almost nu-metal) and vocals sometimes reminding of WEDNESDAY 13 and TESLA ("Living On Addiction", "Loveproof"...) A song such as "The Dreamers Disease' also shows more 80s... Continue Reading →

Dune Hill “Big Bang Revolution”

This Brazilian hard rock band is only 2 years old but already show that they really know what they want. They like their powerful guitar riffs and melodic vocals, reminding of the famous New Wave of British Heavy Metal at times. The band also sometimes get close to a band like GOTTHARD for instance, and... Continue Reading →

Dirty Glory “It’s On” EP

3 songs delivered straight from Sao Paulo, Brazil! DIRTY GLORY are influenced by the whole American glam metal scene and they sure don't hide it. "Mr. Jack" could be described as a mix of SKID ROW and BANG TANGO, "The Energy" is more melodic, think WARRANT jamming with PRETTY BOY FLOYD, and "Sweetie" is a... Continue Reading →

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