Glitter Magic “Bad For Health”

Despite having “Glitter” in their name, these guys from Brazil don’t play 70s glam rock, they’re more into modern heavy metal. Think of Zakk Wylde kind of guitars (sometimes almost nu-metal) and vocals sometimes reminding of WEDNESDAY 13 and TESLA (“Living On Addiction”, “Loveproof”…) A song such as “The Dreamers Disease’ also shows more 80s hard rock influences like DOKKEN for instance.
The band shows some impressive potential throughout this album although they should maybe work more on their choruses to make them more powerful and catchier, something they are able to do, just listen to “Daring The Dawn” and you’ll know what I mean. The production is good and these guys sure can play, it’s just a pity that the drums sometimes sound too mechanical (especially on “Heal Me”), but it’s a problem I usually have with most modern metal.
Anyway, “Bad For Health” is a solid debut album introducing a very promising band to the metal world./Laurent C.

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