Kill City Bandits “How The West Was Wasted” EP

I can’t even tell how excited I was when I first heard “Cyrinda”, this song mixes HANOI ROCKS’ catchiness and beautiful tragic sense of melodies with The LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH dark rock’n’roll spirit and Johnny Thunders’ melancholia. Can it be better? I don’t know… But this was more than a pleasant surprise to me in this day and age. The kind of band that reminds me that there is still hope for rock’n’roll.
The KILL CITY BANDITS are the best band from Norway I’ve heard since the TRASHCAN DARLINGS, they only have released 3 songs so far but this is enough to make you think that these Northern pistoleros are on the right way. “If You Ain’t Cowboy” is a sleazy rock’n’roll song that DOGS D’AMOUR, CRYBABIES and early TIGERTAILZ fans will love for sure while “Money Talks” heads more toward the US hard rock’n’roll direction with street punk backing vocals.
In a perfect world (or in the past!), The KILL CITY BANDITS would already be signed to a big record label. That’s a fact./Laurent C.

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