Hollywood Killerz “Dead On Arrival”

One of the oldest and coolest sleaze rock band from Italy is finally back with a brand new album. Members have come and gone and years have passed but the band kept its spirit and passion for rock’n’roll alive for the enjoyment of us all!
Opening song “700.000” is a bit of a DEMOLITON 23’s tribute (“The Scum Lives On”) in the verses so you can only know where you put your Converse shoes in right from the start!
“Grey Celebrations” is a modern dark sleaze anthem, ‘Our Memories May Be Right” and “Over and Over” are quite catchy glam punk numbers while “Girls R Dead” and its UNDERTONES-like riff intro is a powerful rockin’ hit! HOLLYWOOD KILLERZ sometimes gets close to the MURDERDOLLS or WEDNESDAY 13 as well (“Luxury depression”, “Somewhere Out Of This Mind”) but they can also slow things down with rock ballads like “How (Could I)” or “More Than It Hurts You”.
The whole mood and atmosphere isn’t too far from what a band like BACKYARD BABIES do so let’s hope that “Dead On Arrival” will open new doors to these Motor City KILLERZ. I mean, I’m sure they’re going to kick those doors down! Go and listen to “Lovecrash” and you’ll know what I mean!/Laurent C.http://www.hollywoodkillerz.net/

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