Hollywood Killerz “The Starving Sound”

Torino's sleaziest killerz are back with a new 14 song digipack CD. The intro of "Mean Streets" and its STOOGES-esque guitar riff shows us from the start that the band still like their punk rock with a hard rock touch, or their hard rock with a punk rock touch?... If BACKYARD BABIES and MURDERDOLLS had... Continue Reading →

Hollywood Killerz “Dead On Arrival”

One of the oldest and coolest sleaze rock band from Italy is finally back with a brand new album. Members have come and gone and years have passed but the band kept its spirit and passion for rock'n'roll alive for the enjoyment of us all! Opening song "700.000" is a bit of a DEMOLITON 23's... Continue Reading →

Hollywood Killerz (2011-07-08)

Torino KILLERZ are finally back with "Dead On Arrival", their new album. The perfect occasion for us to talk about it with them and get some fresh news from Italy... You were one of the first band we interviewed back in 1999. It's been long and the HOLLYWOOD KILLERZ has changed and evolved through the... Continue Reading →

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