Giuda “Racey Roller”

Never heard of Giuda?
Born from the ashes of Taxi (Italy), Guida is one of those rare new bands that bring you back to the essence of the 70’s rock’n’roll.”Racey Roller” makes you want to tape your feet and shake your head all night, and more soberly awakes the flame deep inside yourself that tells you to go to the mall and buy 10 different shades of glitters for your casual saturday night make up.
So if you’re not ready to step the line and don’t want to take responsibility for what this record will get you doing, don’t listen to it. But come on, you know you want to.Each song is a rock’n’roll anthem and has the ability to get anyone dancing and singing along on the table of their favourite bar with passion and absolutely no dignity.
Glam a la Slade or Gary Glitter, punk rock a la Eddie and the Hot Rods or early Skrewdriver, the fusion is perfectly crafted and results in an authentic old school energy. . Neo Glam Punk at its best.
-Marion Desmaret

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