Mental Beat #0 Fanzine

#0s paper 'zines are always exciting, especially when they focus on our favourite music styles, which is definitely the case with this debut issue of MENTAL BEAT: You'll find an article about the new worldwide glam rock'n'roll top 3 (PRIMA DONNA, BITERS and GIUDA), an interesting interview with Ginger (The WILDHEARTS), a great and moving... Continue Reading →

Giuda “Racey Roller”

Never heard of Giuda? Born from the ashes of Taxi (Italy), Guida is one of those rare new bands that bring you back to the essence of the 70's rock'n'roll."Racey Roller" makes you want to tape your feet and shake your head all night, and more soberly awakes the flame deep inside yourself that tells... Continue Reading →

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