Dumbell “Electrifying Tales”

Honestly, I’ve been a bit sick of all those “action rock” kind of bands these last years. I mean, there’s been so many of those airy guys in MOTÖRHEAD shirts playing the same fast songs over and over again…
Luckily you’ll still find a couple of bands standing out in that style, and DUMBELL is definitely one of them. On this album, the international band managed to get together its best line-up to date: Paul (guitar/vocals) and Jamy (guitarist in the LUXURY PUSHERS) from America, and Sam ( AKA Nasty Samy – bass) and Turbogode (drums) from France. The Frenchies brought more groove and power to the band, and I’ll say it again, Turbogode is the perfect drummer for that style.
There’s some very good songs on this new album, like “Write You Out” and its HELLACOPTERS feel, “Death Ray” and its dark heavy noisy rock atmosphere, the melodic but powerful “Mirror Won’t Lie” or “League By Herself” and “Polka Dot” if you like to rock and roll! The album ends up with a bit of humour with “Je M’En Branle”,the French fans will enjoy this piece of fine poetry!
DUMBELL are on tour all over Europe now! One, two, three, four, get electrified!/Laurent C.http://www.dumbell.de/

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