Dead Furies “No Talkin’ All Action”

The music of this power trio from Estonia could be described as action rock, or high-energy rock'n'roll, this style that was especially popular in Scandinavia in the early 00s. Opening track "No Talkin' All Action" confirms this with a spicy HELLACOPTERS/BACKYARD BABIES flavour, while a strong TURBONEGRO influence can be heard in "Gimme Shock." You'll... Continue Reading →

The Backstabbers “Full Blast!”

Two years ago, I got a BACKSTABBERS demo CD from Jes Reckless (Guit./Vocals) who happened to be playing with JETBOY on their last Euro tour. It was a pleasant surprise so it's good to hear about the band again with this first official release that includes 7 high-energy punk'n'roll songs.The first one "Get Up N... Continue Reading →

Dumbell “Electrifying Tales”

Honestly, I've been a bit sick of all those "action rock" kind of bands these last years. I mean, there's been so many of those airy guys in MOTÖRHEAD shirts playing the same fast songs over and over again... Luckily you'll still find a couple of bands standing out in that style, and DUMBELL is... Continue Reading →

Dumbell (2011-12-18)

We sent this interview when DUMBELL was on tour two months ago. Surprisingly enough, it just happened that Paul (vocals/guitar) stopped Veglam's headquarters last week and took some time to finish answering our questions while drinking tea and listening to some good old KISS songs. Enjoy! So you're on tour. Where are you right now... Continue Reading →

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