Dr. Cranknstein “L.A.”

An album about Los Angeles by a band from Switzerland with an American singer, Eliot Chambers who released several solo albums before. The opening song “Fly’n To L.A.” has a CHEAP TRICK feel and this can’t be a bad thing, can it? DR. CRANKNSTEIN plays hard rock’n’roll with big 80s influences and they do it quite well, good instrument playing and solid vocals in that style.
This brings a name to mind: KROKUS! You can find a quite simlar energy in the vocals and in a song like “Fuck’n Attitude” for instance. There’s also a bit of early ACCEPT here and there (“Bloody Tattoo..”), and when the band slows things down a bit with a ballad (“Walk Thru (Downtown L.A.)”) it works well too.
I honestly wasn’t expecting something that good when I first looked at the cover. American hard rock fans and old-school Euro heavy metal fans will headbang to this together!/Laurent C.http://www.myspace.com/drcranknstein1

One thought on “Dr. Cranknstein “L.A.”

  1. Thanks for the good review veglam,
    I just came across it on the internet, even though this review was written sometime ago, it meant something good to me, because so many times you can create art, and people especially here in Switzerland..just shrug their shoulders and say “not bad”….
    I have written you a message about my new album and project “Revolution Of Truth” soon to be completed..and of course I will be sending some new music from that for you to enjoy.
    keep rock’n
    greetings from Switzerland
    Eliot Chambers
    Dr. Cranknstein

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