Dr. Cranknstein “L.A.”

An album about Los Angeles by a band from Switzerland with an American singer, Eliot Chambers who released several solo albums before. The opening song “Fly’n To L.A.” has a CHEAP TRICK feel and this can’t be a bad thing, can it? DR. CRANKNSTEIN plays hard rock’n’roll with big 80s influences and they do it quite well, good instrument playing and solid vocals in that style.
This brings a name to mind: KROKUS! You can find a quite simlar energy in the vocals and in a song like “Fuck’n Attitude” for instance. There’s also a bit of early ACCEPT here and there (“Bloody Tattoo..”), and when the band slows things down a bit with a ballad (“Walk Thru (Downtown L.A.)”) it works well too.
I honestly wasn’t expecting something that good when I first looked at the cover. American hard rock fans and old-school Euro heavy metal fans will headbang to this together!/Laurent C.http://www.myspace.com/drcranknstein1