Candy “Whatever Happened To Fun”

Full disclosure up front, this review is going to be a full on arse kissing! I was overjoyed to hear that this pop rock classic was going to be released on CD properly by Rock Candy Records, in it’s full bubblegum glory. For the record, Kyle Vincent is my favorite singer of all time, besides Jet, the singer in my band, and every one of the songs on this record is classic and should be listened to in it’s entirety on a weekly basis, if you want to put a smile on your face. This is the record that I would listen to wondering how cool Los Angeles and Hollywood was going to be when I finally graduated from college, while living in Albuquerque New Mexico, and could take the plunge into rock and roll full time! It was even more of a thrill to have bass player Jonathan Daniel invite us to come to Hollywood and record with him as a producer for our Sigue Sigue Sputnik/Motley Crue influenced band. I used Gilby’s Les Pauls with the stenciled Candy logo on the back to record “You Turn Me On Like A Radio”, and we got bitten by fleas sleeping on the floor of a friend’s apartment in Hollywood, but it sealed our fate of having to come out west to live the dream!Now to the record, starting with “American Kix” and it’s tale of not fitting in and doing all the wrong things as a youth, brillant lyrics “I know that paradise is far away and I’m stranded in L.A.” You can hear the worry in Kyle’s voice wondering what’s gonna become of the future for the youth. “Turn It Up Loud” tells of the dreams of a young rock and roller that the band was living at the time, with the cool repeating guitar riff, classic stuff. “Whatever Happened To Fun” was the video for this record back in the day, and it deals with the dark reality that as we get older, the kicks of the past just don’t do it for us anymore, featuring cool counter harmony background vocals and a simple but catchy solo from Gilby or Wally Bryson (guitar player from the Raspberries who helped arrange the music and added “sweeteners” to the songs). Jonathan Daniel’s lyrics are the best, his play on words and describing teenage angst in dark terms really kicked me in the ass when I was a kid, and they are displayed all throughout this record (as in the Electric Angeles and the Loveless releases) and Kyle Vincent’s vocals are spot on if your into pop stuff, as I am big time. I see Kyle play whenever he is in Los Angeles, and it is still my highlight of the year for any live show, as the man has the great undiscovered pop voice of all time!“Last Radio Show” is a classic homage to the 70’s radio show that helped shaped all of us 70’s babies on classic pop and rock music, and how fitting for us in 2012, with the no DJ format at most terrestrial radio stations. “Kids in The City”, “It’s a long way from the junkyard to the Sunset” lyrics sum it up and this track could have been featured in a movie like “Valley Girl”, as a matter of fact the lyrics in this song are so witty they could be the catchphrases of a teenage Hollywood movie. “Weekend Boy” opens with a cool take on the “Lion Sleeps Tonight” song of the seventies and a little guitar two note sound effect that Jonathan used on one of our songs when we recorded with him. Has the classic lyric “trying to find love in a party world”, which if you live in Hollywood, is sooo real. Great playing and singing on this song as well as on “The First Time”, a tale of the first time love sucker punches you in the gonads, and a good example of why they needed Jimmy Ienner (producer of the Raspberries) to capture that mixture of pop, hard rock, sweet vocals, little catchy guitar parts, cool sounding bass parts and unique drum parts and off beats. When Kyle goes high with the vocals at the end of “First Time”, you know this is a work of art in the music field. “Electric Nights“, has the cool catchy lyrics, which you can hear and understand precisely, which is the trait of a good hit pop song, as well as a cool bass line in the breakdown. Lastly, closing track “Lonely Hearts” caps this classic record off with a punch and the Candy trademark solemn story of being lost in Hollywood with nothing but your wits to guide you. This record was the soundtrack to a time in my life when rock and roll meant the most to me. I had my favorites: Sigue Sigue Sputnik, KISS, Hanoi Rocks, The New York Dolls, etc, but Candy offered a new look at what Hollywood had to offer in the 1980’s, and I wanted a piece of it badly!

This release also comes with a 16 page booklet with killer pictures and stories from the early days and don’t forget to support Kyle Vincent at who tours all over the world. Already my top release of the year!!!

Teddy Heavens

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