Beside Myself “Here’s To You”

Remember all these 90s bands first known as “emo punk”? I mean, bands like JAWBREAKER or HOT WATER MUSIC? Well, I really liked some of them, but unfortunately most of them now have beards, wear flannels and play awful indie folk music!
Nevertheless, it happens – among the dozens of emails I get from Italian hair metal bands or Swedish sleaze metal gangs- that I get one from a band in that style. Still refreshing. These guys from California know how to mix nice melodic guitars to rawkin’ whisky voices and punk rock drums. 7 songs is never the easiest format for a record (something between an EP and an album, though it probably matter less in this downloading age) but this is enough to know where the band is going (sometimes in the AGAINST ME! direction here) and you’ll find yourself singing the chorus of “Part Two” or “Maybe If I” without even noticing it after listening to this record a couple of times./Laurent C.

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