Trifle “All that Used To Be” EP

Once in a while, you can read a review of an "emo" record on here, because there's nothing wrong with it as long as it rocks. Bands like HOT WATER MUSIC, early GET UP KIDS or The PROMISE RING were all good, and TRIFLE carry the torch of this indie rock style that was quite... Continue Reading →

Squarecrow “Oh, Ramona”

San Diego's SQUARECROW are back with a full album "Oh, Ramona." Somewhere between sunny Californian pop punk and 90s emo punk, the band also added a power pop touch to their music in songs like "My Ramona" and "Don't Worry." Up tempo skate punk fans will enjoy "Die Awake" and "Antenna Booster", RANCID fans might... Continue Reading →

Beside Myself “Here’s To You”

Remember all these 90s bands first known as "emo punk"? I mean, bands like JAWBREAKER or HOT WATER MUSIC? Well, I really liked some of them, but unfortunately most of them now have beards, wear flannels and play awful indie folk music! Nevertheless, it happens - among the dozens of emails I get from Italian... Continue Reading →

The Regime “S/T”

San Diego punk rock with big influences from the first (and real) emo bands (FUGAZI, RITES OF SPRINGS, JAWBREAKER...)Honestly, I haven't been listening to any new band in that style in a long while so I was quite curious to listen to The REGIME. Moreover, there used to be quite a few interesting bands in... Continue Reading →

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