Baby Scream “Lost Balloons”

The very productive BABY SCREAM from Argentina are back with this 17 song album on which you’ll mostly find covers and unreleased demos. Opening song “We Are Agains The System” is close to the band’s previous releases, slow pop reminding a bit of Marc Bolan while “Ball Of Fun” and “I’ve Had Enough With You” both sound a bit like a punker DINOSAUR JR. “Revenge Of The Nerds”, on the other hand sounds more experimental.
The covers include among others a few T-Rex/Marc Bolan songs (“Reality”, “Cosmic Dancer”, “High Wire”…), some RAMONES stuff (“Judy Is A Punk” and “Beat On The Brat”) and a pretty cool glammer version of SOCIAL DISTORTION’s “When The Angels Sing.” The closing song is a good version of Lennon’s “Working Class Hero” with Deafboy One as a guest.
Of course, the production isn’t always the best since many of these songs are demos, but “Lost Balloons” (great title for such a song collection) is a fun record to listen to./Laurent C.

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