180 Proof “The Gutter Sessions Part 1 : The Filth and Freedom Overture”

The band’s logo, the CD title and cartoonesque Street Trash kind of art-work all suggest that Australian hard rockers 180 PROOF like it loud, heavy and dirty, but the trio are not just another AC/DC influenced band from the other side of the world.”Stick It To The Man” and “Intoxication” both sound more like mid-tempo US sleaze rather than AIRBOURNE songs and “It Sucks To Be You” the catchier track on here could be a TURBONEGRO song! talking about hooks, “Live Too Dirty” has a big hair metal influence in its anthemic chorus and it’s easy to imagine how it would sound with a better production.
These 4 songs were recorded by the band in the back of a motorbike workshop in Melbourne, quite appropriate for a band describing their rock’n’roll as rude and crude! They might be far away but we’ll sure keep an eye on these guys!/Laurent C.


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