Trashlight Vision

If you’re familiar with Veglam webzine, then you’ve probably seen the name TRASHLIGHT VISION a few times before in the news section… Even if the band is often seen as MURDERDOLLS’ Acey’s band, their first album?Alibis and Ammunition? as well as constant touring shows that they are a band of their own, ready to come and rock you. They’ll be opening for the next BACKYARD BABIES tour so it was the right time to ask Acey Slade a few questions…

Can you give us a bit of TRASHLIGHT VISION history ? Was it difficult to get the right line-up together?

I started to write some TRASHLIGHT VISION songs at the end of the MURDERDOLLS, when I know we were going to take a break. I live in NYC and there are a ton of ‘musicians to hire’. Meaning they will work for money. But that’s not what a band is about. I wanted this to be a real band, so at first it was hard. Then I just called my close friends, and lucky me, they were available. Roger and I worked in a porn/punk shop in Philadelphia. He was playing with Lenny our drummer when I started to put TRASHLIGHT together. Steve and I met in rehab for drugs. So now we have a real band. We’re more dangerous than most gangs and bleed like brothers.

Your first album “Alibis and Ammunition” has just been released, are you satisfied with it?

Someone told me that you are never done an album. You just give up… haha. I’m happy with the point I chose to give up.. haha

Your music has a punk rock sound but glam and hard rock influences can also be heard in it, was it intentional to mix such styles when you started the band?

For me it’s so easy to explain. Without the NEW YORK DOLLS, there would be no SEX PISTOLS, no RAMONES. Without NY DOLLS there would be no GUNS N’ROSES either. Hell, we did some shows with the UK SUBS and Charlie will tell you that the NY DOLLS were one of his big influences too! What was intentional for me was to put out a honest album that showed my influences. I like The CLASH and RANCID, but I like MOTLEY CRUE too. I don’t give a fuck if some punks don’t like MOTLEY CRUE and I don’t give a fuck if some rockers don’t like The CLASH. My main two influences are Joe Strummer and Nikki Sixx. Both of them have never tried to be anything other than Joe Strummer and Nikki Sixx.

Your first album “Alibis and Ammunition” has just been released, are you satisfied with it?

Are you trying to trick me or are you drunk? Haha This is question #2! Maybe you want to see if I am some arrogant asshole who just talks and doesn’t listen.. haha

Haha… I swear I wasn’t drunk!!! I have no idea why and how question 2 appeared twice!

It seems like you’re more famous in the UK than in the United States, am I wrong? Why could be the reason for that?

Yes. Roadrunner Records did not want The MURDERDOLLS to do anything in America so they pulled all the funding.Roadrunner in the UK and Europe always believed in us. So yes, you are right and there is your honest response.

Since you started TRASHLIGHT VISION in a very DIY way with no support from record labels, I guess that touring was quite different from the tours you did before with the MURDERDOLLS, do you see it as a kind of coming back to the roots of punk/rock’n’roll?

I see music as being a creative process from the beginning to the end. So yeah, we make some of our merch. I always loved this about having DIY roots. I want people to know they have a piece of us in everything we do. When you come from an established band, people sometimes think that you have it ‘easy’. I want to work hard to prove that we are a real band and not just blah, blah, blah’s band from X’. People should know that TRASHLIGHT is paying dues too! Ha, ha…

If you had the chance to choose a band to open for in 2006, who would you choose?

Already happening, BACKYARD BABIES. Other then RANCID or GUNS N’ ROSES. We are just happy to be on tour.

I think I read somewhere that you’re a big MANIC STREET PREACHERS fan, what’s your favourite era and songs? Any idea about what happened to Richey?

I have a ton of MANICS stuff! 7′, 12′, vinyl, subway posters, etc., etc. I think that one of the things that Richey was good at was being a rockstar. How does a rock star gain imortality? To end on top. He knew that, but I think he is alive.

What is the last record you listened to?

Ours, just to make sure it worked… ha, ha…

The last book you read?

‘Hardcore Zen’, Punk Rock, Monster Movies and ‘The Truth about Zen’ by Brad Warner.

The last movie you saw?

In the theater: ‘V For Vendetta’ and at home ‘Blair Witch Project’ and ‘Hills Have Eyes’.

You seem to have worked hard for the band so far, do you have any idea of what is coming next after the album release and European tour?

Well, we have 9 songs written for the next album so I think we will take August to write more. I want our next CD to be even better, so we need to start now. Yep. 9 new songs and this album doesn’t even come out till next week! Ha, ha. I want to tour Europe again in September and maybe even November too! I would love to tour with some of theb ands on the People Like You label.

You’re going to be on tour with the BACKYARD BABIES in May 2006, it seems like the perfect band for TRASHLIGHT VISION to tour with in Europe, are you excited about it?

Fuck yeah! It’s the perfect tour for both of us I think. It’s also the perfect tour for the people! Make sure you schedule work off the day after this concert because it’s going to be a lot of fun!

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