Murderdolls “Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls”

As if they haven’t been hyped up enough over the past couple months here I come to add my two cents worth to the fuss getting kicked up over the Murderdolls. Its kinda  difficult to review this cos by now all the lazy ‘Will the Slipknot fans like it?’ angles have been snapped up  and... Continue Reading →

Acey Slade & The Dark Party

Acey Slade's first solo album isn't really what you could have expected from the ex-MURDERDOLLS/TRASHLIGHT VISION... member. No horror punk metal or sleaze street punk here, Acey chose to explore the electro-rock territory with The DARK PARTY. He tells us a bit more about it and his future projects. Can you talk about the album?... Continue Reading →

Trashlight Vision

If you're familiar with Veglam webzine, then you've probably seen the name TRASHLIGHT VISION a few times before in the news section... Even if the band is often seen as MURDERDOLLS' Acey's band, their first album?Alibis and Ammunition? as well as constant touring shows that they are a band of their own, ready to come... Continue Reading →

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