The Erotics

A new album on a new label, a new line-up, a forthcoming UK tour, it was high time to ask Mike Trash (lead vox./guitars) a few questions!

It’s been a long time since I last interviewed you (2001 to be precise) and there’s been some line-up changes in between, can you introduce the new one?

Yes, currently we have myself, Johnny Riott on Drums, Billy Belaire on Bass, and recently Rachel Toxic on 2nd. guitar.

Let’s talk about your new CD “30 Seconds Over You”, how long did it take to record and release it? Tell us about your new record deal too.

We started recording last August(2007), originally going to put out a ‘best of’ retrospective release, with the intention of adding a few songs, and new versions of a few old ones. But the new material wouldn’t stop flowing, so it was obvious to out out a new full length instead. We recently started working with Overit Records, basically one of the guys happened to be at the studio last year where we recorded the new stuff, and our producer played him some of the tracks, and he was blown away. Overit is distributed through Ryco/Warner Bros.

There’s a new version of “Teenage Drag Queen” as a bonus track on it, is this the “official Erotics anthem”?

I wouldn’t say it’s our “official anthem”, we have at least a dozen anthem, so to speak. The reason we re-recorded “Drag Queen” ‘Agony &Xtacty” , and “It’s True” for the best of, but they all ended up on the new record, because the original record(21st. Century SOB), is no longer in print.

You were on tour in the UK last year and will be back soon, what are the biggest differences you noticed between tourin in the US and in the UK?

The kids in the UK seem a little more enthusiastic about RocknRoll, but we’re starting to see the US kids getting more into it.

What bands have you already toured with in the US?

Well in the US, we usually tour on our own, and have local support acts in each city, but the past year, we’re toured with Teenage Casket Company, Vains Of Jenna, Demons Alley, and Strip Club Devils(feat. Sweetheart of The Throbs),

Did you always get along well with them?

And yes, we’ve gotten along with all of them, had some really great times.

What CDs or bands have you enjoyed lately?

Honestly I’ve been so busy, that I haven’t had much time to listen to everything.

In a recent interview, Gene Simmons says that the record industry is dead, that it’s too late now. Many people compare the situation to the times when musicians had to play again and again in if they wanted to get a little money since they can’t get it from the record sales anymore. What’s your view on it?

In a sense I agree with Gene, but we sell a lot of records via our website, digitally, and especially during live shows, which is why it is important to tour nowadays.

Do you already have projects after the UK shows?

We have some more US dates, and we’re planning on shooting a video for the title track “30 Seconds Over You”.

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