Gemini Five (2005-10-11)

The Swedish band has got a brand new album (‘Black:Anthem’) out so it was the right time to ask Tin Star (vocals & guitar)a few questions…
Your new album “Black :Anthem” just got out, how have the reactions been so far? Are you satisfied with it? What are the main differences with your first album ?Babylon Rockets??We´ve been getting really good reviews so far. Everybody seem to think that the new album is heavier than Babylon Rockets. We´ve been trying to take the band to a higher level and i feel that we have succeded with that. Better and heavier songs.GEMINI FIVE started in 2001… Why this name? Was it difficult to put this band together?We got the name from a song with Rod´s former band The Jet Set. It´s a cool and universal name from the NASA spaceship. Me and Pete left our then currently band Plaster to form an oldschool L.A hardrock band. We heard Rod was back from the US(deported) and told him to come to Stockholm and do an audition. Snoopy was a local drunk at my bar and we asked him if he was interested to join a cool new band in the same vein as Mötley Crüe and Skid Row. Everything happened very fast and we got a record deal half year later.Do some of you play in other bands besides GEMINI FIVE? Do you have jobs?

Snoopy´s playing with his childhood friends in a band called Wounded. Gemini Five is a fulltime job for us.“Babylon Rockets” was released in countries such as Japan and South America. Did you go and play there? Or will you?

We haven´t been there yet. We´d love to go there and play. Maybe in the future. It´s so much easier to tour Europe.Are the lyrics based on real life experience or are they more fictional?

Mostly self-lived experinces and thoughts I carry inside.The band seems to have a strong sleaze/80s hard rock influence but also more modern ones like industrial, am I right? What CDs have you enjoyed lately?

I think we have a good mix of both. We call our music Nu-sleaze. I think the lateset albums with Marylin Manson and Korn have some highlights. I also enjoy HIM and The 69 EYES.The Swedish scene has been growing bigger and bigger these last years, do you think it helped GEMINI FIVE in some way? Any band to recommend?

It´s always good for a band if the interest is big in your country. There´s a sleaze thing going on in Sweden right now. Crash Diet,Hardcore Superstar and Babylon Bombs are good bands worth checking out.Any plans for a European tour sooner or later?

We´ll definitley tour Europe. I think we´re doing some shows in Germany and Italy this fall.

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