White Demons – When Bad Is Indescribably Good

We've asked Arizona's best sleaze rock secret WHITE DEMONS a few questions in order to know more about them. Read about their views on nowaday's rock scene and how Kim Fowley found out about them! So, who are WHITE DEMONS? Nick Kokoros lead guitar/vocals, Mike Christie guitar/vocals, Patrick McKay bass/vocals, Jack Obregon drums. Four individuals... Continue Reading →

Suicide Bombers “Criminal Record”

Chris Damien Doll (ex-TRASHCAN DARLINGS) is back from the future as a sleaze Fürher in his new heavy riot rock gang the SUICIDE BOMBERS. Evolving in a concept somewhere between SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK's clockwork sc-fi world and MÖTLEY CRÜE's apocalyptic street rock universe, the SUICIDE BOMBERS tell us from the start what they're all about... Continue Reading →

Backyard Babies (2001)

Dregen and Nicke from BACKYARD BABIES were in Paris for a promo day. Waiting for their new album called "Making Enemies is Good", Veglam and Lollypop zine got together to know more about it and to talk to one of the most interesting rock'n'roll band around. Can you describe the new album, how is it... Continue Reading →

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