Kill City Bandits “How The West Was Wasted” EP

I can't even tell how excited I was when I first heard "Cyrinda", this song mixes HANOI ROCKS' catchiness and beautiful tragic sense of melodies with The LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH dark rock'n'roll spirit and Johnny Thunders' melancholia. Can it be better? I don't know... But this was more than a pleasant surprise to... Continue Reading →


Jolly Power “Like An Empty Bottle… Again”

It seems like this Italian band has been around for quite a long time since they released their first demo in 1991, and from what I understand this album is a re-release of the one that was out in 1994 which was only available on tape at that time. I guess that's why you can... Continue Reading →

Backyard Babies (2001)

Dregen and Nicke from BACKYARD BABIES were in Paris for a promo day. Waiting for their new album called "Making Enemies is Good", Veglam and Lollypop zine got together to know more about it and to talk to one of the most interesting rock'n'roll band around. Can you describe the new album, how is it... Continue Reading →

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