Vietcong Pornsürfers “We Spread Diseases”

Swedish punk rock'n'rollers VIETCONG PORNSURFERS have been around since 2007. After several line-up changes, here they are back with a new high power release. As years went by, the band's music evolved towards an early TURBONEGRO kind of rock'n'roll mixed to some MISFITS influences that can be heard mostly in Tom K's vocals. While The... Continue Reading →

Ashtones “… From The Outskirts Of Town”

The ASHTONES from Lille, France are not your typical week-end punk rock band. They're for real and they still do what they do best despite tragedy trying to stop them (two guitar players died in a year...) Opening with the TURBONEGRO flavoured "Hobo Of Loboten", The ASHTONES display their natural tendency to slide into the... Continue Reading →

V/A “Roots! Riot! Rumble!”

21 years is a long time for an independent record label in this day and age. To celebrate this, Wolverine Records released this 26 song compilation. You'll get some punk rock (DIRTBOX DISCO, DRONGOS FOR EUROPE, FIGHTBALL, TOMMY GUN, STRAWBERRY BLONDES...), some psychobilly (KITTY IN A CASKET, 6 FEET DOWN, BONSAI KITTEN, The P.O.X., The... Continue Reading →

Vampire Junkies Featuring Texas Terri “S/T”

London punk'n'roll featuring Texas Terri on vocals and Steve Pegrum (The GHOSTS OF LOVERS) on drums. They got together with Stephen 'Tash' Reddihough (The MACHINES/RAW POWER) on bass and Kevin de Groot (The KRONSTADT UPRISING...) on guitar in order to deliver these 5 action rock'n'roll songs that sound like they were written for live performances... Continue Reading →

Bitch Queens “Suck It Up!”

TURBONEGRO fans might have felt a bit disoriented with the new album/singer, but on the other hand it seems like the remaining Apocalypse Dudes still have a lot of fans among which you'll find BITCH QUEENS from Switzerland. Songs like "Burnin' Up" or "Ain't Good Enough" could have been on any post "Ass Cobra" TURBONEGRO... Continue Reading →

Sonny Vincent “Bizarro Hymns”

You might know ex-TESTORS SONNY VINCENT better if you live in Europe rather than in the US as he's been regularly touring the old continent these last years. This new album "Bizarro Hymns"is out on German record label Still Unbeatable Records both on vinyl and CD. The NYC punk rock spirit is still alive in... Continue Reading →

Dumbell “Electrifying Tales”

Honestly, I've been a bit sick of all those "action rock" kind of bands these last years. I mean, there's been so many of those airy guys in MOTÖRHEAD shirts playing the same fast songs over and over again... Luckily you'll still find a couple of bands standing out in that style, and DUMBELL is... Continue Reading →

Dumbell (2011-12-18)

We sent this interview when DUMBELL was on tour two months ago. Surprisingly enough, it just happened that Paul (vocals/guitar) stopped Veglam's headquarters last week and took some time to finish answering our questions while drinking tea and listening to some good old KISS songs. Enjoy! So you're on tour. Where are you right now... Continue Reading →

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