One of the last songs I really liked by the former Hanoi Rocks gang was “People Like Me”, it was kindof like “While You Were Looking At Me” and a righteous protest against the Evil Industry blacklisting of real rocknrollers and installing all these awful industry puppet billionaire kids and just hiring different sylists and producers and handlers to dress them up on trend every six months-aint you sick of all this boyband bullshit yet? Harry Styles or Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift all that shit just feels so artificial and lab born and not real at all. Bad muzak is bad for you, it’s just such a drag on the soul, ya know the fake political parties both like to do alot of yap yap yappin’ about fake news, but I say fake muzak is even worse, it makes ya sick. I’m so sick of boy band bullshit being rebranded as glam rock, that’s not glam-that’s illuminati NWO Bill Gates puppetry garbage. I try my best to stay away from Pig-5 mockingbird propaganda media and all their manufactured muppets.

If you’re gonna be plastic theatrical, I say go all the way, entertain me-ya know like the old school cracked actors from the old school glam daze. Lately I been diggin’ into some ole Alvin Stardust! One of the guys I was kinda stealin’ summa my moves and looks from back before all my bands broke up and the old lady split with the kids.

Alvin Stardust – My Coo Ca Choo (Official Music Video) – YouTube

sweet little rock n roller t.rex alvin stardust elkie brooks dave edmunds kinks – YouTube

Alvin Stardust – Good Love Can Never Die – – YouTube

TOPPOP: Alvin Stardust – Pretend – YouTube

Alvin Stardust Live – The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club 1975 – YouTube

I Won’t Run Away – YouTube

Alvin Stardust – Come On, Come On 1975 – YouTube

Alvin Stardust – Move It – YouTube

LULU & ALVIN STARDUST “Stay” (1980) – YouTube

Alvin Stardust funeral escort – YouTube


Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “Will swiftly sending a few more billion dollars to a proxy war in Ukraine help them? No? Then they’re out of luck. #AmericaFailedState” / Twitter

The Ukraine Off Ramp? German/Western Support For Ukraine Implodes With Help Of Fake Story About Nordstream Sprung By NYT/WaPo (


“Do the Code Pink staffers that prevented Medea Benjamin from speaking alongside libertarians at Rage Against The War Machine also condemn the progressive lawmakers who worked with Matt Gaetz to craft the Syria War Powers Resolution?

Either way, they should all be sent packing.” (-Max Blumenthal)

I don’t believe in the voting bullshit anymore-not since that W selection way back when that ushered in all the permanent far right Patriot Act spook surveillance and proxy wars. We voted for hope and change, instead, they gave us a smooth talker overthrowing Libya, lying about Syria and helping proxy war steal one third of their land-the oil rich region, fracking, torture, drones, bailout for the rich and NSA monitoring all our communications for the oligarchy, and he still struts around with a big smug smirk feeling like a superstar celebrity though he never even lifted a finger to help fix Flint.. We filled stadiums for Sanders TWICE, instead, they gave us Gropey Joe, more militarized kkkops, war on Russia, trying to drum up wars with China and Iran, blind blankcheck support of tyrannical KSA bombing the piss outta Yemen and Israeli’s racist boot on Palestinians, culture war nonsense and domestic psy-ops, industry captured regulatory agencies, train fire chemical bomb poisoned Palestine, and hyperinflation. And a full fledged Gitmo torturer sicko Desantis waiting in the wings. I think voting’s a waste of my time if the fix is in and there’s zero representation in congress and no bribe taking inside trading jetset millionaire liars advocating for the human rights or civil liberties of the poor. At this point, I think all that red versus blue media bullshit and happy tweeting of “I VOTED TODAY” stickers is for the boomers who mostly just inhertied rank and privilege so they like to think that shit is real. I guess if Robert F. Kennedy runs, I’ll go vote for him. I don’t think my dear comrade and ally and fellow traveler Jimmy Dore stands a real snowball’s chance, though I’d love to see him on a debate stage with those lying fascist fucks, if the real ruling class stopped Bernie when he was far and away the most popular politician in the country, if the propaganda media was able to brainwash dumbfuck got-mines into parroting nonsesne forever about how Nader was to blame for the W/Jim Baker/Deep State/Supereme Court/Skull N Bones swing of a selection to the CIA fortunate son secret society fratboy, c’mon. No hope for the poor and all the change is just to benefit the diabolical billionaires who meet in secret and have happy marketing puppets who give peppyTed Talks about depopulating.  I sure aint voting for Sanders again, I’ll tell ya that-he sold out his own Revolution gave all that working class money to the crooked Hillary pro war DNC. This new age safespace woke and seen/Deepak Chopra/Oprah feelgood/Omming flake Marrianne is a sad joke for more war, who can’t win against anyone. Why do these vanity brands even waste my time? They stand for nothing. Same with all the hipster music that’s just rehash, rich people showing off their equipment, pasting their face on some shit that means nothing, says nothin’, has no heart. Fuck off, empty brand hucksters and youtube unboxers. Democrats I know are no longer anti censorship, anti mass incarceration, anti funding the police, or anti war. They don’t want to hear anything about the origins of Covid, only that Fauchi is a super smart savior for science and so is Bill Gates. They don’t care if the primaries were fixed, or if the wars were all based on lies or even remember anything about Tara Reade or Anita Hill. They think the toxic burn poisoned people in Palestine deserve to die if they voted for the wrong candidate and they’ll say it proudly on tv. They don’t care if Biden is cutting Snap benefits while all the rent has gone up and Wal Mart’s doubled all the prices, they hate the poor, dismiss anyone who stands for leftist values as conspiracy theorists, and usually just want to get back to Thanking Obama or cancelling Dave Chappelle, some more. They might as well be Republikkans, they are atheist Republikkans, rather than worshipping some wrathful patriarchal John Wayne God, they worship a scolding cancel culture mean spirited divorcee Judge Judy, social hierarchy, money, power, control with some afterthought lazy, half hearted feelgood Bennetton marketing. I can’t be around that shit. Bernie sold us out and that nutty Qanon, Marjorie Green Taylor chick is somehow to the LEFT of the squad on a lot of topics, that’ s embarrassing but they have no shame. No time to explain voting for war, child cages, foodstamp cuts, or supporting kkkop city. They’re all on their way to be fitted for the photo op at the Woke Science and Safespace Special Feelings Diversity Ball.

Dr. Fill 📢🦺 🇾🇪 🇸🇴 🎮 🤘🏻 on Twitter: “Supports arming Nazis in Ukraine? ✅. Supports apartheid Israel? ✅. Thinks we owe Biden a debt of gratitude? ✅. I’d rather vote for a damp towel 🖕🏻” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “While you scream about Russia invading Ukraine, remember United States illegally invaded Syria & is CURRENTLY occupying 1/3 of country. What part of Syria? The part with the Oil. America is the world’s biggest terror organization. #WarPigs” / Twitter

Mischa Paullin on Twitter: “The World Economic Forum Training Video for NEW Hires!” / Twitter

Biden admin calls for digital ID investment, public-private data sharing collaboration (

WATCH: The CIA and Julian Assange (

Fire Victoria Nuland — Don’t Let Her Drive War (

Caitlin Johnstone: Spreading War Fever in Australia (


Listening to my friend’s wild Eighties Lower East Side sonic collage, it’s like a cutup fanzine, snatches of smarmy fifties propaganda dialog, archaic commercialism merged with smacked out jazz saxophones and Pink Floyd acoustic guitars beamed in from other times, it’s an extended play 12 inch remix of our collective memories, highbrow experimental aural mosaics, skewering all the decades of absurdist capitalist programming with old school Mad magazine wit and parody. White Album Number Nine dragged through the eighties underground film movement and Coltrane, the Velvet Underground and Basquiat’s band Gray. Only got through twenty four minutes of it but it really took me back to another time when there was still like, an underground art movement in the city. Most of what I scroll through on the youtubes nowadays is Prince related, you know like Andre’s sold eighties new wave records, interviews with Dez Dickerson, or Lisa & Wendy, Jill Jones-that kinda thing. Imagine being a strange old man in a remote desert dustbowl town, explaining to mosaic tile casita airbandb renting home remodelers or Men With Trucks how you’re looking to start a new wave or post punk band with some goth influences. Nobody knows what the fuck I’m talking about. I’ll be like, you remember that song, “Melt With You by Modern English”, or like “But Not Tonight” by Depeche Mode? Okay how about Bowie, David Bowie? “That Queer?” is about as close as they can get to it, if it’s not Football, hunting, patriotiism, guns, or off road vehicles, it’s not really something anybody can grasp here. They all like Queen, though, which is really not that close at all to what I’m talking about. I am so not interested in crossbow deer hunting, or raising cows. Or even driving fast through mud puddles, different strokes. I’ve been planting my own little “Roadhouse Garden” out of quiet desperation, cause even on the rare day when I can successfully somehow acquire some booze, I have to do it when the loud kid’s asleep and most usually, he and his ma are on the same schedules, so I just kinda end up drifting from lawnchair in the sun, to reading, to playing old cassette tapes to looking for some old phone number in my old lyric notebooks to try to make contact with some faraway long lost human who was there in the eighties or who still remembers a culture before the douchey boybands and autotune-rappers and slutpuppet heiress daughters and rah rah war machine copaganda. Not a lotta luck with any of that. So I get back to this cool rock book my imaginary friend Michael Goldberg sent me and immerse myself in stories from the old eighties like “Creem Magazine” glory days era. That’s just fucking kinda my thing man, I am not into the gentrification posers or the trust fund garbage at all. If I wanted to hear a rich kid cover Johnny Thunders again, I’d…well, I wouldn’t be me, I’ll tell ya that. Fuck I hate that shit, the millionaire son kareoke and fuckin artisinal fake divebar cover bands all just lost me back in ’92, it’s not my thing man. Squares who’ve never done heroin covering “Chinese Rocks” some more. “oooh, alhh”, yeah we’ve heard it. I don’t even get it. I used to see this horrible grunge band fill a room, overfed dudes with money and drugdealer balls and cocaine in their pockets, I always thought they sucked so bad, but I was coming from a Fleshtones kindof happy, joyous, upbeat FUN tradition and I thought that grunge band’s microwaved second hand gloomy buzzkill bleating was just a bumtrip, seemed like the Black Friday people only liked it cause those dudes Owned Shit, Vintage Stuff and Recording Studios, Bars and Cars. Had The Good Drugs. Still Sucked Ass, Honestly. Popular People Angst. I did not get it, still don’t. All those dudes were really into Jay Z, they were wannabe drug dealers. I’ll pass. I can’t relate to the genetrification brunchers-I knew this guy who has his own studio, tour bus, hotel/hipsterart gallery, merchandise line, film making equipment, art school diploma, totally supportive wife, fuckin cashflow and internet fame and 15 cd’s of his own music but whenever I saw him, he’d be telling me how constrictted he felt when he was not on tour. Parents who aren’t even that involved with raising the neurotypical kids, or people who never have kids of their own, have no idea what it’s like to not be able to really Do Anything while careproviding for teengers with disabilities who need to verbally process 15 hours a day and who also have no peers, even when I’m planting seeds in the morning chill, somebody’s throwing pinecones at me, I mean, it’s my honor to be his sidekick most of the time but now he’s getting to be that age where he wants to Get Rich and Buy Property and Own Stuff and Wear Gucchi and Be Popular like Jay Z, too, it’s a lot to listen to for fifteen hours at a time. I can’t stand capitalist rappers or rich people who like try to assimilate Basquiat into their brands like Jay Z and the Strokes do. I can’t stand this fuckedup winner takes all dochebag inheritance capitalist society. I miss the new wave eighties. I wanna go back.


I used to live on Rivington and all those 80’s artists were still around.

Basquiat – GRAY – “I wanna go back” – YouTube

Jean-Michel Basquiat Dealing with Racism (1982) – YouTube

Gray – Suicide Hotline [Jean Michel Basquiat] – YouTube

Gray – Shades Of… Full Album – YouTube

Basquiat’s Band “GRAY” Plays On (EPK Video) – YouTube


Aint nothing that cool in our hot garbage dystopian culture no more, I did see how Chris Rock represented Prince on his Netflix special and he was very, very good, actually. Maybe almost as good as Chappelle who also always honors the memory of Prince. Rock’s gotten bolder, more political, talks about class and the fake P.C. bullshit that distracts from REAL PEOPLE WHO NEED HELP. Solidarity, yo!

Prince & The Rebels – You – YouTube

Prince & The Rebels – Thrill You Or Kill You – YouTube

The Rebels 1979 Prince Vault (Full Album) – YouTube

Prince – The Rebels (1979) – The LOST Tapes – YouTube

Prince & The Rebels – If I Love You Tonight – YouTube

ANDRE CYMONE – “What Are We Doing Here” (1983) official video – YouTube

Why Dez Dickerson Left Prince and the Revolution – YouTube

Bobby Z – What makes Prince’s ‘1999’ great? – YouTube

Interview: Andre Cymone on “Controversy” at 40 Years – YouTube

“Little Red Corvette” Performed by The Revolution at First Ave 7th st entry Minneapolis Minnesota – YouTube

“Nuland is a hard-line neoconservative who was a key sponsor of a 2014 coup that overthrew Ukraine’s democratically elected, geopolitically neutral President Viktor Yanukovych and installed a pro-Western regime, setting off the war that continues to this day”

(-Ben Norton)


Elisa 🇬🇧 on Twitter: “Sounds great 😳” / Twitter

Extra SNAP benefits are ending. Here’s what to know : NPR

Jordan on Twitter: “🧵A month ago a petrochemical bomb went off spreading toxic carcinogenic chemicals through multiple states sickening an entire community and killing tens of thousands of animals. Mainstream media are merely providing updates…” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “Live at 5PM ET: OH Gov. STILL DELAYING Declaring #EastPalestine State of Emergency, Cop City Arrestees DENIED Bond @JordanChariton, @FlintGate, Ashley McCollum join #StopCopCity 25 more protesters charged with “Domestic Terrorism” with @atlanta_press” / Twitter

‘Stop Cop City’ activists infuse Jewish rituals into their protest against Atlanta’s planned police training center – Jewish Telegraphic Agency (

Memories of Tort – Stop Cop City

Tyre Nichols case: Release of new footage delayed by court order (

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Withdraw US forces from Syria and we’d have troops in only 158 countries around the world. What an insult to US imperial domination!” / Twitter

BreakThrough News on Twitter: “After the Nord Stream pipeline was blown up, Western officials tried to blame Putin. But according to award-winning journalist Seymour Hersh, the US carried out the attack. WATCH his interview w/ @RaniaKhalek:” / Twitter

Eyes Left on Twitter: “Essential viewing to understand the legacy & continued basis of US foreign policy:” / Twitter

The Empire Files on Twitter: “The global dominance of US capitalism today is due to the CIA-led mass murder of leftists & “suspected communists” in at least 22 countries. @AbbyMartin & @Vinncent Bevins discuss. Full interview ::” / Twitter

The Chris Hedges Report Podcast with Kshama Sawant (


Status Coup News on Twitter: “The EPA and Norfolk Southern think they can “just come in and just mow these people in #EastPalesitneOH down and then baffle them with bullshit” -Bob Bowcock, water treatment expert and @erinbrockovich’s partner” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “OH Gov. STILL DELAYING Declaring East Palestine State of Emergency, Cop City Arrestees DENIED Bond” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “@louisd217 WATCH FULL INTERVIEW in #EastPalestineOH with Ashley McCollum and @louisd217” / Twitter

Farron Cousins on Twitter: “My interview with @louisd217 from last week about the enduring suffering in East Palestine is now up. @StatusCoup” / Twitter

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “What’s the point, Biden will just send it all to Ukraine anyway” / Twitter

Abby Martin on Twitter: “Proud to announce that we have officially won our lawsuit against the state of Georgia’s anti-BDS law, which has been struck down as a result of our case!” / Twitter

Apparently Ron DeSantis Laughed While Torturing People at Guantánamo (

Ron DeSantis’ Superior Speaks Out Amid Guantanamo Torture Accusations (

Shadow Company Official Full Documentary – YouTube USA is still in Iraq, Aghanistan, Libya, etc etc

ACLU Obtains Docs Detailing FBI, Pentagon Development of Facial Recognition Tech (

Markey, Jayapal Propose Ban on ‘Deeply Disturbing’ Facial Recognition Use by Federal Agencies (

Conversation with Dr. Jill Stein | Are Third Parties & Independent Candidates Doomed? (

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “Well, the cartels have the CIA to thank for a lot of their growth and expansion so I’m pretty sure Mexico does kinda know how it feels tbh.” / Twitter

U.S. Special Ops Wants to Use Deepfakes for Psy-ops (

MzDi on Twitter: “@ABridgen Great Moderna series by investigative journalist @_whitneywebb that should answer many questions.” / Twitter

“No other way to say it now: my former colleagues in mainstream media are spineless, corrupt, amoral fuckwits.” (Matt Taiibi)

The Love Boat on Twitter: “”I don’t want to end up like Ralph Nader.” What. A. Pussy. #Bernie” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “Where is the outrage from AOC on this? Biden is doubling down on Trump’s policy but instead of criticism people like AOC and Bernie praises him This is why the Democratic Party is so dangerous. They normalize shit Republicans never could” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “”Whistleblowers are by definition less than divinely perfect… But when you look around for individuals you’d like people to be learning from, there are some that soar to the top, and one of those is Dan Ellsberg.”” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “@marwilliamson The White Left Media Industrial Complex, aka The Bernie Industrial Complex, pushes an ill-fated, lackluster, resource-draining Marianne Williamson President Run For Money and Clout #DontDonateToMarianneWilliamson” / Twitter

Zoe Lovelace, Anarcho-Bitchicalist on Twitter: “A deputy tazed Robert Carroll 18 times to death near here (Gallup NM) and so far as I can tell, it’s gotten barely even local coverage. The body cam video is currently available as well. I stopped part way through, it’s a lot.” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “The Chris Hedges Report Podcast with Kshama Sawant on why the only hope we have left is the building of a militant labor movement that will use strikes to destroy the corporate state.” / Twitter

Rachel Corrie Foundation on Twitter: “We are devastated by even more violence carried out by the Israeli occupation forces. It’s essential that #Congress, including our own @StricklandforWA realize that by providing military aid to Israel this is what we are funding.” / Twitter


“America Albright “Killing 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it”. Bush jokes “Those WMDs have got to be here somewhere” after lying us into a war that killed a million people. Hillary “We saw, we came, he died” after the murder of Gaddafi. Obama shrugs “Ok, we tortured some folks”.

Don’t forget that when the U.S. Gov’t lied and said Iraq had WMDs to give us a reason to invade that country, as bad as a person as you think Saddam Hussein was, he was the one telling the truth.

Remember when Biden said the U.S. would end the pipeline, it blew it up, his Administration celebrated it, and then they all tried to make us think we were crazy for saying they did it.

Joe Biden, Lindsey Graham, Bernie Sanders, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi and AOC all agree that spending $100 billion on Ukraine and our weapons manufacturers is the right thing to do Stop voting for the GOP and Dems, they don’t care about you and both Parties are bought off.

The owners knew from Biden’s decades long resume that he would gladly do exactly what he was told, that’s why the Establishment of both Parties helped him get elected and why our tax payers just gave $100 billion to their donors for the proxy war they’ve worked on for years.

Apparently, the United States gets a head start on how many countries they get to invade before our Presidents and their warmongers are considered war criminals What is it like a thousand? People that want billions of our tax dollars to go to a proxy war that our Gov’t spent years trying to start when most of that money is going to their donors will ignore the facts we present and write it all off as “Russian propaganda”.

People that want billions of our tax dollars to go to a proxy war that our Gov’t spent years trying to start when most of that money is going to their donors will ignore the facts we present and write it all off as “Russian propaganda”. That’s how brainwashed many Americans are.

They are already setting us up to make sure we hate China enough to support getting Taiwan destroyed in their next proxy war. If Covid came from the Wuhan lab, the United States paid for the research. It’s scary to know how many people will believe anything our Gov’t tells them as long as it comes from the politicians they like.

Remember when Ukrainian soldiers laid 10 Russian POW’s face down on the ground and shot them all in the back of the head and nobody cared?

51 former Intelligence Agents didn’t just drop out of the blue sky and decide to call Hunter’s laptop ‘Russian disinformation’ They were sent by the Establishment to help interfere in our election, and somebody needs to start answering some questions. After our Gov’t and media lied to us for 20 years about what was happening in Afghanistan, how could you not even wonder if what you are being told now by the same people isn’t propaganda too? China didn’t take our jobs from us, the people that are trying to get us to be ok with going to war with them gave our jobs away to make more money for themselves. There is a Peace Rally in DC on March 18, I can’t make this one, but fully support it

I know some may be bitter about what was done to try to destroy the Rage Against the War Machine Rally.

Don’t let that stop your support for this one, we need as many people as we can get…” (-Black In The Empire)

Kit Klarenberg on Twitter: “The mighty @AaronJMate weighs in on the NYT’s absolutely despicable intelligence agency propaganda:” / Twitter

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “I’m glad @fordrs58 is challenging US military occupation and sanctions. But the fact that even a critic can accept that we have the right to “inflict pain” on “ordinary Syrians” just to get something speaks to the prevailing sadism of US policy.” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “We’re the “Good People”, so our invasions, murders by sanction, coups, war crimes and flat out theft don’t count We just call them something else to justify it, and smear, censor or arrest anybody that exposes the truth” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “@aaronjmate @fordrs58 Robert Ford appears to be saying the torture of innocent people on a mass scale is not necessarily unethical if it is efficacious” / Twitter

‘The Movement Has Spread’: Strikes Across France Aim to Block Macron Attack on Pensions (

johndissed on Twitter: ““We have come to learn this was the drug development miscalculation of all time. Production of a foreign protein in the human body has turned out to be a disaster…” – America’s Doctor, Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “OH Gov. STILL DELAYING Declaring East Palestine State of Emergency, Cop City Arrestees DENIED Bond w/ @JordanChariton LIVE NOW:” / Twitter outrageous.

Jewish New Yorkers Rally to Demand ‘End to All US Military Funding to Israel’ (

Status Coup News on Twitter: “We need to focus on “immediate needs and getting people out of here; we’re being poisoned slowly, that’s what’s happening…they thought we were just going to lay down and take this.”” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “WATCH FULL INTERVIEW w/ Jami Cozza and @louisd217 in #EastPalestineOH” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”I’m feeling very overwhelmed right now, I’m feeling angry, I’m pissed, nobody is coming into help…we need help, we need help now,” #EastPalestineOH resident Jami Cozza after learning about cancer-causing toxins EPA was NOT testing for after train explosion.” / Twitter

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Ex-US Amb. @fordrs58 endorses a US troop withdrawal from Syria and admits that US sanctions “obviously” “harm ordinary Syrians.” But then he says “we’re inflicting pain without getting much for it.” Who gave the US the right to “inflict pain” on ordinary Syrians to get anything?” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “Israel once again bombs Aleppo, Syria, today as it recovers from the earthquakes last month. The targeting of Aleppo airport by Israel has rendered it unable to receive vital aid for those in need.” / Twitter

No fringe required when Scientists hit town | Reviews (

Ben Norton on Twitter: “When he was president, Trump repeatedly asked if the US military could bomb Mexico. The US rogue regime has absolutely zero respect for sovereignty. Its maniacal leaders want to invade and bomb their neighbor and largest trading partner” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Neoconservative Republican Senator Lindsey Graham wants to introduce legislation so the US military can invade Mexico. As the US empire declines, it gets crazier and crazier” / Twitter

Unholy on Twitter: “Don’t vote! Prep for the revolution and nothing else!” / Twitter

The Vigilant Fox 🦊 on Twitter: “.@Jimmy_Dore: “Giving Kids a COVID Vaccine Is Evil!” “It’s not just anti-science. It’s literally evil. And Democrats cheer it on like they’re virtuous people … We all know they’ll [Big Pharma] kill you for a profit, but you weren’t allowed to question it. And now, they’re…” / Twitter


The local online weather forecast says it’s supposed to warm up later today. I sure hope so ’cause I kinda had plans to plant some more flowers and vegetables, fuss around with the yard but so far this morning, it’s too cold to be outside comfortably. My teen’s online searching for his  long absent siblings, we don’t even know what cities they’re in half the time which is hard on the old man’s heart. Excited about the garden cause I needed some project while my music ventures await some kinda adaptor arriving in the mail for the little amplifier and trying to find a time when an eccentric guitar player is available to help lay some new tracks down and the old lad’s been sick and we’re all on different schedules and the guitarist is a pedestrian like myself, etc. She wakes up, does her job, or takes kid to class at his alternative learning school, I end up spending too much time alone cause the terrain here makes is perilous to go for walks. Part of the culture here is snarling dogs everywhere. Me and the boy tossed a brand new Wilson football back n forth until we determined that there are just too many goat’s heads in the yard and moved out to the street. All our neighbors are, um, well, typically characteristic of the desert Southwest I guess you could day-the brothers down the road a piece on the other side of the burned down house and the vacant squat, who are always fighting down on one end-they live behind badly build sheet metal scraps in a series of junk RV’s. Guy across the street is coming and going, switchin’ out his vehicles, leavin’ again all day. He’s got a Let’s Go Brandon sign in the yard and a frequent visitor who seems to have Tourette’s. Everybody is weird in the desert, I can tell you that. It’s because of all the tedium, the monotony is a killer. It’s why all the kids want to run away to the big city. City slickers come here but can’t stand it by the fourth day, just buy up property to have and to hoard, to gloat about…so many houses are never  occupied, or only occupied four days a year. People on the other side got vehicles in the yard and lights come on at night, but I’ve never seen ’em. People behind us, a dude in his forties with a big truck and his mom, they got an electric fence and a series of buildings and they seem secretive and standoffish, real paranoid vibes, like, “don’t look at me!”, which is fine by me, we ain’t here to make friends, but it kinda reminds me of that Tom Waits song, “What’s He Building In There”. Our cats love the picture windows cause there’s bird’s nests in the trees. Way behind us on the other end, an old man has shit tons of turkeys and chickens. I love the deadend desert except for the boredom, the weaponized dogs, the psycho hermits, and I am def. sick of the same old food. Garbage food, here. would you prefer Wal-Mart or McDonald’s or gas station or ridiculously overpriced pizza? That’s the funny part about all the airbaand b city slick gentrifiers who think they’re gonna get rich quick transforming a ruined old elderly ghost town into a fifteen minute mimosa city, they don’t have any posh food to eat cause there aint none. One place that tries to be posh for tourists is only open like three hours a day four days a week. Man I can’t stand hipsters. My old record store boss Thom Jones has a great podcast called “HIPSTERS SUCK”.

Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “I’m in Nevada as local ranchers and the Paiute and Shoshone tribes resist and oppose a giant open-pit lithium mine being built on fertile farm land that’s going to deplete water resources and dump thousands of pounds of toxic sulphuric acid on Nevada’s pristine high desert.” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Americans who want to see an end to the US occupation and plunder of Syria owe Matt Gaetz and his partners in the Congressional Progressive Caucus a debt of gratitude for their effort. A similar coalition has driven Rage Against The War Machine and antiwar efforts across Europe.” / Twitter

“The first NY Times mention of Seymour Hersh’s blockbuster investigation into the Nordstream bombing came in the 25th paragraph of article relying on unnamed US officials spinning out an implausible narrative to deflect blame away from the US government. Op Mockingbird lives.

Tlaib’s handlers insist a public meeting about environmental issues is not the time or the place to ask a sitting member of Congress about US responsibility for bombing Nordstream – one of the worst acts of environmental sabotage in history.” (-Max Blumenthal)

People For Assange on Twitter: “Italian artist @davide_dormino felt the duty to defend #FreeSpeech and the #RightToKnow and created his monument to courage – Anything To Say? On until 8pm tonight in Melbourne. In Sydney March 10-11 Sydney Square, near St. Andrews Cathedral. #FreeAssange #auspol @Channel9” / Twitter


Black in the Empire on Twitter: “We’ve let them get away with so many ridiculous lies that yes world, they do believe that they get us to fall for something as nonsensical as this, if they say it enough” / Twitter

PATRICK LAWRENCE: What Dan Ellsberg Means (

WATCH: Varoufakis — Try Those Guilty of Persecuting Assange (

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Strange how NY Times is deflecting responsibility from a certain Langley-based “pro-Ukrainian group”” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Interesting footage of Brian Sicknick, a pro-Trump Capitol Police officer, apparently encouraging January 6 rioters and waving them into the Capitol building. The NY Times falsely reported those rioters beat Sicknick to death with a fire extinguisher.” / Twitter

We Charge Colonialism on Twitter: “This Thursday join us for a teach-in and discussion.” / Twitter

More Protests Roil France (

Not Just The China Balloon, the US Has A History of Hysteria (

“You know Groups, they sail around the world destroying international undersea energy infrastructure.”

(-Caitlin Johnstone)

There might be too many countries refusing to obey the orders of the United States now for our Gov’t to coup them all. As Americans we must wake up and get out of this Dem vs GOP, Fox vs MSNBC world they’ve created for us.

We have to understand that we don’t live in a democracy and our owners don’t care about democracy. We must stop allowing our country to do what they condemn from others.

It’s not speculation. Our Gov’t knowingly funded Nazis in Ukraine for years. That’s not a conspiracy theory, or Russian propaganda. It is literally in legislation.

used to think the “Deep State”, “Permanent State” or whatever you want to call it was a conspiracy theory too. Then I had a chance and time to pay attention to the world outside of the propaganda I used to be a victim of and still partially probably am. It has us in this war.” (-Black In The Empire)

Attack Of The “Pro-Ukrainian Group”: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix (

“Since the U.S. claims it wants to crack down on misinformation campaigns, perhaps it should investigate the NYTs misinformation campaign on Nord Stream attack? The arrogance of the white supremacist mind makes it impossible for it to understand how latest propaganda ploy with the misinformation campaign on the U.S. attack on Nord Stream pipelines is making the U.S. press a laughing stock around the world.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Scholz’s visit underscored that US media is state media. No joint presser, for obvious reasons: they can’t risk a question from a German reporter about Sy Hersh’s Nord Stream scoop.

Everyone here got the memo: no US outlet covering Scholz’s visit even mentioned Hersh’s story.” (-Aaron Mate’)

Il Fatto Quotidiano on Twitter: “L’intervista di @SMaurizi a @Stella_Assange, moglie di Julian #Assange: “La propaganda è una caratteristica della guerra, serve un paladino della verità”” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “They literally wrote an entire article without ever addressing how bizarre it is to just keep referring to the alleged perpetrators as a “group”. Like that’s a thing. “Yeah you know, one of those Groups we’ve been hearing about. They go around destroying energy infrastructure.”” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “I continue to be amazed that any moral person could support this barbarism.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Support the national day of action on “Cop city” March 9th. The people have the right to be free of police terror & to determine how land will be used in their communities. Its called self-determination.” / Twitter

Esther on Twitter: “#FreeHim – The whole world knows his name. No matter how long they silence him and try to ‘disappear him – ‘ see Caitlin Johnstone’s ‘The Disappearing of Julian Assange’ I shall never forget him” / Twitter

Anya Parampil on Twitter: “Checked in on MSNBC just now and learned about this women’s summit in the feminist Mecca of Abu Dhabi featuring @morningmika, @HillaryClinton, and @ZelenskaUA. Do you think these neocon wine moms will go on a shopping spree afterwards while Ukrainian boys die in Bakhmut?” / Twitter

Ill Will on Twitter: “Cops are once again eating bricks in Paris today, in response to Macron’s plans to raise the pension age by two years to 64. Truck drivers & trash collectors are on strike. Widespread disruption to train services, fuel deliveries halted, teachers walking out. #Blocage7mars” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Russell Brand’s usual good take on Nord Stream featuring Condoleezza Rice 2014” / Twitter

Kim Iversen: Does mRNA Change Your DNA? Breaking Down AP and Reuters Fact Check – YouTube


Zodiac Mindwarp 1987 Interview (96 of 100+ Interview Series) – YouTube

16 FOREVER “So Long, See You, Goodbye” 1994 – YouTube

Survivin’ in the 80’s – YouTube

Don’t Let the Future (Come Down on You) – YouTube

‘This is a war of propaganda’: John Pilger on Ukraine and Assange | Talking Post with Yonden Lhatoo – YouTube

ANDRE CYMONE – The Dance Electric / 12″ Extended (STEREO) – YouTube

André Cymone – “She’s Always In My Hair” (Prince cover) (The Mint Los Angeles, Dec. 14, 2019) – YouTube

Jill Jones – Mia Bocca (with Prince & The Revolution) – YouTube

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Jerome Benton on his Time with Prince – YouTube

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Baby, You’re A Trip: The Story of Jill Jones & Prince (Part 2) – YouTube

Happy International Women’s Day – by Dan Denton (

Atlanta event April 1: Peace in Ukraine – No to Endless U.S. Wars! – ANSWER Coalition

Protest March 18-19: Peace in Ukraine – Say NO to Endless U.S. Wars – ANSWER Coalition STAY WILD! STAY FREE!

Find transportation near you: March 18 national anti-war protest in D.C. – ANSWER Coalition

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